I Fucked My Apprentice

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I hired Mike about a year ago to lead a problematic area for the group I manage at work. He has a lot of experience in that space so I knew he would make an immediate impact, and I see him as somebody who will succeed me in case better opportunities came my way. From day 1, I treated him as my top apprentice and I can say that he is delivering beyond what I expected. Outside work, Mike and I had a good relationship too, treating each other as good friends. There were a couple of times where my husband and I went out for dinner with Mike and his wife, and we really enjoyed being in the company of another couple who shared the same views, hobbies, and even sense of humor as us. During lunch breaks at work, he would talk about his wife and kids, and I would do the same. I would say we had a good personal and professional relationship, something I did not expect to become sexually charged, but I was wrong.

Things changed during our annual management planning session which was held in a beach resort south of where our office was located. Usually, these meetings were exclusive to group leads, but this year, our VP decided to invite a few managers as one of the topics would be on succession planning, and Mike was one of those who were invited to join. The meetings went on as usual, I would say a bit boring even, but at least we got our job done. During the afternoon break, I was having coffee with our VP when her assistant approached her with a worried look. Apparently, they made a mistake with the room reservations and was asking for advice on how to proceed. Each room could only accommodate 2 people and to ensure the privacy of everyone, those sharing should be of the same gender. However, given that there was on odd number of males and females in the group, there was an extra guy and an extra girl without a pair. The VP suggested getting an extra room but the resort was fully booked and couldn’t accommodate the request. Without any hesitation, I volunteered to share the room with Mike as I don’t see anything wrong with it, and our VP agreed knowing that we are family friends, but not without triple checking with me and Mike first. Problem solved!

After the day’s sessions ended, we were handed the keys to our room, and Mike being a gentleman, helped carry my stuff. When we got to the room, he called the concierge to ask for an extra set of comforters as he planned on sleeping on the floor and let me sleep alone on the bed. I appreciated his gesture, and out of courtesy, I offered one side of the bed to him which he declined as I expected. All good so far! After we fixed our stuff in the room, we went out to the pavilion where the group dinner and socials would be held. Since we were in a resort, people were in comfortable attire, the men in their board shorts and tank tops, most of the girls in their summer dresses. I was wearing a white spaghetti strap top with just nipple tapes on to prevent my nipples from showing, and a short skirt with lace thong underneath. Dinner and socials went as expected, started quietly then when the alcohol started flowing, people started dancing and talking at a higher volume.

Being a bit on the quiet side, I did not really enjoy the loud music but I had to stay as everyone else were still socializing. I found our VP sitting at the corner of the bar so I decided to join her so we could have a quiet conversation. We were talking casually in-between sips of margarita, when Mike came and gave us a shot of tequila each. We declined at first but he told us that everyone has had their shot, so my VP and I eventually obliged. As we downed our shot, our VP asked him to give the tequila to the younger managers, then asked him to come back and join our quiet conversation, given that he is in the same age bracket as us anyways. He did as asked and came back to join us after handing over the tequila to the other folks. He took a seat behind me, but since the music volume was turned up a bit, he was having a hard time hearing us so he went closer and decided to just stand behind my seat instead. As the minutes passed and the alcohol flowed, I felt Mike’s hand moving from my shoulders, to my waist, to my butt cheek, and eventually under my right tit. Before it could escalate, I suggested to our VP that we wrap up for the night, and she agreed as it was getting late. I told Mike to go back to the female agent porno room already so he can use the bathroom as my evening rituals take time. He laughed but agreed, so he went back to the room while I finished my drink with my boss.

When I got to our room, I saw Mike on the bed stroking his cock from outside his boxers.

“What are you doing!?” I asked in a surprised, disgusted tone.

“Sorry, the alcohol made me really horny.” he replied, still stroking his cock as if nothing was wrong with what he was doing.

“Stop it!” I said i a very commanding tone.

Instead of stopping, he pulled his cock out of his boxers and stroked it in front of me. I must say he was well endowed and I caught myself staring at his hard dick. “Would you like to help me?” he asked in a seductive way.

I was in shock with what he was doing, but the size of his cock combined with the alcohol made me horny as well, to the point that I did not react to what he said. He reached out for my hand and pulled me to sit on the bed while he continued playing with his cock in front of me. I was just sitting there quietly, pretending to not look at his dick, but I’m sure he caught me glancing at it from time to time. He then took my hand, put it on his cock, and asked me to stroke it. I was hesitant to oblige but too horny to resist, so I started to slowly stroke his cock. I was looking away from his cock as I gave him a hand job, so he reached out again and pulled me to face him as I jacked him off. I moved my hand up and down his shaft, cupping his balls as I reached the base of his dick. I knew he was having a good time as he was moaning slightly as I rubbed his cock, but not sure what he enjoyed more, the hand job or the fact that it was his boss jacking him off.

