Garrett and I

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“C’mon Garrett.” I moaned, face-down on the couch cushions as Garret thrusted into me from behind. We had both had a long day of classes, and it was finally the weekend. When we got back to the apartment, it was clear what we both wanted.

“Uhh.” Garrett grunted, and bended forward to wrap his arm around my torso, holding us together. “You like that?” His lips were just behind my ear. “Oh yeah. Oh yeah!” I gasped as our bodies pressed together in a fast rhythm. This was the part about sex that I loved; when our breath becomes louder, and our skin starts to heat up and we get hot and sweaty.

I arched my back and pushed my butt up into his pelvis, grinning as he rolls us to the side, and kisses my neck, sliding deeper into me as we spoon. Garrett presses his hand into my abdomen, increasing the sensations of him inside me. “Oh. God I love this!” I cry as we gyrate our hips together, panting. “I love you.”

Garret murmurs to me and kisses me on the cheek before pulling out of me and picking me up. This is one of the things I love about him. He’s sweet and almost shy during the day, but when we have sex, he can switch into an animalistic sex god. He carries me over to our dresser and sets me down onto it, sliding his hands to my thighs, holding them apart.

“Oh baby, I want to please you.” Garret whispers into my neck and slides back into me. I shudder, and wrap my arms around his neck, thrilled to be where I am; in the arms of the man I love, under his lustful control. “Uhh….uhh….uhh…” I gasp as he pushes in and out of me, pushing my legs open, and knocking us against the dresser every time. “Mm, this feels so good.” Garrett grunts and thrusts harder.

I moan and pull his face to mine, kissing him hard. He doesn’t let me break the kiss and we suck each other’s tongues. I don’t even notice that he’s carried me back to the couch until I feel him on top of me and the softness underneath me.

“You’re so beautiful. Oh god, you’re amazing. Uh, god!” Garrett cries and quickens his pace and I start to tremble. “Garrett…” My grip on his shoulders tightens. “I know baby. God! I’m almost there. God, I love when you tighten around me like that.” I can’t stop making sounds, and I thrust my hips up to his, close to the heavenly release. “Harder!” I moan. Garrett grunts and pushes into me harder and I lose it. “Uhh. Uhhh. UHHHH!!!!!!”

I arch my back and jerk as it hits me, my voice going up three octaves. My body clenches around him in waves, and I keep thrusting, full of pleasure. “Oh god, it’s…I’m coming! I’m coming! Gyyuhhhhhhh!!” He grabs my waist and holds me against him, and I can feel his warmth inside me as I finish my own orgasm.

“Mmmm.” I breathe as Garrett collapses onto me, his face buried in my neck. Our breathing starts to slow, and I pull his face up to mine and kiss him softly. “Thank you.” I whisper, and slide my arms around his neck. He chuckles. “No, thank you. Why are we thanking each other?” I giggle, and pull my hair into a ponytail, since it is everywhere and stuck to our hot skin.

“I don’t know. I just don’t want to take this for granted.” Garrett sits up, and pulls me up into his lap. “You think I’m going somewhere?” I shrug. “No, but this is the first relationship I’ve had, and I feel lucky to have you. And your mind-blowing sex.”

He grins, and squeezes my waist. “You think it’s mind-blowing?” I press my body against his and brush my lips on his shoulder. “I know it is. When you start to lose control, I lose control.” My eyes go to the dresser, and Garrett’s face turns a little red. “Too Much?” He smiles sheepishly. “No!” I hook my fingers in his. “Just the perfect amount.”

We kiss each other once more and then get up, stretching our limbs. Garret goes over to the sink and fills a glass of water, gulping it down. “Ooh, I need to shower.” I say, running my hands over my glistening skin. Walking down the hall to the bathroom, I stop outside the door and yank off my bra. “Care to join me?” Garrett smiles, and sips from his glass. “I was planning on it.”

I crank on the water and step into the shower, sliding the glass door closed so the steam will build up inside. The smell of mint fills the shower as I squeeze some shampoo into my hand and work it into my hair, pulling out my hair taksim elit escort tie. A minute later I hear the shower door slide open and closed, and feel Garrett’s arms slide around me.

I giggle, and continue to lather up my hair. “C’mere.” He says, and I feel his hands make their way into my long, soapy locks, washing my hair for me. “Mmmm.” I close my eyes as he massages my scalp, my skin tingling with relaxation.

The warm water feels amazing as it falls over both of us, and goosebumps spread over my body as I make contact with Garrett’s skin. We finish washing my hair and I rinse it out and apply conditioner.

