Girl Scout Leader Training Ch. 01

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I have been a boy scout leader for many years, primarily so my son had a good troop to be in. Aside from my adventures in that realm, I also maintained my papers as a registered leader in the girl scouts. Having three girls there was no way I could ever get away with taking my son’s troop camping every weekend and not help my girls troops do the same when they wanted to. To my surprise there was a fairly large number of the girls that loved to camp and be outdoors. I never took them camping alone.

The girl scout rules made it clear that I , thankfully, always had to have an adult female leader with us. That kept me out of trouble on a number of occasions, not because of anything that I was doing, but because of what some of the girls did on occasion, but that is another story altogether.

In order to be eligible to do this I had to make the trek two hours on two separate weekends for the training. The first was two days of classroom work that I could have easily taught. The second was a two day campout which I could have easily done in my sleep. I got plenty of attention from the ladies, being the only guy at the training, and it helped that I was only thirty five years old in pretty good shape. That was all ten years ago, and a whole different story. Now, I’m no spring chicken, being in my mid forties, but I love the outdoors and am frequently fishing on one of the lakes, wearing nothing but a swim suit or some athletic shorts, especially on those hot summer days. My wife loves the tan and working out three times a week keeps me down to one seventy five and the beer gut away.

Last year, in response to a request by several of the leaders in my daughter’s troop, I agreed to take a number of them on a more rugged adventure. More than the normal car camping. This was a pure backpacking trip designed to give the few girls that went along a good taste of what it’s like, and also to train the leaders that went in some more advanced camping techniques in preparation for a trip to the Canadian boundary waters that they were planning for this year.

Based on the amount that the trip and myself were apparently talked about at the regional leaders meetings, I received a request from another of the local area leaders to repeat the training again, this time just for more adult leaders. I was fairly hesitant, since I was also slated to lead the trek to Canada in less than two months, but she convinced me that they would take care of everything, if I just told them what they needed to prepare.

It was to be a small group, only 4 ladies, all of them in “good shape” as she put it. I agreed and we set about e-mailing lists of equipment and things that needed to be done. I had my list of normal equipment modified by the ladies I took on the previous trip, since some of the items that were important to me may be useless to them or worse, a few things that we all learned they needed but didn’t have. I sent them menu lists to choose meals from and based on the replies, gave them a shopping list of backpack foods. To my surprise, the list of women suddenly grew to eight as the trip approached.

It was a hot summer morning in early June when we all met at the church, the equipment shakedown being done a week before by Beth, the head leader that was doing the organizing. I had met Beth at several functions and it was no surprise to see her beaming with her usual enthusiasm. She was in her mid thirties, had a well toned body with medium sized breasts wiggling around under a crop top shirt. One of the things that the ladies on the last trip explained, was that women don’t sweat the way men do, and sports bra’s soak up a lot of it and quickly end up sticky and heavy. Since there wasn’t room or weight to pack enough to really stay comfortable, they suggested Crop tops, or half t-shirts that allow a lot of bare skin to be exposed to the breeze, while preventing the backpack straps from chaffing, and a lightweight bra if desired. Some women just don’t feel comfortable without one on, even in the wilds. They also echoed my recommendation for good quality shorts made from synthetic materials.

Cotton doesn’t dry, no matter how comfortable it is when it’s dry, it’s horrible when wet. I learned a long time ago to leave the cotton briefs behind and I wore polyester zip-off pants with either silk or synthetic briefs. Unfortunately the only choices in these materials were either what my wife calls “fuck me” underwear, or boxers, and I have never been a boxer fan, although I always carry one pair in case I get chafed. Today I had on a pair of purple micro briefs that did a good job of holding me in place while I hiked and wick the moisture away.

What I hadn’t counted on was having eight ladies, ranging from late twenties to late thirties all standing around in crop tops, wearing the thinnest bra’s they could buy, or in at least one case I was sure of, no bra at all. Introductions were made and I promptly forgot most of their names, as was usual for me, with the exception of one particular lady, Emily, who had decided ataşehir escort that, as she put it, if shorts were good a micro-skirt was better.

