Hobson’s Choice Ch. 02

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Saturday, May 11, 7:30 am

I slept OK, I guess, but how deep a sleep can you get with two naked teenagers in your bed, particularly as they were waiting for you to respond to their frequent touches, kisses and caresses. Actually, my prick woke up before I did. It was nestled in a warm soft place and liked it. I opened one eye and looked into the top of Alya’s curly head. Her taut ass was snuggled into me, – a hand between her thighs had a gentle grip on my cock, holding it nestled against her pussy while she rubbed herself along its rapidly growing length and girth. I glanced behind me for Sandy, but then I saw her head on the other side of Alya, busy kissing and sucking on Alya’s perky nipple. She looked up at me, let go of the nipple and gave me a bright smile, with a hint of mischief.

“We got too impatient to wait for you to wake up,” she said, “so I came over on this side.”

“We have just been doing some warm-ups,” said Alya, turning her head to look back at me. The hand on my prick gave me a little squeeze, then wandered up to fondle the curly pussy for a bit. I could feel the fingers slip along the slit, dipping in for some moisture before sliding back caressing both pussy and dick with the same motion. Alya held up her hands, – “Look Pa – No hands,” she giggled.

The hand wormed under my balls for a tickle. “Sandy, you little minx!” I said in a mock stern voice. “Didn’t you get enough of him yesterday and last night?”

“NEVER!” she exclaimed, looking at me defiantly. I gave up, reached around to hold Alya’s breasts, and the two of us just laid there, snuggled together under the cover, enjoying the attention from Sandy’s busy little hand.

“John’s gone! And his bed is cold, – he must have been up for hours.” Karen and Alex had burst into the bedroom.

“About 5 minutes, actually,” laughed Sandy, looking up from the covers, “but if we take our time, it might be hours.” Karen noticed me first and her face took on a strange expression; ‘a soft smile, tinged with envy’, is the closest description I could get.

“I see,” said Alex in an unhappy voice, looking over Karen’s shoulder, “It’s like that, is it?”

Sandy jumped out of bed, stark naked, ran to Alex and put her arms around her. “Don’t be mad, Alex,” she pleaded, – “it’s just… She trailed off, knowing there was no explanation that would satisfy these two.

I got up too. “Look,” I said, but before I could finish the sentence, they all did just that. My dick made a fine sight, bobbing in the morning air. Alex’s expression softened. “Don’t you just love it?” she said with a little laugh. The crisis seemed to be over.

“Let’s get some breakfast,” I said, “and then we’ll talk about what to do about everything.” Alya pouted, feeling cheated once again, but she didn’t have a hope of getting her way.

I got dressed in my bathrobe, brushed my teeth and went into the big room. The girls were dressed and had started making breakfast. Everything seemed back to normal, and I felt a great relief. I didn’t want to hurt any of these precious girls, and I couldn’t see how I could avoid it, if we kept going with the sexual tension of the past 12 hours. Superman might have been able to, but not a mere mortal like me. I had a cup of coffee while the girls got everything ready. It was shaping up to a hearty meal, bacon, eggs, hash browns, beans, toast, OJ, fruit, – good thing I was well stocked up. I did notice that Karen was wearing one of my t-shirts again, instead of her own top. She noticed me looking. “Mine’s dirty,” she explained with a commendable economy of words.

“What have you got on under that bathrobe?” asked Alya suddenly.

I was taken aback and a little flustered. “Eh, – actually, – nothing,” I admitted sheepishly, but I’ll go get dressed now.”

“No No!” came the chorus from the girls, – “we have made a new rule for this place, – no underwear!” I jumped to attention, mentally and physically.

“And may I remind you that you are still obliged to follow our rules?” said Alex sternly, but with a smile in her voice.

I relaxed and laughed. “I’ll regret that promise yet,” I said, “although I admit it hasn’t been a real problem up to now”. I did try for a sneak peek up Alex’s shorts, but I couldn’t tell if she was following the rule herself. On balance I would bet on it though.

Breakfast was great! We chatted away about this that and everything, – carefully avoiding any mention of the night before. I knew they were on the same cheerleading squad, from Austin, Texas, as it turned out. “You’re a long way from home,” I said. “What are you doing all the way up here in Minnesota?”

