Interracial Relations

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My name is James Bowman but all of my friends call me JB. I’m a graduate student at a large University in the Midwest, currently working on my doctoral dissertation. I have always been the studious type, garnering awards and citations for my studies. I was my high school’s valedictorian and earned my Bachelor of Science summa cum laude. Once I earn my PhD I will probably go on to teach at a University.

As you can see I don’t have much experience outside of academia. My studies always came first in my life. My parents were professors at the University in the town where I grew up and I always admired their example. Because of my diligence in school I didn’t date much in high school or as an undergraduate, so I have limited experience regarding the opposite sex. It’s not that I’m not interested, it’s that I was always looked at as a nerd. My intelligence was off-putting to most of the girls I met.

That all changed one afternoon. I was sitting in a coffee shop near campus reviewing some reference material on my laptop when a young woman asked if she could share my table with me. The coffee shop was very crowded at the time which made table space and chairs a premium quantity. When I looked up I saw a very beautiful young Indian woman (at least I surmised she was Indian) looking down at me. I told her she was more than welcome and cleared some space for her.

After she sat down and got settled I extended my hand to introduce myself. “My name is James but everyone calls me ‘JB’.”

“My name is Shanti but everyone calls me ‘Ti’. I’m pleased to meet you. Are you a student here?”

I replied that I was and that I was currently working on my dissertation and then asked her, “Are you a student?”

Ti replied, “I am. I’m a senior in pre-med. What is your dissertation about, if you don’t mind me asking?”

I explained to her that I was a student of philosophy and that my dissertation was a comparative study of several opposing theories. Ti asked several other questions as we drank our coffee. I then asked her about her studies and she gave me a brief but in depth analysis of her pre-med curriculum.

As Ti spoke I began to look at her with an appraising eye. Her skin was a light brown and her hair was black. Her eyes were very dark and lovely. She was on the thin side with medium sized breasts, as far as I could tell. Her hands were graceful as she used them to express herself.

We sat and talked for two hours enjoying each other’s company. Ti, finally, said that she had to go. She stood up and held her hand out to me and said, “It was a pleasure meeting you JB. I enjoyed our talk.”

I stood up and took her hand, noting how soft it was, and replied, “Yes, I very much enjoyed meeting you. Would you consider having dinner with me Friday night?”

“I would like that very much. I have to warn you I am a vegetarian so our choices may be limited.”

“I know a great vegetarian restaurant on the west side of town that is very nice and fairly elegant!”

We set a time and I got her address and we parted company. I made a reservation for Friday night looking forward to spending more time with Ti.

On Friday evening, I drove to Ti’s apartment to pick her up. When she answered the door, I was staring at a vision of beauty! She had on a red sari that was trimmed with copious amounts of gold. Her bare midriff showed off a very trim stomach with a small dangling piece of jewelry above her navel. She also had on several necklaces and bracelets, all of which enhanced her overall beauty.

“Ah…you, uh look, uh very lovely.” I stammered.

“Thank you. You look very nice too. Should we go?”

I told her that we should and offered my arm, which she took. We had a wonderful meal, which included a very nice white Bordeaux. Our conversation continued throughout the meal as we seemed to find each other very easy to talk to.

When we returned to Ti’s apartment I escorted her to her front door. She thanked me for a wonderful evening. I told her it was my pleasure and then bent down to kiss her goodnight. As our lips met I felt an electric charge run through me. The hairs on my neck seemed to stand up on end and my stomach did a little flutter. I leaned back from the kiss a little and looked at Ti. She had just opened her eyes and had a wide smile and then she put an arm around my neck and pulled me in for another kiss!

I felt her tongue lightly touch my lips so I opened my mouth to let her tongue in. As we kissed I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her close. Our kiss became more passionate by the minute as we stood outside her door. Ti then suggested that we go into her apartment as we broke our kiss. She turned and unlocked the door, took my hand and pulled me into her apartment.

Ti dropped her handbag on a nearby table and then came into my arms to kiss some more. I couldn’t get enough of her kisses. We began rubbing each other’s backs as we continued our embrace. fake cop porno My mind was swimming in ecstasy.

