Intimate Strangers

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What a day, what a lousy awful day. I was exhausted. I love my job; I really do but today was horrible. I am an administrative assistant to the CEO of a Fortune 500 company. I work on the 35th floor of a high-rise building in downtown Atlanta, GA. I’ve been with this company for 6 years and even have a gorgeous corner office. As I said I love my job, most days but today was just not one of them. My boss’s wife has been cheating on him and he found out today. That really should have nothing at all to do with me but of course I took the wrath. I’m a female; of course it’s my fault. Damn!

I looked over at the clock. It was 9pm. I still had about ½ hours worth of work to finish before I could go home. I spun around in my chair and looked out the window at the city below me. It was beautiful with lights flickering. Darius was out in that city somewhere I thought to myself. Only a few months earlier he and I had been planning to wed. But of course that was before I found out that Darius was already married, with children. Lying bastard! I started to get angry but remembered my mother’s advice. “When you think of Darius, try to think only of the good times.” She’d told me. My thoughts immediately changed to Darius and I making love in Jamaica. He had taken me there on vacation for our first anniversary. I smiled at the memory and instantly became horny.

Since Darius and I broke up sex was no longer a part of my life. I wanted it but I was still healing from the hurt Darius caused. Sex would be enjoyable and lately my life had no joy. After staring out of the window several minutes I turned back around in my chair, pulled it closer to my desk, and completed my work on my PC.

At 9:45pm I turned the lights off in my office, and headed for the elevator. Some evenings I enjoyed working this late because of the solitude of being alone in the building. However lately I found difficulty finding peace or solitude in even the smallest of things. The elevators opened and I stepped on. I pushed the button for the lobby. Slowly the elevator began to descend. It stopped on the 30th floor, and the doors opened. I looked up into a pair of chestnut brown eyes surrounded by a coffee with crème colored face. “Damn, this man is handsome.” I thought to myself. He had full lips and a prominent chin. He was about 6ft 4 in tall, with broad shoulders. He also had long sexy legs. He was wearing a navy blue Armani suit that fit his frame perfectly. He looked down at me and I felt his eyes wandering over my entire body.

I’m a dark skinned sister…about 3 shades darker than he was. I’m 5”3′ with big thighs, round hips, and 38 D breasts. I was wearing a red knit dress with a low neckline and high hemline that fit tightly and accentuated my figure. I always dressed sexy it just made me feel like a woman; I needed that after my breakup with Darius, but suddenly with his eyes on me I felt self conscious.

“Hi” he said, and stepped onto the elevator. I smiled at him but said nothing. He stood beside me and we both looked forward in silence watching the numbers as the elevator dropped. 29, 28, 27, 26, 25,25,25. I suddenly realized the elevator had stopped. It jolted quickly and I stumbled against the handsome stranger. He caught me in his massive arms and helped me stand upright. Suddenly the lights went out except for a dim amber light in the corner.

“What’s going on?” I wondered aloud.

“I don’t know but I’ll find out.” The handsome stranger answered. He reached for the emergency phone and dialed security, which was in the basement garage. I heard him speaking to the party on the other end “Hello…we’re stuck in the elevator on the 25th floor…. a lady and myself… What?!…How long…Okay…Thanks.” The handsome stranger hung up the phone and turned to me “There’s a blackout all over the city. Billie says he doesn’t know how long it will last.” Billie was the old black security guard who worked in the basement.

“Damn!” I said. “Well, we may as well get comfortable.” I slipped my shoes off and looked around for a place to sit down. I had just experienced a long awful day and I was still tired…frustrated…and horny. Since I could not imagine sitting on the floor in my dress I leaned against the elevator wall.

The handsome stranger kicked off his shoes, took off his jacket, vest, and tie and laid them on the floor. I watched as he unbuttoned the top 2 buttons on his shirt. He leaned against the opposite wall and smiled at me. I could see soft curly chest hair peeking out from under his shirt. I thought to myself how absolutely sexy he looked. I don’t know why but I walked over to him and continued to unbutton his shirt. He looked surprised but did not protest. I unbuttoned the last button and pulled the tail out of his pants. I slid his shirt off his chest, down his arms and it fell on the floor. I began to run my fingers through his chest hair. It felt like silk between my fingers. I slowly began to kiss his chest. Softly fuck in traffic porno and tenderly I planted kisses all over it. “Mmmmm.” Was all he said.

