Golf-India-Romeo-Lima Ch. 05

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The 5th chapter will follow Chris’ undamped tailspin.

I am very thankful for the help of my editors Dale and LaRascasse. Any mistakes you stumble upon are to blame on me.

You guys are great. Thank you so much!

I wish you an entertaining read.



Golf-India-Romeo-Lima – Chap. 5:


“The greatest hazard of all, losing one’s self, can occur very quietly in the world, as if it were nothing at all. No other loss can occur so quietly; any other loss – an arm, a leg, five dollars, a wife, etc. – is sure to be noticed.”

? Søren Kierkegaard, The Sickness Unto Death

Rose and I left the cab and went down the stairs leading down to the ‘Base’ and slipped through the door. The girl at the cash point scowled at my greeting for a Merry Christmas and grinned broadly as I introduced Rose as a VIP.

Rose received the obligatory stamp on her wrist which would let her pass freely now. If she would show up under black light the ink would fluoresce and she would be recognized for having paid the admission.

We went to the bar where I took my place behind it. Richy welcomed me by pecking my cheek and was happy about the cookies I took with me.

“Merry Christmas, Chris. I didn’t know you can do cookies,” he grinned.

“There’s not much a woman can’t do for the ones she likes,” I gave him a hug. “Merry Christmas, Richy.”

I turned to Rose: “This is Richy. If I’d be ever able to condone his liability for dry ironies, I might discover that he’s the best friend one can imagine.”

I thought about how to introduce Rose. “This is Rose. The Valkyrie heaven sent to fight the dark waves of Christmas-loneliness which were about to throw me into the abyss of infinite despair,” I gave it a try.

Rose shook her head, rolling her eyes and then smiled at him: “Does it also come to your mind sometimes that Chris is kinda nuts?”

Richy did not smile back, just shrugged and gave one of his dry replies: “Nope, it had occurred only once. But for all times. Nice to meet you, Rose. What would you like to have?”

She showed a nice ironic smile around the edges of her mouth and had a deep look at him: “Prosecco extra dry. I don’t know why but right now I feel like something dry.”

Richy grinned and went to get her a drink. I could not help myself from giggling and got busy taking some orders from other guests. The club was well attended and everything indicated we would have a nice evening ahead.

Rose was everything but a wallflower and was having a good time. She danced or had a chat with Richy or me whenever it was a bit calmer around the bar. As I was cleaning glasses in between and Rose had gone to dance Richy suddenly stood behind me.

“Who is she?” he asked trying so hard in not appearing interested at all that I burst out with loud laughter.

“You’re a pain in my ass,” he frowned.

I dried my hands and embraced his neck. “And in spite of it you like me. Or is that why? I don’t care as long as it is that way. Thank you for being the wonderful friend, that you are.” I pecked his cheek. “So what exactly do you want to know?”

He frowned again: “Nah, just curious. I haven’t seen her around here before.”

I told him where she lived and how I got to knew her. I told him that she was cool. Not the chichi kind of cool. That she was really laid back and cool in the basic concept.

“I got it Chris,” Richy scratched his nape. “I just wonder why the coolest chicks tend to be queer,” he shrugged and went off to tend to open orders.

I did the same serving some guests with a broad grin and thought about how queer Rose might really be? Indeed, I had no idea but I got curious myself. Probably there would be a way to find out.

Right now the work kept me busy and it was hard to find a moment to chill with Rose. Even harder as Richy took his turn chilling with her and it became pretty obvious to me that he had a slight crush on her.

I was just not certain whether she was just coquetting or had an eye on him too, but she was around the bar more often as she ordered a drink and did not hide much that it was not only because of me. Eventually she flipped her lashes at him quite intriguingly. I decided to have a talk to her later as I was really curious what this was really about.

Some hours later Rose and I sat in the rear of a cab on our way home.

“Did you enjoy the eve?” I wanted to know.

“Yes, a lot. It was really a nice party. I like this club.”

“Great. So you won’t mind hanging around there tomorrow once more? I’ll have to work again tomorrow, that’s why.”

“No, not at all. I would propose to go there even if you would not work,” she admitted twinkling.

“Oh really, why is this?” I grinned

“Because it’s a cool club, good music, interesting people and… nice staff,” she grinned back.

“Ha-ha, I see.”

