Irony of Brandy Ch. 01

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Irony. That’s all I could think of as I read the e-mail asking me to help a fellow member out . . . Irony. I mean, what are the odds? What are the chances that HE would contact ME? HA! “It’s a small world” doesn’t even begin to touch this one.

I guess maybe I better explain before anyone reading this thinks I’m just some total nut job with nothing to say on a long road to saying it.

See, my real name is John and I’ve been submitting my stories to for about a year now. Then, a couple months ago I got an e-mail from some guy who wanted me to write a story about his wife having an affair. I thought it’d be kind of fun so I did it. He seemed happy and we went on about our lives.

Then, here just about a week ago I got another e-mail from yet another guy. A guy named Kenny. Seems Kenny had a problem. His wife HAD had an affair . . . Well, a few little tryst at least . . . and Kenny just couldn’t get the images of his wife being stuffed by another man’s hard cock out of his head. So he went looking on for someone to help him, someone to write a story describing this for him. Someone to give him a better, sharper image of his wife being fucked by these other men. And, thanks to some fellow lit-chatters he was sent to me.

To ME! HA! Irony.

Well, at first I was just interested in the idea of doing the story for Kenny because, if nothing else, it offered me something new to write. A new story line to use. But then he threw a few of the details at me and my heart starting pounding. As I read the names and the generalized events he was telling me about I couldn’t believe it. I just could not F’ing believe it.

‘No way,’ I thought. ‘No fucking way!’

Sure enough, there were the names and the events. But I had to be sure. I had to KNOW. So I asked him for a pic of his wife. A photo to use as a stepping off point for my imagination. Yea, he’d described her, but a picture is so much more tangible. Then I got it. Actually I got them. He sent a few pics. All of them showing his pretty little wife’s smiling face.

And then I KNEW. And my mind exploded! Irony.

Yea, I knew. There she was. Brandy. The married girl from work that me and a couple of my buddies had recently had little flings with. Irony.

Here Kenny is looking for someone to write him a story describing how his wife was getting stuffed by some strange meat and he finds me, one of the guys that was doing the stuffing. Irony.

Well, what the hell. Kenny, here you are.

To begin, Brandy is a pretty little brunette with a teenager’s face, a nice set of B-cup tits and a curved shape that would get just about any man’s attention. When she first started working with me at our local Wal-Mart I knew right away that there were possibilities there. She just had that kind of attitude, friendly and flirtatious. Plus she was young and trapped in a marriage with a little baby, so her youthful vigor was being dampened and that didn’t exactly fit her well.

My buddy and fellow co-worker Frank saw the same thing and the two of us started working the situation for ourselves . . . For our own end results. We listened to her moan and complain about her home life, taking every opportunity we could to point out her husband’s faults and mistakes and make her believe that she deserved better.

Whether or not any of what we were saying was true or not didn’t really matter, at least not to us. We just wanted to get in Brandy’s pants and to hell with her old man and the marriage.

As time went by we could see that our tactics were having the desired effect. The number of her complaints steadily increased as did the level of her flirtatiousness. A few times, when I figured no one was around, I even managed to grab her ass in the store, filling my hand with the soft tissue hidden beneath her pants. When I did this she would playfully tell me to stop it, but she never gave me any wicked stares or even frowned, so I knew she was having fun with it too.

Then one day she came to work looking really upset. Part way through our shift I managed to ask her what was wrong and all she said was:

“That husband of mine again.”

I asked her if she wanted to talk about it but she said she didn’t feel like it at work. Then an hour or so later she caught me and asked if I’d go somewhere with her after work to talk. Of course I said “Yes” as my mind started reeling with ideas and the possibilities.

I had her follow me to this one boat ramp with a picnic area, next to the lake, which I know is usually void of people. Once there, she climbed into my pick up and started telling me how Kenny had done something or not done something. I don’t remember what it was all about, all I was doing was staring at her pretty face and those beautiful tits of hers.

She was wearing a short sleeved, white top with a big vee-neckline that plunged down to show plenty of cleavage and the top edges of her bra. At some point she’d changed from her work pants into a pair of black shorts that, as she ankara escort sat partially sideways on my seat, rode up her thighs to a tantalizing level. I let her ramble on about whatever it was that was bothering her as I devoured the sights of those precious tits and milky thighs.

