Here Kitty Kitty

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As the sun slowly rose over their little town, Melanie and John sat quietly at the breakfast table. John was concentrating on his newspaper as Melanie finished her bowl of cereal. He brought his newspaper down from his gaze long enough to notice the devilish, seductive smile upon his new wife’s face. His eyes scanned her body, he was so proud of his gorgeous wife. She had pale, ivory skin that was as soft as silk, full and firm breasts, long, dark, straight hair that always shined and smelled like heaven, legs of a Goddess, and bright green eyes that melted his soul. It was all he could do sometimes to control himself from taking her at any given moment. But, as unbelievably fuckable as she always was, today was indeed at the top of the list. The only thing on her blissful body this day was a single, black, rhinestone-studded cat collar and a pair of matching black cat ears upon her head. Just looking at her in her naked, vulnerable state excited him and made him hard. He knew that since she had decided not to clothe herself properly this morning, she must have been looking for trouble. He coughed and adjusted himself, feeling a slight strainage in his loins. He rose from the table, walked over to her and looked down at her as she sat in her chair. He was quite a big casino siteleri man, tall and very muscular and his naked body towered over her. His erection stood in her face.

“Does kitty want some milk?” he asked her while stroking her long brown hair.

She nodded her head yes and John proceeded to pour the breakfast milk into a bowl from the table. He sat the bowl on the floor and pointed to it.

“Go drink your milk, kitty,” he commanded.

Melanie got on all fours, collar tight around her neck, her ass pointed in the air. She began to drink from the bowl, lapping it up, splashing milk as she licked. John dropped to his knees beside her, trying to get the best view and the best access he could. He watched her shapely ass and he used his hands to spread her legs while she drank. Her glistening slit was obviously enjoying every moment of this beautiful torture. He took his left hand and placed it on her ass. He moved it slowly down her cheeks until he met her cunt; he began to administer a long, sweeping like motion of his fingers against her lips. He heard her moan slightly as his hand gently massaged her swollen pussy. His left hand still stroking, he reached under her with his right and began to rub her clit in a circular motion. She obviously slot oyna liked this gesture, because her hips began to grind his hands as they moved. She spread her legs as far as she could for him, all the while still drinking like a good kitty.

He stopped for a moment and moved his hand to her chin. He lifted her face from the bowl. It was the sexiest thing he had ever seen…little droplets of milk clung to her lips and chin before they dropped onto her big breasts. He kissed her mouth long and hard, forcefully putting his tongue deep within her throat. He pulled away and stared at her milky face.

“Does kitty want some more milk?” he asked.

“Yes, please” she replied in her soft, beautiful voice.

He then took her face in his hands and guided her lips to his already hardened cock. Her lips parted slowly and she teasingly kissed the tip of his head. She licked the sides of his shaft, her tongue still cold from the milk. Then, all at once, she took him deep into her mouth. The warmth of her lips in contrast to the coldness of her tongue made him hiss with excitement. His hands guided her head as she sucked him off; she was determined to milk every inch of his stiff dick. As she sucked, she let out moans of pleasure, which vibrated through his canlı casino siteleri entire shaft and balls, causing him much torment.

To his surprise, she stopped for a moment and reached her hand to the milk bowl below her. She ran her hand through the liquid, coating her fingers and palm with creamy, white milk. She then brought her soaked hand to his balls and proceeded to rub them, coating him in sticky sweetness. She brought her tongue to his sac and began to lick off every last drop of milk that was on him, all the while not stopping her incessant massaging and rubbing of his organs. When she had successfully cleaned him, she once again took him into her mouth. She sucked him more vigorously than ever before and he felt his legs begin to quiver and his ball sac begin to tighten. She knew that he was close, so every time she took him in her, she let out a large moan, hoping to drive him insane with pleasure. She looked up at him with her big, blazing green eyes and he met her gaze. He started to pet her hair and at that moment, he felt himself start to explode. He came in her mouth with more force than ever before. With every gushing spurt, he called out her name to the heavens.

When he was finished, he looked down upon her innocent, smiling face as she wiped away the last bits of milk and cum from her lips. He wanted to tell her how amazing it had been for him and how fucking sexy she looked, but instead, he uttered the first words that came to his mouth….

“Good kitty”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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