Getting Adjusted

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I haven’t been feeling well for over three months. My body aches all over, some days worse than others. I went to a doctor and, after a battery of expensive tests which showed that I did not have Lyme Disease or Rheumatoid Arthritis, he diagnosed me with fibromyalgia and prescribed several medications including pain-killers, muscle relaxants and sleeping pills. When these didn’t seem to improve my mystery pain, he added steroids. I was a zombie for a couple of weeks and not much better, although the drugs did seem to mask the pain for a while. As I weaned myself off the drugs, I spent a few days of awful withdrawal. When that ended, I still hurt but instead of all over, it seemed to localize in my shoulders and my hands, which seemed to be perpetually asleep. I was mighty unhappy and I returned to the doctor. He suggested I go to a specialist so I called for an appointment and the earliest one was over a month away. Talk about disgusted!

When the specialist informed me of his fees, I began to consider whether or not I could live with the pain. Considering that I was broke and nearly destitute with little work coming in, it was a major decision. I contacted some of my old girlfriends who practiced holistic medicine and one, Laura, said she would give me a few acupuncture treatments for free. I took her up on it and while the treatments felt great, they only lasted a few days and then I was back feeling old and decrepit again.

I decided to see if the chiropractor whose home office was down the block could help me. When I saw his rates, I nearly flipped as they were higher than the specialist. As you can imagine, I was really down by now. And then good luck stepped in. Later that day, I was walking my dog when I passed a quaint little house with a small sign, “Trina Smathers. Chiropractor and Masseuse”. I walked in to learn more. She was with a patient so my dog and I waited a while until she could consult with me.

When her appointment ended, she came out to meet me. I was struck by her immediately. She was tallish, lanky but strong, early to mid forties and with a very pleasant personality. I told her my tale of woe and she informed me that she could squeeze me in at the end of her day and that her fee was between forty and fifty-five dollars, depending upon what she did. Now, this I could afford. I made the appointment and set out to do some errands.

When I returned, she ushered me into her office. Over the next forty-five minutes, she adjusted me in different ways and when she was finished, I felt considerably better than when I walked in. My hand still felt weird but my shoulders were much improved. She asked if I wanted another appointment as there were still areas she wanted to work on and, of course, I agreed. I noticed that as she leaned over her desk, her pretty breasts were open to my view under türbanlı escort her cotton v-necked shirt. They weren’t particularly large but they were nice round handfuls. Her small half-cupped bra revealed the tops of her brown nipples. I took that memory with me as I left her office.

Over the next few weeks, I continued with my appointments. I even cancelled the specialist because I was starting to feel stronger and less uncomfortable I was even sleeping longer periods through the night. Trina and I became more comfortable with each other as we discussed our lives, our families and our pleasures during my visits. We shared musical tastes and I burned cds for her. I learned that her youngest child was a college freshman. I also learned that, like me, she was divorced for eight years. And, like me, she was often lonely, partially due to being an empty nester. I offered to take her to dinner several times and finally she agreed. We had a lovely time together and maintained a professional relationship, although I’m sure she could feel my desire for her growing and sometimes I even considered that she might have reciprocal feelings. Still, I let that part slide and didn’t want to ruin our nice relationship.

Today, as usual, I was her last patient. I arrived in my shorts and t-shirt and slipped of the shirt as I entered the treatment room. I was surprised to see her leaning over adjusting the table. She was wearing cotton drawstring pants and I could make out the thong line beneath the thin pants. As I went to lie down, she asked me to do something I hadn’t done before, she asked me to remove my shorts but to leave on my underwear.

“I want to work your sacrum today, so off with the shorts, Rick.”

“Um…er…well, Trina, I’m not wearing shorts. I’m commando.”

“It really doesn’t matter to me, if you’re okay with it. Actually it might be better because I was considering giving you a massage today, too. We’ll just drape this towel over you.”

“It’s okay. I don’t need the towel.”

I dropped my shorts and turned around to lie on my stomach. She took a look at my cock hanging on my thigh and patted the table, draping the towel over my ass..

Throughout the manipulation, we chatted idly and I felt no discomfort as her hands worked me over. With my head resting in the hole on the table, I knew she was getting an eyeful each time she pulled my legs back.

“Ok, time to turn over. I want to adjust your shoulders now.”

I turned over and as the towel fell to the floor, my semi-erect cock popped straight up.

“I apologize for my dick, Trina, it seems to be doing the thinking for me!”

She laughed, “That’s okay. It’s cute. I haven’t seen one in a while and it looks very nice.”

She walked over and took a good look at and remarked that ümraniye escort she was surprised that my balls were shaved. I explained that several years ago, during sex play, my girlfriend and I shaved each other and that I had become used to the feeling, that I like it and that I continued to keep them bare.

