His Sweet Girl Ch. 08

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It was Saturday morning, and since I had forced my college boyfriend to move out I was alone in my flat with no particular plans for the day. I drew a bath and relaxed in the hot water, letting the bubbles drift over my pert little tits and stroking my flat stomach absent-mindedly. As well as my legs and armpits, I shaved my tight snatch completely to leave it pink and bare. I had no idea when I would see Peter next but I wanted to make sure my young body was ready for whenever he wanted me. Thinking of Peter, my small hand wandered down to my hot clit and I started rolling it between my fingers, imagining it was my middle-aged lover instead. I had been on an incredible journey of sexual discovery over the past few weeks and my awakening was all thanks to him. Leaning my head back, eyes clenched shut, I came on my hand, picturing Peter pressing his thick cock past my lips and deep into my convulsing throat.

Just as I climbed out the bathtub, my phone rang and my heart leapt.

“Hello, sweet girl. What have you been doing this morning?”

“Hi daddy, I was just in the bathtub, thinking about you,” I blurted out without thinking. He chuckled and pressed me for further details. “Um… I, I was touching myself. And imagining it was you.” My face burned red but I was also getting aroused again explaining to my middle-aged boss how horny I was for him. “I like it when you ejaculate in my mouth and throat.”

“Oh my sweet girl, I like that too. Very much. But I have so much work to do today. Can you come to the office and help me get through it?” I agreed instantly. “No one else will be around, so no need for office dress. Just be comfortable.” We hung up and I began to get ready. I pulled on a short white summer dress, which was relatively high-necked but had buttons running all the way down the front, from the neckline to the hem. A bra would have shown under the fine straps so I didn’t wear one. I had intended to pull on a pair of panties but my only clean pairs were bright colours which would have shown up under the white fabric of the dress, so I left those off too, with an excited flutter in my stomach. I pulled on a pair of plimsolls, left my soft, shiny hair loose down my back, and headed to the office.

Peter was at his desk when I got there but the rest of the building was empty. I opened his door shyly without knocking, and watched him concentrating bursa escort on a bundle of documents. He was wearing a simple white button down with jeans and I thought he looked incredibly handsome. The outline of his strong arms showed clearly through his shirt and he had a shadow of grey stubble across his well-defined jaw.

“Hi,” I said in a quiet voice. For some reason I still felt like no more than a shy teenager whenever I approached this powerful man, despite him having entered and used my body countless times. He looked up and his face broke into a genuine smile.

“Hey baby, I’m glad you’re here. Whoever drafted these documents had no idea what they were doing.” I sidled over to his desk and as I looked over the documents he was talking about, he stroked my thigh gently under the sundress. “You have such beautiful soft skin.” His gentle fingers roamed gradually higher and higher, and I realised with a start what he was expecting to find. “No panties, my sweet girl?” he asked with obvious amusement. “What did you expect we would be doing this afternoon?” I turned bright red and tried to explain about my laundry situation. “I’m not sure about this sluttish behaviour at work. Perhaps disciplinary action is required.” I started to protest but I saw the twinkle in his grey eyes and decided to play along. “Turn around and lean over the desk, sweet girl. I’m going to enjoy this enormously.”

I did as I was told and I felt a breeze over my bald genitals as Peter lifted my skirt and rearranged it over my back to leave me properly exposed. Standing behind me, Peter squeezed and caressed my soft ass cheeks, moulding them to his palms and tickling my inner thighs with tantalisingly gentle strokes. Suddenly I shrieked with pain and surprise when Peter’s hand landed with a very sharp spank on my ass cheek. I felt my whole ass jiggle with the impact and there was a hot sting on my young peachy skin where his palm had landed. Before I could turn around, another spank landed on my other ass cheek, and another, until Peter had fiercely spanked me eight times. My whole ass was stinging and swollen; Peter had spanked me so hard I was sure my twenty-year-old skin would be bruised. I had barely had time to cry out again, never mind protest, but I tried to face Peter now and he held me still against the desk, facing away from him. I felt his erect cock pressing into me through bursa escort bayan his pants and it felt bigger and stiffer than I had ever known it. Still holding me in place, Peter sank back into his desk chair behind me.

