Hot Dreams of Alice Pt. 03

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The woman gave Alice something to eat and drink. Alice decided the drink would probably be spiked, but she was too thirsty not to drink it all down deeply. She vaguely remembered having seen someone drink somebody’s cum – that wouldn’t make you go all wobbly, she thought. Drinking cum… Clinking rum… Blinking bum…

She didn’t know how long she’d been away, and whoever was there now probably wouldn’t tell. That much was clear enough to her… She was sitting in a chair. The leather of the seat felt cold; her arms were tied to the arm rests and her ankles were strapped to the chair legs, so that her pussy, which was positioned exactly over the edge of the seat, was exposed to each and anyone’s view. Fortunately there didn’t seem to be many people around… The gag was back into place.

The room seemed empty. But eventually she heard someone move behind her.

“Hi, girl,” she heard. “Hmmm, you sure look good!”

It was a feminine voice with a strange tinge to it. She craned her head to see – but she couldn’t turn her head enough.

“Do you want to see me?”

Alice nodded. She heard footsteps on the hard floor. Someone appeared in sight. Another girl, Alice thought at first. She had beautiful long black hair, and great breasts, enveloped in a very sexy see-through bra; she wore black stockings and thin panties – and she saw that there were a cock and balls in them, not hard as yet, but unmistakably a cock, and a fair sized, and probably quite a serviceable one, too.

“I’m afraid I was born like this… I feel I’m a woman. Just think of me as Joanie,” the person said. “OK?”

Alice nodded again.

“On with the show,” Joanie said cheerfully. “Some more subconscious ideas of yours. Enjoy!”

Enjoy alright, Alice thought sourly. Watching yourself doing all sorts of shocking things without even having as much as the fun of it…

Joanie sat down on a low stool next to her and picked up the remote. “Here goes!”

The now familiar titles appeared: “Hot Dreams of Alice,” followed by “In Service – Day Two.”

Alice first saw her bedroom, where Mrs Jones laid out her clothes for the day. They were quite similar to yesterday’s ones but for the underwear which was black and clearly designed not to cover her essential parts.

When she was ready Alice emerged from the bathroom, made up and freshly showered.

“Here’s today’s dress,” Mrs Jones said. “There’s a list of your tasks on the table. Mrs Townes will be leaving for London at around ten, by the way. She will not be back until tomorrow. Ok?”

Alice nodded and Mrs Jones left the room. She began to dress, beginning with her stockings and garter belt. When she rolled the stockings up her legs Alice could see her pussy. It looked somewhat swollen already, she thought, probably due to the sexual tension in that household…

Next came the panties. They were very small and didn’t have any material where it was really needed, leaving her pussy and anus open to the air. The bra was of a similar cut. It had a kind of small plateaux that supported her breasts; they were otherwise naked.

Alice thought that her self in the bedroom didn’t really dislike wearing it, for her nipples grew hard as she stood up and looked at herself in the mirror.

She picked up the blouse. It was a similar one to the day before, ruffled, white, with a loose elastic in the neck. It fell nicely around her naked breasts, yet was tight enough to indicate her nipples, and it was slightly diaphanous; her breast shimmered a little through the material.

The black satin maid’s dress was a little different, too – a white frilly edge had been stitched into the skirt to give the impression of an underskirt, and the whole skirt was even shorter than yesterday. It also showed a tendency to ride up her back, and she had to pull it down every now and then. If she didn’t bear herself like a queen, she would show her bare pussy to the world.

She went over to the table and picked up the task-list. “Study first, to be hoovered and dusted,” she said. “Ok.”

The picture shifted and Alice was shown entering the study, carrying a duster and a vacuum cleaner. The bottom of her buttocks showed under her skirt; she had no way of pulling down the dress with her hands full. It was a disturbing sight, alice thought, those white orbs with the shiny black straps running tautly across them, down to her stocking tops. She dusted all surfaces, efficiently and fast, and then started hoovering the floor.

Mrs Townes walked into the study, greeting Alice kindly. She was carrying a small tray, and when she was halfway the room she made as to trip over the flex of the vacuum cleaner. She dropped the tray and its contents spilled all over the floor.

Alice was working with her eyes to the floor, so she didn’t see it happen.

“Oh dear,” Mrs Townes said. “I’ve dropped my pearls! My necklace got broken last night and I wanted to put them in the cupboard in here. Alice, dear, be so good and pick casino oyna them up, will you? I have to hurry.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Alice said.

