Houseboat Itinerary

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Hi, Jon •

After you guys left earlier tonight, I put together a few thoughts regarding the houseboat weekend, starting with the 1st day. Thought you might like to take a look and perhaps add your own thoughts for the rest of the weekend. Either way, let me know what you think:

Friday 8th June

2pm Check in, sign paperwork, board boat, etc…

4pm Cruise down the Murray • • •

6pm You start making dinner [i.e. baked beans on toast] and we all have a few drinks to celebrate the start of a great weekend!

8pm Nikki & I get kitchen duty and unpack the food and other essentials in the kitchen/lounge/dinning area of the houseboat – making our accommodation more comfortable for the weekend ahead.

You and Dale head over to the other end of the boat to figure out the logistics of operations of the houseboat.

9.30pm Set-up & unpacking is complete. Nikki and I unanimously vote that the bar is now open for all you can drink and before you know it, we become playfully trashed. No sign of our men. •

10:06pm Nikki and I are chatting about the plans for the weekend, and she tells me of her plans to get a little naughty with you later in the evening. Of course we start giggling like we did when we were in high school, but then Nikki becomes serious and tells me how much she loves me, how we’re such great friends, and how we are going to have such a great time… blah blah blah blah blah. [Predictable behaviour for a pisshead…]

11:41pm Nikki and I serve ourselves another drink [we’ve definitely thrown precaution to the wind by this time] and Nikki eagerly wants to show me the fun stuff she’s packed in her suitcase for the weekend.

After telling each other again how much we love each other, we stumble arm in arm off to the bedroom [could be yours or ours…don’t really give a shit at this stage…doesn’t matter…]

We collapse onto the double bed… its comfy and soft. We’re both laughing uncontrollably [as we frequently do when we’re pissed and taking it out on one or both of you guys]. Nikki rolls over and kisses me smack on the mouth, again declaring her love. I’m thinking that you guys have got yourself some competition!!! While I’m still stunned and stirred with intrigue and a heightened sense of naughtiness and sexiness at her boldness [also thinking that it’s interesting how the truth always comes out after a few too many!], Nikki rolls away from me and off the bed onto the floor. She virtually lands on top of her packed suitcase on all fours. She struggles to her feet and clumsily collapses with it on the bed. She fumbles with the zipper but finally opens it. Nikki excitedly rummages thru the carefully arranged, folded clothes, and happily produces her ‘pinkie’ and ‘bluey’. I have never seen these two best friends of hers – only heard about them and her high regard for their ability to please!!! Nikki hands one to me (bluey, I think), then pushes her half-opened suitcase off the bed. Hurriedly, she proceeds to twist and turn the magical ‘pinkie’ till it begins to happily buzz in her hands. Nikki’s eyes are twinkling with mischief and flirtatious teasing. Like so many times before, she tells me how happy they’ve made her when you haven’t been around (although not quite comparable to the ‘real thing’). As I turn ‘bluey’ on, we both agree that they certainly serve well for a quickie while using a little imagination when we’re alone. While still clasping her pinkie, Nikki drunkenly throws herself across the bed on all fours to reach for her toiletry bag on the bedside table.

Her casino siteleri ass is perfectly shaped; thrusted in the air as she poses momentarily on her knees. Given the moment, the opportunity, the dare…do I? Should I? Could I…? I’m thinking to myself, “she’s deliberately teasing me, she’s got to be. She knows EXACTLY what she’s doing! Not to mention, she knows exactly what this weekend is all about. I mean, here we are…she’s drunk…I’m drunk…SHE’S the one kissing ME! I mean, what’s THAT all about??! FUCK IT…I’m GOING IN!!!!!

12.19am As she’s bending over in front of me on all fours, I slap her ass cheek gently with one hand, suggestively telling her she’s being a tease. With my other hand still holding the buzzing Bluey, I glide it between and up her inner thighs. As I let it touch her crotch, my heart starts nervously pounding, waiting for her to jump up and indignantly slap my hand away and blow shit thru me for overstepping the ‘boundaries’ with her. However, it doesn’t happen. While still on her knees, I notice she’s dropped down to her elbows with her head in the softness of the doona. I grow a little bolder and encircle her ass again with my hand before giving her shapely rump another well deserved slap. Her hips abruptly move forward and then sharply back against my hands, her movements showing me she wants more. I start unzipping her jeans from around her waist and pull them down her legs. She allows me to peel them off and I softly whisper to her to stay where she is; all the while keeping bluey busy gliding back and forth over her shapely mound through her boy leg underwear.

