Heather Ch. 06

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All the characters in this story are over 18. It is set in England, so the words used are English not American. And this story continues after Heather Chapter 5…


The next week came around as a sunny day – it was springtime now, and I rang the bell expectantly, clutching my secret bag in my hand. It took a while for Heather to answer, then she came to the door, beaming as usual.

She wore her white cable-knit cardigan and knitted plain brown skirt.

“Hello pet, I’m glad to see you are punctual for your lessons! Have you brought my nice black cardy back?” I showed her the bag, as she shut the door behind me.

“You can follow me upstairs this time, as I’ve locked up already!”

So my eyes were glued to her skirt and the rounded swelling of her bottom as I followed her up the stairs and into the back bedroom.

“Right,” she said, “let’s have your clothes off please and this week’s lesson can begin.”

It still aroused me amazingly, even after all the things we’d done before, just to strip off in front of a fully-clothed woman. Especially one covered in tight wool, and old enough to be my mother. And one who kept staring at my body, and smiling to herself.

Soon it was just my underpants that were left.

“Yes, them too – I want you naked before the lesson can start.”

So I slipped off my pants, and stood up straight with my cock rising strongly in front of me.

“That’s one thing about you – you are a very keen pupil aren’t you. I think my Ken could learn something from you.”

She came up towards me, reaching out her hand to squeeze the base of my cock, the other hand running up the shaft to the tip.

“I think you’re as big as he is too, and much firmer.” She said, almost to herself. “I wonder if your mum knows what a beautiful cock you’ve got. Has she seen it this big?”

I was embarrassed by her question, as only the other week I’d been in the bathroom, drying myself after a bath, and then quickly getting myself going with Heather’s cardy when I’d heard footsteps outside the door. I’d managed to hide the cardy, but was stark naked and fully erect when my mum had come in. She’d looked at me, and said a quick ‘Oh, I’m sorry’ before going out again. But she’d looked at me a bit different afterwards, although she’d said nothing.

“Well,” I began, “She did come in the bathroom last week, when I was tossing myself…”

“Were you using my cardy? Did she see it?” asked Heather, quickly.

“No, I managed to hide it before the door opened, but I was stark naked, and hard.”

“The lucky lady!” smiled Heather. “I thought she might have, casino siteleri because I happened to mention the other day how you were growing up into a fine strong man, and she said ‘he certainly is’ in a funny sort of way.”

All though this conversation, Heather had kept her fingers on my cock.

“But she hasn’t done this, then, has she?” And she moved her hand up and down in a vigorous pumping action.

“No,” I gasped in pleasure, “she’s never done that!”

“Good,” smiled Heather, releasing my cock, and putting her hands on her hips. “Because I’m your special teacher, not her. So even if she does wear tight jumpers you mustn’t look at her bosom, and toss on her jumpers. Understand?”

I couldn’t tell her that it was too late, as I’d been borrowing her jumpers for some time. They weren’t as good as Heather’s but they were much better than nothing.

“Right, well, before we start today’s lesson, let’s have a look at my cardy!” she said, taking it out of the bag and holding it in front of her for inspection. “Hmmm, there’s lots of stains here, and some there, and signs of splash marks over here too.” she said, moving the wool between her hands.

“It looks to me as if you must have been wearing this when you came! Were you, wearing my cardigan?” Heather looked crossly at me, and I felt my face redden.

“Well,” I began, “I just put my arm in a sleeve, so I could pretend it was your hand tossing me…”

“Yes,” she replied, waiting, “and then what?”

“Well then I kind of put my other arm in to have two hands tossing me.”

“So you did put it on! You naughty young boy. I think I’ll have to punish you again this week. But first I want to see you with my cardy on – come on, show me what you did!”

So, flushed with embarrassment, I slowly put my left arm in the sleeve of her black cardigan. Then, as she watched, I put the right sleeve in. It felt gorgeously tight and arousing yet seriously embarrassing at the same time.

“Now button it up – I want to see my little girl pupil properly.”

So I did as I was told, carefully buttoning the six buttons up to the V-neck. I felt a fool, but a very aroused fool.

“Well, Andrew, you do make a good girl, I have to say,” smiled Heather, stroking her own cardigan. “You just need a bit of a bosom and your top half would be fine – but that big cock of yours is no good at all for a little girl.”

“As you seem to like my cardies so much, I think you had better lie back on the bed wearing it. I was going to spank you for all that staining, but I think I’ll just come and stroke my cardigan against yours. Then I’ll ride slot oyna you like last week – I’ve never ridden a girl before, so it’ll be very exciting for me. Go on, on your back!”

