Girl Games Pool Party

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“Come on in, the water’s fine,” Erin called to me as I walked out in back to the pool. Erin and I had had a couple of very enjoyable recent adventures. Natural blonde curls, five-two, she was perfectly curved in all the right places, and we knew that we fit together intimately like a pair of jigsaw puzzle pieces. The only downside was that our encounters were so intense that I tended to walk around in a daze for days afterwards, a loopy grin on my face, tripping over things and walking into walls. Not a real hardship, all things considered, but still awkward to explain.

Erin wasn’t alone in the pool. Jamie, Jeff’s current fling was also paddling around. “Yeah, Dan, come on in,” she rejoined. “Don’t make us swim around in here all alone.”

Now this was something I really didn’t understand. We were at Alan’s parent’s house; he was hosting the biggest pool bash of the summer while they were on vacation. It had been a rather loud and energetic party too – stereo blasting, dancing on the deck, a keg in the kitchen, all in suburbia. I figured the only reason we hadn’t been raided is that Alan’s dad was the Chief of Police. Now it was after midnight and these two beauties, the hottest girls at the party, were in the pool all by themselves. Everyone else was in the house or around the keg.

What the hell. “OK, why not?” I took off my shirt, shucked my flip-flops and jumped in, water splashing everywhere. I broke the surface, pushed my hair back and wiped the water out of my eyes, and looked around. The girls were out in the middle of the pool, treading water, just their heads showing above water, long wet hair slicked back.

“Come on over here, where the water’s deeper,” they crooned. “We want to show you something.”

I dog paddled toward them, and they separated. One went left, the other right, staying just out of arms reach until they were on opposite sides of me, out in the middle of the water. “So what’s going on?” I asked innocently.

At this point I noticed they were both wearing these little grins, the corners of their mouths just barely turned up, their eyes sparkling. Without a word they just glanced at each other and their heads disappeared under the blue water. A moment later I felt two pairs of hands and my waist, fingers sliding into the top of my trunks, dragging them down.

I went under, thrashing and kicking. It did no good – they were determined and relentless, hanging on and getting my suit down to my knees as we sank to the bottom. I realized the only way out without drowning was to surrender, so I kicked my trunks the rest of the way off and looked around in the pale blue underwater light. There they were, my two assailants, completely naked, completely desirable. We swam for the surface.

“Well that was a fun surprise,” I said, once we were bobbing again. The girls were paddling much closer now, our arms and legs bumping into each other now and again.

They both giggled. “Too bad you weren’t here to help us out of our suits,” Erin quipped, always the flirt.

“That would have been really fun,” Jamie added with her own big grin. She threw my trunks out onto the pool deck. Then she pushed her hair back and dropped a little lower, her nostrils just above water and started bobbing closer, her eyes twinkling.

Now this was a side of Jamie I hadn’t really seen before. Up until now, she had seemed intelligent and balanced, but kind of quiet, shy. She and Jeff had been dating for a while now so of course I knew her, but we really hadn’t spent any time together outside of that. The glimpse of her body under the water was an eye opener too. I knew she was slender and good looking – but knowing that intellectually and actually seeing her long lean legs tapering into her narrow hips and flat belly, seeing her perfect palm sized breasts with their tan little peaks floating free in the water are two completely different things, as the twitching in my loins reminded me.

Suddenly there was a splash behind us, at the other end of the pool. “I’ll take care of it,” Erin said under her breath, and swam off towards the disturbance. Jamie and I drifted over to the edge of the pool, where we could hang onto the edge and not have to tread water.

Jamie spread her arms out wide, a crucifix stretched out on the tile combing, facing the pool with her back against the wall. She looked great. She had brown eyes flecked with gold, her long wavy auburn hair slicked back by the water, closely framing her classic bone structure. She had flawless skin, and wide sensuous lips. Her breasts were just floating at the water’s surface – little wavelets were caressing her hard tight nipples as they danced in and out of the water. I hung on the combing, trying not to drool as my dick hardened under the water.

“So where’s Jeff?” I asked. “Shouldn’t he be out here?”

“Oh, he’s in the house somewhere,” she replied coolly, turning her head. I could tell she didn’t want to talk about him. Then she turned back and smiled. “You know what they casino şirketleri say though – you snooze, you lose.”