We did not get deeper into this topic as I was silenced by her kiss. I was taken off guard as I did not expect a kiss like this. casino oyna She made me feel what she was thinking about, as passionately she sucked my lips and darted her tongue deep inside my mouth.

She did not care much about the cabbie in front driving us. Without any sense of shame she caressed my thighs and went directly for my crotch. I felt her finger slipping under my godet and striking along my engorged lips.

“Shit, Rose,” I moaned silently into our passionate kiss.

She broke the kiss and cocked her head to nibble along my neck. I bit on my lip not to get loud as she jabbed her finger deep into my innermost.

“Shit, Chris,” she mimicked my moan as her lips reached my earlobe and curled her finger inside my tight canal, “You’re moist, cutie. But don’t worry – as soon as we’re at your place, I’ll have it off with you before you know it. I intend to make good use of your Christmas present and fuck you till you cry for mercy, you know?”

“That’ll be the real gift,” I nodded and frowned as she suddenly pulled her finger back and left an unwanted emptiness inside my wanting pussy. “Bitch,” I hissed to let her know that she made me miss something.

She leaned back into the seat as if there had nothing happened. Yet she wore a shit eating grin, pretty smug about the fact that she had me exactly where she wanted me to be and she was well aware about it.

“I know you like it,” she whispered.

Besides liking it, I needed it. The way home was much too long. The cabbie needed an eon to get the change counted. My staircase seemed as endless as the stairway to heaven. I could not await it. Fortunately we managed to reach my dwelling finally and as soon as the door shut behind us she did not hesitate for a split-second.

She unzipped my dress and pushed in from my shoulders. As I stood there in my lace underwear, Rose whistled through her teeth.

“My goodness. Did you wait one someone like that?” she asked lewdly as she saw my black lace shelf bra which did not cover my buds.

She went directly down on them and licked my nipples in turns squeezing my boobs together. I felt her piercing flipping over my nipples as she sucked them hard. I felt them pucker immediately and moaned as her ministration added to my already risen arousal.

I ripped her out of her jacket and opened the lacing of her corsage with trembling fingers, while she hooked her thumbs behind the waistband of my panty and pulled it over my hips leaving me standing in my stockings and heeled ankle boots.

As I got her corsage loosened she ripped it from her body and grabbed my arm. Before I understood what was about to happen, she pulled me behind her into the living room where my Christmas gift was laying on the table.

She made me sit on the couch and turned her back on me. Slowly she kicked her shoes away and opened her trousers. With squirming hips she snaked her butt out of her trouser and threw it all together with her panty away. I left the couch and knelt down behind her. My soft push to her back made her bow down and she rested her hands on the table.

I had a perfect view on her firm tiny butt and kissed her cheeks and covered it with slight bites. Then I cupped her cheeks and pulled them apart as her musky scent allured me irresistibly. I plunged my face between her cheeks and gave her a long lick along her cleavage. I tasted her juice eagerly and started to plow deeper between her soft tissues probing the entrance to her pussy.

“Uhhh, yes. But that’s not how I’d visualized things. Get your butt back on the couch,” she ordered me with throaty voice.

She escaped my hug and turned around while she grabbed the strap on with one hand and pulled me back down on the couch with the other. As I sat again she stood one foot on the couch next to me and tilted her pelvis to give me a perfect view at her wet cooch.

“I’m gonna fuck the brains outta you, sexy,” she announced whilst she pulled her lips apart with one hand and inserted the short end of the toy slowly deep inside the gaping entrance to her tight canal.

I could not take me eyes apart and watched how the thick end of the strap on vanished inside the glossy pink for her pussy which she opened wide for me, being well aware how exciting this view would be.

As soon as Rose had buried the shorter part up to the hilt inside her snatch, she got down on her knees between my thighs. She bowed down and slipped under my legs with her shoulders. My hollows of the knees laid on her shoulders as she straightened up her body and pulled me up; until my butt was close to the edge of the couch and my legs were widely spread. The dildo between her legs was aiming my at minge, slightly swaying.

“A last wish?” she looked down at me with devouring eyes.

“Hell yes! Fuck me,” I answered.

I probably should not have been such a big mouth.

She rammed the dildo relentlessly deep inside me without further warning. It was painful as she impaled me so forcefully and literally ravished my snatch. I shouted out but she was not at all slot oyna touched by my reaction. She fucked me fast and hard without any mercy at all.

