In the Doorway

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They found themselves under the cover of a doorway. They weren’t paying attention to the weather during dinner and as they walked to the coffee shop the rain started. There was only room for two to stand real close on that stoop. So they did of course.

He, being a gentleman put his back to the rain and let her stand on the short step leading into the darkened bookstore. They were really enjoying each others company and standing this closely was just what both of new lovers were wanting but were to anxious and shy to suggest.

Here they had no choice as if fate put them eye-to-eye. She put here arms around his neck to raise his shirt collar for him for a little more protection. He pressed forward to ease her reach and stumble lightly on the step.

They were now face-to-face and their bodies pressed against each others. Both of their breathing had a marked change. Deeper and stronger. His hands were still on her waist from the stumble and her arms embraced his neck.

Throwing her shyness into the downpour of rain she pulled his mouth to hers and he pulled her body to his. Their kiss was slow and passionate. Very slow. She put her lips over his lower lip and pressed. Sucking slightly to pull at him.

He traced her upper lip with his tongue. She tasted so sweet and inviting.

She pulls back and traces around the inside of his lips with her tongue. His mouth was hot and wet. There was the sweetness of the wine they had at dinner on his lips. She felt such excitement as his tongue moved to great hers. It pulled back into his mouth and his lips press around her tongue.

She pressed it towards his mouth as he sucked, pulling her into his mouth. His tongue searching to greet hers. There lips were opened now and pressing together very tightly they are taking turns at exploring each other’s mouth.

All this time they aren’t even aware totally that their bodies are moving together as they kiss like a dance set to the beating of their hearts. His hands were around the small of her back all grup sex porno this time. The touch of his hands were cool and exciting from the weather.

Her warm skin waking up as his hands explored her soft skin. His fingers on his right hand accidentally slid under the ridge of her black skirt. He could feel the excitement in her reaction.

Her kissing slowed for a moment and she released a little moan that he would never have heard if it wasn’t for their closeness.

Her fingers wrap into his soft short hair and she moved his mouth to her neck. Oh! The heat of his mouth feels like it is burning her skin. Sucking and nibbling. Licking and kissing.

His hands both press under her skirt expecting to find her panties. But there aren’t any and his heart skips. He wants to squeeze her round cheeks as he moves his hands along the sides of her ass but he doesn’t yet.

She pulls his mouth from her now ravaged neck and looks into his eyes. “I want you to do it again to me… like last night… with your mouth… I never had anyone treat me that way before.” Her voice was full of energy and slightly shy as well.

“I love the way you taste.” he said. He could remember the combination of sweet and salt and the moisture of her well.

In an act of forwardness and lust that even surprised her she pressed her hand between their bodies and moved it to her mound. It seemed as if she could feel actual steam rising. What a rush.

She pressed her hand to her lips and two of her fingers slide immediately to her entrance. The length of her fingers pressing against her clit. Now sliding past her clit as she presses two fingers into herself. She moves them around a bit and probes deeper into her sex.

She pulls her fingers out and moves them to her clit for a second or two for her own enjoyment and then removes them from her panties. She can’t believe she is being this forward. Trusting in him that he would understand her desires. She brings her fingers to his mouth and presses latina fuck tour porno them to his lips.

With a very devilish look in her eyes she presses her fingers into his mouth. He sucks on her like love soaked fingers as if he was starving. His whole body seemed to be craving her. All of her. Her nectar was making his head spin. “GOD!” he thought, “Where is my mind? Spinning. Was there a drug on her fingers?”.

YES! And he wanted more. He cleaned her fingers off and she teased him a bit by tracing his mouth when he wanted to suck on her. She looked into his eyes and without sound she mouthed the word “more” to him.

His eyes were wild… he didn’t even say anything.. just look at her hand… she knew that was a “yes”. Again her hand went to her pussy. This time when she opened her lips some of her nectar actually spilled out and she could feel it drip down her thigh.

As she guided her fingers inward his eyes connected straight into hers and a devilish smile hit his face. He pulled her hard to him. Her hand was caught. Her fingers couldn’t move out.

The palm of her hand pressed tightly into her soft curly hair just above her swollen lips. His hands squeezed her ass pretty hard and all of a sudden she realized that she had lost control of this situation and that he had the upper hand for this round.

She didn’t mind that idea at all. The look in his eyes was almost evil. Her heart raced. He pressed her cheeks together and massaged them around moving her body against his body and her hand moved against her clit as he did. He was masturbating her with her own hand using her body as the handle.

She could move her fingers but he had control of how her fingers massaged her clit and how her palm worked her bush. His hands moved lower and closer together until they were pressing towards each other, inward as well.

He massaged her cheeks and she could feel that he was focusing the pressure to stimulate the entrance between her ass cheeks.

Her lezbiyen porno heart fluttered from the excitement and she pressed her face into his. Now she was pressing hard against his body.

She could easily feel his steel cock against the back of her arm and her clit was beginning to send sparks through her body. She could feel the sparks.. it was as if they were trying to get to his hands through her body.

He adjusted his stance and moved his hand down to spread her legs. For a moment her fingers and his fingers touched. He pressed against and around them and then moved his hand back from between her legs to her ass.

His fingers now soaked with her juices started to circle her ass whole. The sparks in her clit were growing in strength and frequency. His finger slowed and pressed in slightly. Then back out. Circling her rim again. Back in he went. This time he probed just a little deeper.

His other hand still pulling her hard against his body. Her fingers were so wet they were probably getting wrinkled. His finger was lost up to his second knuckle in her ass and he was working it around.

In and out and then round and round. Sometimes only the very tip and some times plunged in.

She felt the pressure building and her body began to tense up.

Her body exploding with sexual energy and she drove her face into his shoulder, biting him on the shoulder through his damp shirt.

He worked his hips even more. That grinding made her hand work more. Sliding all around her clit.

The shaking! Her body would have fallen to the ground if it weren’t for his arms holding her up.

“Uhhhh!” she groaned as her orgasm filled her body. Head to toe was alive with orgasm. Shaking and tensing, convulsing and moaning.

His finger now slowing down and circling her rim on the outside. After he released his grip slightly she had to drape her arms over his shoulders for more support.

After giving her a minute to focus he took her sex soaked hand from the back of his neck and began to lick and suck it clean. Every drop of her spilled nectar was going to be his. The hunger was still in his eyes. Even more so now.

When he finished cleaning her hand he looked deep into her eyes. Without sound she mouthed “more?”. That look in his eyes made her week.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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