“Thank you,” Mrs Townes said, and she left the room.

Alice went down on her knees. As she did so the dress crept up half-way her back. She tried to pull it down but it didn’t work; it crept back at once. She apparently gave up and crawled across the floor in search of the pearls that had rolled all over the carpet, under the desk, under the bookcase, the various chairs…

The camera showed her whole slit, and her puckered rosebud in the frame of the sides of her panties, sitting sprucely between her legs, lined by the garter straps. Her breasts, hanging loosely in her blouse, shook a little as she crawled back and forth with the tray within reach. Now and then she straightened her back; it had been a long, triple necklace and there were lots and lots of pearls everywhere.

The door of the study, which must have been well-oiled, for it opened inaudibly, admitted Mr Townes into the room. He looked at Alice hunting for the pearls with a small smile, and Alice could see his cock grow in his pants. She shook her head and she realised she didn’t really know if she abhorred what was going on or if she wanted to be there, to be fucked soon by Mr Townes…

Alice didn’t notice anything. She methodically worked at retrieving the fallen pearls in the far corner of the room that was getting the smallest amount of the morning light. Mr Townes softly shut the door. He turned the key in the lock and walked over to a strategically placed chair, where he sat down, smiling at Alice’s back.

When Alice had picked up all the pearls in the part of the room she tackled first, she got up and noticed Mr Townes.

She blushed fiercely. “Oh, I’m sorry, sir,” she said. “I hadn’t heard you come in.”

“No, I noticed that. Did you drop those? I don’t hold with clumsiness.”

Alice blushed even harder. “No, sir,” she said.

Mr Townes raised his eyebrows. “I don’t want my staff to be lying to me, young lady,” he said threateningly.

“I didn’t, sir, I really didn’t. Mrs Townes dropped the tray they were on this morning.”

Mr Townes raised his eyebrows. “Did she now?” he said. “Hmm…”

He looked at Alice’s flushed face. “You do look quite attractive, blushing like that,” he said. “I’ll ask Juliette – and if, as I hope, you’re right I won’t have to take measures. I’m afraid that your crawling up and down this room has made it paramount to do something about the state of my member, though. I’m leaking and aching for your cunt. Come along.”

Alice curtsied and followed Mr Townes, who unlocked the door again, out of the room. “Please walk ahead of me,” he said. “I love looking at you move. To your bedroom, please.”

Alice walked down the corridor; then she went up the stairs, giving Mr Townes a lovely view of her private parts. When she arrived at her bedroom she respectfully opened the door for him.

“Thank you,” he said. “Come in.”

As soon as Alice had closed the door behind her Mr Townes got his cock out. He stroked himself while looking at the young woman who stood to attention in the room, waiting for her orders.

“Please bend over for a moment,” he said. “I want to have another good look at that marvellous ass.”

Alice spun on her heels and bent over, grabbing her ankles with her hands.

“Yes, that’s it. Hold it, please.”

Looking at the TV screen Alice thought her face would probably be just as flushed as her filmed counterpart. She was eagerly anticipating the couple touching, and she wished devoutly she were in that room. If only she could just finger herself…

She looked at Joanie for a moment. She had taken her cock from her panties and sat slowly stroking its length, her eyes glued to the TV screen. Oh dear – It just wasn’t fair!

Mr Townes felt Alice’s bottom, slowly and extensively. He ran his hands from her ass cheeks to her slit, and touched her swollen nub. It made a shiver run through her, but she kept standing motionlessly, allowing Mr Townes free access to her cunt and anus.

He smiled and slapped her bottom once. “You can stand up again,” he said. Alice did, and she turned round to find Mr Townes undressing. She had not seen him naked before.

He was athletically built but not over-muscular, and quite attractive, Alice thought. She strained at the cords round her wrists and ankles, but it only caused her discomfort so she gave up. Joanie looked at her for a moment, She smiled a little, and alice got the impression that all her thoughts were eminently readable to her.

“Come here,” Mr Townes said. He was completely naked now, and when Alice came within his reach he took her by her right wrist and put her hand on his cock.

She held his cock in her hand and looked at it a bit uncertain. She slowly moved her hand on his member and her treatment made the shiny head emerge from its foreskin.

“Why don’t you suck my slot oyna cock?” he said.