“Would you like to suck it?” he asked me, again in a seductive tone.

“You are disgusting!” I said, trying to act prim and proper, but I think I failed miserably at it.

“C’mon boss! I’m sure you’ve sucked cock before!” he replied, clearly trying to get me to blow him.

When I did not respond, he reached for my nape and pulled my face in front of his cock. I was too horny to say no to the hard cock in front of me, so I opened my mouth and laid my lips around his stiff rod. I started licking and sucking just the head of his cock, but Mike wanted more and started pushing my head down his shaft. I took my queue and took more of his cock in my mouth. After a few thrusts, he asked me to go all the way down, so I took a deep breath and slowly devoured the entirety of Mike’s cock. I did this a few times, and every time my lips reached the base of his dick, he would hold my head down and asked me to lick his balls. Although I gagged from time to time, I did my best to give his balls a good licking.

“I’d love to see your boobs, boss.” he said while I was busy sucking his cock.

I gave in to his request so I let go of his cock and took my top and my nipple tapes off. I was was to resume blowing him when he pulled me closer to him and buried his face between my tits. He then began working on my tits with his mouth, taking turns linking and sucking on both my nipples, one after the other. He got carried away a few times and sucked on my nipples really hard it made me flinch, but other than that, I loved how he worked on my tits.

“Would you like to fuck me?” I asked Mike while he worked on my tits.

“No boss, I want you to fuck me!” he responded, knowing that he now has control over my body.

I stood up and took off my skirt and thongs, exposing my cleanly shaven cunt to Mike. He lay flat on the bed with his cock in full attention, while I moved on top of him and mounted him reverse cowgirl style. I went down on him slowly until I felt his whole cock enter my dripping pussy. He let me control the pace so I went up and down slowly on his cock, making sure I feel the length of his whole cock with each thrust. Mike worked on my ass as I fucked him, spreading and slapping my ass cheeks as he pleases, and poking my asshole from time to time, all while egging me on to fuck him good.

After a while, Mike held me by my hips as he turned sideways and moved me to spoon position. He then asked me to hold my leg up so my cunt was wide open as he fucked me, while he had one of his hand holding gizli cekim porno my neck, and the other groping my tits. He also began kissing my neck and nibbling my ears, making me even hornier.

“I’ve always wanted to fuck you, boss! I knew you had that slutty side behind that conservative personality of yours.” He whispered to me as he fucked my pussy.

In between moans, I asked “Oh yeah? And what made you think that?”

“The lace thongs and G-strings you wear to the office. I check out your ass every chance I get, and I’ve always wanted to bend you over and fuck you every time you wear those.” he replied before he began fucking me even harder.

I couldn’t respond to him as my moans turned into pants as he pounded my cunt. When he slowed down a bit moments after, I had my chance and said “Well, why don’t you bend me over now?”

Without saying a word, he pulled out and helped me go on all fours. He gave me a clit a rub, and when he felt how wet my pussy was, he began inserting his cock inside me again, fucking me doggy style. He began slowly, spreading my ass cheeks and slowly putting his entire rod inside my cock.

“Do you like it this slow, boss? Or would you like me to fuck you hard?” he asked.

“Fuck me like how you would have, if you had the chance to, every time you see me in thongs at the office.” was my response.

With that, he pushed my shoulders down on the bed such that my ass was perked up in front of him, held my ass cheeks tightly, and began pounding on my cunt like there was no tomorrow. I had to bury my face on the pillow to muffle my sex noise as I was literally screaming each time his cock pushed against my pelvis. Mike had his way with my pussy and my ass, fucking my cunt and slapping my ass until he was too tired to continue. He pushed me down the bed while he lay beside me, both of us trying to catch our breaths.

“Make me cum, boss.” he asked as he put my had on his cock.

I sat beside him and began stroking his cock which was still drenched with my cunt juices. From time to time, I would let the head of his cock “kiss” my still erect nipples and we both enjoyed it. He then reached forward to feel my tits as I gave him a hand job. It was taking a while for him to cum, so I switched back and forth between jacking him off and blowing him, until I felt his balls tense up. I jacked him him off fasted until he exploded, spraying his jizz on his tummy, and some on my tits. I saw some cum still dripping out of his cock so I sucked it and cleaned him dry. After we got back our senses, I told him that no one should know about this, and he naturally agreed as we both didn’t want to ruin our careers, and more so our families. He helped me get out of bed so I could take a shower, while he put his clothes back on and went down to the make shift mattress he set up on the floor.

After I took a shower and finishing my nightly skin regimen, I casually walked over to my bag to get my clothes. It was only then that I realized that I did not bring any sleepwear! I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw a bath robe hanging by the door, so I put on my pair of white lace bra and thongs, and covered up with the bath robe. When I went out of the bathroom, Mike was already snoring so I quietly made my way to the bed and eventually dozed off moments later.

