Health Suite Fun

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Jenny & I finally have the chance of a weekend away without the kids at a spa hotel to enjoy some sexy fun as it has become difficult now the girls are older and go to bed later. We check in late Friday afternoon, drop our bags in our room and head straight to the health suite to chill out.

We both change into our swim wear, me in my shorts and Jenny in a nice skimpy bikini only just holding her 36DD breasts. Being an ex-swimmer I get straight into the pool and swim a mile crawl. Jenny does a few laps and then heads to the sauna.

I finish up my mile and as I look up Jenny moves from the Sauna to the steam room, we appear to be the only two in the health suite. I enter the steam room sitting down next to Jenny and my cock immediately starts to harden and wanting to have some fun right now.

I lean into to Jenny, she turns her head and we kiss passionately as though we were in our early stages of dating. My hand moves up and cups one of her ample breasts through the thin bikini material. I can feel her getting aroused as her nipple becomes erect. Her hand moves down and starts rubbing my cock through my shorts. She loosens the ties on my shorts and her hand reaches in and grabs my cock.

We are both so horny and the risk that anyone could walk in makes it even hotter, my hand reaches round and unties her bikini top releasing those lovely tits, Jenny initially feels nervous but then relaxes as my hand moves back to her naked breast.

We casino siteleri continue kissing with Jenny’s breasts exposed and suddenly the door opens and another couple walk in, the steam hides us initially, Jenny starts to grab her top to put it back on but I grab her hands and shake my head, I’m not bothered about the other couple they can either enjoy Jenny’s breasts or walk out.

They sit down and due to the door being open for a period the steam thins and they can both see us and Jenny’s tits in full view. I think to myself ‘Well they will probably leave with embarrasement’ however I am pleasantly surprised when the woman says ‘Wow, those tits are impressive’

I am so turned on with the provocative comment I reply with ‘You should take a closer look’

She responds with a smile and moves across the room and sits down next to Jenny. ‘Hi, I’m Katie and this is Mike’

‘Hi, I’m Jenny and this is my husband Dave, we have finally got a weekend away together and want to make the most of it’

‘I can see that, don’t stop on account of us’ Katie says as she lightly brushes her hand along Jenny’s thigh all the way up to her bikini bottom’s.

I mirror Katie’s actions and rub my hand up Jenny’s other thigh. Katie notices this and her hand continues upwards under Jenny’s ribs and stops underneath her left breast. I copy and my hand moves to under her right breast but continues and cup it in my hand. Now Katie follows me slot oyna and grabs Jenny’s left breast.

I now have the control with Katie following my actions; I lean forward and kiss the right side of Jenny’s neck, Katie mirrors this and kisses the other side. My kisses move down her neck and onto her breast and Katie copies. I look across at Mike and he is totally turned on rubbing his hard cock watching me and Katie kissing Jenny’s tits.

My hand now moves to the side of Jenny’s bikini bottoms and I start to tug at the ‘tie up’, Katie copies and tugs at the other side. Jenny’s bikini bottoms become loose and fall down exposing her nicely trimmed pussy.

I move my hand and start to rub Jenny’s clit, Katie’s hand follows and she places it on top of mine, I turn my hand and now Katie is slowly rubbing Jenny. Meanwhile Mike has got so hard and turned on he has removed his shorts and moving towards the three of us with his cock out.

Jenny reaches out and grabs hold of Mikes cock and starts wanking him off while Katie continues to rub her pussy. Jenny cannot believe what is happening as she has not touched another mans cock in the 15 years of our marraige but here she is not only rubbing a strangers cock but also having her pussy rubbed by Katie.

Mike moves closer and his cock is inches from Jenny’s mouth, she opens her mouth and Mike guides his hard cock in and out.

Meanwhile Katie lowers herself and kisses Jenny down her neck, canlı casino siteleri over her breasts and down her stomach. Jenny’s pussy, now so wet pushes out from the bench so Katie can have access with her tongue, she licks her clits while her fingers now fuck her cunt.

Jenny is so horny getting licked out by a hot girl with her guys cock in her mouth, but she now wants a cock in her and the thought of it being a strangers makes her even wetter.

She slides down the bench releasing Mike’s cock from her mouth and asks him to fuck her. Mike gladly obeys, sliding his cock into Jenny’s pussy as Katie moves from Jenny’s pussy towards me.

As Mike enters Jenny now lying on the steam room bench Katie has turned around and removed her swimwear so I can enter her doggy style. I ram my cock into Katie as she leans over and kisses Jenny’s tits. We are all interlinked enjoying a very hot and steamy group session. Jenny starts breathing heaving and panting before a loud scream as she orgasms with Mike’s cock pounding her, this pushes Mike to the edge and I can see him starting to tense up ready to cum, he pulls out of Jenny’s pussy and sprays a hot jet of cum all over her lovely 36DD breasts and the side of Katies face. Jenny pulls Katie towards her and kisses her face clean.

After a hot spray, kiss and me pounding her from behind Katie starts screaming as she reaches her orgasm. I am not far behind but I also want to spray my load. I turned Katie around and spray my cum all over her tits and stomach at which point Jenny leans in and licks her clean.

All out of breath we put our swimmer’s back on and agree to meet in the bar later for some more weekend entertainment.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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