“We have three weeks until we need to be back at our own college cheerleading camp,” said Sandy, “and we come from different places, so we decided to take this trip together. There’s this cheerleading camp in Canada, that teaches some really cool stuff that we wanted to learn and bring back to our squad. We’ll be there for 10 days, then we have to casino oyna start driving back, – oh – I forgot about the car.” Her face fell.

“Let’s not talk about that yet,” I said quickly, let’s just eat out breakfast and get to know each other a bit better. They relaxed again, and the conversation flowed once more.

Alya tuned out to have a Jamaican mother. “Ya mon,” she said with a grin, as she told me. “That’s how come I have this great tan all year. Don’t you love it?” She ran her hands down over her breasts, pulling open the neckline of her top and showing off the beautiful soft creamy-brown skin on her neck and upper chest.

“Oh yes, I do,” I responded sincerely. “You are very lovely.”

She laughed again, her bubbly personality evident. “And when I am on TV, I’ll be famous!”

“Is that what you want to do,” I asked, my interest showing.

“Not as an actress, I guess, but I am very interested in the media, and TV is where it’s at, I think.” She had obviously thought about it, and her mind was made up.

“How about you, Karen,” I asked. “Are you going to be famous, too?”

“Yep, – youngest female CEO in the country, that’s me in a few years!” she said. “I have been talking a lot with my dad, and worked in his company since I was 12, so I know what it takes and how hard it will be, – but I know I can do it!”

“What kind of business are you interested in,” I asked interestedly. This was unexpected from a cheerleader.

“I guess it really doesn’t matter,” she replied, “as long as it is something I can enjoy.”

I nodded agreement. “You’ve got that right. There are few things more important than finding a job you really enjoy, money can’t make up for a boring or just bad job. You will need to get along with people as well. You may think you can do what you want when you’re the boss, but the most important thing is to be a leader! Be someone that people want to follow, the person with the ideas and the clearest sense of where to go.”

She nodded thoughtfully. “I’ll keep that in mind,” she said. “I have to make it to the top on my own as well, no one just gives it to you. I wouldn’t want anything just given to me anyway,” she said with such determination that I had to smile.

“Just don’t take yourself too seriously,” I said. “You have to be able to laugh at yourself as well.”

She smiled back. “I’ll get plenty of chances to do that, I guess.”

“What business were you in, John,” asked Alex.

“Well, – I was very lucky,” I said. “I pretty much fell into it. I was president of the computer club in High School and did a lot of work with the school computer setup and network and things. Then this big company was recruiting interns, and had me come work for them while I went to College. I got more and more interested in networking, and I had some ideas. But I didn’t want the big company to just get the benefits, so I quit and formed my own company.”

“Wait a minute,” said Karen. “It’s not that easy. You can’t just take with you the work you did for the company and form your own. It’s their intellectual property, you know. And where did you get finance and legal representation and design and production facilities and all that stuff?”

“Whoa girl,” I said. “My dad helped me find the right contacts, which was a big help, but I sold the thing to the investors all on my own. I used the same legal firm that my dad did, but paid for all of it myself with the investment money. The design was all in my head, and yes, miss know-it-all, it was MY intellectual property. I did none of the work on it on company time, and used none of their ideas for my own work, – they were lagging behind anyway. Most of what I learned there was what not to do, but they paid me well and gave me the opportunity, so I was thankful for that.”

“Wow, that’s quite a story,” said Karen enviously. “I don’t think that’s the way for me, I am not an engineer, I am more interested in marketing and sales.”

“Good way to go,” I replied. “Lots of opportunities in sales and marketing, and a good way to the top. That, legal and finance are the three most common CEO backgrounds, you know. Technical comes a long way behind.”

“So what happened to your company,” asked Karen, clearly fascinated with my story.

“Well, – it took us a couple of years, but we came up with a good product in the broadband networking field. We made and sold a fair few, but we didn’t have a lot of money exactly. Most of our wealth was in equity, which you can’t buy a cup of coffee with, but we did manage to pay back most of the investment and expand a little. We offered our people future stock options and a modest salary, so we got people who were willing to invest of themselves and believed in the business. We went public, and were paper millionaires overnight.

“The whole Internet thing cooled down quite a bit, but the company did OK, even if our share prices dropped with everyone else. Then Cisco came out of the blue and slot oyna offered us a deal we just couldn’t refuse, even if it hurt to give up our baby to the big guy. So now I am doing what I feel like, but I still keep in touch with the industry, and Cisco has me on a consultancy contract, so I can work as little or as much as I want.”

