In-class Anticipation

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You are a new English professor at a local college and also a faculty-in-residence. A few nights ago, you had steamy phone sex with one of your students, who had called while you were masturbating. You invited him to your suite to finish him off and you did so rather quickly with your mouth. After that steamy evening, you decide that Brian is somebody with whom you are going to have a lot of fun. You look forward to all the ways you are going to tease him and drive him crazy.

Two days later is the first time that there is class after your get-together. You wear the shortest skirt you own and also the most revealing blouse, as well as high-heels. During class, you notice him with his eyes fixed on you and this is driving you crazy. You keep reminding yourself to focus. As much as you want to ask him to follow you home, you decide that you need to not let yourself have too much, too often, too quickly – it’ll be less fun that way. You do know that you’re going to have to go home and “think about him”, like you did two nights earlier before he called.

When you get home, you begin to brainstorm some hot, erotic games to play with him. You LOVE to show your men how horny and cum-hungry you are. You also have always been a bit of an exhibitionist, but you know that you’re going to have to play within a few basic rules, namely that nobody should know about this. You’re trying to think of what you can do to start playing with him casino oyna and his mind, and you decide a trade-off program will be best – namely, you will give him something erotic for each time he brings you a “gift” during class.

One of the neatest traditions about this small college is that one students leave for bathroom breaks during class, it is expected that they bring the lecturer a glass of water – it lets professors keep track of how often certain students leave, and it also lets them stay hydrated while talking- students are allowed to get water breaks, so should faculty!

It becomes obvious to you what you should ask him to do each day during lecture – watch you during class and get hard, make a sidetrip to the bathroom, jerk off thinking about you, and provide for you a cup of his cum. You loved its taste the other night, and the thought of gulping it down before the unknowing class (and while he knowingly watches) makes you very excited. You start to think of what you’ll give him in return- audio tapes of you saying what you’d do to him, pictures/videos of you playing at home, and maybe a few pairs of soaked panties (which you seem to be doing often!).

You decide on a plan of how to tell him – you will slip him a letter (you’re afraid to email this) after class, and his way of responding will be what’s in the glass the first time he goes to the bathroom. You make it clear in this letter that nobody slot oyna is to know about this and that there, for now, won’t be any more 1 on 1 visits. You’d first like to see how he performs at this task, and that perhaps you’ll re-evaluate after 2 weeks (4 classes).

Several days later, you anxiously await the start of class. The night before you orgasm’d twice while touching yourself thinking about this. You are nearly trembling as you give the lecture, smiling to yourself each time a student brings a glass of water, knowing what you might get at the next lecture. At the end of lecture, as you pass out reading assignments, you carefully include your letter with his. He is smart enough not to read it then and there.

The next several days you are in suspense, wondering how he has responded. Even though you want to drag this game out, a small part of you hoped he’d contact you in the interim, just so you’d know. You’re worried he’ll freak out and bring this to the dean; you don’t think he will, but you have taken the biggest risk you ever have and it’s a little bit nerve-racking. You decide on his first gift- it’s going to be a picture of you wearing the negligee you wore the night that he came over. You set up your digital camera, and take a few shots of you in various positions- on your back with legs open and finger on your clit; on your knees looking up; and bent over the bed looking back. You decide you’ll give him all canlı casino siteleri three. You place them in an envelope and make sure to bring it to class.

At class, you are even more nervous than you were the last time. You are unable to read his eyes; his body English is very nervous, and you keep watching the clock, waiting to see if he’ll leave class. It’s 40 minutes into the 90 minute class and he’s still sitting there. You start to be able to focus on your teaching, somehow, until you see, out of the corner of your eye, he is leaving through the rear door. You are starting to wonder if he’s coming back after a little while. Of course, he does, and leaves you a glass inside the lectern. You whisper, “thanks”, and eagerly await to see what he has brought. From the way his shirt is poorly tucked in and the fact he looks a bit sweaty, you think you know your answer. You wait several minutes to find out.

After a good five minutes, you work your way to the lectern while one member of the class is reading aloud. You pick up the glass and you quickly turn it over and eagerly gulp it down- very familiar taste and you are thrilled. You immediately feel yourself dripping and you realize that you’re probably going to cum in the middle of class. You sit down behind the desk and hope that this student’s reading takes a minute while your body goes through it’s bliss even without a touch. After 30 seconds, your body shudders- you think Brian noticed, but nobody else was even looking up, and then you regain your composure and resume teaching the lesson.

Shortly thereafter, class finishes, and you hand Brian the envelope on his way out, wondering if he’ll enjoy it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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