In Days of Olde Ch. 05

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Charity awoke refreshed in the morning, at Dove’s light shaking. “Come, it is time to make the morning meal,” she told the other girl, who sat up and smiled at her. Quickly she donned her clothing, and followed Dove to where foodstuffs were kept. She glanced at the girl, seeing her eyes shine in the early morning light.

“You look happy this morning,” she commented, and the other girl nodded.

“I was fortunate to spend some time with Hawk last night.”

“He seems very sweet. He’s very devoted to Raven, isn’t he?”

Dove smiled, as they worked. “Oh, yes. They have been friends and brothers a long time. They love each other very much.”

Charity was happy to hear that the two young men liked each other as much as they seemed to. She was growing fond of both of them, in a very short period of time, and she couldn’t help but feel that they shared her feelings. All the women worked well together, and soon breakfast was ready. All the other members of the tribe gathered around, and sat together to eat. Raven and Hawk walked up together, sending warm smiles her way, which she returned, and she and Dove took them something to eat. She did not see the look Storm sent her way, as she handed Raven his food, but he took note of it, and was careful not to be too affectionate with her, for her own protection.

After breakfast, the men gathered together to do some hunting, and Dove took Charity to where extra skins were kept, to show her how to prepare some clothing for herself. They worked the rest of the morning, and soon she had made herself a simple tunic and leggings, with Dove’s help. It was harder than it looked, but her new friend showed her some tricks to make things easier, and she felt proud when she had finished. They stopped for a noon meal, then went into the nearby forest to gather herbs for cooking and medicine. In this, Charity was as well-versed as Dove, so they chatted as they worked. Dusk was falling before they knew it, and they hurried back to the camp to help with the evening meal.

So the days moved on at a steady pace, turning into weeks, and then months, with Charity making a place for herself within the tribe. She was quick to help others, and became well-liked by all, save one. Storm would have liked her as well, if Raven had not been interested in her, but because of that, she only tolerated her. No one but Raven and Hawk would ever have known, for she pretended to like Charity as much as the others. She had managed to seduce Raven several more times, but each time, he had made it clear that it was a physical need that brought him to her, nothing more. He would not lead her on, when his heart belonged elsewhere. She would not give up in her quest, and began to try to think of a way to rid herself of the other girl for good.

Hawk and Raven continued to grow closer to the young woman they loved and had rescued. They desired her more each day that she lived there, but continued czech sharking porno to hold back, not wanting to push her or frighten her. One day, Charity had gone alone to pick berries for drying in the forest, and as she filled her basket, she hummed softly. She couldn’t believe how long she had now been living with her new people, and how happy she was. As she continued to glean the fruit, she heard a twig snap nearby, and glanced around. Standing there, eying her hungrily was a large bear. She gasped softly, and felt her heart begin to pound. There was nowhere to go. The animal seemed to sense this, as it did not move toward her just yet. It sniffed at the air and growled, still staying where it was. She didn’t know what to do. She knew if she ran, she was dead, and she was afraid if she screamed, she would only anger the animal as well, and it might charge her. She saw a long pink tongue come out of its mouth and it licked it chops, and moved a step toward her. She shrank back into the bushes a bit, and it growled again, moving closer with measured steps.

The animal seemed to know it had nothing to fear from her, and that she could not escape her fate, for it was in no hurry whatsoever. It moved to its hind legs and towered over her, its mouth open now to crush her throat. She felt her legs give way, and she crumpled to the ground, darkness overtaking her. She did not hear the war cry or see the bear’s giant head whip around, snarling as the lithe figure came rushing out of the trees at it, ready to fight to the death. An arrow pierced the beast’s side and it roared in pain and moved from the girl to its attacker. Again, and arrow flew and hit, and finally, one sank into its eye and through its brain, ending its life. The bear moved a few more steps and then fell to the forest floor. As soon as it had stopped moving, Raven dashed over to Charity where she lay still and pale as death. He caught her up in his arms, holding her to him, and saw that she was breathing. Quickly, he checked her body for wounds, but there were none, as well as no broken bones.

“Thank the Gods,” he muttered, and then he pulled her into his arms again, and lowered his mouth gently to hers. He had only meant to kiss her for a moment, but her lips stirred beneath his own, and he was lost. He moved his mouth against hers, coaxing her lips open slightly, and slid his tongue inside to touch her own. Her eyelids began to flutter, and she came awake to find him kissing her with a passion that startled her. She did not pull away, for it felt wonderful and she returned the kiss warmly. Her whole body tingled from the touch of his lips on her own, and she slid her arms around him, hugging him tightly. Blinking, Raven pulled back, looking down into her face. She smiled tremulously at him.

“Are you alright?”

“Yes, I seem to be. The bear….”

“Is dead. It will provide many meals for the People.”

Charity czech streets porno began shaking again. “I thought I was going to die. I didn’t know what to do.”

“We shall have to remedy that. You must learn how to defend yourself if you are alone. There are other predators in the woods that could harm you.”