Before long she was out of talk. For a few seconds we just sat there in silence, both of us turned and facing each other from only a foot or so apart. She stared into my eyes and I stared back, forcing myself to focus on her brown orbs and not allow my gaze to drop down to that tempting cleavage.

It was obvious to me that she was waiting for something and I decided to take my shot. I reached up with one hand and brushed a few loose strands of her hair away from her cheek, my fingers gently caressing her skin. My hand continued forward until I was cupping the back of her head and then I pulled her to me as I leaned forward.

Brandy offered absolutely no resistance as I planted my lips against hers and kissed her deeply, my tongue pushing past our connected lips and into her mouth after a few seconds. Her own tongue rose up to slither over mine. As we kissed we slid closer to one another. Brandy lifted one hand and rested it on my arm while she laid the other on my upper chest with just her finger tips curled over my shoulder. I reached out with the hand that was not cupping her face and rested it against her side, inches away from where her ample breast pushed her top outward.

We continued to kiss for several minutes, our tongues diving at and slithering over each other’s, our bodies sliding closer, inch by inch. By the time our lips parted and I began to plant kisses back across Brandy’s cheek toward her ear her breathing had grown deep and heavy. She leaned her head to the side to allow me access to her earlobe and I nibbled on it for a few seconds. Then I kissed my way down over her neck to the edge of her top. As my lips pressed and moved over the flesh of her neck I heard her whimper subtly and take a couple of short, sudden inhales. Taking this as my cue I proceeded to lay several minutes worth of kisses all over her neck, my lips brushing over her flesh while my tongue occasionally struck out to caress her as well.

Brandy was starting to pant while I did this and she leaned her head back and to the side to allow me better access to her sensitive neck. We had slid as close together on the seat as possible. Her shoulder length hair hung away from her face and her eyes were nearly closed, her pupils barely visible behind small slits. Her fingers were starting to grip and tighten on my arm and shoulder.

Slowly I raised my one hand, the one laying on her side, so that it came into contact with the side of her breast. I heard her suck in a deep breath as I pressed against the soft mound, the heat from my palm radiating through her clothing. I quickly followed this pressure with a frontal slide, bringing my hand around to cup her tit through her blouse, giving it a gentle squeeze.

“Ooohhhhh,” Brandy sighed when I did this.

Keeping her breast cupped in my hand, my fingers and palm rolling and squeezing over the fleshy mound, I kissed my way back up her neck and across her cheek. As our lips met this time Brandy drove her tongue into my mouth and pushed her lips hard against mine.

The feel of Brandy’s wonderful breast in my one hand was amazing and the attention I was giving it was really having its effect on her as well. While we kissed and I massaged her tit I felt her nipple growing hard through the material of her top and bra. Her breathing was growing heavier and several small whimpers resonated in her throat.

Moments later I dropped my hand and slid it under her top, pushing the material up as I reached to play with her tit with only the bra covering it. While I did this I felt Brandy’s hand drop as well, the one that’d been at my shoulder, and as I cupped her tit through her bra I felt her hand press against the cock growing in my pants.

I cupped and squeezed at her tit while she massaged the hardening member in my crotch. Through her bra I could feel her nipple easier, the little nub was rock hard and poking at the thin material as I palmed her breast and pressed against it. The more we kissed and massaged each other, the more she whimpered into my mouth as our tongues pushed and played with each other.

Minutes later, when I broke our lip lock, she moaned as her head fell back slightly. Her eyes were closed now and her bottom lip hung open as she panted for breath. At my crotch her hand was digging at the hard cock within my jeans, her fingers trying to wrap themselves around the member and jerk at it.

I reached down and pulled at the bottom hem of her blouse. Brandy quickly understood and helped me to pull the garment up and over her head, tossing it onto the dash. During this she had to release the hold she was attempting on my cock. I saw her hand shaking slightly as she reached behind her to undo her bra which soon joined her escort ankara blouse on the dash.

“Oohhh God, John,” she sighed as she hurriedly pulled her legs together and lifted up, her hands working at the top of her shorts, pushing them down her legs. “I want you so bad.”

