I Put a Spell on You

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I was tired, exhausted really, when you called wanting me to come over. I work two jobs and Friday nights are the busiest but you just couldn’t wait. Your voice rough over the phone as you begged, pleaded me to come over “Just to cuddle” is what you kept saying but what I heard was the truth, what I heard was “I need to fuck you so bad right now..” Your voice gruff in my ear as you asked me over and over again, I kept telling you no, that I’d have a long day, maybe another night. You wouldn’t take no for an answer so I told you if you’d come to my place we could talk. You ran here, barefoot, in only a few moments.

As you walked up, your curly hair everywhere and your bare feet padding across the stones that leg up my driveway I stood there shaking my head, a small smile on my face.

It was twelve thirty in the morning, you really were desperate. As you walked up to me, your breath shakey from running here, I could see the sweat on your muscled arms from the hot night air. I swallowed hard, lord you looked so good standing there but we were only going to talk, after all, everyone was asleep in my house so we had to stay outside.

I sat down on the back porch as you stood about a foot infront of me in a pair of basket ball shorts and a tight tank top. We sat talking for a moment, about life, about our families, before the subject turned sexual. I made a comment about liking it rough and you asked “What if I were to grab you by your hair and kiss you right now?” to which my heart skipped a beat at the thought. I nodded slowly and you took that step forward, your hand slipping into my hair and grabbing a handful as you brought my lips to yours.

Your beard was much softer against my chin than I thought, your lips soft as your tongue snaked into my mouth. My hands found your shoulders and dug my nails in, pulling you public agent porno down towards me more. We kissed like that for a few moments before your hand started to slide it’s way up my skirt and found my lacy underwear I had put on just for you. With a groan my back arched as your fingers pressed against my already wet pussy.

At that point I pulled away, slightly breathless, this wasn’t how I had planned the night, I was going to be a good girl. You had different plans though as you took my hand, leading me away from the back porch and towards a large tree we had in our back yard. I felt the bark cut into my bare shoulders as you pushed me back against the tree, your lips finding mine again. I had worn my maroon, off the shoulder, tunic shirt to tease you as I knew how much you liked to bite on necks and shoulders, and that was exactly what you did. I felt your teeth sink into the sweet little spot between my neck and my shoulder as your tongue lashed at my skin. I moaned and gripped at your shoulders, pulling you to me, and in doing so I could feel your hard cock pressing against it’s shorts cage, aching to be free. I slipped my hand down and inside your shorts, finding your throbbing cock eagerly awaiting my touch.

You released my skin from your bite as you groaned in my ear “What was that joke about me being little?” calling back to our conversations on the phone when I had told you that guys who claimed to have large dicks usually didn’t. A small laugh escaped my lips before yours captured them again, hot and hungry as you pulled up my skirt, your fingers finding my wet core and shoving aside my underwear.

As we stood there, my back against the tree and you’re body pressed to mine, locked in a hot kiss filled with tongue and little nips at each other’s lips, I grew increasingly reality kings porno wet. Pulling your hand away from my pussy, much to your dismay, I pushed you back, trying to catch my breath, no…this wasn’t supposed to happen, it was why I had agreed to meet that night.

“I have an idea…” you grumbled in my ear before grabbing my shoulders and turning me to face the tree, your nails clawing across my shoulders, knowing my back was my weak point. A moan erupted from my mouth before your lips were at my ear “You know you want it…” you gruffed before biting at my earlobe and hiking up my skirt.

I felt your hands grabbing at my panties and yanking them down, your hand in my hair, forcing me face first against the tree. I couldn’t stop you, I couldn’t fight, I was so hot and wet it hurt. Sometime during those moments you had pulled out your throbbing cock and the next thing I knew it was poking at my entrance. I opened my mouth to tell you no, to tell you this wasn’t how it was supposed to go, but it was too late, you’d shoved it all the way inside my pulsing pussy and all that came out of my mouth instead was “God yes…”

As you held me against the tree, the bark scratching at my cheek as I clung to it like a lifeline, you pounded into me, bending me over further. Your hand left my hair to slide down to my hips, gripping them tightly as you forced your cock deep inside of me. I had never done anything like that before, been taken roughly in my back yard, for my neighbors to see.

I could feel the thick night air suffocating me, or was that your hand around my throat. I couldn’t tell anymore, my mind was a haze of moans and grunts, of your thick cock invading every crevice of my dripping pussy. I could feel my orgasm building, feel myself getting close, then I heard it “Come for rus porno me baby, I want you to come on my dick..” and with those words it crashed over me. I clung to the tree with all my might as I cried out into the night, my body exploding with my orgasm.

As my orgasm died you kept pounding, hard and fast, your grunts arousing my again. “That’s right baby, say my name…” I wanted to, I did, but I couldn’t, my moans had started to spill out again. You grabbed me by my throat again, pulling me back against you and growling in my ear “Do you even know my name you little slut?” your words sent gushes out of me, I was a slut wasn’t I? Fucking you in my backyard, a guy I hardly knew. “Yes…I do..” I managed to pant out.

“Then say it..” you grunted as you thrust into me for emphasis.

“Daddy…” I groaned as you sank your teeth into my neck again, hard and deep, just like your cock was still forcing into me.

I heard you chuckle as you bit and sucked at my throat “That’s right baby…” was all you said as I felt your thrusts start to quicken. Forcing me back against the tree, your hand on my lower back as you pounded in and out of me. “Oh Fuck…” you groaned, I could tell you were getting close and with that came the realization that you weren’t wearing any protection. I tried to stop, tried to move and make you pull out, but you kept me there, face slammed against the hard bark of the tree, back arched as my wet little cunt got violated by your thick cock.

With a groan I felt you slam forward into me one more time and then I began to feel your hot seed spill into me, and I can’t lie, it sent me over the edge. I moaned as I felt another orgasm rack through my body, your semen mingling with my juices.

After a moment both of our climaxes had slowed and we stood there, panting as I felt you start to soften inside me. Slowly taking a step back you slipped out, allowing me finally to turn around and face you, my cheek cut from the bark. I looked up at you, my eyes glazed slightly from cumming so hard and asked “How did I let you talk me into this?”

To which you replied “I put a spell on you…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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