She looked at him wide-eyed. “Suck your cock?” she repeated. “I don’t know. Does your wife ever do that?”

He nodded. “Oh yes,” he said. “She loves it – let me show you.”

He switched on the large flatscreen in the bedroom, and inserted a memory stick into the TV. The screen immediately got almost filled with the image of Juliette’s face. She had her eyes closed, and she put a butterfly kiss on the tip of her husband’s cock. She slowly let the head of his cock disappear between her red lipsticked lips until you could still see the rim between the head and the stem, and then let it slip out of her mouth again. She opened her eyes and looked at the cock in front of her eyes. A slow drop of precum appeared on its tip, and she touched it with her index finger and smeared the drop across the purple tip.

Alice wondered if her own image on the screen would follow suit, but Mr Townes stood behind her, so she couldn’t. He lifted the short skirt of her maid’s uniform and ran his hands over her buns, and she pressed her bottom his way.

The view briefly shifted to the front. Mr Townes raised his arms and pushed the frilly white blouse down, revealing her breasts, presented to his hands on the quarter-cup bra. Her nipples looked taut and swollen, and Mr Townes rolled them between his thumbs and index fingers before dropping them to her bottom again. When the skirt rose again Alice saw her pussy lips pout from the two sides of the split-crotch panties.

It was hard to concentrate on one thing. There was the play within the play of Juliette sucking her husband’s cock – she’d wrapped her hand around him and was bobbing up and down now – and there was Mr Townes pushing his cock between her own legs. Her image put a hand down between her legs and pressed his cock home.

Mr Townes legs stiffened for a moment. Then he adjusted his attitude to her height and started to fuck her slowly, holding her elbows to steady her. He soon picked up speed, and Alice saw his cock glide in and out of her pussy, glistening wet, and very, very stiff. She was glad her own juices could be wiped off the leather seat…

The Alice on the screen started panting heavily, in rhythm with Mr Townes, whom she could hear twice, fucking her and being sucked by his wife.

On the other screen Juliette was deepthroating her husband. She started humming softly, and Alice could hear him groan…

Mr Townes stopped for a moment. He lifted Alice in his arms, went to the bed and deposited her onto the covers, facing the TV screen on her hands and knees, and started fucking her in earnest. Her heavy breasts swung back and forth, and her white buttocks in the black garter straps appeared under the black satin maid’s dress she was still wearing. He held her hips and made her meet his thrusts, and she was moaning with the joy of it. Mr Townes felt for her breasts, and he apparently pinched her nipples hard, for Alice saw her image flinch. But it only served to make her rock back harder.

Mr Townes’ breathing started to go ragged. On the screen Juliette had taken his cock from her mouth and was pumping his shaft with her hands, her wide-open mouth close to the tip. Within seconds there was a roar as his cock , in close-up, spewed forth his cum, to be greedily swallowed by his wife’s immaculately painted mouth.

Alice saw him erupt. On the bed, she saw his buttocks contract almost at the same time… He let out another roar and pulled Alice’s bottom into his pelvis. She let out a scream and collapsed onto the mattress from her hips on down. Mr Townes stayed motionless for a little while; then re retracted. The camera focussed on Alice’s cunt, showing Mr Townes white sperm leak from the smoothly shaven lips… She stayed lying there for a little while while regaining her breath.

Then she got up off the mattress and stood beside the bed. She looked at Mr Townes, curtsied and said, “Thank you, sir!”

The TV screen grew dark. Joanie stopped the DVD for a moment. “I’ll let you have a glass of water,” she said, “but the programme hasn’t finished yet.” She removed the gag from alice’s mouth and held the glass to her lips. She drank greedily, for her throat was dry as dust, and she hoped it would help to make her feel less hot. As soon as she had drained the glass Joanie put the ball back into place.

“The next part is after dinner,” she said. “Nothing of note happened for the rest of the day. I don’t know, but you smell as if you like what you see?”

The DVD was put into motion again. The screen lit up and showed the interior of Alice’s bedroom. It was empty, but you could hear the shower running. Then it stopped and after a little while she came into the room, with a towel wrapped around her. She hung it over a rack and pulled back the bedclothes. On the pillow she found the nightdress assigned to her for that night. It was red and very see-through, and consisted of a top with cups and a frilled piece canlı casino siteleri to cover her to her buttocks, and a matching pair of panties. It had two shiny pieces of piping from the top hem to her bottom that closed with little ribbons tied in bows. She undid one of the ribbons and the piping came apart, so she redid the bow. Then she put her legs into them.