That sounded like an invitation to me. “So tell me, Jamie,” I asked, “have you ever been licked under water?”

I could see the surprise in her eyes – had I actually said that? Then she quickly recovered and upped the ante. “No… but it would be a shame to waste the opportunity.”

So I pushed myself under, down, down, down until my head was even with her knees. I put my hands on her hips to stay in place, and then pushed my face in between her knees. I slowly moved upwards, rubbing my cheeks on her thighs, feeling them tense a little as I rose slowely to her mound, giving her Eskimo kisses with my nose. She had a small triangle of fur, nicely manicured, and I ran my tongue lightly over her slit, bottom to top, tasting just a hint of her over the chlorinated water of the pool.

I came up for air and saw her eyes were closed, a dreamy smile on her lips. I went back down and this time she spread her legs wide, giving me complete access. I opened my mouth over her pussy, sliding my tongue in deeper, fully tasting her salty goodness. Then I licked upwards, finding her little nub, swirling it once and feeling her twitch before coming up again. This time when I broke the surface, I leaned in and sucked one of her firm little breasts, teasing her tight little nipple with my teeth. I let it go, and then pulled myself close to her, my hands still on her hips, so that she could feel my erection pressing against her as we were nose-to-nose, her legs coming up around my waist.

“So let me ask you, Dan,” she whispered with a sexy grin, eyes glittering in the starlight, casually turning us around so my back was against the pool wall. “Have you ever been sucked under water?”

“No…” I said, finishing with the line she used. “But I’d hate to miss the opportunity.”

And with that she dropped under the surface, sliding her body over my hard-on as she went, finally grabbing my cock at the base of the shaft. Oh my god, I thought, can it get better than this? And then her mouth slid over my head, half-way down my shaft, so warm and wet against the cool water. She started moving me in and out of her mouth, guiding me with one hand on my cock, the other holding herself in place around my thigh.

After a couple of strokes, she came up for air, winked at me and immediately went back down, never letting go. I looked down in the water, seeing her hair float in a nimbus around her head. She licked the tip of my cock first, her tongue deliciously raspy, swirling over it before taking me in again, sucking while she stroked. It felt incredible – my cock was rock hard, straining for more. She came up again, this time letting go to push her hair away from her face. Then she wrapped those long lean legs around me again, holding us in place as she put her hands on my shoulders.

“What are you guys doing?” Erin asked. I had totally forgotten about her, in the heat of the moment.

“Nothing,” I said evasively.

“Dan was just showing me a new game,” Jamie said lasciviously, letting me float free. “It’s a lot of fun. Show her, Dan.”

“That’s OK, I think I already know how to play,” Erin said, a wicked grin on her face as she dived underwater. I looked around; the pool was empty again. Apparently she had seen Jamie bobbing up and down as she swam back over to us. And then she was on me, stroking my cock and then licking it.

I looked over at Jamie and saw she was looking down into the water, watching intently, gently biting her lower lip. Then Erin came up for air, rubbing her tight little body that I knew so well against me, and Jamie slid back under water, reaching for me.

I was in agony. They both had a hand on me, stroking me, as Jamie’s mouth found me again. I gasped, my hips starting to thrust back and forth to meet her movement. And when she came up for air, Erin went down on me, and vice versa, alternating as I becoming ever more aroused. The contrast between the cool water and their warm oral embraces was indescribable.

“Who do you like better, me or Erin,” Jamie whispered on my left while Erin sucked me hard.

“I want to make you come baby,” Erin whispered from the right, while my cock was bouncing off of Jamie’s tonsils.

I knew I couldn’t hold it much longer. I could feel the pressure building in my balls, that wonderful ache, the skin of my prick so tight, so sensitive…

And then splashes, lots of splashes, as a bunch of people jumped in the pool. Damn! Apparently word had gotten out that there were naked women in the pool. Jamie and Erin were gone in an instant. I think they went over the back of the pool into the bushes, where their suits were stashed.

I looked out on the pool deck for my trunks. They were gone too. Shit. I had a huge hard-on, this close to coming, and no girls, no clothes. Shit, shit, shit. I paddled around for a minute, thinking, trying to mentally will my erection away. Finally casino firmaları I bit the bullet and climbed out of the pool and grabbed a loose towel, wrapping it around my waist. Amid a chorus of hoots and catcalls, I set off in search of my clothes.