I handed out some last minute equipment, carabineers, swiss seats and ropes for a surprise rappelling excursion I planned for them. The ropes went to the ladies that didn’t have the tents, since each tent was shared by two people, with the exception of mine of course. I showed them how to secure the ropes to their packs by putting the largest hank on my pack. I walked around as they put their gear on their packs to make sure it was secure. I was crouched down next to a redhead with cute freckles when I looked over toward Emily. She had bent over stiff legged to secure the carabineers to her pack, and I quickly realized that she was not wearing any bra, and I could see her firm and bare C cup tits up under her short shirt. I nearly lost my balance and fell over when I also realized she had forgone any form of underwear.

My micro briefs were suddenly nowhere near large enough to handle what was growing inside my shorts as I had a long look at her completely exposed pussy. By the time I tore my eyes from her and stood up, my hard dick was obvious in my thin shorts, a fact that was not lost on several of the other ladies. I got several long stares as I packed gear into the back of my truck. Fortunately Emily rode in the other vehicle on the way to the trailhead, and that gave my dick a chance to recover to its normal size.

It was a two hour drive to get to the trailhead, not because it was that far away, but because we had to drive around the outside of the national forest area on little gravel roads. This particular area was a wilderness area with a number of rugged trails that looped around. You could do a loop as short as five miles, or as long as fifty. In one location you could do a four mile loop around a hill, or go over the five hundred foot hump by a three quarter mile long trail. This was a good place we had used before to train scouts getting ready for high adventure mountain hiking.

There was also a location that I found on the topo map a number of years ago that provided a great location for rappelling. It was off the main trail by a mile or so, but the two hundred plus foot sheer cliff was a spectacular drop. The downside was that it was half a mile walk and climb to get back up to do it again. There was also an intermittent spring coming right out the side of the rock face that sometimes made a waterfall, and a nice place to cool off. We arrived at the trail head and I reviewed the plan for the four day trek.

Day one was going to be an easy five mile hike, just to make sure that everyone was able to handle the longer parts of the trek and adjust their equipment. We would spend time going over how to find and treat drinking water, which was very important in this kind of weather. The second day was a real trek, fifteen rugged up and down miles, ending at the bottom of the cliff. The third day we would spend relaxing at the cliff and the last day we would hike out the eight final miles.

Everyone was excited as we pulled on our packs and I led us out along the faint trail into the woods, using my GPS to stay on track in the places where the trail disappeared altogether from lack of use. This particular section of state forest was rarely used, except by hunters and boy scouts. Some of the shorter trails were more heavily used, but the longer ones like we would be on would be pretty much deserted. I could count on one hand how many times we had seen other people out on these long trails, and this trip appeared to be no exception, with our two vehicles being the only ones in the parking area.

We hiked about two miles into the woods before I called a stop. We settled down on the top of a grassy knoll, lots of shade to sit and relax in. It was also a good time to make any adjustments to straps and generally just check equipment, especially since many of the packs were brand new and I could already tell by the rubbing of shoulders that there was a considerable amount of adjusting to do.

After we ate we talked about the load in the packs, and several ladies required some re-packing to get the load down low in their backpacks instead of up high. One thing that most people don’t realize that the shoulder straps are not intended to carry any real weight. They are there to stabilize the load while the hip belt carries the bulk of the load. The shoulder straps needed to be just snug enough to keep the pack from sliding around on your back and to balance it. The sternum strap keeps the now looser shoulder straps in place.

I set about helping them get their straps adjusted, having them put their packs on one at a time while I moved or adjusted straps. I also learned that crop tops were great when they were standing, I saw in the parking lot that but as they pulled packs on, some of the shorter tops were easily pulled up over their bra’s or in the case of one good looking woman, her bare tits. I had tried not to stare kadıköy escort as she giggled like a school girl and blushed as she pulled her shirt back down to cover her hardening nipples.