Even then I didn’t know if she had in fact followed me to the secluded spot with any intentions other than talking. Of course my ego told me that this is what she had planned the whole time, but I don’t know that. Still, I have to admit I was a little surprised by her enthusiasm at this point. Not being one to miss an obvious sign or a fantastic opportunity though, I quickly spun on the seat and started to undo my own jeans. Barely had I gotten them down past my knees when Brandy, her shorts and panties now on the dash as well, was grabbing at my cock once more. This time she was able to get her fingers around it and she gripped it happily, her hand stroking the stiff member.

“Oohhh yes, John,” she sighed as she did this. “I want you inside of me. I want to feel your hard cock in my pussy.”

I looked at her and felt my own fever rising. She was sitting sideways with one foot on the floorboards and the other bent under her at the seatback. Her lovely tits hung there with the rock hard nipples standing straight out from her large areolas. Between her spread legs was a bald pussy shimmering slightly with her juices, its lips red and swollen. Her eyes were glued on my cock as she squeezed and tugged on the hard member.

With one of my own hands I reached out for the space between her legs. I stretched my fingers out and ran one of them from the bottom to the top of her slit before sliding it over and across her hard clit. With my other hand I cupped one of her tits, covering the front of it, rubbing her hard nipple with my palm.

“Oooohhhhhhhhh,” she sighed, her head falling back, her eyes closing.

While she continued to stroke me for a couple of minutes I continued to play with her pussy, feeling the wetness seep out and coat my finger. I placed my middle finger at her entrance and pushed it in to the second knuckle then rolled it around for a moment.

“Oooooohhhhhhhhhh God,” Brandy whimpered, her hips jerking as I did this. “I want you inside of me, John. I want to feel your hard cock filling my pussy.”

With that she started to shuffle and move across the seat, pulling herself around and swinging her one leg over my lap so that she was straddling me. Reaching between her legs she grabbed my cock with both hands and gently squeezed it as she held her pussy mere inches above its tip.

Inside my pick-up this put even her short frame high up, her head against the roof, and she had to bend her neck forward to fit. Her hair fell down across her face and flowed in the air as she panted heavily above me. All of this put her tits directly in front of me and I reached out with both hands now, cupping the twin mounds at once and squeezing them as I rolled my fingers over the hard, red nipples.

“Ooooohhhhhhh,” Brandy whimpered.

Slowly she lowered herself down, dropping her delicious cunt onto and past the tip of my throbbing cock, slowly enveloping the head of it. As it pressed into her, parting her lips and spreading her open, she released her hold on the member and placed her hands up onto my upper chest with her fingers once more curling over my shoulders. As she slowly descended, her damp cunt gradually swallowing my hard cock, she rolled her head back, her hair falling away loosely.

“Oooooohhhhhhhhhh God yeeessssssssssssss,” she moaned happily.

My hands were full of her soft, fleshy tit mounds, my fingers and thumbs sliding back and forth over her nipples as I cupped and squeezed the beautiful orbs. I leaned forward and, holding one of her tits for myself, I dropped my lips down around the hard nipple, swishing my tongue over it several times as I suckled at it deeply. One of Brandy’s hands jumped from my shoulder to land on the back of my head. She pushed it forward as she pressed her chest out, stuffing her tit at my face and feeding me more of its milky flesh.

Brandy bottomed out, stuffing the full length of my cock inside of her, then held herself there for a minute as she slowly ground herself against me. I felt the wet juices of her snatch coating and slathering my throbbing cock, felt the walls and muscles rubbing and contracting around my circumference.

“Oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh,” she whimpered.

After a few moments she slowly raised herself up until only the head of my cock was still inside of her, then proceeded along another painfully slow decent after which she ground herself into me a little longer. She did this a few more times, lifting her pussy along my cock at an incredibly slow pace before dropping back down and grinding. All the while I continued to suckle and lick at her tits, moving from one nipple to the other, while cupping and squeezing the beautiful mounds with my two hands.

“Ooohhhhhh ankara escort bayan yeessssss, John,” she moaned. “Suck my titties. Suck my titties while you fill my pussy with your hard cock. Your big, hard cock.”

She was breathing heavily, gasps of air panting past her open lips. Her eyes were closed, her head hanging back as she moaned and groaned.