I went through the whole house, scouring the kitchen, living room, den, bathrooms. No one saw anything, knew anything, but all thought it was quite entertaining, my running about in nothing but a towel looking for my clothes. Finally I went back out to the pool, thinking that maybe my trunks had been kicked off the deck somehow.

I saw Jamie waving me over emphatically from the shrubbery and I circled around the pool to her, behind the arborvitae and boxwoods, out of sight from the house.

“I’ve got your clothes,” she said. “Doug had them.”

“Thanks Jamie,” I said.

“You look cold,” she continued. It was true. The water in the pool had been nice and warm, but the cool night air had given me goosebumps. Of course wearing only a towel hadn’t helped any. “Here, let me help warm you up.”

She put her arms around my waist, stepping closer, and pulled my towel up to drape it over my shoulders. Then she leaned into me, maximizing body contact, sharing her warmth. She was wearing her bikini by this time, but her bare skin on mine felt luminous, glowing. My hands slid naturally of their own accord around her, landing in the small of her back just above her suit bottom.

My cock was stirring again, and no wonder. Jamie felt great in my hands. I could feel her firm little tits pushed against my chest, her head nestled in my shoulder, her arms around me. I slid my hands down into her bottoms, grabbing her tight ass cheeks and gave them a little squeeze. She pushed her hips into mine, spreading her legs just a bit as my cock rose between her thighs to press against the crotch of her damp suit. I heard a little moan from deep in her throat and she bit my neck, holding me tighter in her arms.

Then she leaned back, pulling away a little, our loins still pressed together. She rocked her hips back and forth, once, twice, rubbing herself on my cock and then clamped her legs together, trapping me in place. “Damn you feel good,” she whispered hoarsely. Then she leaned back in, grabbing my ass and pulling it tight, and started chewing on my ear.

“I really want to do you properly,” she murmured as she nibbled. “But I’ve got to go take care of Jeff, and Erin’s looking for you. You need to go find her before she gets bored and goes home with someone else.” She pulled free. “Now go!” she said urgently, and then scampered off.

Once again I’m left standing there, numb, naked, with another abandoned bone, completely confused. Obviously there were some girl games going on, but I had no idea what. And it was getting frustrating, trying to play along without knowing the rules. But on the other hand it had been fun so far, and the night wasn’t over yet. So I shrugged into my trunks, put on my shirt, and went off to find Erin.

She wasn’t too hard to find – actually she was in the first place I looked. She was in the kitchen, pouring herself a fresh beer from the keg. I came up behind her, slipped an arm around her waist and leaned into her, pressing against her back, my head over her shoulder. “Mmmm, you feel so fine,” I whispered in her ear with a grin. “All warm and clean…”

“Want a beer?” she asked, handing me the one she just poured, and then poured another for herself. We toasted each other silently, and then she snuggled into me, resting her head on my shoulder.

“That was really fun in the pool,” she began, her voice low so the others couldn’t hear. “Too bad we got interrupted.” No shit, I thought.

“Want to go somewhere else?” I ventured.

She looked at me, her green eyes sparkling along with her crooked grin. “I know just the place,” she said.

“Where?” I asked, curious, thinking my place, your place?

But she just shook her head, leading me out by my hand. “You’ll see.”

We hopped in my car and pulled away from the party. I had bought a little Italian sports car the year before, a Pininfarina designed two-seater that handled like a dream. I had the targa top off, and we were enjoying the cool summer night air blowing over us as Erin directed me this way and that.

Soon we arrived, the secret location revealed, as we coasted into the parking lot of the local public beach. It was completely deserted at this hour. I turned off the engine. It was so serene, calm and quiet, the only sound little wavelets reaching the shore. It was a moonless night, but a broad sweep of stars shown down on us, perfectly clear, with occasional points of light surrounding us on the opposite lakeshore.

I turned to Erin, brushing her cheek lightly with my hand, turning her face to mine, and kissed her. I loved kissing Erin – her lips were so soft and tender, warm and ripe. I teased them apart with my tongue, nibbling on them, my hand resting on her neck. She reached up and güvenilir casino started playing with the buttons on my shirt, slipping her fingers inside and tracing her fingertips on my bare chest.

