His Fetish Discovered at Work Ch. 02

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The week after my initial encounter with Brenda started off normally enough, but soon I realized that she wasn’t about to forget what had happened between us. I couldn’t help but notice that her demeanor towards me had changed when we got into work Monday. Whereas before, she was always courteous and continually looking to help out in any way she could, now I had the impression she was being rather rude. All of yesterday she didn’t say a word to me and brusquely brushed past me throughout the day. Today didn’t seem to be any better, as she completely ignored me in the hall.

I didn’t want to confront her with this or bring up her change in attitude to anyone in the office; I was still deathly afraid that she would tell someone what had happened despite her assurances. So, I went along pretending that nothing had changed. I thought that if I let things slide, tried to stay out of her way, and forgot about what it was like to be between her legs, she would eventually forget about the whole thing, and we could move past the experience.

When she asked me to come into her office Tuesday morning, those hopes were quickly dashed.

“Hey Matt, sorry I didn’t get to talk to you yesterday. You know how busy things were around here.”

“Ummm, yeah, it was real busy. No problem.”

“Are you ok with everything?”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“You know… about what happened last Friday? I wanted to know if you were cool with things.”

“Yeah, sure… whatever. I’m ok with it,” I replied, trying to play it cool.

“Good. I was a bit worried after you didn’t seem to want anything to do with me yesterday.”


“Look, never mind. Maybe we were both acting a bit weird,” she stated. “Anyway, I wanted to be sure you were ok.”

“Well, to be honest, I was hoping we could put it behind us and just move on. You know, get back to how we were before it happened,” I confided.

I could see a look of dejection on her face for a moment before she spoke defensively. “What? You didn’t like it? You certainly seemed to enjoy it.”

“It’s not that,” I stammered. I was about to go on, but she cut me off.

“I know it’s not. The way you were eating me out, I could tell you loved it. And so did I. I couldn’t get it out of my mind all weekend. I kept thinking of looking down at your face buried between my legs, your tongue darting into my cum filled pussy.”

“And what about Adam?” I asked, referring to her boyfriend.

“I told you about him on Friday. He’ll never do anything like that. ‘A front to his manhood’ or something,” she said mockingly. “He certainly benefited from my mood all weekend. I think I wore him out for the rest of this week. But I think I want to been eaten out after sex again.”

I had a feeling she was going to say that, but there‘s no way I was going to go for it.

“Brenda, remember, we’re both in relationships. I don’t know about you, but I’m quite happy in mine. I feel bad enough as it is about what happened. I’d rather not jeopardize things,” I pleaded. I thought that if I could show her that I really wasn’t comfortable with this, she might accept it.

“Don’t get me wrong Matt, I would never leave Adam or want to ruin our relationship either. But I have this urge, this desire…” she trailed off.

For a moment neither of us spoke, and I could see in her expression that her mind were somewhere else. I knew she was thinking about last Friday, and I hoped she was realizing this wasn’t worth risking our current relationships.

“What if I watched?” she asked.

“Huh?? Watched what?” I replied, puzzled at her suggestion.

“Well, if you won’t eat it out of my pussy, what if I watched you eat it out of Jennifer’s? I know it’s not the same, but maybe it’ll help.”

“What?!” I exclaimed. “Jenny would never go for that. Besides, how on earth would I explain that one?? ‘Oh yeah, honey, Brenda’s going to sit here on the side of the bed and watch. Do you mind?’ She’d have my hide in a heartbeat!”

“Well, that’s not exactly what I was thinking. Though I like that thought as well,” she smirked. “No, I mean, is there somewhere in your bedroom that I could be when it happened? Somewhere I can see but not be seen watching?”

“I don’t know, Brenda. This seems a bit out there to me,” I sputtered. My mind had already started playing with the idea. Maybe there was a spot she could hide. Our closet had one of those sliding track doors with shutter style blinds.

“You’re the one responsible for this. If it weren’t for you and your stories and then what you did to me on Friday, I wouldn’t even being saying this. And you’ll be with your girlfriend, so what’s the big deal?”

She had a point; or at least it sounded like she did. And I couldn’t deny the fact that just thinking about her watching us turned me on.