God! How hot she looks in this position!! I want to drive her crazy!! I’m thinking…I want to hear her moan….I want to hear her beg me to fuck her as only a girl can fuck another girl… On the other hand, my brain is wondering where the hell you guys are and what the hell would be going thru your heads if you walked thru the door and saw this display at this moment. I don’t imagine you would be disappointed by the view • LOL

I move bluey away and replace the sensation with my hand rubbing her pussy. I can feel her responsiveness by the dampness thru her underwear, and I move my thumb in a gentle but firm circular motion over her clit. The soft sounds coming from her are more apparent now and, as I look up, I catch her watching me with her face sideways on the bed. Her lips are parted and she is heavily breathing – not a word is spoken. I look straight into her eyes, a sexy, teasing smile escaping from the side of my mouth. I take this opportunity to flicking my finger up and down the lining of her underwear and then quickly slip two fingers underneath straight into her wetness. I probe them into her pussy as she eagerly pushes herself onto them, not losing eye contact for a second. Suddenly, she gasps and rolls her eyes back into her head. She’s biting her bottom lip with a determination to steady herself as I continue to tease and torment her with my fingers. I can feel my own wetness through my underwear, as scantily clad as they are. I’m wearing a black lace boy leg g-string, if you can imagine. My senses heighten in anticipation. It’s becoming increasingly uncomfortable to stand there wearing them.

I give her ass one more slap as I roll her underwear down to her knees, spread her ass cheeks and move my way down to her wetness with my mouth and tongue. She smells and tastes familiar. Not so unlike my own taste and smell. So this was all the more enjoyable. Her ass is gyrating into my face at this point as her moans are clearly slot oyna filling the room. As I bury my face into her nether regions, I continue to slap her ass from time to time and scrape my nails down her ass cheek to her thigh… She’s loving it.

She adjusts her position sightly so I pull away. I move onto the bed next to her and in a horny and frenzied motion, Nikki starts pulling at my jeans, my blouse and my black bra – quickly discarding each item to the floor, exposing my nakedness. In return, my hands are hurriedly pulling her top over her head – her top and bra equally falling to the floor. Our mouths passionately find each other, hands groping everywhere, she cups my breasts as I cup and fondle hers. I’m wondering to myself if she likes the taste of herself on my mouth as she hungrily licks and nibbles and bites me. My hand is around the back of her head, caressing her hair, occasionally grabbing a handful of hair just hard and subtle enough to make my desire known. My other hand is fondling her breast. I move my mouth down her neck, gently biting my way down and eventually find her nipple in my mouth, encircling it with my tongue – flickering and nibbling.

Suddenly, we’re aware that we’re not alone, and out the corner of my eye I notice you’re both in the doorway – glazed-over, stunned looks on your faces. Judging by the bulges in your pants, I suspect you may not want us to stop?! As I look back at Nikki, she seems to read my mind and with a grin at me and the both of you, she pushes me down onto the bed and straddles herself over me in a 69 position.

My hands find their way to Nikki’s ass as my mouth goes hell for leather on her pussy. Instantly her body reacts, moving and swaying, eagerly wanting more of the same. I move her position in my face to accommodate the limited oxygen supply and I can feel her tongue gingerly probing into my wetness, tasting me for the first time. Her heavy breathing into my pussy is as much a turn on as her fingers are exploring my sensitive parts. I find myself briefly distracted by her attention to me and my moans of enjoyment are as loud as her own.

Suddenly, there are more hands running over our bodies than just our own. I look up through the arch in the top of Nikki’s thighs and see Dale grinning at me with an ‘I’m proud of you’ look on his face. I could really care less at this point. My mind is enveloped in the sensations of mutual oral stimulation with Nikki. I’m pissed, I’m horny, and clearly, so is Nikki. Essentially we’ve gotten each other ready and waiting and now we’re more than happy for you guys to join us. Not quite sure what to expect at this point, I suddenly feel the top half of Nikki’s body half rise off me as she hungrily kisses you, Jon.