Finally, Ti pulled away and took my hand and led me into her small apartment. There was a small living room with a sofa and a couple of chairs, a small kitchen and a bedroom, I surmised, behind another door. Ti invited me to sit on the sofa, which I did and then she sat next to me. We began kissing again while seated until Ti pushed me over and laid on top of me.

As we kissed I rubbed my hands along her back and could feel her bare skin between the cropped top and the material wrapped around her waist. Her skin was so soft as I rubbed it. I continued to feel an electric charge as I touched her. My fingers and lips felt ultra-sensitive as we continued our embrace. I also began to get erect as we continued.

I was beginning to feel concerned about my erection, afraid that it might scare Ti off. I was about to try and sit up but then felt Ti grind herself into my very hard penis. As Ti ground herself on me she let out a long low moan. I then let my hands wander down her body further and began caressing the globes of her ass. Again, Ti let out another moan into my mouth as we continued kissing.

After a while Ti lifted her head, looked into my eyes and said, “That feels very nice. Maybe we should go to my bedroom.” With that, Ti stood up and put out her hands to me to help me stand. She pulled me by the hand into her bedroom. When she got to the edge of her bed she dropped my hand and then began unwinding the material of her sari from around her waist. She pulled off yard after yard of the red material while never taking her eyes off mine. When the last of the material was off she tossed it to the side now standing before me in skimpy red panties and the red crop top of her sari.

She then began to unbutton the crop top and when finished she let it fall to the floor exposing a tiny red bra that matched her panties. As I admired her lissome body I let out a small gasp of admiration. Ti then came to me and I hugged and kissed her running my hands up and down her beautiful body. I then reached up and unfastened her bra and then leaned down to take a very hard nipple into my mouth. Ti moaned as I licked and sucked both of her nipples alternately. Her nipples looked like dark chocolate sitting on milk chocolate. As I sucked her nipples they got harder and harder, sticking out quite far.

As I sucked and licked her breasts I ran my hands under Ti’s panties caressing the globes of her ass. I then began to push her panties down and off allowing them to fall to the floor. Ti then turned in my arms with her back to me. I reached down to caress her vagina and was surprised to find it smooth shaven. I loved the feel and began rubbing up and down working my fingers between the lips of Ti’s pussy. She parted her legs a bit to give me better access as I continued stroking up and down. When I penetrated between her lips I was surprised to find her very wet and began pushing a finger into her depths. Ti moaned louder and began pushing her ass into my crotch grinding it on my still clothed cock.

After a while I moved the attention of my hand to Ti’s clitoris. I stroked her little nub bringing increased moaning from Ti’s lips as she continued to rub her ass on my very hard penis. Several minutes later I felt Ti shiver as she announced, “OH MY, I’M GOING TO CUM!” Ti’s orgasm caused her to tremble and shake in my arms for several minutes as I continued stroking her clit. Finally, Ti turned in my arms and kissed me very hard as I held her naked body to me.

Ti then began to strip me by first unbuttoning my shirt and pulling it off then unbuttoning my trousers. I kicked my shoes off as she worked the fly down on my pants. She then pushed my pants and boxers down at the same time. After I stepped out of my trousers Ti pulled me over to the bed where we laid down side by side kissing. Her naked warmth felt so nice on my skin as we hugged and kissed.

Ti then began kissing her way down my body. She licked and kissed my nipples and then licked in and around my navel as she worked her way down to my iron hard penis. As she took my dick into her mouth I let out a moan. She swirled her tongue around the head and then began sinking her mouth down my length. She got about half of me in her mouth constantly working her tongue around my girth.

I pulled on one of her legs and got Ti to straddle my face. I pulled her pussy to my mouth and began licking long and deep along her slit. We were both moaning loudly as we enjoyed the ministrations we were applying to each other. I began to feel my orgasm begin to build within me and told Ti, “I’M GOING TO CUM SOON!” With that announcement Ti redoubled her efforts on me and I shot my load down her throat a few moments later. My cock pulsed on and on as streams of my semen entered Ti’s mouth. She managed to swallow it all!

We laid together in a sixty-nine fake hospital porno for several minutes as we recovered our breath and processed what just happened. Ti, after a while, rolled off me and then turned and laid in my arms with her head on my chest. “That was wonderful!” she said. “Your hands are magic!”

