How The Server….

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I had been driven to a bar where I was sitting at the bar supping a gin and tonic killing time until my step sister picked me up after she visited a sick relative, in hospital, to visit to a rich uncle, she had told me that she would be a gone a couple of hours, three at the most, and to get something to eat. Then adding ‘you’ll be OK without me without me’ she asked as she reached for a pad that lay on the bar and scribbled down her cell phone number and blew me a sisterly kiss and said don’t get into any sort of trouble, see ya later honey.

The establishment was a new venture since I was there on my last visit, which the food according to legend was pretty damn fine! An independent Pizza Parlour that already had establabished premises downtown had opened it in this plaza.

The place was empty except for a few diners using the pizza restaurant towards the rear of the establishment, although the servers wafted around looking as if they were busy. It was around 6.30 pm, as he polished the glasses to keep him occupied he asked, ‘where ya from buddy, Australia’?

‘Do I sound Australian’ I asked him indignantly, as he slopped more liquor into my glass and threw in a couple of ice cubes and a slice of lime for good measure. ‘Yes’, he replied.

‘No, I originate from Britain.’ I had asked for him to run a tab for me until I left, then I would settle up my bill and give him his tip that I knew that he would expect. The keep was an older guy and he chuckled to me, ‘oh well even I make mistakes from time to time’. I threw back at him, as do Bush and Blair, a right cockup they have made between them.

Warming to him, I asked if he would like a drink I asked him, he reached for a bottle, poured out a shot of bourbon, and raised his glass in a salute, ‘what do you guys say when you do this’.

‘Cheers’, I replied, ‘or here’s mud in your eye,’ or ‘even bottoms’ up’ I added.

‘You sound as if you come from Italy with that accent,’ and he proudly replied ‘that I do.’

The bar was lit if you could call it lit, there were a few candles burning on the bar in saucers and a few lights at the back of the bar. When she had dropped me off, the setting sun was sinking rapidly in the west over the Hudson River, towards the Catskills. By now it was dark outside, although the lot was well illuminated, none of the lot’s lighting reached through the large glass windows.

One of the servers, came across and sat on a bar stall adjacent me, as the keep and I chatted. The bar keep passed her a glass of something from a bottle that stood on a shelf behind the bar. The bar keep and I carried on chatting, the server said to me, ‘hey, I love your accent, where ya from baby?’

‘Britain’ I replied to her question.

She told me her name, I’m Debbie, pleased to meet you, she said, reaching her hand to mine to shake it, and drawing the bar stool closer to me. As the keep wandered off to attend to business she kept talking to me, ‘I know someone who lives in Warwickshire, may be you know them.’

‘I doubt it, Debbie, Britain is a pretty large country, and not the tiny area that you guys think it is!’

She pulled out a roll of dollar bills and began to count it. ‘I am off shift now it has gone seven pm, she told me, like a top up’ she asked ‘I have had a good session today with a lot of tips…’

‘Hey, Joe, man, she called to the keep, get this guy another drink,’ she tossed a $10 bill on the bar. She was so close she was almost sitting on my lap by this time. Her body language came on strong; her leg was crossed over the other one and her shoe dangled on the toe of her foot. Whereabouts in the UK do you come from she questioned me. I told her, my home village’s name, where is that exactly and is a nice place. She queried.

‘Kent, the Garden of England,’ I told her; it is about 36 miles south of London. Debbie leaned her hand on my leg, and leaning over to me, whispered conspiratorially, ‘you aint gay are you?’ I laughed at her, no chance, ‘I hope I do not look gay,’

No but you keep moving away from me so I just wondered, there are so many gays around here, she confided, especially during the early evening.

I told her, and then adding, ‘I don’t push shit up hill without a wheelbarrow,’ I am totally and absolutely straight, and with a saucy grin on my face; I reached across and felt her medium sized breast that was nearest to me. It was full, nice and firm, and then removing my hand.

Her reply to my action was, ‘no way you ain’t gay doing that, grabbing my titty in that way! You like what you feel, cute arse?’

‘Yes very much so…’ I left the rest of my comment hanging in the air.

Debbie stood and saying excuse me, I must go to the bathroom and change, she picked up her purse and walked off towards the rear. I noticed that she had a nice arse, she must have felt my eyes sizing it up, because she looked round and waved to me, sashaying her hips as she made her way off to the bathrooms.

