Glory For Bound

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Renette was 27 and taught history in at a public high school located in the South Bronx. She was a slender red head, with a tight body, not too tall or short. Her face was very pretty and she too had an electrically charged smile that could melt hearts and harden men’s cocks when they looked her. She was kind easygoing woman with a warm and giving heart, although she didn’t take any crap and knew how to assert herself.

Dan who was 28 and her lover of 2.5 years worked at The Bronx Zoo as an animal feeder. He was a hunk. There were times she would like to eat him like the food he fed to those beautiful animals. He had short brown hair, average height with a fit body he attained by working out at his gym 4 days a week. He was good humored, always had a great smile and quick wit. More importantly, he was open to all forms of sex play. He had even told her once, much to her surprise and delight, that he was bi curious.

As a couple, they both were looking for ways to expand their horizons sexually and often encouraged one another to be vocal about their fantasies.

Renette had a sexual fantasy swirling around in her head for quite a while. In the grand scheme of sexual fantasies, hers wasn’t outlandish. Renette wanted to be bound and blindfolded by her lover, and a casual acquaintance of Dan’s. For example, someone whom Dan met in a bar or maybe exercised at the same gym that he did. She then wanted them both to tease her until she had an earth shattering orgasm. After that, they could have her as they pleased, short of causing pain to her.

While Renette and Dan dined one evening at a quiet little restaurant in Chinatown, she told him of her fantasy.

“Oh god Ren, that sounds incredibly erotic,” as his eyes smoldered with lusty thoughts. “Um hum I knew you’d go for it,” agreed Renette as she dipped her fried wonton in the sauce and brought it to her perfect lips.

His mind was going clickadee click as he thought about this more. He was gregarious and had many acquaintances both at work and maybe at his gym.

“Do you have any preferences as to the person I should choose for this escapade hon,” he said as was about to shovel more lo mein in his mouth.

“Not many baby, of course I’d like him to be a nice guy that’s clean and disease free; a person who will treat this encounter as casual sex alone, and won’t get clingy and troublesome to our relationship afterwards.”

When Dan finished chewing, he said in a low voice, “honey, remember when I told you, I was bi curious? Can this be an opportunity to play out my fantasy as well as fulfilling yours?”

Ren let his words hang in the air for a few beats before she answered. “Oh Dan you naughty devil you, I guess it will be ok, and moreover it would make sense in a way, she thought to herself. The person will have to be comfortable being naked in front of another man. She then put down her chopsticks and looked at him squarely in the eye as if she were addressing one of her students, and said, “Dan, I will be ok with the bi thing, however, I want you both to satisfy me first and also want to be able to actively participate in whatever you do.”

“That won’t be a problem at all sweetheart,” he said as his eyes danced with pure mischief in the muted light of the restaurant. “In fact, it’ll make it a lot easier when I bounce this off on our future partner. Give me a bit of time on this as it isn’t going to be easy to ask someone.”

“Oh honey”, glowed Renette “I know you’ll do well and as the old saying goes, good things come to those who wait,” she cooed as she leaned in to kiss him softly on his lips.

In the weeks, ahead whenever Renette thought about this, her pussy would get so hot and damp in sweet anticipation. She was looking forward to this occasion. She found herself preparing for it. She went to some local sex shops and looked for sexy silk scarves that Dan and his friend, could tie her up. They happened to have a four-post bed in their apt. An evil grin appeared on Renette’s face when she thought of this. How helpless she would be in their strong capable hands. She already had the blindfold courtesy of the holiday they took to London the year before on British Airways.

Dan too was also busy as a bee. He, at first, searched out in his colleagues for a person he could approach. He then looked to the fellows at the gym where he worked out in the late afternoons when he finished work. This, he thought, was better, that the person he chooses come from his gym instead of work. That way, he wouldn’t have to see that person everyday except when he worked out. He was confident that he’d choose wisely.

After some days and constant seeking, he took a closer look at Miguel who was a very handsome hunk from the Dominican Republic.

Miguel was well spoken and a well educated man of 29. He was born in the Washington Heights section of New York City. He worked in the wholesale district of Manhattan as a salesperson. He had a strong command of both English and his native language.

Dan had seen him around the club quite a bit as casino şirketleri Miguel worked out his well-sculpted body. Sometimes Dan and he would work out together or spot each other with heavy weights. He had a great personality and liked to chat about everything. As far as Dan knew, he wasn’t in a relationship.