“I guess there casino siteleri is a closet you could hide in,” I relented.

“Good. Give her a call. Nothing like a lunchtime quickie in the middle of the week,” she stated.

“You mean today?!” I was just getting used to the idea, let alone ready to put the plan into action. The reality of it all was starting to hit me.

“Yeah today. Come on. Please?? We might as well do it now before either one of us gets cold feet anyway.”

Looking at the expression on her face, I couldn’t help but start to back down. There’s only so much resistance I could put up to a beautiful woman.

“Well, let me give her a call,” I conceded reluctantly. “She might not even be in the mood.”

A few moments later, I found myself sitting at my desk wondering how exactly I got myself into this predicament. Actually, I knew how I got into it. I’d always been a sucker for a pretty girl. And the whole idea had turned me on the moment she brought it up. For a moment, I toyed with the idea of not even calling Jenny. I could tell Brenda that she wasn’t available or that she wasn’t feeling good or something. Perhaps if I did, Brenda would get those cold feet she had mentioned. The mere thought that she’d back out seemed to be the deciding factor, and my hand immediately went for the phone. I wanted this just as badly as she did.

“Good Afternoon, Jennifer speaking,” I heard my girlfriend answer as she picked up the phone.

“Ohhh..” I moaned into the receiver, “You have such a sexy voice; it gets me hard just hearing it.”

“Matt?? Nice, nice way to start a conversation.” I could hear the sarcasm in her voice, but I knew she enjoyed hearing me talk dirty to her while she was at work.

“What are you doing for lunch, hon?” I asked.

“Nothing yet.”

“How about you meet me at the house for a quick snack?” I asked.

“What do we have to eat?”


“Matt!!” she shouted under her breath. “I see what this is all about. You seemed a bit out of it this weekend. I should have known you were just horny.”

“What do you say? I’ll make it worth your while.”

“Oh, I have no doubts about that. I’ll make sure you do.”

We agreed to meet around noon. I told her I’d get there a little early and be ready for her.

As the hour drew closer to lunchtime, my mind was as far away from work as possible. I kept thinking about Brenda in the closet watching us. I wondered if she’d be playing with herself and if she’d enjoy the show. I tried to imagine Jennifer and how she would react if she knew. She had always been a bit of an exhibitionist, wearing short skirts, see through blouses and such. But never, in the time we had gone out, had we ever done anything sexual where people could see us.

Around 11:40, Brenda walked into my office.

“Ready to go?” she asked excitedly. Evidently, those cold feet were no where to be found.

“You sure you still want to do this?”

“More than ever, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it,” she admitted. “I hope I have a good view. I bet it will be almost as good as watching your head between my own legs.”

“Shhh!!” I tried to quiet her. I didn’t feel comfortable talking about this in my office. You never know who could walk by.

As we drove to my house a few miles away, neither of us said much of anything. I think we were both a bit preoccupied.

We arrived at my house and I figured we had about 10 minutes until Jenny got there. We walked towards the back of the house and into the bedroom.

“Clean much?” Brenda giggled.

“Hey, we weren’t expecting company back here.” I said wryly.

“So, where’s my seat?”

“Back here in the closet.” I walked to the closet and moved the sliding door. Shoving the clothes down the hanging rod, I was able to create just enough room for someone to stoop in the corner if they bent at their knees.

“Quick, close the door and I’ll make sure I can see.”

I did as she suggested and heard her through the door, “Perfect!”

She slid the door open from inside and stepped out.

“Looks like someone’s already excited,” she proclaimed starring down at the slight bulge in my pants.

“Yeah, well…” I blushed.

I heard the faint sound of our car pulling up into the drive and told Brenda to hurry up and get into the closet.

“And be quiet!” I instructed as I made my way out of the bedroom.

Jennifer walked in the front door and tossed her purse on the living room recliner. “Babe?” she called out.

“Hey sweetie, I’m here.” I responded walking down the hallway.

“Bad news, Stan called a meeting, and I need to be back soon. But I got so wet after you called me, I didn’t want to cancel.”

She led me back to the bedroom, taking her blouse off as she entered. I responded by pulling my own slot oyna shirt over my head and made my way towards the bed. I watched Jenny slide her skirt over her hips and kick it toward the corner with her feet. She stood for a moment before me, wearing nothing but her thong bottoms and bra.