But with each thrust the pain was more and more covered by the joyful feelings she pumped into my lap until my excitement towered above any pain. Instead, it was adding to my arousal as I adapted and it lowered down to a slight twinge.

My snatch was anyway all for it. It started to melt away and I felt my juice rinsing out between my petals which enveloped the thrusting dildo tightly. It was smacking and gargling as Rose pulled completely out of me just to dart back into the steaming heat of my gaping hole again and again.

I stared at her as she fucked me as if she was ridden by the bogey. Her abs were working hard and her tummy tight as a wooden board. Before long, I was accompanying each of her thrusts with a throaty scream; I reached out for her stiff nipples which pointed at me and tweaked her piercings hard in revenge. She moaned loudly but did not change her thrusting ever slightly.

“Shit, shit, shit,” I panted as I felt myself contracting into a tiny bubble deep inside my lap ready to go off at any second. “I’m cumming, fuck, I cum so hard!”

I could hear her breath hissing loud through her gritted teeth. Her body was rigid due to her strain and her own arousal. But she did not break in nor fuck with less tenacity. Whilst I was shaken by a wave which seemed to rip me apart, she still pounded into me like mad. She soon raised another wave breaking above me which made me arch towards her, searching for any hold inside the raging surge of my orgasm.

I embraced her shoulders digging my nails deep into her flesh making her yell. Shortly after I saw her eyes becoming even wider and she came too. I did not notice much of her climax as I was still too busy with myself. I just noticed it as she slumped between my thighs and her head hit my tummy.

We lay silently. Only our pumping lungs were audible, eager to get enough air for our ragged bodies and giving a hint that we were still alive.

“You fucked me sore,” I complained faintly becoming aware of the slight burn inside my snatch she left empty.

“I’m sorry. But wasn’t it worth it?” She whispered and kissed my navel with a smooth tenderness which was utterly contrary to the brutal pounding she had just given me.

I nodded still drunk from my overwhelming orgasm. “Yes, it was. But you nearly killed me. Let’s go to the bedroom before I pass out right here.”

We collected the remains of our wasted bodies and dragged them to my bed which we fell upon like dead. We snuggled tightly and I could see her back.

“Oh shit, Rose. I’ve given you some real scratches,” I felt pity as I saw the trails of my nails on her. Not much harder and they would be bloody.

“Screw it,” she pecked me. “It was damn well worth it, wasn’t it?”

I nodded and we cuddled tenderly. Soon after I fell into a deep and dreamless sleep.


We awoke late this day. I waddled to the bath with a duck’s gait still feeling that my pussy had been severely ravished lately. Rose followed me showing a bad conscience. I calmed her down that I was perfectly fine with everything but was then appalled by my face looking at me from the mirror. This dark circles around my eyes would need some efforts to make them disappear. It seemed only fair and consolatory that Rose looked no way better.

We had a quick shower together and helped each other the best we could to shift our looks from the zombie side to a more human appearance. A process which made us understand the real benefits of 21st century cosmetics. Chemistry can be a real lifesaver.

We had a pretty lethal coffee and brunch with scrambled eggs and toast and some fruits.

“I doubt I’ll ever be able to have sex again,” I pouted my lips at her blowing the steam from my hot coffee.

“Time heals everything,” she smirked citing the deep wisdom of a calendar page.

“We’ll see,” I shrugged but felt that the shower and the coffee did their deed to bring some life-like emotions back to my shattered corpse. “Are you always fucking like this if one unleashes your chains?”

She shook her head. “No, not always. Only if someone gets me really, really horny. What shall I say to my defense? You’re sooo sexy and it makes me crazy to see how hard you get off. I guess I could almost cum myself while only watching you.”

She made me smile. “Thank you. That’s flattering, really.” I took a sip from my cup and looked at her more earnest. “You won’t be mad about me if I talk to you about something serious?”

“Uh, you changed your mind about this only-plain-good-sex-agreement?” she teased me grinning.

I shook my head. “It’s about Richy.”

Her grin vanished and she quirked a brow: “What’s about him? Do you plead a claim?”

“Not the way you might think. He’s just the best friend I can imagine and I dearly love him. I’ve seen how he crushed on a girl once, who was pretty queer. It was hard for him to get over it, you know? He is ironic canlı casino siteleri and sarcastic and can make your blood boil easily. But if you’re in trouble and you need someone to save your ass, he is the one to call. He has a very caring and sensible heart though he would never openly admit to it. Probably he considers it a weakness? For me it is his strongest advantage. Another proof that men are odd.”