One evening after a workout, Dan asked if Miguel was free to come out for a beer at bar a few blocks from the gym. Dan wanted to get to know Miguel outside the gym and maybe when they both downed a few pints, he could tell him about his plan.

As they sat down at the bar, they ordered a pitcher of beer and chatted.

“So Miguel how’s work,” inquired Dan innocently? “Ah man you know the same ole shit just a different day, you work up at the Bronx Zoo right, doing what? “I’m one of the feeders,” replied Dan as he drank. “Hey man, that’s interesting,” said Miguel impressed. Much more interesting then sales of general merchandise for a boss that’s never satisfied it seems,” he laughed sarcastically.

“Oh well, you know we all have our crosses to bear. It’s not that easy. Sometimes those animals can be moody and uncooperative”, a spark suddenly came to Dan’s eyes as he said, “similar to your boss maybe? Eh Miguel.”

They both laughed hard, which broke the ice between them. After a few more drinks and more laughs, Dan decided it was time to kick it up a notch and get a little more personal. He felt nice and warm due to the beer.

“Did your girlfriend let you out to play with the boys tonight or what,” Miguel, said Dan good-naturedly. Ah, man, that’s cold brother, he laughed, I’m not in a relationship right now I am just dating.” What about you Dan the Man do you have to report home soon” he laughed and playfully jabbed at Dan’s arm resting on the bar. “Nah,” Dan boasted my girl is way cool about that and other things too.” Dan hoped to open the door part way and see if Miguel would take his bait. “Oh that sounds like a great relationship man your lucky, it sounds as though she gives you a lot of space. I wish I could find a girl like that but it is so difficult you know what I’m saying.”

Dan knew, before he had met Ren, he had his share of nightmare dates and not so fulfilling relationships. It was only with Renette that he was comfortable enough to come out and say he was bi curious.

Now that Dan had found out that Miguel wasn’t in a relationship, he thought it best to broach the idea off on him now. The worst thing that could happen would be that Miguel would turn it down and he’d have to start his search over again.

Dan put on a serious face, and put his plan into action. “Miguel, I’ve known you for a little while now and I was wondering if I could ask you something.” Go ahead man I’m listening, just don’t ask to borrow money, cause I can’t help ya there buddy,” he laughed again as he swigged more beer. Well, this may sound a bit weird but my girl and I have a very open and uninhibited sexual relationship. She has this fantasy about being pleasured by me and another man while she’s tied and blindfolded to the bed. In addition, I’m bi sexually curious and maybe we could also play around a little while my wife watches and participates, after we pleasure her of course.”

Dan crossed his fingers and took a deep drink of beer. He expected anything to happen now. He prayed that he hadn’t freaked his new friend out with this revelation.

Miguel, for a moment, looked as though he’d just witnessed a bank robbery and was frozen in shock. He then exhaled a long breath and downed the rest of his beer in one shot. Dan steeled himself for any sort of reaction. “Well Dan, this is certainly a surprise and not one I had expected. All I can say now is Wow! I could use another pitcher right about now what do you say, I think we need it.” Dan was relieved. At least he didn’t give an outright no to his request.

After they ordered their beer, and Dan suggested that, they take a table in the back and discuss this more privately. It was early yet and the bar still wasn’t that crowded.

Dan spoke first after they had sat down. “I hope you not mad Miguel. It’s perfectly all right if you don’t want to. I thought I’d ask.” They sat now in a booth and Miguel eyed him a little cautiously. “Dan, to be honest, I was a little taken aback but I’ll manage. This is the first time anyone has ever asked me this.” He began to try to clarify this in his mind. “Let me get this straight. You mean to tell me that your girl actually fantasized about this. That is so amazing he said as he drank again from his glass. Crap man why can’t I find women like this” he laughed softly to himself.

“Miguel, let me lay my cards on the table, we are very sexual people and there isn’t much I wouldn’t do for her. Do you understand?” If the bi thing is too much for you to handle I completely understand, and we don’t have to do that. Hell man, I might get cold feet with that too at the end and we end up not doing anything at all. Please understand that one fantasy isn’t contingent upon another. What I’m really striving for here casino firmaları is to fulfill her fantasy. Would you help me out? You don’t have to decide now. Give it a couple of days.” The last thing Dan wanted to do was spook Miguel out of doing it. “Yes,” agreed Miguel, “I’ll need at least a day or so to digest this and think about it. Although I must confess, it does sound kinky. Look, today’s Monday, I’ll have an answer for you by Wednesday, do you have a number where I can reach you?” Dan wrote his cell number on a coaster. Soon after they finished their beers, they left the bar together. It was as if their relationship had, in effect, took a sudden turn from a social one to something much more intimate.