On her return, I had another drink set up for her waiting on the bar. She had changed into her civvies; she looked even better than in the servers’ asyalı porno uniform, and she wore a silky blouse with a plunging neckline and a short skirt. The blouse was not see-through, but I could clearly see her bra under this.

She stood around five feet four inches tall, her slimness emphasised her height. She had nice legs, they gave me the impression they were shapely under her skirt and her hair, previously this was styled this in a french roll, now hung loosely reaching to her shoulders, framing her oval face and her full sensual lips, her eyes were large and looked almost oriental with a petite nose. Her tongue, pinkish coloured darted out licking her lips as if she was nervous. Her hands appeared to be small and her fingers long and delicate in the poor lighting, her fingers adorned with long false nails decorated with symbols, as is the current style.

She sat herself on a barstool, we continued talking, and she asked me if I were single. ‘Yes, my ex walked out a few years ago, for someone who had more money than sense.’ I tried to make it sound light and I smiled at her as I did so.

‘How about you.’ I asked curiously, any husbands or boyfriends? Nah! She replied, I was in a deep a relationship but it did not work out, he was a nurse at the hospital, working nights, then one day I came home unexpectedly and he was giving a length of his dick to some tart on our bed.’ She paused… ‘Funnily enough, if you can call this funny, we went to the same college together and she was the same bitch who took my date off me for the senior prom. She was a cheerleader for the football team, and thought she was hot shit! I saw her shortly before the time when my man was fucking her she working at K-mart’s store as a clerk.’

Changing the subject, she asked me what I was doing in the country. Telling her that I come to the US to visit my step-sister on occasions. ‘She lost her husband during the late eighties from a heart attack.’

‘Sorry to hear that,’ she replied. Debbie asked me if I had eaten, no I replied, not yet, I was going to get something here.

‘Lets go somewhere else’ she suggested, ‘if you do not mind me being forward, and you want company. Although they have a good reputation for the quality of their food, because I work here I do not want to eat here, I know several good eating houses what do you prefer,’ she asked.

‘A good juicy steak with veggies and Garlic bread, as a starter.’ I replied, here do you suggest,’ I asked her. ‘I do not have a car; although I drive, I use my step-sister’s when I want to go out.’ I thought to myself I was pig bored with hanging around on my own or with my stepsister.

‘That is OK we can use mine,’ she interrupted my chain of thought. Debbie continued: ‘it is parked in the lot opposite, that is one of the benefits of working here; I can use the grocery store’s car park. Besides, I can keep an eye on it as I work.’

OK I’ll just visit the bathroom before we go then Debbie.

‘I would like to pop into home on the way, if you do not mind the inconvenience of waiting for me, I need to take a shower to get the smell of food out of my hair and off my body. If you do not mind you can come into my apartment and wait, I’ll make us a coffee before I shower she suggested.

‘Where abouts do you live?’ I asked her, ‘Innis Avenue just off the arterial, why don’t we get a MD’s and eat it home she suggested before I shower.’

‘OK by me,’ I said, sounds good.

‘It is only a small apartment but cosy and quiet I have no noisy neighbours with their offspring.’

I finished my drink and asked the bar keep for my check, paid this, and threw a $5 bill on the bar as a tip, ‘see you Joe, thanks’

‘Bye man, thanks man, catch you sometime,’ ‘right Joe, I’ll be back sometime soon.’ Debbie picked up her purse and the bag with her working clothes in and holding the door for her we left. We crossed the lot to a dark large Chevy truck; she unlocked it with the clicker and I climbed in the passenger side. As she started the truck the lights turned on, they were controlled through the ignition; putting in drive she checked for traffic and pulled out onto the lot’s way out carriage way, where we swung a left after a 150yards or so we turned right and got onto the west bound arterial. It had a bench seat across the cab and she suggested that I sat closer to her; complying with her wishes I snuggled up to her.

Once on the arterial, she confidently handled the large truck and we headed west. Turning right at a light, headed up Innes avenue, and stopped before a brownstone building, she cut the motor, she said ‘welcome to my humble abode.’ We left the vehicle, crossed the road, and climbed the steps to the front door, where Debbie undid the lock and pushed open the door, ‘go through’ she indicated as I carried the bag with her work clothes in. Closing it behind her, she passed me and mounted the stairs. As we reached the third floor she exclaimed dam, we forget the MD’s, never mind I suggested we could always get a delivery of something. ‘OK’ she commented as she opened the door to her apartment and castajans porno we went inside, she switched the lamp on in the hall way, and led me through to the living room, I’ll give you a tour of this in a while but first coffee and then I want to shower, she indicated where I was to sit, mind the cat, she is shedding badly, I made a bad joke about how I like pussies without too much hair, I have a cat back home I told her, a black and white one, a spayed queen.