Then she started to really ride herself onto my cock, her body lifting and dropping at a slowly increasing pace. She no longer ground herself against me but instead quickly jerked forward and backward once with each full insertion before rising up once more.

“Ooooooohhhhh, fuck me, John,” she panted and moaned. “Fuck my pussy. Fuck me with your throbbing cock. Ooohhhh God yes, fuck me.”

I released her tit from my mouth and leaned back against the seat. I watched her as she happily rode my stiff cock, sliding it in and out of her pussy which was growing wetter with each thrust.

She was panting even more heavily now, her breath rushing past her lips as she moaned. Her head rolled on her shoulders, her hair flowing through the air. She humped her body up and down on my cock, driving it in and out, in and out of her pussy, jamming the length of it into her as she dropped harder and faster onto it. The jumping action made her tits roll beneath my hands as I continued to squeeze and massage them, my fingers tweaking and pulling at her hard nipples.

“Ooohhhh fuck me. Fuck me. Ooohhh God yes, fuck me,” she panted. “Ooohhh God yes. Fuck my pussy with your hard cock. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me.”

Her pace became rapid. She was throwing her body down onto my cock now, slamming her thighs into me as she stuffed the length of my cock into her pussy. A thin sheen of sweat coated her body and she was starting to moan more and more unintelligible words. It all effected me and I started to push my own hips at her, driving my rigid cock into her as she pushed herself down onto it.

Releasing her tits I dropped my hands to cup her ass cheeks, which I now began to squeeze and massage like I had her breasts. Our bodies were rocking together, pounding our sex parts into one another and driving the length of my hard cock into her wet snatch with a growing furry.

I leaned forward just a little so that my hands could reach further around, my fingers reaching for the split of her ass crack and into the wetness that her flowing juices were creating. My mind was thrilling at the encounter we were sharing but I had other things on my mind . . . Future things . . . And I wanted to lay some of the ground work.

“Ooohhhh, fuck me. Fuck me,” Brandy cried and moaned, her head starting to snap from side to side. “Fuck my pussy. Fuck me with your hard cock. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me.”

Her hips were a blur now as she jumped on my cock, driving and ramming it into her with increasing intensity, her orgasm reaching the edge and starting to teeter there. Her eyes were tightly closed and her mouth hung open, her hair flying crazily as she threw her head from side to side, back to front.

“Ooohhhh, fuck me. Fuck me. Ooohhhh God yes, fuck me.”

I felt a thick coating of her juices wet on my one forefinger and continued to slide it through the juices as my other fingers gripped and squeezed her ass cheeks.

“Aaahhhh-aaahhhh-aaahhh,” Brandy gasped as she slammed herself down hard and fast on my cock.

She froze then, all of her muscles growing tense. I felt her pussy contract around my cock, those muscles squeezing me as her orgasm started to explode.

“Ooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh-ooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh,” she moaned louder.

My own cock felt as though it was about to explode as well. Quickly I slid my forefinger across the crack of her ass to her brown sphincter and stuffed it into her asshole up to the second knuckle, rolling it around as I did. Upon my lap her hips jumped and jerked very rapidly as she bucked forward then back several times, her orgasm instantly being shot to new heights. On her chest her tits swayed and bounced heavily, the red, hard nipples delicious little blurs of sensitivity. Her nails dug into my shoulders.

“Ooohhhhhhhh-uuuuuuuuggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Brandy moaned out even louder, her head snapping back hard, her mouth falling wide open.

Her pussy muscles squeezed hard around my cock and jerked it crazily with her rapid humping actions. I felt my balls tighten and a second later my cock start to twitch as I shot my load of semen into her.

“Ooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” Brandy cried as the warm liquid splashed against her walls.

I continued to twist and roll my finger in her ass and she continued to hump and jerk atop me, her orgasm causing her to shake and quiver for several minutes.

When she did start to settle down her body relaxed and she sort of slumped against me, her head falling onto my shoulder, her face in the crook of my neck. I felt her breath panting against my skin and a great wash of juices seeping from her pussy to coat my crotch area.

Gently I removed my finger from her sphincter, delicately stroking the little opening a few times. Small, shivering quakes washed through Brandy as I did this and she moaned softly into my neck.

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