As I said, I set to work, having them put their packs on one at a time. The first two went easily enough, but I quickly learned that some things were just different with women. With the boys there was no problem working the straps that came over their shoulders into the right position and length, frequently having to relocate the attachment point on the pack frame to get it to lay properly and still have the sternum strap loosely buckled. On the ladies this proved much more difficult due to the obstruction of their tits.

On the first one or two, I tried in vain to avoid touching their tits, but on the third one I had to give up this vain attempt and ended up with the back of my hand pressing against her soft mounds as I worked on her straps. By the time I was done she was flushed and breathing more heavily than I would have expected for just putting the pack on. I continued my work, on the fourth, and then came to Mary. Mary was about my height and about a hundred sixty pounds or so, but a good part of that was in her chest. She easily had a 38 D chest. There was just no way to get the sternum strap to lay comfortably across her tit. It just wanted to pull the shoulder straps too far out. I tried moving it higher, but she complained it choked her. The only thing left was below her breasts. Mary was probably thirty, and even though her tits were large, they had the firmness of a teenager. They stood proudly out in her short cut shirt. As I worked my hand continually ended up pressing against the bare skin of her breast as I worked the webbing through the loops in the shoulder strap. Her face became flushed, and I had to admit, my dick got quite hard as I struggled to get the strap in place under the material. Finally she reached own and inched the material up her chest to give me better access to where I was working, and in the process much more of her bare tits than was necessary. She continued to pull the material up as I worked, my body blocking the view of most of the ladies as I stood between them and her. Before I had the strap in place she had the material pulled up far enough to expose her whole breast and her hard pointed nipples.

I’m not sure which of us was more aroused. I wanted to lean down and suck one of those nipples into my mouth, and very nearly did as I leaned down to make the final adjustments. Finally I had it done and helped her fix her shirt back down over her tits before stepping back to declare it done. She stepped over to the rest and set her pack down while I started on the next lady, excusing herself to go pee, as she said. She returned several minutes later flushed and out of breath.

“Have a good time Mary?” one of her friends asked with a smirk.

“Just fine.” Mary shot back shortly.

“Well, she did go relieve herself.” One of the other ladies chided.

“Oh piss off!” Mary shot back as she sat down cross-legged on the ground. At the ribbing I turned to see what was going on and it was evident there was a large wet spot in her shorts that was defiantly not from wetting herself. These women sounded more like sorority girls than adult women. But then when guys got together without women, we usually got pretty juvenile as well. It was taking me much longer with the red head, mostly because any time she had a chance she was pushing her tits out to touch my hand or giggling like I was tickling her and pulling my hand under her top against her bare tits.

I was pretty turned on already and on one occasion I gave in and cupped her thirty something year old tit in my hand, giving it several squeezes and rolling her nipple between my finger and thumb before extracting my hand to continue with my task. I realized that she had on a wedding ring and felt guilty about what I had just done, that was, until I felt her hand squeeze my dick through my shorts.

The sixth went pretty normal, as things go. This lady had a nice size set of tits held in a light weight spandex sports bra and her straps required very little adjusting.

My final set of straps was on Beth. While I was working she had apparently stepped behind the bushes and removed her bra, and the bottoms of her tits were clearly visible under the edge of her cut off t-shirt. It looked as if she had cut it off intentionally to a height that would show a few inches of tit, but not her nipples. She had a pair of nice tits that I would estimate were a good C cup, maybe a tad more, that swung tantalizingly close to exposure as she pulled her pack on. By the time she had the straps on over her shoulders the material had been pulled up over her rock hard nipples.

She gave a coy “oops” and then pulled the shirt down over her tits. “I’m sure you didn’t mind that.” She whispered as I set to work on her straps. Fortunately hers didn’t require too much adjustment, because every time I had her bend forward bostancı escort to take the weight off the straps her tits would hand away from her body and her nipples would slip below the bottom edge of the material. To make matters worse, her sternum strap ran over the top of her breasts, pushing them downward and exposing more of them. I had no doubt that as we walked her tits would be sticking right out for everyone, especially me, to see.

