Glory Hole Ch. 2

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After that first experience getting my cock sucked through a glory hole I returned to that arcade and had many experiences just as hot. Many women had sucked my cock but none with the enthusiasm of my glory hole lovers. These hot mouths remained unknown. I would see guys standing around in the arcades waiting for someone. I would see a guy smile and shortly after I entered a booth I would hear someone enter the booth next door. I would have the movie running and be jacking my hard expectant cock waiting for that finger of invitation to appear through the glory hole.

This was wonderful! I was getting off but did not feel I was committing adultery. And it was cheap…. A roll of quarters for a fantastic, nut blowing orgasm! And most of all…..No bullshit expectations of love or commitment. Just hot intense pleasure. One time I was sitting jacking my cock waiting casino siteleri for an invitation when two fingers appeared through the glory hole holding a condom. I was surprised and when I checked it was the lubricated type. I thought, this is strange. Maybe the guy doesn’t like to swallow, but why a lubricated rubber?

I slipped the rubber on, rose from my seat and slowly pushed my straining cock through the hole. I didn’t feel a mouth but two fingers that felt like they were guiding me. Then my cock met some resistance and I understood. The guy in the booth next to me wanted my cock up his ass! The resistance rapidly gave way and hot, tight heat encased my cock! I was fucking a hot ass and it was because they WANTED my cock there. Again, only one woman I had fucked truly liked it up the ass. A couple would condescend to do it while most simply thought it perverted slot oyna or said it hurt too much.

I braced myself as tight against the wall as possible getting as much of my steaming cock through the glory hole and up that hot ass as possible. My glory hole lover did all the work moving back and forth on my cock at his speed while I let the waves of pleasure run up my cock while trying to keep from exploding for as long as possible. Although I don’t know for sure, I have always suspected that while I had my cock deep in my lover’s ass he was bent over sucking a hard cock through the glory hole in the other wall of his cubicle.

Suddenly, the movements got faster! I felt that tight ass take my cock deep. Before, he would vary the depth as my cock plunged into his ass. But not now. He was taking me all the way with increasing speed. Only the thickness of the partition canlı casino siteleri between our booths kept him from having me balls deep up his ass. I could feel it cumming. My balls tightened and then those wonderful contractions began. I think he was cumming at the same time. He stopped moving on my cock. With it buried as deep as it would go, I felt his ass contracting on my cock, urging every drop of cum from my balls. I have had a vibrator in my ass when I have cum and I know how a man’s ass contracts while shooting his hot load. My knees were shaking so bad I couldn’t move. I felt him pull forward and my cock slid out of his tight hole. He gently removed the rubber and I felt his hot mouth gently suck me clean, taking whatever drops of cum might still be there to enjoy.

I collapsed on the bench, to weak to even zip up. I was drained. My cock was shriveled and limp but I had just been given a sexual thrill I will always remember. There have been countless times when traveling that I have lain in bed jacking my cock and remembering my first glory hole ass fuck.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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