I looked up into his eyes and he bent down and kissed my lips. My tongue slid into his mouth and made circles. He had his arms around me and they reached down and his hands found my voluptuous ass. He slowly began to raise my dress. Since it was August I was not wearing any pantyhose only a matching red thong. As he raised my dress his hand felt my bare ass and massaged it. We continue to kiss and tongue wrestle. He had full sensuous lips and they felt good against mine. As we kissed I unbuttoned his pants and slid my hands inside around his ass. I slipped my hand into his underwear and kneaded his ass cheeks in my hands. Then I reached around in front in between us and found his dick.

He was already hard and I guessed he was about 9 inches long. I began to slowly massage it in my hands, stroking up and down the shaft. I pulled back from his kiss and looked at his face. He looked at me with a mixture of wonder and excitement. Then I dropped to my knees and took his dick completely in my mouth. His pants and underwear were in my way so I took a moment to pull them down to his ankles. He stepped out of them. I resumed sucking his dick. It was coffee with crème colored as he was with a full head that I kissed. Then I slid it into my mouth trying to feel the full length of it against my tongue. The handsome stranger threw his head back and moaned loudly. His deep voice echoed in the elevator. I licked my tongue up and down up and down and around and around on his dick. I slurped it in and out of my mouth over and over. When I was satisfied with the illustrious shine I’d put on his dick I gently kissed it. I could feel my pussy juices dripping and running down my bare legs.

The handsome stranger helped me to my feet and we kissed again. Then he raised my dress lifted it over my head and threw it to the floor. He looked down at my breasts struggling to be freed from my red lace bra. It unhooked in front and he took his hands and carefully opened it. He slid the straps over my shoulder and the bra fell to the floor. My breasts bounced out freely to greet him. He slid his tongue down and encircled my areolas. Now it was my turn to lean my head back and moan. He began to suck on my nipples, first one breast then the other. He took them in his hands as he lovingly sucked each one. “Mmmm, Yes!” I moaned.

Then the handsome stranger got down on his knees in front of me. He lifted my right leg up and let it rest on his shoulder. He reached up and pushed the small fabric of my thong to the side and admired my pussy. “Beautiful.” He whispered. He put my leg down and slowly pulled my thong down off my ass pass my thighs and calves to my ankles kissing each part of my body as the thong passed it. I kicked the thong aside and he put my leg back to rest on his shoulder.

My body shuddered all over as he slowly spread my pussy lips with his fingers searching for my clit. When he’d found my treasure he flicked his tongue across it rapidly over and over. I struggled to keep my balance as my body tingled all over. I ground my hips into his face and he began to suck on my clit. His hand moved around to my ass and he gently squeezed my cheeks as he ate my pussy. “Oooh! Oh! Ooooh!” My pussy had never been eaten this expertly before. I began to softly whimper. I felt myself squirt cum deep into his mouth and he drank it licking his lips.

He held tightly onto my legs as I struggled to keep my balance as I came. Then the handsome stranger moved my leg off his shoulder and stood up. His chin was shiny from my juices. We kissed and I licked it off. The handsome stranger took my hand and backed himself almost against the elevator wall. Then he reached under my ass and lifted me up. Damn! He was strong. I wrapped my legs around his back and my arms around his neck and he slid my pussy onto his dick. He turned us around and pushed my back against the wall with me still on his dick. Then he began to fuck me hard and furiously. His dick slid in and out of my pussy swiftly as he fucked me against the wall. I wrapped my arms around his head and felt his hair down to his faded hairline. I began to roll my hips and enjoy the ride on his dick. He closed his mouth over mine and stuck his tongue deep into my mouth. I eagerly sucked on it and rocked on his dick. We both moaned loudly with pleasure. It had been six months since I last had sex with Darius, but I had never had sex this good in my life. I silently thanked Con Edison for the blackout and continued to fuck the handsome stranger. “Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh!” He grunted each time he thrust his dick into my pussy. “Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! I screamed each time he did.