Renette was ready as she’d ever be for her fantasy. She had picked out four beautifully patterned silk scarves.

As she went about her day at work, she thought about it and got very wet. Sometimes if she were in a private place, she would masturbate. Even though they saw each other at the apartment each night, she painfully refrained from asking Dan about it. However, she couldn’t help at least wondering as to his progress.

As Dan stepped out of the subway station near where he lived his cell phone chirped with a number he didn’t recognize he hoped that it was Miguel calling him back with an answer. Sure enough, it was indeed he. “Hey Miguel, what’s up buddy, how’s it going,” Dan asked, trying to keep is voice level. “Aiight, Dan I’m doing fine, look about that thing you asked me about, I’d like to give it a shot. What could it hurt? We only live once right brother.”

“Oh Miguel that’s so cool I was afraid you’d back out but it’s great that you’ll help us out thanks a bunch man.”

“No problem man, however, about the bi thing, I won’t say no but how about we just go with the tide on that?” Dan felt elated, “Miguel that’s exactly what I want to do. So what’s a good night for you to do this?”

They settled on Friday night of that week at 9pm. Dan would meet Miguel for drinks an hour earlier then they’d go back to Dan’s place.

Dan couldn’t wait to get back to the apartment. Renette would be home by now and he could share his news.

“Honey,” called out Dan as he walked into their one bedroom apt. “I’m back and I’ve found someone suitable.” Renette was just out of the shower her body still slightly wet as she toweled off while standing in the tub. “Oh no really, that’s wonderful sweetie.”

“His name is Miguel,” said Dan as he got undressed out of his work clothes and prepared to shower. He is a very handsome Dominican Man who’s 29. I exercise with him sometimes down at the gym. “I think he’ll be perfect, and honey,” said Dan conspiratorially, “he has a nice package I’ve seen it briefly in the locker room.”

“Oh honey” Ren said excitedly, this is so great I can hardly wait to have you both. In addition, I have to tell you, I’m horny as the proverbial toad right now so when your finished showering please fuck me senseless. We can order out for dinner. Say no more doll, I’ll be with you in two shakes of a lambs tail.

When they finished, they lay on the bed facing each other. Their body’s emanating the sweet afterglow of a hot fuck session. “Now would be a good time to talk about how we’re going to do this darling,” cooed Renette as she rubbed his now soft sticky cock.

“I’ve set it up for Friday, at nine, I hope that’s ok with you sweetie.” I was thinking the best thing would be for me to meet Miguel for drinks at around 8pm and after a couple we both come back here.”

“Yes ok,” agreed Ren, it’ll give me some time to get ready for you two hot studs.”

“All right baby, that sounds like a plan, but I think this fantasy would be much more erotic if we added one little detail to it.”

“What would that be, Dan” a sparkle coming to her eye as she said it. “Ok well what I’ll do is phone you on my cell just when we’re a block away from our apartment. That will be your signal to go into the bedroom, lie on the bed, and blindfold yourself. And we’ll come in and I’ll “Introduce” you to Miguel.” You can’t take the blindfold off until we’ve made you come at least twice, how’s that sound sweetie.” Renette didn’t answer right away and put her hand down to her pussy and began rubbing it in little circular motions. “Oh Christ, baby that sounds absolutely heavenly, good Gawd I’m soaked again, would you like to eat me or get take out?” Dan’s choice was a no-brainer.

Friday seemed to be such a long way away but when it finally came and Renette could hardly stay focused on her classes. It seemed as though her pussy was perpetually drenched for the entire day, she even had to take the precaution of putting an extra pair of panties in her purse.

Dan left the apt at about 7:30 and got to the bar about 15 minutes later. There he found Miguel there already. He sipped a black and tan at the bar. “Hey there bro, how’s it hangin,” laughed Miguel as he winked at Dan. “Damn Miguel you’re a nut, well you might get to find that out in a bit if you can wait,” Dan said playfully as he ordered his güvenilir casino beer. “Oh don’t you worry about that, I think I’ll need at least beer and or stiff drink to be able to deal with this night of fun.”

“Miguel,” Dan said seriously, “I reiterate, you don’t have to engage in anything your not totally comfortable with, and like you said about the bi thing we’ll just see what plays out, ok buddy.”

“Thanks man, I appreciate that a lot, said Miguel clearly relieved.