“My hands are nothing compared to your mouth! I’ve never experienced anything like that!” Ti then moved up my chest and kissed me. Our kissing got passionate and I could feel my cock begin to stir again. I reached down and began caressing Ti’s vagina as she took my cock in her hand. I was really getting worked up so I rolled Ti over onto her back as I rolled on top of her. I arched my back and reached between us and worked my erection into Ti’s opening. I slowly pushed myself into her, conscious of how warm and tight she felt. Ti wrapped her legs around my ass digging her heels into my cheeks, pulling me into her.

I slowly worked my way into Ti’s depths. When I was in as far as I could go I slowly pulled out until I was barely inside of her. I then pushed my way back as far as I could go again. I continued this tempo of long slow strokes as I marveled in the feel of Ti’s warm, wet pussy. Since I had just had an orgasm I was confident that I would last a long time. I leaned down and kissed Ti as I continued my slow strokes into her welcoming pussy.

My back began to get tired so I rolled over allowing Ti to be on top without missing a stroke. As Ti began working herself up and down on my cock I reached up and began fondling her breasts. I pinched and rolled her nipples between my fingers causing a deep moan to come from Ti’s depths. After riding me for a while Ti then stood, turned around and then lowered herself back down on my penis facing away from me. I then reached out and grabbed the cheeks of her ass and began kneading. I pulled her cheeks apart exposing Ti’s anus. Ti moaned as I did this so I moved my thumb over her rosebud and rubbed it.

“OH MY GOD! THAT FEELS WONDERFUL!” Ti bellowed. Since she liked it I continued rubbing her anus with my thumb…up and down and all around. “PUT A FINGER IN ME!” she said after a while. I pulled one of my hands back and popped my index finger into my mouth getting it good and wet and then placed it at Ti’s asshole and slowly pushed into her. She let out another guttural moan as I entered her butt. I began sawing my finger in and out of her ass and as I did this Ti picked up the tempo as she fucked me.

She began panting hard as she neared another orgasm. After a while Ti yelled, “I’M CUMMING!” and sank down as far as she could on my dick. I could feel her ass grab my finger in her hot little backdoor. As her orgasm ebbed, Ti collapsed on the bed between my legs with my cock pulling out of her quim. I got up and kneeled between her legs as she laid on her belly. I spread Ti’s legs wide, bent down, spread her ass cheeks to get better access and began licking her pussy. Ti let out a low moan as my tongue worked its way into her vaginal opening. She was very wet and tasted wonderfully.

I then lifted her up so that she was on her knees, placed my cock into the opening of her vagina and plunged into her once again. I began pounding into Ti, as my lust took over, over and over as deep as I could go. “OH MY GOD! THAT IS SO WONDERFUL! I’M CUMMING AGAIN!!” Sure enough, Ti began shivering and shaking with her orgasm. Between the feeling of her pussy squeezing me and the sight of my white cock pounding into her dark ass, my own orgasm wasn’t far behind.

I began growling unintelligibly as I began shooting my sperm into Ti’s depths. My release felt wonderful as I pulled Ti into me until the last spasm ebbed. I then rolled onto my side pulling Ti with me where we spooned catching our breath. I reached around and gently fondled her breasts as we lay panting. My erection began shrinking and after a bit and I slowly slipped out of Ti’s warm confines.

I spit out between breaths, “Wow! It has been a long time since I have been with a woman. That was wonderful! I’m sorry I got a little carried away at the end there. I hope I didn’t hurt you.”

“No, you didn’t hurt me at all. Truthfully, I like it a little rough! I haven’t had that many orgasms at one time, ever!” Ti then rolled over to face me. She had a wide smile on her face then asked, “Do you think you can go again? I haven’t been with anybody for a long time either and this was so much fun!”

I laughed, “Give me a few minutes and I should be able manage another round! I could use a drink of water, though.”

Ti leaned in and kissed me and then told me to help myself in the kitchen while she went to the toilet. I got my water and brought another glass for Ti, just in case. When I returned to the bedroom Ti was still in the bathroom. I laid down on the bed waiting for about ten minutes and then heard the shower start. Ti opened the door and said, “Come take a shower with me, fake taxi porno it will be refreshing.”