I gazed at her feminine form. The beautiful curves of her breasts were held up by the thin cotton fabric of her bra. Her thong bottoms, with their high cut straps, cut just above her hips. Before walking towards the bed, she peeled the thong from her legs.

I quickly pushed my pants and boxers down about my knees.

“Now, I think you were looking for something to eat,” she said as she came towards me and pushed me back down towards the bed.

Before I could reply, she was pulling her knees up to straddle either side of my face. “I think this is just what you had in mind,” I heard her say as she lowered her pussy to my face.

As my tongue dove into her wetness, I felt the weight of her body begin to grind onto my lips. She loved to ride me hard grinding her clit into my tongue.

“Oh yeah, that’s my little boy,” she moaned.

Suddenly, I thought about Brenda watching from the closet. I had forgotten about her for a moment but now wondered if she heard how Jennifer talked to me. I was slightly embarrassed, then remembered she had talked similarly last week.

Pushing up on Jennifer’s thighs slightly I asked, “Do you want to climb on my cock?”

“Oh no, I want you just like this,” she answered. “You’re going to eat my pussy until we’re both satisfied.”

She often took control and rode my mouth to orgasm whenever she was in the mood. I knew this wasn’t why we were here, but Brenda would just have to deal with it.

“You like that don’t you, baby?” she prodded.

“Oh yes, I’d do anything for you… “ I managed to squeeze out between her thrusts as my tongue darted in and around her clit.

“Oh that‘s right,” she muttered. “I’ll take you and use you until I’m done with you. You’re my little fuck slave.”

I could only nod in agreement as her pussy ground into my lips and gums.

“Mmmhmm… I want to see you play with yourself,” she demanded as her head twist to look behind her. “Stroke that tiny cock.“

She enjoyed watching me masturbate and I knew that it would bring her to orgasm to see me stroking my dick in my hands as I ate her out. I had been hard since before she even got home and was already turned on to no end so I knew I wouldn’t last long. I began to play with my cock as she talked to me, fucking my face.

“That’s it. You’re my little slut, aren’t you?? You’ll do whatever I tell you to; won’t you?”

The words from her mouth and the feel of my hands sliding up and down my cock had my orgasm building. I was trying to hold out from exploding all over my stomach before she came, but I wasn‘t sure how long I‘d last..

“Come for me baby, come all over your tummy. That’s it; stroke that little prick for me.”

That was it. I couldn’t hold out anymore. My tongue dove as deep into her pussy as I could thrust it, and the taste of her pussy overwhelmed my taste buds… My cock began to erupt as my orgasm washed over me and I began to shoot warm thick cum onto my stomach and up onto my chest.

“That’s it. Oh yeah, baby. Cum for me,” she screamed. I thought she was on the brink of her own orgasm. To my surprise, she began to lift her hips from my face. I had no clue what was going on, but I knew she hadn’t cum yet. Even though I’d already had my own orgasm, I hoped she wasn’t ready to stop.

“Ummhmm, you’re my little fuck slut; aren’t you?” she again asked.

“Yes, please, please let me finish,” I pleaded.

“Oh, don’t worry, you aren’t done yet.”

As she slid off my face, her crotch descended onto my cum soaked stomach. As she rubbed her pussy across my belly, I thought she would start to play with her clit and bring herself to orgasm as she stroked her pussy across my softening cock.

Instead, she picked herself up off my body and slid her left hand between her legs to corral a strand of cum that had formed between the lips of her pussy and my stomach. She gathered the loose strand and once it released from my skin, I watched as she rubbed it back onto the top of her cunt. My gaze went from her cum covered pussy to her face. I saw pure lust in her eyes. She didn’t say a word as her legs shifted back up on either side of my face.

I was able to make out the words, “I love you,” before she lowered her creamed pie onto my face.

She either ignored my words or didn’t quite hear them as she ordered, “Clean that fucking pussy, you little fucking cum slut!!”