The handsome strangers movements quickened as we both neared climax. “Aaaaaaaah! Shiiiiiiiit!” He screamed as he shot his full porno full load inside me. My legs trembled and I wrapped them tighter around his back letting out a high-pitched squealed as I joined him in the sweetest orgasm. After a few seconds he slowly helped me unwrap my legs from his back until I was again standing on the floor. He leaned his body against mine on the wall as we both gasped for air. I felt his chest heave up and down with mine and we tried to catch our breath. He looked deep into my eyes and smiled “WOW!” He said. I smiled back at the handsome stranger.

RING! RING! RING! The Emergency phone on the wall was ringing. He leaned over and answered it. “Hello…uh huh…(pant, pant)…yes. We’re fine…(pant, pant)…when…okay…thank you Billie.” He hung up the phone. “That was Billie; he spoke with the power company. The blackout should be over in…” as he spoke the lights came on and the elevator jolted again. “A few minutes.” He finished and smiled at me. We felt the elevator begin to move and both scrambled for our clothes. We dressed hastily and as we both climbed back into our shoes we looked up at the numbers on the elevator display 5,4, 3, 2, I tried to straighten myself up as the elevator doors opened to the lobby and we saw Billie standing there. “Mr. James…Miss Kent…Are you two okay?” He asked with a worried look on his face.

“Fine, I’m fine” I answered.

“Me too.” The handsome stranger said.

Billie looked at us both with our clothes still slightly disheveled and cocked his head to one side. He gave us both a strange look.

Suddenly I felt embarrassed and ashamed at the thought of what I’d just done. My face became hot and I felt myself blushing all over. I quickly said, “I’m fine,” again. “Thanks Billie.” Then I hurried through the lobby out to the garage and jumped into my car. I saw the two men entering the garage as I started up my black sports car and sped away. I felt a tear drop down my face as I drove. I could not believe I had just seduced and fucked a total stranger in an elevator. “What is wrong with me?” I wondered aloud. Ten minutes later I pulled into my parking lot. I got out, locked my car then entered the building. I started toward the elevator and suddenly felt hot all over again. I decided to walk to the 5th floor.

When I got to my apartment my clocks were all blinking. I looked at my watch. It was 11:30pm. “Oh my God,” I thought. “I was fucking a total stranger for over an hour.” I walked into the kitchen, made myself a protein shake, and drank it. Then I undressed and got into the shower. As I stood there with the water pounding my body I closed my eyes and saw the handsome strangers face. I smiled in spite of my shame. I remember how his hands and mouth felt on my body. I wondered who he was, and what he was thinking at this moment. I turned the water off and reached out for a towel. I dried myself and stepped out. In my bedroom I opened my dresser drawers and put on a t-shirt and thong. I climbed into bed.

After what I’d just done I decided I needed repentance so I opened my Bible to read. A pamphlet that my mother had given me fell into my lap. I picked it up and read “God moves suddenly. Expect a miracle.” I began to cry again. I wished my mom were here instead of across country so I could call her and ask what this all meant. My emotions were a mixture of shame and delight. The handsome stranger had made me feel better than I had felt in months since breaking up with Darius. Not just physically…I felt an emotional connection to him as well that I could not understand or explain. A part of me felt that what I’d just done was completely wrong…another part knew it was the most right thing I’d ever done. I read a few chapters of the Bible, and continue to cry. Finally I dried my tears and finally fell asleep. My dreams were filled with thoughts of the handsome stranger.

I arrived at the office the next morning praying that my boss was in a better mood than the day before. After the night I’d spent I was not up to listening to his tirade. I grabbed a cup of coffee said hello to a few people and headed for my office. I walked in and closed the door behind me.

Then I notice that sitting on my desk was a bouquet of long stemmed white roses. I put one up to my nose and inhaled deeply before I took out and read the card. “Thank you for the best elevator ride of my life. J.” I smiled at the thought of the handsome stranger and sat down at my desk. J? I thought to myself. I turned to my PC and pulled up the company intranet to search for a Mr. James within the company. There was none to be found. I knew I’d remembered Billie calling him Mr. James. Then I realized he’d called me Ms. Kent. Kenisha is my first name but everyone calls me Kent. I quickly ran a first name search. I found only one James. My boss. I knew he could not be the handsome stranger. Just then as if on cue he opened my door without knocking and gizli çekim porno barged into my office. He threw a stack of papers on my desk and grunted out instructions. It was going to be another long day and night at work. I took a loving glance at my flowers and got to work.