I got up and made my way to the bathroom. I stood and admired Ti’s nakedness…she was such a beautiful creature. As I stood and stared I could feel my penis begin to come to life again and thought to myself, “This is going to be the best night of my life!” Ti climbed into the standard tub/shower combination found in so many apartments. I followed her in and then pulled her to me in a strong embrace. Ti smiled brightly, reached a hand to my head and pulled me down for a kiss. The hot water cascaded over our bodies as our tongues intertwined, moans escaping as we kissed.

After a while we broke our kiss and Ti turned me around so I was out of the spray of the water. She grabbed a little blue nylon puff, squirted some body wash on it and began scrubbing me from top to bottom. All of the attention got my cock standing straight out yet again. Ti then turned me back into the spray to rinse me off and then handed me the little blue puff. I then pushed her out of the spray and began cleaning her thoroughly.

Ti moaned as I washed her breasts and then when I moved down to her vagina she spread her legs to allow me better access. I worked down to her legs and then she turned facing away from me. I stood and washed her back working down to her beautiful derriere. When I reached her fanny Ti bent over slightly and spread her legs again. I worked the puff between the cheeks of her ass and began scrubbing her backside. As I washed her anus, Ti grabbed my wrist and began guiding my efforts. She pushed my hand into her hard and made me scrub her anus. The sight was very erotic and was made more so as she moaned loud and deeply.

She pulled my hand away after several minutes and stood up straight and turned to face me covered in lather. “I have a sensitive anus and I rather like it when it is touched and rubbed, as you may have noticed earlier. I was wondering if you would be willing to indulge me by engaging in anal coitus with me?” Ti asked.

“Well, um, well, if that is, um, what you would like? I’d be, um, you know, happy to help.” I stammered. I was stunned by the request. I had attempted once to try anal with a girl I dated years ago and I was so resoundingly rejected that I never broached the subject again.

“Thank you James. I realize it is an odd request and I have only, actually, done it once before and that was, sort of, accidental. But I really liked it and I really like you so I thought…”

“Well, I have never done it before but I did try once. The girl I tried it with was none too happy with me and ended our relationship! I trust you have a lubricant available?”

Ti wrapped me in her arms and gave me a long deep kiss. We then dried ourselves off and headed back to the bedroom. I think we were both over thinking things a bit so I suggested that we lay down, kiss and relax a little bit. We laid together in each other’s arms and began kissing as we had before. After a while our passion got the better of our rational thought and we began running our hands all over each other enjoying each other’s bodies.

Finally, I reached down and began fondling Ti’s ass cheeks. They were perfect…firm yet pliable. Ti moaned as I rubbed her cheeks and thrust her pelvis into mine. I then began running my hand lightly up and down the crack of Ti’s ass, gradually sinking my fingers deeper into the crevasse as I went. As I went back and forth my fingers would lightly run over Ti’s rosebud causing her to moan each time. I pulled her leg up under my arm so I could reach further along and found her very wet vaginal opening. I ran my fingers through getting them damp with her dew and then would rub the moisture around the anus getting it wet.

After several times, I then began to push my index finger into Ti’s very sensitive anus. As I penetrated her Ti moaned loudly and pushed her ass back against my finger in an attempt to get it deeper inside her. I was enjoying the feel of her rectum on my finger as it was very hot and very tight. When I got it all of the way in I began pumping in and out of her. I had also buried my middle finger in Ti’s pussy so was stroking both holes simultaneously!

“OH MY GOD THAT FEELS SO GOOD! PUT ANOTHER FINGER IN MY ASS…PLEASE!!” Ti cried! I then slipped my middle finger out of her pussy and joined it with my index finger, while slipping my ring finger and pinky into her pussy! Ti was really thrashing now as I pumped in and out of both holes. After a while I pulled my fingers out and told Ti to get on her hands and knees. She quickly obeyed me while I crawled in behind her. I wanted to watch my fingers penetrating Ti’s openings so I quickly spit on my fingers and reinserted all of my fingers back into her orifices.

The sight was stunning as I worked in and out. Every time I pushed in Ti would push back into my hand and would moan. After a while I decided I wanted to lick Ti’s anus so pulled my hand from her and then buried my face into the crack of her ass. I buried my tongue as deep into her as far as I could running it all around the inside, as far as I could reach. Ti reached back and pulled me into her as hard as she could trying to force my tongue deeper.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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