She looked up at him. “I supposed you saved my life again. Thank you.” She reached up and touched his cheek, and at the look in her eyes, he couldn’t stop himself from taking her lips again. This time some of the desire he felt for her slipped into his kiss, and she trembled in his arms, her body tingling even more, especially between her legs, where moisture began to seep. He could sense her budding desire, and he groaned against her mouth, feeling his cock grow hard, wanting to be buried inside her softness. He laid her back on the ground and began touching her breasts softly through her tunic, making her gasp as he continued to kiss her. Her nipples hardened at his touch, and she moaned, arching her back slightly. Eagerly, he slid his hands beneath the soft doeskin and let his fingers rest upon her bare flesh. Sitting up, he looked down at her. Her eyes were closed and she was panting softly, wanting more. He pushed the tunic up, bunching it above her breasts, and feasting his eyes upon them. Soft and white, with rose-tipped nipples begging for his mouth. Groaning softly, he leaned over and took one between his lips, letting his tongue graze the hard flesh, then suckling. Her hand went to his head, resting on his dark hair, her fingers tangling there. He moved to the other breast, giving it the same treatment. Charity was moaning in pleasure, feeling sensations she had never experienced.

Raven moved between her legs, pushing them slightly open, and ground his pelvis against her own. His cock slid along her moist slit, still covered by her leggings, but he knew if he wanted her, she was his. He moved slowly, teasing her, making her cry out with need. He pushed his breechclout aside, uncovering himself and let his bare shaft slide against the leggings now. She was soaking through the crotch of them, whimpering. He had just put his fingers into the waistband to pull them down, and give her what they both wanted, when he heard a voice from behind him.

“Well, well, well…is this how one goes hunting Dark One?”

Storm’s voice was not pleased in the least, and he felt his erection wilt. He moved away from Charity, who looked stunned and then realized that she was half-nude. Blushing fiercely, she sat up and pulled her clothing down, covering herself. Even though she knew by now many people made love whenever and wherever they liked, it was still new to her, and she was not used to sexual feelings in the least for herself, except in her dreams. She rose and grabbed her basket. “I…I must get back to camp. Thank you again, Raven.” She rushed away so quickly, she almost stumbled. czech super models porno Raven had stood up and was brushing himself off, as she had made her exit. Now he looked at Storm, frowning.

“Oh, did I interrupt, Great Hunter? I apologize.” Her tone was heavy with sarcasm. “Going to taste the untried virgin, were we?”

Raven felt his thwarted need and his anger at Storm’s possessiveness rise up, and he snarled and lunged at her. She tried to sidestep, but he caught her and slammed her against his body. He grabbed her hair and twisted his fingers in it, until she cried out in pain, then ground his mouth against hers to silence her. She fought him, not wanting him angry with her. Passion was one thing, rage another. He was stronger than she was, and he dragged her deeper into the trees, throwing her to the ground and himself on top of her. “Woman, you drive me insane,” he growled. “I have told you and told you, I do not love you, not in the way you seek. I love another.”

“Yes, that little bitch you were about to rut.” She spat in his face, and he slapped her.

“Damn you, you make me ashamed of myself. Yes, I do love her. I hope someday to have a family with her.”

“And will you treat her in such a way?” She writhed beneath him, trying to free herself, and felt his cock grow hard again against her belly.

“She will give me no cause to do so. You are a jealous woman, and that is not attractive, Storm. I desire your body. I always have and probably always will, and I intend to have it again now, since you do not wish me to have the one I truly want. I have great need of a woman right now, and you will do.”

“I hate you!” Storm tried to pull her wrist free to claw at his face, but he held her too tightly.

“Perhaps, but you desire this.” He ground against her, teasing her as he done with Charity, forcing a moan from her. “And this.” His mouth moved over her breasts, licking them through her clothing, nipping at her sensitive nipples. “And this.” He kissed her, forcing his tongue into her mouth, making her accept him, until she was responding with passion. When he felt her body relax, he became more tender, pulling her leggings down and exposing her soft pussy, which he began devouring immediately. She was squirming wildly beneath his mouth, and he felt her gush onto his tongue, then he moved up and slid into her dripping mound. They slammed together, fucking hard, and her nails dug into his back. It did not take long for them to find the pinnacle together, and he spurted hot seed onto her belly. They lay, panting for a bit, then he sat up and looked at her.

“I apologize Storm, but….”

She placed a finger upon his lips. “No, I deserved it. I am sorry, my Raven. Please forgive me.”

“Very well. Perhaps we can forgive each other?”

“Yes. Friends then?”

“Yes. Now, I will go back to the bear and start working on it, if you will go and get the others.”

“Gladly.” As they parted ways, Raven did not see the smile that touched the girl’s lips. Her plan had worked perfectly. The passion they had just shared had been unbelievable, and he had not objected to her term of endearment. She would continue to work on him, and soon, one way or another, he would be hers.

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