Dale takes advantage of the opportunity and, obviously having already disrobed before reaching the bed, runs his hands over Nikki’s curves and backside and thrusts himself into her hungry, waiting pussy. She gasps and her body tenses briefly but quickly, looking into your eyes searching for your approval. Seeing the green light reciprocating back to her, she relaxes and arches her back to receive her pussy being filled. You and Dale exchange grins of obvious enjoyment, and you quickly lower your mouth into my waiting pussy to indulge in my taste. Your tongue drives me crazy as I buck my hips into your face in a wild frenzy. I reach my hand down and grab a handful of your hair, pushing your head away. Enough foreplay – I wanna fuck. I reach for your ass and pull you forward until you thrust yourself into me. My mind is canlı casino siteleri lost as I enjoy the pain of your nails griping into my hips and thighs. The sensation of everything happening at once is overwhelming and my senses are heightening quickly. I want to cum and I grind my pussy into your cock. As I hear Nikki moaning in rhythm to Dale’s thrusting into her, I reach my head up and flick my tongue across her clit – her crotch is still in my face at this point. Dale’s vocal enjoyment is not unlike your own as you both pound the asses off Nikki and me in sync with each other. My hand reaches down and encircles my clit as I feel you thrusting in and out. I can feel myself rising quickly to climax and you’re tightening balls tell me you are not far behind. The combined excitement is too much, and suddenly the room erupts with each orgasm stimulating another. Nikki and you feverishly kiss each other while each of you is fucking or being fucked by another. The scenario is surreal – as you can imagine.

Dale pulls away and stoops down to kiss me, and Nikki moves off me and you both engulf each other in a cuddle.

1:27am I sit myself up and push Dale down on the bed next to you both. My pussy is hungry and although I’ve climaxed, I’m not satisfied. I want more. And seeing as we’re all seemingly in the mood for experimenting with our fantasies…

I lower my mouth onto Dale’s cock; still hard and glistening from Nikki’s juices – and I lick it all up. Then I lower myself onto him. His cock fills me and I begin to move up and down – slowly at first, enjoying the look in his eyes (one that tells me his mind is blown), and then quicker and quicker. I look behind me and you’re both watching me with amusement with a renewed excitement on your faces. I beckon you to get behind me. You look at Nikki for clearance. She’s intrigued and urges you forward. You know you don’t need to be asked twice, do you?

I lean forward and lift my ass up and off Dale’s lap, making sure he’s still inside and allowing you room to get into position. Reaching behind to grasp your cock in my hand, I pull you in close behind me. I turn my head, watching your reaction – with your cock in hand; I gently lower my ass onto it. I let out a slight gasp as I feel you entering me. My eyes roll into the back of my head as I slide down Dale’s shaft and onto yours at the same time.

Fuck me! This is just what I’ve wanted… Your heavy breathing into my shoulders as you cup my breasts from behind tells me you are enjoying yourself. My hand grips my breast over the top of your hand and I plunge down deeper onto you. Dale isn’t far off cumming as he watches my obvious enjoyment of experiencing double penetration for the first time. I stop… Suddenly it’s too much. I frantically rub my clit to climax, moaning louder and higher. This tips you and Dale over the edge at the same time and you both cum together. Unsurprisingly, you’re not as vocal as Dale but nevertheless, your enjoyment is known and as your body shuddering subsides, you gently lower yourself away from my ass, and retreat to Nikki’s curious looks. I collapse onto Dale’s chest and we cuddle and kiss momentarily before I lift myself off his lap. The four of us look at each other around the room in a slightly sobered view, a mixture of expired elation and drunken grins. It’s all good!

2:32am We find ourselves cramped into the little shower in the tiny bathroom, sharing a giggle at the absurdity of the situation of attempting to shower together. Hugs and kisses all round, we all retire to our respective bedrooms for some private couple bonding and to sleep.

10am Berocca’s for everyone!! (Namely Nikki & I) •

[By the way, Jon, have you climaxed yet or do you need me to come and relieve you?]

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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