Giving and Getting a Ride Ch. 02

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The sensation of sucking the cock, the dark brown cock of the hard-bodied young stranger I just picked up from the roadside, in the middle of back-country Europe, where any passerby might see us… I had no idea how it all happened. Or I did, but I couldn’t understand how I had let it happen. All I knew that I was out of my mind in lust. I wanted to get his cock, I wanted to taste it, feel what it was like to pleasure another man – this man! – and I wanted a part of what all those other men had had, I just wanted to be one of them.

But at the same time, it felt depraved and very confusing. I had always been a ladies’ man, for crying out loud! They were the ones who would have their heads in my lap, not the other way around. And here I was, the Mr. Important CEO and family man, sucking a Mediterranean Adonis, and wanting nothing more that make him cum, and after that coming myself. And maybe that is what made the situation so hot. That I was so eager to make someone else come, somehow realizing I wouldn’t get my turn before this other person was taken care of. To be honest, usually I was less eager at satisfying others, than having others take care of me. The entire reversed situation was making my head spin, all I really could tell for sure was that my cock was about to explode in my pants, without it even having been touched. I couldn’t help noticing that I was making small, thrusting, movements with my hips. A totally useless maneuver, of course, as no attention was given to my own dick.

All of a sudden, Marco pulled my head of his cock. He did it forcibly, by using the same hand that had just been forcing my head as far down on his cock as I had managed. He literally pulled me my hair – although short, enough to hold on to. The surprise made me yelp. Astounded, I watched him pull fasten his pants, opened the door, and walk out of the vehicle. Had I done it that terribly? But before I became too bewildered, I heard him beckon me to come out of the car, too.

We stood a couple of feet apart, studying each other. Him, with a critical, knowing look. Me with a flustered, panting, appearance. And horny as shit. No question which one of us that was in the lead.

“Boy, I appreciated what you’re doing, but it just isn’t enough.”

“Boy?” Did Marco, several years my junior, just call me a boy? But the other part he said bothered me even more. I had just given head to another guy for the first time of my life, but it wasn’t enough?

“You see, it doesn’t give me enough pleasure unless I know for sure that the casino siteleri cocksucker wants it really bad.”

He peered at me.

“But I do!” I heard myself say. “I really want to!”

“Oh yeah? Want what?” He was testing my resolve. I didn’t care.

“Let me finish you off, I mean, you haven’t cum, you’ll love it!”

I couldn’t believe I was hearing myself promising satisfaction for something I had never done previously, but Marco seemed to consider it. Finally he motioned me towards him

“What’s the magical word, cocksucker?”

I knew what he was playing at. I had done it myself, previously. To cocksucking girls, longing to have their dripping wet pussies fucked. Oh, what the hell.

“Please.” I mumbled. I couldn’t look him in his eyes.



“Okay. But you’ll have to get naked for me. Show that magnificent body of yours to me. I need to watch you sit there in front of me, to be able to enjoy this. I want to see your hard cock dance in mid-air. I want to fuck your mouth while giving you nothing in return. Because that will is just what you need. Being used, as you have used all these girls over the years. So undress.”

I looked around where we had parked. It was some godforsaken place, between one village and the next. And hardly any traffic. And even if there was, no way they would see me… I hoped. Oh what the fuck, this was tens of thousands miles from home! No one would ever know.

I shed my clothes. They ended up in a pile by the car. Although the weather was warm, my skin prickled from the sensation of standing there, nearly buck naked, next to a road anyone might happen to travel on. Finally all that was left of my previously expensive outfit was my underwear. It was already stained from pre-cum, and my rock hard cock was threatening to tear the fabric apart at the seams.

Marco was grinning. Again.

“That is some cock you have, boy. The girls must love it, but today is your lucky day. Now, get them off.”

I pulled them down. My cock slapped against my stomach, making me wring in a combination of intense lust and pain. My balls were hard and tense. Oh, I had to cum, soon!

“My cocksucker all naked, like the day you were born. Come here, and continue what you were doing.”

I got down on my knees and crawled over to him. My hands fumbled, as I unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. Impatiently, I pulled down his trousers and briefs in one go. I heard him chuckle.

My heart raced as my eyes took in Marco’s semi-hard, slot oyna dark brown, very thick, cock. I looked up at Marco, his triumphant face above me, and wanted to say something. But before anything intelligent came out, Marco had moved his cock directly in front of my face. He placed both hands on the back of my head, pulling my face into his rapidly hardening rod. I let it happen without resisting. I allowed him to gyrate and grind his balls and cock into my face, feeling it harden as he moved it over my eyes, nose, cheeks, and then to my parted lips.

