I Won’t Tell

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It’s almost 2 am, and I’ve just now managed to get to my friend Greg’s apartment for our visit. My earlier errands took longer than expected, and I’d promised to come.

‘It’s good to see you,’ he says, letting me into his place. He’s coming to give me a hug, and my heart begins to thump at the thought of male contact. It’s been so long. The hug feels comforting. We hold each other a few seconds too long, and finally I ease myself away. The vague tension of possibility that’s been hovering between my legs all day is now a miserable ache. He returns to his seat in front of whatever he’s got on the TV.

As I’m standing in the middle of the room with him lounging on the sofa in his shorts I realize that this is a dangerous situation. I’m struggling with the loneliness of a long distance relationship. And Greg is offering relief. He runs his eyes up and down over my body. He senses my inner conflict. In a low, sensual, soothing tone he says ‘He wouldn’t have to know.’

‘But I would know, and it would destroy our trust. I can’t do that.’

He knew I would say this. He smiles understandingly, stretches himself in the chair. ‘OK,’ he says and stands up and heads for the kitchen. ‘Want anything to drink?’

‘Juice, thanks,’

He pours my drink, and takes a snifter of amber coloured liquid for himself. I take a sip, but though it looks like pineapple juice it tastes like it’s had something added. I look at Greg. He smiles.

‘Just a little coconut rum, I know you like it that way.’

I can’t deny that, and it doesn’t taste too strong so I keep drinking, and turn to look at the TV. It’s an after-dark fantasy flick. And its interesting, so we watch. A beautiful earthling is stranded, and has to work her way off an alien planet by serving her captors in every imaginable way. But she’s working up the political ladder twitter porno too, playing her captors against each other and being sent from one to another… just enough to keep it intriguing.

Greg turns to me again ‘I so want to touch you and taste you….’

‘You know I can’t,’

‘Yeah, yeah, but you keep tempting me. I can see you crossing your legs over there. So sexy.’

After a long pause I hear myself speaking. ‘It’s almost 2.30 am. If anything happened it would be difficult to explain to anyone what I was doing here at this hour.’

Greg looks slightly confused. ‘Anything like what?’

‘You know. Things happen at this hour of the morning. People get their signals crossed. They have sex, and then yes or no becomes a question in the morning.’

Greg continues to look confused. ‘I make sure to get my signals really clear. I don’t want to be dragged in front of the police at midday when I thought everything was alright.’

‘Yeah, that’s rough. But it’s always the word of one party against that of another. When the woman goes into the territory of the male at this time her motives are always questioned. If I did something like that I don’t think I’d tell anyone if something happened. I’d just chalk it up to signals getting crossed.’

Greg was just quiet now, looking at me intently, and clearly thinking about the turn in our conversation.

‘Has that ever happened to you before?’ Greg asked.

‘Yeah. Once. It was ok. We just got our signals crossed. But it was ok afterwards. You?’

‘Now you put it that way I wonder. I don’t think so though. I usually check.’

‘Suppose you forgot to check, and then something happened.’ I got up, stretched myself, and then headed for the kitchen with the glasses. ‘I wouldn’t tell anyone. I wouldn’t be believable.’ I completed xhamster porno the thought upon my return. I settled onto my chair again, not looking at Greg, but sure that he was looking at me. I made myself comfortable, sitting a little carelessly, allowing my legs to open when I shifted around in my chair. I stuffed my bra (which I had removed in the kitchen) into my handbag without concealing it properly. Then I turned back to the movie.

After-dark finished and when the credits rolled Greg found a cartoon to watch, which proved to be an erotic one. It was good. Eventually one of the three ruffians who had kidnapped the princess managed to arouse and seduce her. Then the other two walked in and began caressing her too as she was in the height of her passion. Of course she succumbed to them both.

I was so fascinated by the toons I lost track of Greg’s location. He’d disappeared when I finally looked back at the chair where he’d been sitting. I decided a trip to the bathroom was probably in order. Once I’d finished my business there I went to Greg’s room to search for him. The lights were off, and the hall light only augmented the shadows inside. I went in about six steps when the door closed behind me.

Immediately I felt an arm around me and a hand over my mouth. I was carried this way across the room and deposited on the bed. The hand remained over my mouth. Greg pinched my nipples through the cloth then reached under my shirt and groped roughly at my breasts. His hands moved quickly over my ribs and stomach tickling a little as they went. He pulled my legs apart, then used his knee to keep them that way. His hands ran up and down my inner thighs several times, teasing me. He then reached up to my crotch. He maneuvered the panties out of the way. They were already wet through from the morning’s tension. xnnx porno He chuckled as his fingers slipped through the moist lips. They were making sticky wet sounds.

‘This is what you wanted all along.’ An unintelligible moan came from me. His hand was still over my mouth. My body began to writhe in reaction to everything he was doing, as his fingers slid over the moist lips, and rubbed over the clit. They finally slid inside, searching for and then finding that sweet spot in there. He pressed his fingers over it again and again, until I was grunting and thrashing wildly against him. He finally eased the pressure, slipping the fingers out to play with the lips and clit again while I got a breather. Within a few minutes he started in on the sweet spot again, taking me even higher this time. He started kissing and licking at my neck and ears. Then he plastered his mouth over mine. He held my head in place, so that I could not have escaped the kiss if I had wanted to. His hand left my crotch then, but only to free his thick, hard cock from his shorts. He rolled in between my still-open legs and shoved it up against my opening. I squirmed against it in anticipation, but he made me wait. The kiss got wilder and deeper, him running his tongue over mine in the way I like. He brought his hand up to my mouth and forced his fingers in, still sticky with my pussy juice. I loved the taste, and suckled hungrily at them. Now he plunged it in, full force. He kept at it hard and fast until I was whimpering and bucking in his arms. I could feel the tension humming in my legs and spreading up my body. He reached for the clit, but he only stroked it lightly. That was the end of me. I felt myself contract around him, and the spasms spread warmly from my groin over my entire body and running down my legs over and over, cumming. He was cumming too. I could feel him thrusting and thrashing inside me, holding me tightly and pumping into me.

‘Yeah, you’d definitely have a hard time explaining this,’ Greg whispered when he’d finished and slipped out of me. I smiled to myself. I had no intention of explaining it to anyone at all.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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