“Wait a minute,” said Karen. “What was the name of your company?”

I laughed. “Well, – we were young and nerdy and full of ourselves, so we called it Lightning. Kinda dumb, but we were stuck with it when we started to get a reputation.”

“Lightning?” Karen asked incredulously. “You owned Lightning?! They had a great product! My dad said his company ought to buy you guys, but I don’t think they were ready to fight Cisco at that price. He said you had more good stuff coming out, too. I guess Cisco has all that now?”

“Not all of it,” I said. “A few of us guys still tinker with some of the things we didn’t give Cisco. What company does you father work for, anyway? I’m surprised you have even heard of us.”

“Broadlink,” she replied.

I whistled. “No shit? – pardon my French, – does he really? What is his job, maybe I could get him interested in some of what we’re working on.”

Sandy and Alex giggled. “Oh,” said Sandy, “he’s just the Chairman of the Board.”

“You’re Karen Phelps?” I said, equally surprised. “George Phelps is your dad? Well, – you should not have any problem getting into business with that background. Now I understand your comment about earning your way. Good for you. Don’t be too proud to accept his help, though!”

Karen smiled, -“Oh wow, Lightning, – wait till Dad hears about this. He won’t worry about the car then, that’s for sure.” The girls all lit up at that comment, I guessed it had been on their minds.

“That reminds me,” I said. “We’d better take a look at the car and get all your stuff. The weather is good, and we can carry it back here in no time.”

“Can I borrow your shorts again, John,” asked Sandy, “I don’t want to get these pants dirty.

I gave her a dirty grin, – we both remembered what she had done the night before. “Fine by me,” I said. A quick change, and off we trundled, through the woods. The car looked a bit forlorn, sitting under the tree, but an inspection shower remarkably little damage. A few dents, one broken mirror and a broken headlight. “You were lucky,” I said. “A few yards either way and you would have hit either those boulders or the trunk of that tree head on. As it is, your biggest problem is getting the car pulled out. It is well and truly stuck on those rocks. You may have some undercarriage damage too, we won’t know until we get it out. And – as I told you, that won’t be until Monday at the earliest. – But let’s get your stuff, then we can go back to the cabin and figure out what to do.”

Saturday, May 11, 10:00 am

Everything had been brought back, I had had my shower, the girls had changed clothes and all was as well as could be under the circumstances. Interestingly, only Alex had her own skirt on, the others were back in my shorts again. “Oh-Oh,” I thought to myself, – “Another interesting day.” Karen still wore my t-shirt, Alex wore a tight-fitting, low-cut top and Alya wore a loose cut-off t-shirt, ending just below her breasts. Sandy took the prize; she had somehow stitched together the neckline of the t-shirt she had ripped the night before, but not the rips themselves, and her fabulous breasts were back doing their peekaboo trick. My shorts were suddenly inadequate, considering I had no underwear on, and I just knew I would be watched carefully the whole day. A very interesting day indeed!

“Here’s what I think, girls,” I said. “You need to tell them at the camp that you will be late, and you should tell your folks what has happened and where you are, so they don’t find out from the camp. They need to hear it from you and to know you’re OK.’

“I agree,” said Sandy.

“You’re right,” said Karen. “I might as well tell dad and get it over with.”

I nodded. “I can take you to a motel later, or to the bus stop where you can get transportation if you want, or you can have someone come and pick you up, – I’ll give them directions.”

“Better than Sandy’s,” quipped Alya.

“Oh drop it Alya,” said Alex. “I didn’t notice you having any better ideas where we were.”

They looked at each other. “Do we have to leave,” Sandy and Alex said, almost in unison.

“I don’t want to go to a stupid motel,” said Alya.

“Me neither,” said Karen wistfully. “Can’t we just stay here?”

I laughed. “OK with me, but your parents may have other ideas about the whole thing. I think I might, in their situation. It’s one thing to accept emergency shelter overnight; – Having four nubile young ladies stay with a dirty old man voluntarily is something else entirely.”

“So if it’s OK with them, it’s OK with you?” Alya again, straight to the point as usual.

“Well, sure, – canlı casino siteleri you should know that by now. But you also know that I’m not all that safe, soooo…”

They laughed. “Safe enough,” said Sandy, “and you will follow our rules, so we should be OK.”