Mechanically, but also passionately, I took his swelled shaft into my mouth, remoistening it and sucking it. Using both hands, I placed them on his perfectly formed buttocks, pulling him deeper into my mouth. I gagged again and tried to pull away, but Marco pushed in deeper. He was now fucking my mouth, using his hips and hands to force himself into me. Tears formed in my eyes, but as I adjusted to the motion, my throat seemed to open and let him in deeper. Now, I began to move my hands up his back and then down his legs, feeling the highly defined muscles there.

I couldn’t believe any of this was happening, but I knew it was among the hottest sexual experiences I had ever had. Marco began moaning with pleasure, and obviously getting close to coming. My own cock was aching for attention. Marco speeded up his thrusts. I could tell he was about to come. His cock was rigid and stiff on my tongue as he blew his load deep into my mouth. I was gagging and spitting up his hot cum, but wasn’t allowed to break free, as he kept holding my head steady on his cock. He continued to slide his cock in and out of my mouth, until I could feel it soften up. Warm, thick, and soft. And me sucking on to it as if it were some lollie. He pulled his cock out of my mouth and wiped it off on my chin. And then it was once again gone inside his trousers. I had the feeling I hadn’t seen the last of it, quite yet. But I was raging hot, and felt I desperately needed to come. Hard.

“Would you…?” I asked, indirectly begging for a return. But I needn’t have bothered.

“I don’t do that.” he said, almost amused.

“At least not very often.”

“Why is that?” I knew the reason, but still needed to hear him say it.

“I’m the man…right? Others do me…girls, guys, whoever. Cocksuckers, like you, just now.”

Cocksucker. I wasn’t one, but I was one…now, anyway. This once. But something in me just wouldn’t accept the label cocksucker. It just didn’t fit! I was about to object, canlı casino siteleri but he beat me to it.

“Oh, I bet you aren’t one, either.” he laughed.

“Just like the rest of them. You just happened to suck my cock. Again – like the rest of them!”

He patted his crotch.

“You know, I knew you would, when you picked me up. You’re not that hard to single out. The more a guy loves fucking a girl, the more ready he is for me. Straight guys, like you. After meeting Magical Dick, they are the ones on their backs, screaming like girls. Young girls with big cocks in their virgin pussies.”

“You are ok as a cocksucker, but I am not going to make you come. You do that yourself.”

He looked at me, anticipating. I stared back at him, dumfounded.

“You mean…?”

He nodded.

“Yeah, go ahead. Pleasure yourself! I’ll just watch. If it’s hot enough, maybe it might get me hard again, watching a tall, strong, guy like you jerk himself off. You do have a hot body, you know. Afterwards, if it’s hot enough, maybe I’ll give you a real ride!” he said with a wink. I shivered.

But I was already at it. My rock hard cock in my hand, and me beating it as I had done a zillion times. Only this being the first with a male onlooker. But I didn’t care, this last half an hour had made me hornier than I had been for weeks.

I started beating my meat with a ferocity it hadn’t experienced since being a fresh and strong teenage-dick. Marco rubbed his fingers against my dickhead, moistening his two longest fingers with my pre-cum. His hand brushed over my hips, disappeared behind my back, and started worming themselves between my ass cheeks.

“What…” was all I managed to moan, as I felt the sticky finger slide into my tight, yet waiting, asshole. Not gently, not slowly, but quickly and hard. It hurt, but yet I could feel my orgasm rapidly approaching. He started to finger-fuck me slowly. This was too much.

“Oh fuck,” I moaned.

I’d never thought of anything like this before, but with his finger inside me, pumping slowly in and out, I envisioned that I was being penetrated by his cock. His thick, veined, cock. The master of so many men like me. Panting, moaning. I couldn’t hold on any longer.

With a loud, gargling, moan, I shot my load. I swear it went straight across the road. But still I didn’t stop jerking off, I had to have every drop and every shiver there was. As I crumpled to the ground, heavily panting, I felt Marco pull out his finger from my ass. As a fitting end, he wiped his soiled finger off on my thigh.

“Nice job.” he said.

“Now, let’s find that hotel of yours.”

As he walked over to the car, I looked at the blue skies, and wondered what I had gotten myself into.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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