I Danced Ch. 03

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For more background, please read the first two chapters. As always, all involved are over age 18.

After Travis made me cum in his hotel room, we snuck back to the reception area, struggling to remain undetected. We continued drinking and mingling, never once giving anyone reason to suspect we had been up to no good.

As night fell and it became too cold to take our smoke breaks outside, we began adjourning – accidentally on purpose at the same time – to the hotel’s bar for our nicotine fixes. During one such break, we found ourselves seated across the table from his sister – the bride, my good friend – and their mom. I was glad of the cigarettes to keep me focused on the conversation, instead of on the close presence of the man next to me.

Travis, however, had other ideas, as I found out when his hand slid my dress up my thigh. Hidden from his family by the table between us, he spent a considerable amount of time stroking my bare leg – and stroking my lust for him at the same time. The daring atmosphere, his touch, the excitement, all caused my pussy to begin throbbing. I wasn’t sure how much more of his teasing I could take, when last call was thankfully called.

Under the guise of finishing our smokes, Travis and I remained in the bar as the others filed out.

“I need to help clean up a bit,” he said, “but would you like a key to my room?”

I grinned. “That’d be great,” I said. “Will you hurry?”

After receiving assurances that he would, indeed, move quickly, I entered the reception area for the last time. I made my goodbyes to the friends that remained, promising to keep in touch and talk with them soon. And as quickly and politely as I could, I headed to my own room.

A few minutes were spent packing my things for my morning flight out; my dress, heels, and fancy underwear all went into my bag. My pajamas – nothing fancy, just sweats and a tank top – were donned, and I spent a few more minutes applying lotion and checking my makeup.

I slunk back down towards Travis’s room, carefully avoiding those still left in the reception room, and let myself in. The room was empty, so I sat down at the now-familiar table and had a smoke. Travis came in just a few minutes later, though he wasn’t there to stay.

“I need about 10, 15 more minutes,” he said, standing above me. “And then, when I come back, I’m all yours.” He leaned down to seal his promise with a kiss.

I eagerly returned his kiss, and matched it with one of my own. “Hurry,” I gasped. “Please.”


I was face down on the bed, half asleep, when I heard the door open. Travis entered, slipping his shoes off. The ‘do not disturb’ sign went on the door, and the bathroom door opened. My heart rate was already accelerating as I let him come to me.

He stood behind me, his gaze burning me, until I pulled myself up onto my knees, dvd full porno my back still to him. Immediately his hands were on me, running along my bare arms. He pulled my hair off my neck and began planting searing kisses along my skin.

I couldn’t take it anymore. I turned to him and – still kneeling – pressed my body against his. His mouth owned me, swallowing my moans as my hands did some roaming of their own. He was still in his tux, and I made quick work of that. His jacket was thrown to the floor; his shirt quickly followed. My hands went to the bottom of his tshirt, quickly pulling it up over his head and arms. My eyes were drawn to the ink on his right bicep, a surprise tattoo that only confirmed his sexiness.

As I fumbled with his pants, he gently pushed me away to rid himself of them. His cut cock, partially hard, peeked through the hole in his boxers, and with a groan, he pulled my tank top off, baring my hard nipples to him for the first time. He lay me down on the bed and climbed on top of me, again kissing me passionately. He moved his mouth down to my breasts, licking and sucking first one, then the other, as I lay beneath him. His hands slid inside the waistband of my sweats and began tugging them down. I lifted my hips to help, driving my pelvis against his cock, eliciting a guttural moan from my throat as I felt his hardness.

His boxers landed on my pants, and Travis landed gently back on me, his long body hard and hot against me. My legs wrapped around him, pulling him close, feeling his bare cock touching my skin for the first time. With an effort, Travis pulled back off of me, and slid his fingers into my dripping pussy. With a cry, my back arched and rewarded his efforts by quickly cumming on him. His words promised more of that throughout the night.

After calming down, I returned the favor, eagerly taking his cock into my wet mouth. I’m a fan of cock sucking, and made sure Travis learned that. His hands fell into my hair, his mouth muttering a jumble of swears and praises, as I took his hard rod deep into my throat. My hands were gently cupping his balls, feeling their hardness, knowing I wanted what they contained.

Travis’s leg, trapped beneath my cunt, began rubbing against me, forcing moans through my mouthful of cock. With a gasp, I pulled my mouth off of him.

“Please,” I said. “I want to please you, I want you to enjoy this as much as I enjoyed cumming, but…well, you’re making it hard to concentrate on you!”

Travis grinned at me. “Turn around,” he said. “And keep sucking.”

I turned so my legs straddled his torso, and knelt again to his cock. I gave his shaft long, broad strokes with my tongue, making sure the whole of his cock was wet again. Then, without warning, I gobbled his whole length down. He moaned behind me, thrusting deeper into my mouth. I swallowed ensest porno around him, carefully breathing from my nose, as I increased the pressure I was sucking with.