So as I lay back, still wearing her cardigan, she slipped off her skirt and panties, then stood, with her legs slightly apart, facing me. She’d obviously got over her shyness about showing her hairy mound, and slipped her right hand over it, with the fingers dipping between her legs.

“Well now that we’re all girls together, there’s nothing for me to hide!” she smiled, and unbuttoned her cardigan, revealing her well-filled white bra.

She reached up to the straps, and somehow undid them at the front, before reaching up her cardigan behind her back to undo the strap. She pulled her bra off, then pulled her cardigan open, breathing in to show off her breasts.

“I think mine are bigger than yours, pet, don’t you?”

I smiled back, not quite knowing what to say.

“Well put your hands behind your head, because I’m going to give you your next lesson now. But first I want to make sure you’re nice and wet to slip inside me.”

With that she just knelt down beside the bed, and leaned over towards my cock. She lifted it up with the right hand, and angled it towards her face. Then, glancing a smile up at me, she lowered her head towards my throbbing cock.

The first touch of her tongue felt so good I nearly came right then. But as I watched she lowered her head further, opening her mouth to take me right inside. Now she was sucking and licking me, arousing me further and giving me such outrageous pleasure.

But all too soon she stopped, and pulled her head back.

“There, that should have moistened you enough, I think,” she smiled, “and it’s moistened me quite nicely too. I do like the feel of a strong hard cock in my mouth!”

And with that she stood up, then knelt on the bed beside me, before straddling me again. My cock was as hard as ever, but now moist with her spit as she grabbed it, gave it a couple of deft tossing movements, then bent it up and back to slip into her slippery vagina. She wriggled a bit as she held it in place, slowly lowering herself on my shaft. I was being taken again. She leaned upright, showing off her beautiful breasts, now framed by the white wool of her cardigan.

“Right my dear! This is a first for me too, because I’ve never been with a girl before. But somehow you don’t feel like a girl.” And she moved her hips up and down, slipping her body up and down my shaft.

“God this is good!” she smiled. “But I hope Ken doesn’t come in – he wouldn’t know which of us he might canlı casino siteleri want! It is so strange you being half a girl. But my body wants you anyway. So I’m just going to have you!”

And putting her hands on the bed each side of me, she leaned forward letting her breasts hang down and began to ride me. Soon she had a regular thrusting movement going, with her breasts pushing into me on every stroke, the nipples rubbing against the wool and my cardigan. Her breathing was coming harder now and her face getting flushed as she carried on her rhythmic thrusting, pressing hard against the base of my cock with each thrust. I just lay there, taking in the amazing view and hoping I didn’t cum too soon.

Fortunately, Heather could come pretty quickly, and soon her movements were getting faster and faster, and her breath gasping more as she rode my cock, her breasts now slapping into my jumper as she moved up and down. “God just touch my nips for me, Andrew,” she panted, “I’m nearly there now.”

I needed no second invitation, so cupped my hands on my chest to catch her, then as the soft damp skin met my palms I gently grabbed her breasts, and squeezed her nipples between my finger and thumbs.

She was panting hard now, whispering “I’m coming, I’m coming,” which got louder and louder as she pushed hard down on me.

“Oh Andrew!” she cried out, “I’m coming now!!” and she went into a frenzy of movements of her hips, arching her back with my fingers still squeezing her nipples and her cardigan flapping around her.

Soon she had quietened down a little, and turned her attention to me.

“God that was very good, Andrew – the best I’ve had in years. And you’ve still not cum? Well now it’s time for me to treat you, so you just let go for me!”

And leaning forward she lowered her face towards mine. “Shut your eyes, little cardigan girl, and just enjoy me!”

Suddenly I felt her lips against mine – and her tongue licking my lips. Then her hips started thrusting again, only now I knew I could let go. Here I was being fucked by my mother’s friend, wearing her cardigan. It was all too much – and I was getting very hot as I got more and more excited.

“Come on, pet, just cum inside me,” whispered Heather, close to my ear.

It was all too much, so with a shout of pleasure I just gave in, shooting my come deep inside her as she rode up and down me. It felt fabulous to feel my cock exploding inside her warm moist body, and know my cum was shooting up inside her.

I kept up my thrusting movements as the last of it came out of me, then looked up into her eyes as she lay astride me.

“Well that’s another secret from your mother, I think pet!” smiled Heather. “I’m not sure she would believe me even if I was to tell her! What a good pupil you are – I’m so very glad I found you…”

(c) 2010 Maudecardy

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