The day dragged on and I heard everyone else leave the office. I glance up at the clock. 5:30pm and I was nowhere near finished. I buried my face back into my PC. Several hours later I heard a small tapping at my office door. I looked at the clock and it read 9:15pm. Who could be here this late I wondered. I yelled, “Come in.” without looking up thinking it was either Billie or the cleaning crew. I heard the handsome stranger’s voice. “Hello again.” It said.

I looked up from my computer. I can’t believe he’s standing right in my office and I don’t even know his name. “Thank you for the roses.” I managed to say.

He was staring deeply into my eyes and I became lost in his.

“You’re welcome.” Was all he said. I got up from my chair and walked around in front of my desk. The handsome stranger turned around closed then locked my office door. Then he switched off the lights. Only the glare from my computer screen and the lights from the city outside remained. He turned back towards me and pulled me into his arms. We kissed passionately and deeply. I feel him pick me up and sit me on my desk. I was wearing a short black skirt with a white button up blouse. He busied himself slowly removing my clothes. I moved my body to assist him. When he was done he stood back and admired me. I sat on my desk butt ass naked. I could see the whole city from my office window and became aroused at the thought of them seeing me.

The handsome stranger was dressed more casually this evening. A designer sweater and dress pants. He quickly removed his clothing and underwear. I couldn’t help but stare at his body.

The handsome stranger knelt in front of me and spreads my legs. He slid his tongue in between my legs from my knees to my thighs, skipped over my pussy and trailed up the other thigh to my knee. He repeated this several times each time skipping over my pussy. I was on fire with anticipation. My clit quivered each time he passed it by. Just when I felt I could take the teasing no longer he hungrily began to lap at my pussy. He nibbled my clit between his teeth. I could not have imagined feeling better than the night before but I did. I rotated my hips into his tongue and moaned. I grabbed the back of his head and held on as I took a long satisfying ride on his tongue. The only sounds in the office were my moans of extreme pleasure and the sound of his tongue lapping eagerly at my pussy. I was lost in the pleasure and cannot remember how many times I came.

After what seemed like an eternity while at the same time feeling like only a moment the handsome stranger raised his head. I loved the way he looked with my cum on his face. He smiled and pulled me closer to him in a kiss. My hips slid to the edge of the desk. Without any warning I felt his rock hard dick entering my pussy. I gripped my muscles down and held onto it for dear life. His hips barely moved and he slowly and gently slid his dick in and out of my pussy. He leaned down and kissed my breasts and began to suck on the nipples as he continued his slow deliberate stroking of my pussy. My fingernails dug deep into his back and he moaned with both pain and pleasure.

I laughed as I thought of my boss and what he’d think if he knew I was fucking all over the paperwork he’d given me to do. I thrust my hips into the handsome stranger and picked up the pace of our fucking. I soon heard his familiar grunting that I’d loved so much the night before. I lifted his head up and hungrily kissed his lips. I moaned as I felt his tongue deep inside my mouth and his dick deep inside my pussy. He told me to lean back. I rested my hands on the desk and leaned back slightly. I could see his dick move in and out of my pussy. I watched as it slowly disappeared then reappeared outside my hairy tunnel.

The handsome stranger began to thrust into me rough and hard. How did he know I loved it that way? I wondered. I let my head fall back and gripped the desk tightly as I screamed. FUCK ME! YES! FUCK ME HARD! HARDER! OH YES! OHSHIT! OH YES! The handsome stranger grunted louder and did as I said. His massive dick felt delicious as he slammed into my pussy over and over. I could see the sweat dripping down his face. I thrust my hips toward him with equal force. My body began to shake all over and I knew I was reaching my climax. I thrust my hips and squeezed my pussy tight over his dick pulling him into orgasmic paradise with me. I was surprised to hear him scream my name as he came “KENIIIIISHAAAA! OH! KENIIIISHA!

We both collapsed in a pool of sweat on top of my desk. The handsome stranger lay on top of me for several minutes as we caught our breath. Then the handsome stranger slowly rose up off of me. He sat down in my chair and breathed deeply. He looked over at me still lying on the desk and smiled. He bent down and kissed my lips.

I sat up suddenly and said. “Wait a minute, how do you know my name…how did you know where to send flowers?” I turned on the desk to face him.

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