They were soon on their way back to the apt. Renette frantically awaited the phone call, as she was getting ready. Finally, she heard the ring and ran to pick it up. Trying to keep her voice calm, she listened as she received her instructions, and after thoroughly brushing her teeth and rinsing her mouth, which was now dry as the Sahara. She then went into the bedroom, and lied on the bed. She retrieved the blindfold out of her bedside table drawer and placed it over her eyes.

About 5 minutes or so later, Dan and Miguel were in the apt. Renette could hear their voices from the small living room. She felt her body shiver and not from the cold. She hoped they wouldn’t keep her in suspense for long.

She soon got her wish. The bedroom door opened and she heard Dan’s familiar soothing voice. “Hey there honey, here we are. Miguel, I would like you to meet my girlfriend Renette, just Ren for short is fine and Ren this is Miguel.”

“Hello Ren it’s nice to meet you” said Miguel. “Likewise Miguel, you sound sexy as hell,” said Ren with a catch in her voice.

“Honey,” inquired Dan, “would you like us to bind your arms and legs now or get undressed first, you’re the boss tonight.” Yes sweetie, I’d like you both to tie me to the posts first. I wanna feel your hard sexy hands on my body, just not to tight ok, gushed Renette,” as giddy as a schoolgirl.”

“Ok honey, replied Dan in his low sexy, thoroughly reassuring voice.”

With that, they set to work and tied both her arms and legs to the bedposts. This completed, they each sat on a side of the bed and removed their clothing. They took their sweet time, chatting in small talk. “Dan I’d have to say, that you have a beautiful girl man, and you’re very lucky indeed.”

“See, you hear that doll isn’t he a charmer,” said Dan as he gently stroked his now hard cock, it dripped with pearly with pre come.

Dan’s cock was average sized and cut, with balls that hung nicely. Miguel had a great looking cock that was a nice brown tan like his skin. He was uncircumcised, though. They both did not shave their public hair and their erections protruded upward and throbbed quite deliciously. Miguel’s cock also had a dollop of pre-cum at its head.

Renette was shuddering in anticipation of what was to come. She felt as helpless as a baby did. Her cunt completely lubricated and drenched with copious cream that dripped out of the side of her panties. Renette was very ready for whatever they did to her. Her public hair wasn’t trimmed. Her cunt glistened with luminescent cream Her labia lips and fully engorged clit both shined like a like a small cache of diamonds.

Both men started by removing her bra, revealing nice pert tits and nipples as hard as miniature ice bergs. Out of respect for Dan, Miguel would just follow his lead.

“Ah yes do it, feast on my tits guys.” They both started to kiss and then sucked heartily on Ren’s tits. They paid close attention to her nipples, gently taking them into their mouths and sucking them. As they sucked her tits, both men reached down to stroke their throbbing hard cocks. “Aye, Diablo”, exclaimed Miguel, Ren your tits taste great. “You said it Miguel” Dan said in between kisses and licks.

Ren was already having a ball, feeling two hot steamy tongues on her tits and nipples was an incredible feeling. “Oh fuck guys please take off my panties NOW! I’m so drenched, I can’t stand it.

They both paused in her tit stimulation to slowly pull down he panties down to her sexy shoes and then and off. “You want us to touch you down there don’t you Renette,” Dan teased in a lusty husky whisper. “Oh gawd fuck yes baby, one of you can finger me down there whilst the other one sucks my tits.”

I think since Miguel is our honored guest we’ll let him do that first, ok honey? Finger and stroke her good friend it’s all yours.”

Upon receiving this blessing, Miguel went down there and slowly started to rub her outer lips through her bush with a look of total lust in his eyes. As he put one finger in her and pushed in she let out a deep moan.

“Ah yes Miguel do it to me NOW,”

“Ren”, moaned Miguel, your so hot and wet now I’m going loco here. May I taste her Dan?

“From now on Miguel ask her ok; she’s the boss tonight.”

Renette couldn’t stand it any longer and let out a primal wail from deep inside her. YES MIGUEL EAT ME NOW.

Dan stopped licking her tits and said, “I think Ren, needs something to suck on.” He angled his hairy cock onto her lips and slowly she sucked him into his mouth. As she was greedily sucking Dan’s cock, Miguel was busy sucking her pussy like a champion. Ren’s pussy flooded his face that, Dan noticed, shined when they switched orifices. Renette took Miguel’s lovely cock into her mouth. Relishing it’s spicy different taste and aroma.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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