She went through to her small kitchen and put the coffee maker on after she filled the filter with coffee, came and sat next to me; there was plenty of room but she almost sat on my lap. Reaching for the TV remote she switched it on. A noisy show was on she turned down the volume, reached across to me and kissed me lightly on the lips, ‘don’t go away Brit’ she said ‘I will not be too long in the shower.’

‘Debb’s, do you mind if I smoke honey.’ She sat down again and said that she would have a cigarette too, with me. She jumped up, went for an ash tray from the kitchen, and sat down at my feet in front of me. She lit up two cigarettes and handed me one. We sat contentedly smoking in companionable silence, ‘when do you return to the UK Brit?’

She asked me breaking the silence. ‘Ah, around seven weeks time, I leave for Gatwick, on an overnight flight on Continental Airlines from Newark NJ.

I see, how far is Gatwick from where you live, I though about it, it takes about 20-30 minutes according to the traffic. That time of the morning it is fairly light and I stagger through my front door and have a nice cup of tea.

The phone rang; she ignored it telling me it is probably a courtesy call, her answer machine clicked on and whirred as it picked up the message, after a few seconds after the tape had played a part of a recorded message. The phone went dead and she explained it was nothing, just someone selling something. She finished her cigarette and said I am off or that shower I promised myself, she bent to me and kissed my lips as I reached up to cup her head my hand brushed over her titty, she giggled and licked the outline of my lips tracing the outline with her hot tongue then pushed her tongue in my mouth as we exchanged a passionate promise laden kiss.

‘I am off for that shower now, do you need the bathroom,’ she asked,

Replying, ‘I had better go because coffee has an diuretic effect on my bladder.’ I stood and she opened the bathroom door for me, allowing me to go on through to use it.

I had a long pee, after I came out off her bathroom and sat with her on the settee and Debbie stood and went for he shower, she turned up the heat whilst she showered and left me to the boring TV programme, I found the remote to change channels but it appeared to me that I needed a degree in telemetry and rocket sciences, so I left it as it was.

Less than ten minutes later she appeared all ‘squeaky’ clean and fresh, her perfume or deodorant preceded her…

Debbie stepped out from the bathroom a towel concealing her slim body from me with a towel wrapped about her damp hair, her long slim leg bare to just above her knees, she grinned as I looked up, I liking what I saw. She came over to me and taking the coffee cup asked me if I would like another. Not right now I said as she shook the towel from her head and the long dark hair fell down across her shoulders, taking the damp towel she rubbed her hair vigorously with it, as she did so the tuck which held the towel together covering her body came undone and the towel dropped away, leaving her standing naked in front of me her body, revealing her naked before me. She stooped and picked up the towel and wrapped it about herself hiding her nakedness from my eyes, but not before I had drunk in the loveliness of it. She made light of the incident, saying that hers was not the first naked body I had seen, I must have blushed self consciously because she asking me if it was?

‘No it is not, Debbie, but you have a nice body from the quick glance I had of it.’ she dropped the towel off her body that covered it and stood before me as naked as a jay bird her lithe slim body almost shone in the light from the lamp which stood on the table by the TV. Moving over to stand before me, she had the most perfect tits, not overlarge, but shapely and looked so firm, almost hard, they were capped by the aureole which in themselves were like little tits, balanced on the top of her normal tits, they swelling and becoming fuller and a deep red with the nipples, hard long and pointed begging to be sucked and drawn into my hot mouth

Bending her body she kissed me again, I cupping one of the lovely orbs in my palm, I squeezed on the firm ripe flesh savouring the sensual flesh it and squeezing it firmly we kissed passionately again, she caressed the growing bulge in my pants she squeezing the hardening flesh tracing her fingertips over its outline and reached for my prick, releasing it from my pants she reached into the waistband and slid these over my hips I wriggled my hips to assist her efforts, my prick sprang free from the confines of my pants, bangbros porno kicking off my sneakers she bent and slid the pants free from my body. I raised my arms and lifting my tee shirt, I slid it over my head: both of us now naked in the room.

