Intoxicating Lust

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With another long day behind us and a new twilight upon us, it was time once again to rejoice our being together. I , freshly washed and shaven and her finally draining all of the hot water from the shower to be had, and freshly shaven as well, prepared for our sensual rendezvous.

While I had lit the dozen scented candles that were scattered in the room and programmed the CD player with a bevy of soft jazz and slow sensual tunes, she emerged from the bathroom. The steam rolled out from the room when she opened the door, as a heavy London fog would as it infiltrated the pristine air of a clear night.

She stood naked in the doorway, still toweling her dampened hair. Her clean scent permeated my nostrils. Simply intoxicating. I smiled as her raised arms moved as she vigorously toweled her hair. I was fixated on her breasts as they swayed and shook as she dried. Her nipples jutted from her breasts from the cool air conditioned room in transition from the hot steamy shower that she had just come from. My eyes eagerly gazed at the rest of her form. They drank in her soft flesh and the contour of her body. I could see a shadowy hint of her smooth, clean shaven cleft as she stood with her legs together.

She smiled at me as she walked to my prone body on the bed, tossing the towel at me as she did. She walked past the bed and walked to the dresser and picked up the spray bottle of perfume. I watched as she sprayed a delicate mist into the air directly in front of her, then as she walked through the fine mist. I could smell the soft scent of the fragrance.

She then walked to the bed, and plopped onto the mattress next to me. I bounced when she did this. There is something so erotic about watching such a beautiful creature from a distance in one moment, to having her lying next to you the next. It’s almost as if lunging from fantasy to reality in a matter of mere seconds. A dream come true.

We began to snuggle into each glory hole secrets porno other as we lay on our sides facing each other. Then came a first kiss. A little peck on the lips. Then we hugged each other, pressing our flesh together. My hands began to caress her. Not in any particular area, mostly all over her. The feel of her soft flesh to my hungry hands was a real enjoyment. My fingers would trickle up her leg, then at her hip, I would lightly glide across the small of her back. I would use the flat of my palm and gingerly slide it up her back to her neck. It was then, as I held the back of her neck, that I leaned into her, pressing my lips firmly to her and part my lips as I felt hers part. Our tongues would glide the tip of the others tongue at first. Then a full assault would ensue, as our tongues intermingled with each others, exploring, and tasting. Many minutes would pass while we kissed and touched each other.

Our breathing patterns began to grow heavier and light moans would escape our lips in our transformation from two separate people into one entity. We would take turns, me on top of her, then her on top of me as we continued our unspoken oral kindling. After several rotations, when she was on top of me, did I suggest that she grab the bar of the head board and move into a squatting position. She quickly reacted and did as I had asked. I slid down, between her legs and directly underneath her soft folds and her derriere. I lifted my head and took a long deep breath through my nose. Her excitement was her most prevalent scent now. The soft fragrance of her perfume was now secondary, but equally as intoxicating. I inched the tip of my tongue upward. I grazed the side of her thigh. I kissed firmly where my tongue had just touched. I heard a moan escape from her. I then kissed her opposite thigh in the same manner. I then took long, slow deliberate licks from her thigh to her pouting grup sex lips. I began to lick the meaty flesh as one would lick an ice cream cone. From the bottom of her cleft to the top, making sure that I didn’t touch her trigger point, yet.

As I continued my oral torment, I began to lick from the bottom of her fold, backward to her tiny puckered rose bud. I would virtually drag my tongue over her puckered orifice, only to lightly trace each side of her cheeks on the way back down to where I began. Her moans were louder now. I now poised the tip of my tongue at the bottom of her lips then pressed inward as my tongue began a slow ascent between her puffy lips. I delved my tongue into her wet opening. Then I continued upward. At the top of her opening, I began to wag my tongue from side to side as I felt her familiar swollen clit as I licked upward to the top of her pussy. When my tongue wagged across her swollen trigger, she moaned words, to which I could not understand, and didn’t care to understand. After reaching the top of her mound with my tongue, I licked slightly downward again until I found the thickest part of her pearl. I then sucked the miniature fuse into my hot mouth. I tugged on it until it popped from my greedy lips. She let out a loud moan when I did.

I knew her lust was beginning to come to a boil when I felt her hand grab a thick lock of hair on the top of my head. But what she did next took me totally by surprise. I felt the heat of her butt cheeks rest on my chest, which placed her folds completely over my mouth. Her hips began to writhe quickly up and down my mouth and nose. She was grinding her punani into my dew covered face. I reciprocated by jabbing my tongue out as far as it would go. I could feel the soft folds and intermittent heat from the inside of her dripping opening as her juices flowed from her center. Her moans were now groans as her wave of pleasure reached her point of no return. hd porno

When she released her passion, I felt a gush of her fluid as it cascaded down from my nose to my chin. I greedily lapped as much as I could onto my hungry tongue, but with her hips bucking wildly, I received the remainder of her lust on my face. She began to come to rest and she lifted up from her wild ride. Her stickiness left us connected with a couple of strands of her spent emotion from her reddened lips to my face. In the shadows of the glowing candles, the strands appeared to be made of silver.

Now that her sexual energy was in motion, she climbed down from her position and lay on top of me. She kissed my face and lips and cooed her delight as she did. My energy was at an all time rigidity now. She easily slid my excited cock into her depths. Her intense heat generated by her minutes old climax was incredible. The muscular walls of her pussy enveloped my aching cock shaft with its hot, wet, slippery grip. My mind was so infatuated with the thought of her satisfaction, that it wasn’t but a mere several minutes of her riding my cock at her fast pace, that I felt my eminent eruption begin to bubble from my depths. She sensed this and began to slow down and lift her weight from me. I grabbed her ass with one hand, and placed my arm around her neck, pulling her firmly back into me. I began to jab my hips up into her and she counteracted by slamming down onto my throbbing cock. In seconds, I groaned my sensual song of climax, as the thick , hot cum raced up the inside of my convulsing shaft and spewed deep into her depths. Jet after jet of the white fluid bathed her inner walls. She grunted as I was ebbing with the last twitch of my climax. The heat from the thick cum that coated her depths had sent her on yet another climax. I could feel the velvet walls as it gripped my spent cock when she came. It was incredible!

Now the both of us lay next to each other, holding and touching in the afterglow. The lights of the candles began to softly flicker in the shadows on the ceiling as if joining in on the celebration of out togetherness. The scent of sex, mixed with the cinnamon scent of the candles filled our senses, and yes, it was intoxicating.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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