Karen shrugged and grabbed the telephone. “Well, – lets get it over with. I’ll call first; it’s my car and my accident. ‘Hello, Elizabeth, it’s Karen. Can I talk to my dad? It’s kinda important.’ – OK, I’ll hold.

“Dad, – it’s Karen, – no we’re not at the camp yet, we got as far as Minnesota. Yes, we’re fine, but Dad, – I had a little accident… yes, we’re fine, really – no – no one is hurt, Dad are you listening to me?!! Well, the car looks ok, but we can’t get it towed until Monday at the earliest, and I didn’t want you to call camp and just find out we weren’t there. The others will be calling their parents as well. I don’t know if we can drive it, we won’t find out until someone can get a good look underneath, and we need to get a new headlight, but it looks fine.

“Yes, Dad, – I’m telling you we’re all fine. We stayed with this guy last night, – no Dad, – listen. We are way out in the boonies, and he was very nice and offered to put us up, because there’s nowhere around to go. – Well’ he’s about 30 some, I guess, and he’s semi-retired. You might know him actually. John Hobson, – yeah, the guy from Lightning, – I told him you would remember. And Dad, he said you might want to talk to him about some things that they never sold Cisco. – Dad, Dad, he’s just a nice guy who helped us out in a pinch, OK? – Dad, — Dad!! —Oh hell, Dad, I’ll call you back when you are ready to listen to me.”

She hung up and made a face. “I guess I blew that one,” she said unhappily.

“You did fine,” I said, “but you have to understand that he is worried about you. First the news of the accident, and then the news about staying with a strange man in the middle of the woods, – he’s just worried because he loves you. Call him back, and let him talk.”

She sighed. “I know, – but he can be so impossible sometimes, he could at least have listened.”

“Now I know where you got that from,” said Alya. “Sounds just like you sometimes. Go on, call him back.”

Karen reached for the phone just as it rang. I picked it up. “This is John,” I said.

“Do you have my daughter there?” said a worried voice in my ear. ‘You must be George Phelps,” I said, “and how did you get this number so fast?”

“Well,” he said, some humour returning to his voice, “I don’t have a networking company for nothing. I would like to talk to you, but can I talk to her first, please?”

I handed Karen the phone. “Dad, – I’m sorry I hung…Yes Dad, I love you too, but don’t worry about us OK, We’re fine, and John is a very nice man who has been a perfect gentleman, always doing what we asked him.” She made a face and shook her head at Alya when she let out a small giggle. “Yes, Dad, – yes Dad, you’re right, but it really wasn’t my fault, this animal just appeared out of nowhere. – Well, we were a bit lost actually, we didn’t mean to go so far off the beaten track.”

She put her hand over the phone and smiled. “He’s calming down,” she whispered. “Yes Dad. Well, we could do that, but the car won’t get out until Monday at the earliest, because we need Sam’s big tow truck from all the way over in Lawrence, and Sam can’t come until Monday, because he’s off with his missus this weekend.” She laughed. “Yes, it is funny, but that’s how it is up here in the woods, you know. John has offered to take us to a motel, or to a bus station, but he is prepared to put us up here until we get the car out. He has plenty of room, and he doesn’t mind, really.

“Yes Dad, I understand, but there are four of us here, and we’re not exactly helpless. – Yes Dad. – Yes, but Dad, – it’s got to be a hundred miles to the nearest place, and it’s bound to be a fleapit full of local hooligans, – yes I know I’m exaggerating, but what makes you think it’s safer than right here, with someone you know? – OK, someone you know of, then, but still…” She smiled and handed me the phone. “He wants to talk to you.”

“Yes George, what can I do for you?”

His voice sounded cautious over the line. “So you are prepared to put up with those four for a few days, are you, John?”

“Yes,” I said simply. “They won’t be any trouble, – and I don’t remember when I last had such a good breakfast.

“Look, George,” I said. “I am a man of my word, and I promise I will take good care of them and not let them come to any harm. I have already agreed to let them set the rules, – after all, I am not used to having four beautiful girls in the house, but I’m pretty flexible and I’m sure we won’t get in each others’ way for just the few days until the car is ready”.

“I guess I trust you not to hurt them or let them get into trouble, and they are good girls, no doubt about that,” he said, “but I am just as worried about them hurting you. Even one of them is a handful, and when they are all here they take over the house. I am banished to my office.”

“I’m prepared to risk it, George, if you are,” I said. “It will be fun, actually, to have so much energy around the place.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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