We could feel the electricity arcing and sparking as we came together in each other’s arms. Holding each other tightly my hands slipped from being clasped around her body, to cup and fondle her beautiful breasts, tweaking a nipple and tasting it with my tongue then I placed my hands on her narrow waist and slid them around to cup the cheeks of her buttocks, they fitting comfortably in the palms of my hands.

She wrapped her hand around my prick, and with the other fondled my bollocks and stroked my prick as it pressed against her lush smooth belly, the swollen head pouring precum over her freshly bathed body, leaving ‘snail’ trails on her smooth skin; my hand left her buttocks and slid between her slightly parted thighs; she bending her knees to part her thighs to allow me easier access to her spread thick lips that guarded her vulva, my middle finger trailed up her slick wet cleft as our mouths locked together, our tongues licking the lips of the other as we french exchanging salvia filled kisses as we kissed deeply, pausing for air we broke away, and she led me by holding my cock to her bedroom. Laying her down on the low bed I laid down beside her, fondling and kissing her beautiful modelled breasts, I reached for her mound again, eager to feel the oily wetness of want and desire, her flaps parted in excitement as my hand stroked the soft bulging mound of the fleshy mons and as her thighs parted, she revealed to my eyes the wet glistening slit.

She had a large clit; it was the largest I have ever seen, which I found to be a big turn on. It was set in its hood, which was the size of a rounded button, standing at the apex of her down covered labia majoria, sitting like a miniature prick, the large crimson-coloured glans of the clitty protruded out of its ‘foreskin,’ hook-shaped like an upside-down crimson beak and I swear grew in size as the more excited she became. The inside little lips, thinner than the labia majoria, hung down from her slit reminding me of elephant’s ears the way they were hanging. I knelt between her parted thighs and trailed my tongue through her oily sticky wetness, smelling her strong scent, my senses reeled under the assault of pheromones, kneeling up between her spread thighs, my rod, curved like an evil scimitar, the precum pouring from my slitted deep-purple bulbous twitching cap, dripped on her body, she parted her sex lips exposing it all to my gaze and I bent my face trailing my tongue’s point through the cleft valley tasting her juices, sweet but slightly salty, she responded by driving her hips upward to meet my inquisitive tongue’s attention.

She writhed and squirmed under the attention of my tongue her lips spayed wide as my tongue licked and explored her very private parts, she tasted so sexy, my tongue uninhibitedly explored deep into her vagina, as I drank from her fur lined cup, the sweet juices flowing into my mouth as I drank deeply of her sweet nectar. She was crying with exquisite agony as my tongue found her piss slit, I teasing her urethra mercilessly, she screamed out, oh my God, I’m cumming as my tongue and my fingers teasing her tight cunt my mouth sucking her clitty, this was I imagined, like a little prick. Yes, yes! You sensual fucking bastard, you bastard cunt!’

Make me cum, a few more sucks on her clitty as my fingers found her G-spot and suddenly she came, her hips pumping her pussy against my lips. The juice, a salty sweet fluid jetted fluid out, spraying like a fountain for a few seconds, this cum seemed to come from just under and just inside her cunt, then it died away as she squirmed under my mouth’s caresses.

Quieting she pulled me up to her arms and she mewled and stammered you sweet bastard, as I caressed my questing tongue’s point over her lips, they parted and our tongues fought then lapping my tongue over her aureoles, tasting the sweet firm fullness of the orb filling my mouth as I sucked and caressed her taut long big nipple.

As her climax passed she reached for my cock and wrapping her hand about the heavy full shaft, the veins popping with the pressure of my blood engorged prick, she teased it by milking the prick, whacking it slowly I raised my leg over hers and slithered again between her spread thighs and lowered my slim body between them, my prick pressed on her mound, the light dusting of fur tickling my helmet, squirming my body I felt the warm wetness of her oily slick valley and pressed my hips down as my prick slid into her depths we became one, reaching under her I parted her lips wider then forced my tight ball bag in her vaginia’s eager mouth, lifting her buttocks up to me she wrapped her long legs over my back and endeavoured to pull me further, deeper into her tight hotness; I raising my hips driving my length of meat deeper, she raised her legs higher and with the backs of her knees on my shoulders I smashed against her cervix feeling my cockhead glide under the uterus, she rode against me as I rode and pumped her too she crying out in an almost silent mewling scream, give it me you bastard fucking Brit, feed me your spunk, oh I love your big veined lined thick cock up my tight cunt, filling my body with your fullness.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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