Suddenly, a slap on my bare ass resonated throughout the room. I pulled off his cock, holding it still with my hand, while I uttered loud obscenities.

“Jesus christ,” I hissed. “That’s so fucking good!” With renewed energy, I slurped away on his cock. Special attention was paid to the throbbing vein on the underside, and my tongue began teasing and torturing him there. His hands were now alternating between caressing my ass and slapping it, and I was starting to buck hard against him. I was sure he could feel my pussy drip onto his stomach as I fought to remain in control.

My tongue circled his head and my mouth applied pressure to his fat cock, and his hands clamped on to my hips. I grinned to myself and continued to moan, bobbing my mouth further onto his dick. His balls were now quite tight and full, and I continued to gently roll them between my hand. My lips remained tight on his dick as my tongue swirled around his width, and on the second trip ’round, his back arched, his hands gripped my ass harder, and his cum shot down my throat.

I swallowed fast, not willing to lose any of the precious juice I had worked so hard to earn. When I was sure I had sucked every drop, I eased my tongue slowly around the tip one last time.

“Get up here,” Travis ordered, albeit weakly. I complied, fitting nicely into his open arms. “That,” he stated, “was excellent.”

“Mmmm. Tastes good, too.” I grinned. To my surprise and delight, Travis kissed me then, a deep, passionate, tongue-filled kiss. My pussy, still wet from being teased earlier, felt the surge from our kiss. I rolled slightly into him, my right leg sliding up over his right leg.

Travis, though, had other ideas, and quickly threw me onto my back. His mouth again found my breasts and began lavishing attention on them. Travis proved to be adept at following directions, quickly learning how to bite my nipples and tug just the way I like. His cock, still soft, rubbed gently on my skin as his ministrations continued. My legs, spread wide, offered him an invitation he eagerly took, and soon my pussy was again full of his fingers.

As he twisted and turned his digits inside me, I coaxed him on with every foul-mouthed utterance in existence. Being fingered is my absolute favorite way to cum, and Travis’s fingers coaxed me through orgasm after orgasm. At one point, I pulled his drenched fingers from deep inside me and sucked them clean before guiding them back inside my wetness. He placed his thumb against my clit as I again gushed against him, wriggling beneath his body.

The entire time he was playing my body, I was muttering incoherent thoughts and phrases, losing myself to the feelings fake agents porno he was generating. His mouth, warm and wet, would suddenly land on my body, branding me with his touch. His fingers alternated between tapping my clit and my g spot, keeping me in a constant state of orgasm. When I finally – weakly – pulled his fingers away and begged him to stop, I was surprised to find we had been at it already for hours. Without having to ask, Travis got a glass of water and a smoke for me, and rubbed my back as I rehydrated myself.

“Jesus christ,” I uttered between deep breaths. “You – I – jesus. I came a lot. That – wow.” He grinned at me, nuzzling my shoulder with his beard.

“Oh, did you enjoy that?” he teased. “I couldn’t tell.” His voice changed then, lowered, as he leaned into me. “I hope you’re ready for more.”

My breath caught in my throat as I handed him the ashtray and water. He leaned me down again and began tracing patterns on my skin. He began whispering to me, telling me how much he liked pleasing me, how he could do it all night, how he was just getting started with me. He told me how exciting it was for him that I came so easily, how deep he wanted to be inside me, how much I turned him on.

And as I heard those words, I noticed that he was, indeed, turned on again. His hard cock was trailing slight precum on its path along my body. Travis now moved to lie between my legs, his cock teasing my clit, He raised himself up and looked me in the eyes, looking for a sign, for permission.

I met his eyes and gave a slight nod. That was all he needed, all he was waiting for, before he slid the whole of his cock deep inside my waiting pussy. I gasped, a sharp intake of breath, at the sudden fullness, at the sudden intensity of it all. He paused for a second, allowing me to adjust; then, at the same time, we began moving together.

His strong arms held him above me, and my legs circled his hips, resting on his ass, drawing his cock deeper into me with each stroke. He was hitting long and deep and fast, meeting me stroke for stroke. As I squeezed his biceps, I told him how good he felt; as I bit his neck, I told him how glad I was he was mine for the night. We kissed often, passionate, short kisses as he rutted against me. His groans were getting louder, more frequent, and I urged him on.

“Do you hear how wet I am? You did that for me; you got me that wet, lover.” I could feel my orgasm building, feel his cock driving my cum out of me. I began holding onto him tighter, biting a little deeper as my breathing grew even more unsteady. I gave one long, last, loud moan – “FUCKKKKKKKKKK” – as I drenched his cock in my juice. Feeling my eruption, Travis groaned once, too, as he finally came, needing that release after our hours of foreplay.

I had to leave not long after that, but we did have time to bask together in our post-orgasmic glow. I found bruises on my upper arm later that day, and though I have no way of contacting him, I’m reasonably sure he’s carrying some sex marks of his own.


My friend – his sister – is having a baby shower soon. I wonder if Travis will be there?

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