“You ain’t talking about yourself right now, do you?”

“And if so – would it change a thing?” I smiled at her: “I would not mind sacrificing the best fuck friend I’ve met for ages if it would be for his sake. I’ve seen how you both flirted like crazy yesterday.”

“Best fuck friend for ages? This is also very flattering,” she rolled her eyes. “I think I get your point. Though I don’t like if someone interferes with my private bizz, right? I mean whether I’m queer or not and if I like him or not is only my thing, isn’t it?” she continued with a piercing glance at me.

I raised my hands apprehensively “Hell yes, it is. I was just about asking you a favor, okay?”

“Then ask for fuck’s sake,” she demanded.

“Well, I’d be happy if you take into consideration what I just told you. Be easy on him, please. I mean, I know him well enough to see that you could wrap him around your finger with ease if you wanted to.”

“Really,” she showed me an evil grin, “I just felt like ripping a heart from a chest, dancing on it with my high heels during the night till it is rendered into a nice delicate piece of meat and have it on a slice of toast – real rare.”

As she saw my shocked face, she burst out with laughter. “Don’t freak out Chris. It’s cool. I will go for another heart than his then, okay?” She shook her laughter off and looked at me. “Now serious. I think it’s nice that you care about, but I like him too. His humor is awesome and he is apparently a good guy. So whatever may happen I will make sure that it will be fair and played with open cards. So your concern is nice but unfounded.”

I nodded. “That’s all I wanted to hear. Thank you.”

She smiled friendly. “Welcome.”

I sighed released and smiled back. “You know what I told him? That you’re really cool. Not chichi but really cool. Laid back and easy.” I grinned broadly: “Well, after today’s early morning I thought you were just madly hot but now I think, you’re madly hot and really easy to get along with. I’m happy you’re hanging out with me.”

“My pleasure,” she answered with a soft smile. “I like you too, Chris, and I am not less happy than you to stay with you during the holidays.”

I nodded smiling and started to clean the kitchen up. She immediately was about to help me. “It’s already almost time to leave,” I told her with a thankful glance as she showed herself out.


We took the subway and went down to the ‘Base’. As we walked towards the bar Richy beheld us and his mimics changed from disbelieve to a cheeky shit eating grin. “Hey, ladies,” he welcomed us.

I raised a finger at him as he took a breath. Before he could shoot the next sentence at us, I muted him: “No Richy. Save your breath. No further comments.”

He chuckled visibly but tried to stay silent. After a while he cleared his throat and tried to stay serious. “Uh yeah, well. I trust that you slept well ladies,” he said, unable to wipe his smile from his face. “Something to drink?”

“I’ll care for it,” I said pecking his cheek. “I’ll have a Caffé Americano. How about you Rose?”

She nodded: “Me too.” Same time she tilted her head and tipped at her cheek looking at Richy from the corners of her eyes.

He understood and did not hesitate to peck her cheeks for a welcome. As he pulled back again their eyes met and hung to each other for a fraction of a second too long. I smiled and went to get the coffees.

It would need some more coffees like that to get us through the night. Richy was surprisingly calm and forwent any cynical approach towards our ruined condition. On the contrary, he was caring attentively about the both of us.

As the night passed by and the club emptied slowly he sent us off early, proclaiming that he would be able to cope with the rest pretty well on his own and that he would prefer it this way rather than to watch us like wrecks another day.

We thanked for his charming chivalry and this time he was more generous with pecking cheeks as he sent us off. As I could see, Rose had no objections against his way of telling her goodbye.

On the last evening of the holidays Rose and I paid a visit to Richy and he showed himself the perfect host. They both showed real interest for each other and it was nice to see how they bickered playfully if Richy made one of his remarks and Rose was not slow in giving him hell right after. I was certain, I would see Rose again, but I doubted if I would be the reason for her next visit or more probable someone else.

As Rose left already the next day I felt sad because it had been an awesome time hanging out and thanks to her I had made it – sailing around the cliffs of the holidays without casualties. Somehow I felt sad that it did not come with the butterfly explosion. Rose was really a cool lass and a hell of a lover. Apart that tiny detail that I was not in love with her.

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