She walked to the head of the table and asked me to take several deep breaths. As I followed her instructions, I caught a whiff of her scent and it was literally breathtaking. As I took my second breath, I leaned my head back a bit and inhaled more of her crotch which was barely six inches away. My cock was now fully erect.

“It looks like you like this,” she said as she placed her hands under my shoulders and worked the scapulae.

“It looks like you do, too. You smell wonderful.”

“It’s only the Oil of Olay soap I use, that’s all.”

“No, I don’t think so, Trina. I’m referring to the scent of your pussy. I think you’re wet.”

“Hmmm…I think you’re right. Here, will this help?”

She let her drawstring pants fall. I leaned back and looked at her pink thong. I had a large damp area that revealed her wispy pubic hair through the material. I took another deep breath as she leaned forward. My nose was touching her panties and the aroma was hearty. I groaned.

“Ok, ok. Just close your eyes and let me work on you.”

I did as she said and let her finish the adjustment. She told me to lie quietly and she would return in a few minutes to massage me. I closed my eyes to relax but my dick would not follow my mental commands.

A few minutes later, Trina returned with a tray of oils she had just warmed. She slipped off her t-shirt and unhooked her bra letting her sweet breasts out.

“You have a great body, Trina. I love your breasts. You look like a goddess standing there in just your thong.”

“I don’t want to ruin my clothes with the oil and I kind of figure that you shouldn’t be naked all by yourself. Now turn over onto your back again, please.”

I rolled over and adjusted my cock so it rested on my belly. She drizzled warm oil onto me and I drifted into a state of bliss as she massaged me. Her strong hands ran from my arms down to my feet. When she was working my legs, she would run her hands up along and between my cheeks. After about fifteen minutes, she instructed me to turn over again.

“I see you’re still hard. Are you uncomfortable?”

“Yes, a little. Still, it’s nothing I can’t live with!”

She giggled, “Oh Rick, you say just the right things! You’re funny.”

She moved to my head and started massaging my scalp. I leaned my head back so my nose rested in the damp crack of her panties. As she moved up and back along my chest, I let my nose slide along her vagina. She was soaking. I reached behind her acıbadem escort and pulled her ass cheeks into my face. She allowed this for a few minutes and then pulled away, heading down to the bottom of the table where she could work my lower body. Each time she ran her hands up along my legs, she avoided my cock. Finally, she had completed the massage. I felt great, better than I had in months.

“And now for the piece de resistance – the happy ending.”

She dripped warm oil onto my cock and began to masturbate me. She seemed fascinated by my hairless nuts.”

“You’re right, these do feel good.” as her oily fingers rolled them around. Her other hand was now rubbing my cock, twisting it and pulling it up and down.

“Trina, you’re going to make me cum soon.”

She lowered her mouth onto me as she continued to massage my balls. Her lips were heavenly as I reached down to cup her breast and roll her nipple between the fingers of my formerly-numb hand. I began to arch my back as she sucked me deeper. She ran a finger along my sphincter and that did it, I began to shoot ropes of cum down her throat. She stroked harder, not letting any of it go to waste. When she was done and my dick began to shrivel, she released me and rolled her palm along my dick.

“Thanks, Rick, I really needed that.”

“Oh no, Trina, I’m the one who should thank you…but I’m not done with you.”

I got up from the table and patted it, “Your turn.”

She lay down on it as I slowly removed her soaked thong . I lifted it to my nose with a long dramatic “Aaaaah” I inhaled her delicious scent.

I moved over to her face and leaned in taking her lips into between mine and tasting my cum while licking her. I then drizzled some oil onto her breasts and began to work the oil in, occasionally pulling a nipple or taking it between my lips. Her eyes were locked on my every movement. As I got down to her pussy, I spread he legs and opened her up to me. Her light wispy hair framed her vaginal lips and my hands worked oil into it and around her ass. Holding both cheeks, I pulled her vagina up into my face and began to lick her from her butthole up to her clit. I made lazy circles around it and she shook. Her trembling increased and I knew she couldn’t last too long. Surely, her nubbin got hard as I sucked it in and she began to moan. Her hips rocked in rhythm with my tongue and I was quickly rewarded with her juices gushing out of her and down her thighs. She gave a few shakes and trembles and she was done. I slowly slid on top of her and we kissed sharing her juice.

We lay for a few minutes until she gave me a gentle push. We got up and threw on our clothes.

“I don’t feel right charging you for today’s session,” she said.

“Then will you let me take you to dinner tonight?”

That was about an hour ago. I just stepped out of my shower and am now getting dressed, although I intend to go commando. I’m picking her up in a half an hour and taking her to the little French bistro by the harbor. Then I intend to take her home to fuck ourselves silly.

And I haven’t felt this good in months.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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