I was completely unprepared. The familiar salty, yet bitter taste of my cum reached my tongue as I moved it around her pussy. I gathered and swallowed as much of my cum as I could. canlı casino siteleri Despite my attempt to swallow, it felt as if it were still stuck in the back of my throat. I continued to lick her pussy and suck the cum from her skin into my own mouth. After cleaning her clit completely, I began to suck on her loose pussy lips, taking them into my mouth and pulling them away from her body. I watched her fingers find the way to her clit as she began to play with herself right above my nose.

She began to moan groans of pleasure, and I knew she was nearing her own orgasm. As she came from the multiple sensations of her own fingers and my tongue, her pussy flooded with her juices and began to coat my lips and mouth. The taste in my mouth went from my own to hers as I heard her scream in the throes of passion; her hips convulsed and bucked as her orgasm overtook her body.

I felt the full weight of her body slump down upon my chest and she rolled onto her back on the bed beside me.

“God, I needed that,” she sighed. “And thanks to you, I’m all cleaned up already.”

She smiled and started to get off of the bed. “Oh shit! What time is it?! I need to hurry up and get back to work sweetie. I’m sorry.”

As she began to rummage around the floor picking up her panties and skirt, I consoled her, “It’s ok baby. That’s the definition of a lunchtime quickie anyway.”

She laughed and pointed at my stomach which still had the remnants of my orgasm, “You’d better get cleaned up and back to work yourself.”

“I will, I will. It’s a slow afternoon, so no hurry.”

I watched her as she put her clothes on as sexily as she had taken them off. She grabbed her blouse from the floor and walked over to the bed.

“Now, if you’re a good boy, this is just the beginning. I don’t think I’m quite satisfied, and I’ll need some more attention tonight,” she told me as she leaned down to kiss me. “Gotta run hon, have a good afternoon.”

She started out of the bedroom, and I heard her walk down the hall and then out the front door. A moment later, I heard the soft sound of a moan coming from the closet. My mind went to Brenda, and I arose from the bed and walked towards the closet. Instead of sliding the door, I simply placed my hand upon it As more sounds came from inside. Soon I was listening to Brenda bringing herself quickly to orgasm.

As I opened the door, Brenda’s head pulled up from her chest, and I saw that she had her hand down the front of her pants which had been unbuttoned at some point.

“God, that was so fucking hot,” Brenda said.

I gave her my hand to pull her from the closet.

“Is that what you were expecting?” I asked.

“Actually no. It was better. I love how she dominates you like that. She’s so in control,” she told me. “I could never do that to Adam. He’d never put up with it.”

I blushed but didn’t say anything.

“And she’s right. You do have a little prick. No wonder she enjoys your tongue,” she commented and gazed down at my now shriveled cock. “I almost feel sorry for her. But I guess you make up for it with… other talents.”

“Um… Yeah. I guess so,” I replied, not knowing what else to say. “Well, I’m going to run into the bathroom to clean up. I’ll be out in a second.”

As I used a washcloth to clean the last traces of my noontime quickie, Brenda’s comment about my cock started to bother me. I always thought that Jenny had said those things in the throws of passion but never thought she really believed it. She had never mentioned anything about my size, or lack thereof, when we weren’t making love. It was just part of the dominating act she put on. Or at least I thought it was. Now with Brenda saying something, maybe there was some truth to it. I’d have to ask Jenny sometime.

After finishing getting cleaned up, I dressed again and walked out to the living room. Brenda was busy putting on her lipstick.

“Ready to get back to work?” I asked.

“Yeah. But it’ll be tough to think about spreadsheets after seeing that,” she said. “You know, while you were in the bathroom, I got to thinking. Maybe we can make things work out.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, perhaps we can arrange things so everyone is happy.”

“I’m still not following you.”

“I get my cum filled pussy eaten, you get to go down on women after sex and Jenny gets fucked by a nice big dick. I mean, it could happen you know.”

“Look Brenda, don’t push it. I think this is over. Perhaps you can talk Adam into it, but let’s just get back to normal.”

“Normal? I think you were far from normal already,” she said slyly.

“Let’s just get back to work,” I pleaded.

The drive back to work was just as silent as the drive to the house. I glanced over at Brenda. I could tell she was scheming something in that brain of hers, and I wasn’t sure if I should be scared or excited about the prospects….


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