The following morning, I was woke up a bit startled when I felt something rubbing against my lips. When I opened my eyes, I was surprised to see that Mike was standing by my bed, gently rubbing his cock against my lips.

“What are you doing?” I asked in disbelief with what he was doing.

“Just suck it, boss.” he said in a rather commanding tone.

Although sleepy and still a bit tired, I obliged to Mike’s demand. I parted my lips and without any hesitations, he inserted his cock inside my waiting mouth. He then moved up the bed to mount me, giving him some leverage to fuck my mouth. It was only after a few thrusts when I felt his flaccid cock turn rock hard. Moments after, he pulled down my bra and started fondling my tits and playing with my erect nipples. As I gave him a blowjob, he reached out behind him and started rubbing my pussy from outside my thongs, making my cunt juices flow almost instantly.

“I think your pussy’s ready!” he said as he pulled his glory hole secrets porno cock out of my mouth and positioned himself between my legs. As my thongs were tiny, he didn’t have any problems pulling them aside to gain access to my dripping cunt. Without wasting any time, he buried his entire shaft inside me in one swift motion, making me screech in delight. Mike must have recovered full strength overnight as he hammered my pussy really hard, as if he had bad intentions to wreck my cunt. He fucked me deep and hard, going the full length with each thrust, forcing me to bite my pillow to contain my moans. I was amazed with his energy given that we just fucked a few hours ago, but I am not complaining as he was giving my pussy a really good time. As he fucked me, I remembered what he said about bending me over and fucking me, and it made me want to get fucked doggy style, so I spoke out.

“Why don’t you bend me over again, I’m wearing thongs.” I teased him.

He stopped fucking me and stood by the edge of the bed, while went on all fours in front of him. I spread my butt cheeks as if to invite him to penetrate me again, but his next move surprised me. Instead of fucking me again, he helped me up my feet and bent me over on the vanity table opposite the bed. He grabbed my tits as he aimed his cock towards my cunt, and before he entered me, he said “This one is for the boys!”

I didn’t understand what he said but I didn’t have the chance to ask as he started to fuck me from behind. Like earlier, he pounded me really hard making me moan and pant louder. After a while, he grabbed both my wrists and held them tight against my lower back, so I had to lay my face down on the table as I couldn’t push myself up with my hands. There was a full-sized mirror on the side of the room where I was able to watch myself get fucked really hard from behind by Mike, making me horny as hell. He continued fucking with reckless abandon until my knees eventually buckled as I reached orgasm.

I was having a hard time standing as I was really weak on the knees, but he wasn’t done fucking me, so Mike moved me to the bed and put me on all fours. As soon as I was in position, he once again slid his cock inside my pussy and resumed banging me. He kept is frantic pace but this time I had the pillow to help me contain my noise. Like last night, he was slapping my ass and teasing my asshole as he had his way with my pussy. It wasn’t very long when he told me that he was about to cum, then he pulled out and asked me to roll over. As I lay on the bed, he straddled my chest and started jacking his cock off in front of my face. He asked me to open my mouth, so I knew he intended to cum in my mouth. I obliged and shortly after, Mike sprayed his jizz inside my mouth, getting some of it around my lips and on my cheeks. I am not the type who swallows cum, but since he had me pinned down on the bed, I couldn’t get up to spit his jizz, so I swallowed his cum. Mike then scooped the cum on my face with his finger and asked me to suck it, giving me more of his jizz. Before he got off of me, he stuck his limp cock in my mouth and I sucked him dry.

As we lay on the bed to catch our breath, I asked what he meant when he said “this one is for the boys”? He hesitated a bit but eventually he admitted that he wasn’t the only one in the office who fantasized about bending me over and fucking me. Apparently, every lunch break, Mike and a few other guys would converge and discuss if anyone had a glimpse of what I was wearing beneath my skirt or pants. He also told me that when they go out on Friday nights after work, they would talk about how they would fuck me if they had the chance to, down to the details of the positions they would fuck me in, where their cumshot would be, and even to the extent of talking about having a gang bang with me.

Normally I would feel very offended, but for some reason, I felt flattered that at my age, I can still give a lot of guys a hard on. I remained silent, not giving Mike an inkling on how I felt with what he just told me. Instead of reacting, I reminded him to make sure that what happened in our room stayed there, and emphasized the repercussions it can have on our professional and family life. Mike knew the risks so he was as keen as me in keeping this a secret. After we exchanged our vows of secrecy, we got dressed and headed over to the breakfast area, ready to start the day. Our VP greeted us and asked if we got a good rest, and we both gave him a thumbs up. As I moved around the dining area, I couldn’t help but think how many of these guys are secretly trying to decipher what undies I had under my linen pants.

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