With the adjustments done it was time to head out. I gave the GPS to Mary and let her take the lead as I bent over to pull my pack on. I took the opportunity to, what I thought was discreetly, pull the leg of my shorts up and pull the elastic of my underwear down and hook it below my balls. It would be a bit uncomfortable there, but much less so than having the elastic cutting across my dick, which had grown up and out of the top of the very brief briefs.

“You could help you just take them off.” Beth said as she stepped over to me while I was still bent over buckling straps.

“Thanks. I think I’ll be fine.” I said, feeling my face turn red at the realization that she had probably watched me make my adjustment.

“That you are.” She whispered as she pushed the bottom of her top up a few inches and brushed her fingers over her hard nipples. Before turning and walking up the trail.

I stood up and readjusted my dick to a comfortable position, wishing that I had time to step behind a bush and relieve my growing discomfort. This was going to be a very long four days at this rate.

The last three miles of the day were going to be mostly up and down. We had managed about half of that after the first hour of hill climbing It was getting quite hot and I called a halt for a water break. Most of the women needed to drink more than they were, so I made my rounds to encourage that while they dropped packs and settled to the ground. The ladies leaned back against their packs and wiped sweat off their faces, and then used the rags up under their shirts to wipe off and around their tits. Two of them stepped behind bushes to pull off bra’s returning with their tits swinging freely under their cut off t-shirts. I dropped my pack and settled in, pulling my own t-shirt off, squirting a little water from my bottle on my head and letting it run down my chest.

“Must be nice!” One of the ladies called.

“Hey. I’m not stopping you!” I called back jokingly.

“Sure, we take our shirts off and then some strange guy comes wandering up on us.” One of them said.

“In case you didn’t know it. Your three miles plus into the woods on a loop trail that goes for nearly thirty miles of twisting over and around hills. There were two trucks in the parking lot when we left, which is the only way in or out. Unless someone got dropped off days ago and is coming the other way, I have a better chance of winning the lottery than running into someone else out here.” I said as I leaned my head back. “Personally I don’t care if you go naked!” I joked “But in all seriousness. If you want to take your shirts off for a few minutes to wipe down, I’ll be happy to turn my back and keep my eyes closed.”

“Would you?” one of the ladies that took her bra off asked.

“Yes. I will.” I said as I scooted around so my back was to them. I leaned my head back and closed my eyes. “Have at it ladies.” I could hear some giggling, and my already hard dick grew to even larger proportions as I listened to their chatter. They sounded like a bunch of teenage girls tossing comments around about each other’s boobs and bodies. I let it go on for about ten minutes before I called and said that it was time to get back on the trail and to let me know when they were decent again. It only took a few seconds before one of them called that I could look now. I instantly heard four women calling “not yet” as the one that said I could look giggled.

Finally Beth called that it was really all clear this time, and I rolled over and stood up. The ladies were all pulling their packs on, settling their straps into place. It only took me a moment to swing mine up and then we headed out, another of the women leading out this time, using my trail GPS to follow the winding path. I could hear a lot of chatter from the front of the group, several of the women giving the one who called out that it was ok to look a hard time. I recognized the voice and quickly placed it with the Redhead who was so hot to get my hands on her body. Somewhere in the discussion came a challenge that if she liked me seeing tits so much why didn’t she just leave her shirt off? Her reply was that she would if she felt like it, to which one replied that would be never because she was chicken.

If I learned anything from being a scout leader, it was that this kind of thing always lead to trouble. Since they were adults, there wasn’t much I could say, unlike a bunch of boys, where I could just tell them to can it and it would be over. The conversation continued for a short distance longer, some of which I didn’t catch, but some I did. In the end, the redhead stopped in the middle of the trail and took off her pack, followed by her shirt, which got stuffed into the pack. We all stood there watching her while she pulled her pack back on, and adjusted the straps around her bare tits.

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