When she was dressed she slipped between the sheets and opened the book she’d been reading the day before. Alice wondered if she was expected to watch her read, but after only half a minute or so she heard a key turn in the lock and Mr townes came in.

Alice started at his sudden appearance, but she didn’t let on. “Good evening, sir,” she said. “Er… I’m not dressed, I’m afraid.” She blushed.

“Please come here, Alice,” he said. “I’d like to have a good look at you again.”

Alice swung her legs out of her bed, and stepped on to the small carpet in front of her bed. She put her arm alongside her body and stood facing her employer, with her eyes cast down.

“Beautiful,” he said. “Most beautiful; and that nightdress is very becoming. You look very sexy – but you could look even more so. Wait.”

He walked to her bedside table and got out a large, flexible dildo. It was flesh-coloured and shaped like a big cock, with a suction cup at the bottom end.

“Take this,” he said.

She took it from him. It was quite large, and it looked obscene in her hands, Alice thought.

“Now make the cup wet under the tap, and press it to the floor here, please.”

Alice disappeared for a moment. Then she returned with the artificial cock and fixed it to the floor.

“Right,” Mr Townes said. “Now I want you to sit on your knees with your cunt over the head, and try to take some of it in. Wait – there’s some KY jelly somewhere…” He rummaged in the drawer and applied some jelly to the dildo.

“Ok then,” he said.

Alice hooked her thumbs into the side of her panties.

“No. Keep those on. Just undo those bows.”

Alice did, and the she sat down on the floor on her knees and wiggled her bottom until the tip of the cock touched her labia. It was some sixteen inches long, so she sat up rather high. She felt for the tip between her legs and placed the head at her opening.

Alice could see the tip disappear slowly between her image’s pussy lips. It must be very uncomfortable, she thought – much too big and thick and long – but it certainly was obscenely sexy, and she got very aroused by the thought of having tried that some time that week. It was hard to admit as much to herself, but the smell of her own arousal and the moisture seeping down into the crack between her ass cheeks clearly told their own tale.

“Good girl,” Mr Townes said. “Yes – that’s even sexier! Did you pay attention to the film footage of Juliette sucking me this morning?”

“Yes, sir.”

Alice saw she was trying to go down on the dildo a little more, but was rather difficult, it seemed.

“Did you like watching it?

“Yes, sir.”

“Would you have like to trade places with Juliette?

“Maybe, sir.”

“Ok then – suck me off now.”

He dropped his trousers and boxers. Alice got up off her knees to go to him, but he said, “No, no – just stay there. Put that thing back into place.”

Alice knelt down again and lowered her bottom back onto the dildo. It entered her a little further, and she gasped.

Mr townes stood a foot away from her. “Never use your teeth, please.”

“No, sir.” She licked her lips – whether to moisten them or in anticipation alice didn’t know – and looked up at him.

He pressed his cock against her lips, and she formed an O with her lips and pressed them around the tip.

“You can hold my hips,” Mr Townes announced.

Alice did, and she slowly sucked the tip into her mouth. She concentrated hard. slowly she let him enter her mouth until about half way, then she released him and tried again.

“Can I use my hands, sir?” she said.

“Of course,” Mr Townes answered. “Yes – yes. Please give it some tongue…”

Alice started sucking him in earnest. She must have attended well when the film footage of her employers was played; she rubbed his cock between her hands, wetted it with her spittle, rolled her tongue around it and went for him with apparent enthusiasm.

It looked great, Alice thought. She concentrated hard on the view of that cock disappearing into her mouth – and then she suddenly noticed that the dildo had disappeared into her cunt for a good eight to ten inches. Jeez, she thought. She’d never thought anything like that could be accommodated by her at all.

Alice let the cock slip out of her mouth and licked the length of it lovingly. she cupped his balls in her hand, and sucked them into her mouth. Mr Townes groaned. She looked up at him and smiled, and then she started bobbing her head up and down his cock again, and as she did so Alice saw that she rode the dildo like a real cock. It was shining wet and Alice wished it was there with her, in her pussy, at that very time.

Mr Townes breathing became a little laboured; he started panting and puffing, and Alice looked up at him and smiled.

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