We started kissing more deeply, necking, twisting our bodies around as our hands roamed over each other, exploring and arousing, finding all those special places we knew the other liked. But my car wasn’t really designed for sex – the console and stick shift kept getting in the way as we tried to maneuver our bodies together. “Let’s go down to the water,” Erin suggested.

As soon as we got down to the sandy beach, she reached up and grabbed my shirt with both hands, and pulled me close. I leaned down and kissed her again, hard, and her fingers started unbuttoning my shirt.

“Let’s go skinny-dipping,” she whispered, as she started working on my shorts.

This sounded like a great idea to me. We pulled off our remaining clothes as fast as we could and ran into the water. It was cooler than the pool – a perfect excuse to rub up against each other to stay warm. Soon we were necking again, lying in the sandy shallows, touching and teasing. Erin’s skin felt so warm, so smooth as I caressed her. I sucked her nipples, first one and then the other, my engorged prick rubbing on her thighs.

I kissed my way down her incredible tiny body until I was between her legs, poised over her mound. I lifted her hips up until they were just under the surface, floating on her back, and then went down on her sweet little box. I probed her cleft with my tongue, tasting her salty essence as my fingers roamed over her pussy.

She started twisting and moaning, and then suddenly started sputtering as she went under unexpectedly. Whoops. I pushed us closer towards the shore, until her shoulders rested on the sandy bottom, and then resumed my efforts to eat her into an orgasm. Soon she was shaking.

“Oh god, Dan, come up here,” she urged, pulling on my shoulders. I crawled up on top of her and nestled between her upraised legs, pressing the bottom of my cock on her mound. Her arms went around me, pulling me close as we started rocking back and forth.

We started dry-humping in the water, my dick rubbing back and forth over her pussy as we clenched and kissed. I felt her nipples press into my chest, stiff as a wire brush as we rubbed against each other harder and faster. Erin felt so good, gyrating against me, and I was dying to stick my cock into her and feel the heat of her tight little twat surround me.

I cocked my hips so that the tip of my cock was lined up and tried to enter her, but no dice. Shit. The lake water was washing away her cream as soon as it flowed. It was painful, there was absolutely no lubrication at all. We tried and tried; Erin rubbed against my cock frantically, trying to overcome the effect of the water, while I poked and poked trying to prevail over the friction, knowing that if I could somehow just get inside her it would work out.

We groped and writhed, hammering our loins together for what seemed like hours – we were dying to fuck each other, but to no avail. And Erin was getting cold; I could feel her shivering in the night air’s touch.

“Come on, baby, this just isn’t working,” I said, surrendering to the inevitable. Her teeth were chattering as we pulled our clothes on without bothering to dry off. We walked slowly back to the car, and I just held her in my arms, sharing my warmth until she stopped shaking.

I nuzzled her neck, kissing her just under her ear, nibbling on it. “I still want you Erin,” I said. “I love sleeping with you, but I’m getting exhausted.” It was after 4am by this point. “How about if I just take you home?”

Erin didn’t say anything. She just started kissing me, insistently, wantonly, our tongues desperately intertwined. My hands came up, cupping her breasts, feeling her nipples harden once more through her blouse. God, I still wanted her. My cock started stiffening again. Maybe I wasn’t that exhausted after all.

I pushed her against the car, one of my legs in between hers, my hands roaming freely over her body. She moaned, a low throaty sound, and pressed against me harder, feeling my erection against her belly. She reached down and undid my shorts, pulling them down and grabbed my cock, cupping the end of it in her palm, squeezing it as I thrust into her hand.

I was completely inflamed with wanton desire. I unzipped her jeans and started tugging them off. I pushed her onto the hood of the car so that I could get her legs up and remove them, and then ran my hand straight into her crotch. She gasped as I fingered her, her creaminess gushing over my hand. I couldn’t stand it, I couldn’t wait any longer. I crawled up on top of her again, pinning her to the hood of my car.

“No, Dan, no,” she suddenly cried, trying to push me off her, squirming and trying to keep me from going in. But it was too late. My rational mind was gone, lost in my uncontrollable need. The animal in me took control. I had to have her, and so I took her. I managed to ease the head of my cock in her cunt and then drove in, hard, all the way. Erin groaned as I entered her, and then accepted me, opening herself to me as I started to move in and out of her.

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