He immediately leaned forward and began kissing my sore red skin, gently at first but increasingly enthusiastically, sucking on portions of my jiggling ass and making me giggle with the soft popping noises. The careful attention my boss was now paying to my sensitive ass was well worth the earlier spanking, and I settled lower on the desk so I could graze my stiff nipples over the wood through my sundress. I groaned when I first felt Peter’s tongue burrow into my flushed pink pussy and slowly stroke towards my engorged clit. He administered his sucking and kissing so gently and tenderly towards my hairless labia and slick folds that I was soon writhing under him in lustful pleasure. I could hear his lips smacking against my sweet bald pussy and he seemed to savour the runnels of arousal dripping out of my sexy snatch. Pulling my ass cheeks apart with his large hands, he made more space for his face between my legs and rubbed his tongue, mouth and nose over my most sensitive genital areas.

“You’re delicious, my sweet girl. I’m completely captivated. I need you now.” Peter pulled me round to face him at the same time as he pushed his jeans down to around his knees. My dress fell back down and he gently unbuttoned it from top to bottom, so it was entirely open at the front and my whole quivering nude form was available to him. He leaned back in the chair, opened his legs and tapped on his thigh, inviting me to straddle him. I climbed on, rubbing my sweet little tits in his face and feeling his stubble scratch over them pleasurably. Peter’s huge cock was so hard I didn’t even need to reach down for it with my small hand, but simply sank downwards and felt it meet my pussy directly. His fat purple cockhead split my juicy labia first, then popped into my tight canal and travelled upwards to meet my cervix, as the whole wide shaft stretched open my young vaginal passage. Peter reached round and supported me softly under my tender bruised buttocks, so I could bounce gently up and down on his slick, engorged sex organ.

We were not occupied with much thrusting yet, but merely enjoying the incredible sensation of such deep penetration and intimate escort bursa closeness. Peter kissed me lightly on the lips, then leaned in and held my neck for a much longer kiss. I wrapped my arms around his neck and responded in kind, massaging my tongue against his and rubbing my soft lips over his handsome face. I felt Peter’s kisses trail across my jaw and down my neck before he returned to my mouth for a deep and lingering kiss there. I rested on his lap, speared by his enormous organ, my dress wide open and his jeans round his knees, for what seemed like hours, revelling in our steamy make-out session. For a long time Peter seemed entirely content to kiss my young face and tease my tongue with his, stroking my back and nibbling my earlobes intermittently.

“You know I genuinely was planning for us to do work today,” he said quietly. “I can’t resist you, though, and knowing your sweet tight pussy was bare under your dress was too much.” He laughed and stroked my hair. “This doesn’t feel like an arrangement to me anymore. I suppose we’re getting close to making love.” At that, my vaginal muscles clenched around his shaft involuntarily, and he knew how I felt. Almost overcome with both emotion and lust, I had to start bouncing on Peter’s thick cock again. I did so gently but relatively quickly, and we continued to make out sloppily as Peter’s slippery big cock stretched its way in and out of my inexperienced love canal. I only withdrew from our kiss to take gasps of air as I edged towards an earth shattering orgasm. Previously Peter had always ended up fucking me pretty violently before he climaxed in my pussy, but I saw a furrow of concentration appearing on his brow now too. My soft thighs were slimy with my arousal and Peter’s precum as I continued to gyrate on his lap breathlessly and I moaned into my boss’ open mouth as my young pussy began to spasm in an all-consuming orgasm.

Just at that point, Peter groaned quietly too and held me tight against him as we kissed, his solid sex organ tensing inside me as it began to spew out its hot, stringy gift. As we kissed and panted, Peter’s creamy semen flooded into the depths of my tight love canal, propelled towards my cervix and coating my rippling vaginal walls with delicious goo. I felt viscous semen gathering around my labia and I shuddered in pleasure as the gummy mixture of our juices slipped across my clitoris. I held onto Peter tight as his balls continued to pulse and thick ropes of salty sperm squirted into my young body. He held me close, with our sexual organs still closely joined, and we kissed and snuggled and cuddled for much longer.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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