Garrett, being a guy, is already finished showering himself. I start to reach for the body wash, but Garrett turns me around to face him, and goes in to kiss my neck, traveling up to my jawline, and finally to my lips. I clutch his shoulders, and he turns us both around and slowly lays me down on the bottom of the tub, his back shielding me from the spray of water.

I watch as he takes the washcloth hanging on the shower hook and lathers it up with body wash. He leans down over me, supporting himself on his elbows, and I pull his mouth to mine, eager to touch him again.

He runs the washcloth over my collar bone, still kissing me, and slowly down to my chest, circling each breast in a painfully slow rhythm. He moves it down to my stomach, and applies just the right pressure just below my belly button to make me close my eyes, overwhelmed with sensations of him and the running water.

Suddenly, he sits me up, and presses me against him. I run my hands over his chest and press my lips into his collar bone, tasting the water running over his skin, and he runs the washcloth up and down my back. When he’s done, he takes my arm, and slides the washcloth up and down, so slow that it’s driving me a little crazy with feelings.

He washes my hand, my forearm, my elbow, under my arm, up to my shoulder, kissing my hand the whole time. “Garrett…” I whisper out of building desire, and run my fingers through his hair as he repeats with my other arm. I feel Garrett’s arm around my waist and he pulls me to him once more, laying me back down. I crane my neck to kiss him, wrapping my legs around his hips. I need to touch him now.

He smiles and goes in for another kiss, deep and passionate. My pulse is quickening, and I gasp. Garrett presses the washcloth in between my legs, and my back arches instinctively, pushing my hips against his hand. I exhale and let out a quiet moan and I feel him circling it against me, paying special attention to my clitoris.

My arms tighten around his neck, pressing him against me. “Oh god…mmmn…uh!” I whimper as Garrett continues to wash in between my legs. He notices my hips moving a little faster and matches the pace, pushing a little harder. I can feel his thumb against my clitoris through the washcloth, circling firmly, but gentle at the same time.

“Kiss me.” I moan, and he does as I start to buck my hips. “Ohh. Oh!” I squeal, digging my nails into Garrett’s shoulders and I start to orgasm, and he keeps on stimulating me. I go over the edge, and reach down to put my hand on Garrett’s, holding it in place. “Uhh! You’re amazing.” My body shakes, and I gyrate my hips against our hands, full of pleasure.

When I start to relax, my hands fall to my sides, and Garrett runs the washcloth over me, washing away the liquid that has newly dripped out from between my legs. He leans down and kisses my rising and falling stomach, then puts the washcloth back on the hook.

He lifts me back up and we both stand under the running water. His arm around my waist supports me on my unstable legs, knees weak from the orgasm. “You make me feel so good.” I murmur, breathing against his chest, and he turns the water off, pulling a towel around both of us.

I pull on a pair of skinny jeans and slide into a black blazer. Garrett and I are going out with our friends to get dinner and shake off the tough week. As I finish towel-drying my hair, Garrett comes in and sits down on our bed and smiles. “Y’know I am all for staying in tonight and having fun of our own.” I laugh and step into my red pumps. “Me too. But I sooo want to go out. So I think we should taksim escort definitely carry out our plan when we get back.”

I put my hands on Garrett’s shoulders and sit down on his lap, fingering the collar of his jacket. “Mmm, you are so adorable.” I murmur, and kiss him. Then I get up and grab my phone and bag. “Ready?” Garret gets up. “Yes. Lets eat, drink, and be merry.”

We walk through downtown Kalamazoo up to the pub, and spy our friends already at a table inside. The hostess waves us past with a cheery grin, and we walk over to the booth with our friends inside and sit. “Hey look who it is.” Trevor, one of Garrett’s engineering buddies says and claps Garrett on the back.

“Good to see you guys.” He puts his arms out to his side and exclaims, “We made it through the week!” I slide in next to Keisha, Trevor’s girlfriend who is mute, and give her a kiss on the cheek. “Hey Keisha.” She says “Hi girl” in sign language, and we pick up our menus.

We spent the evening laughing, drinking, eating, and unwinding. “So Garrett, how’s it feel to win the internship?” Trevor asked. Garrett’s grades had gotten him a spot with a group of paid interns to engineer for an eco-friendly energy plant for six months. They would spend each day studying efficient ways to turn natural energy into work. This would generate electric, heat, and physical energy.

It would be Garrett’s and six other intern’s jobs to help design the devices that would make this work. He was really excited to start the internship, and I was so proud of him. “It’s damn good. I busted my ass in the weeks leading up to the listings of who got the internship.” “I know!” Trevor chuckled, sipping his beer.

“I didn’t get to see my man for a few weeks, he was working nonstop. The only one who got to see him was you.” Trevor pointed at me, and I blushed. Keisha laughed and raised her eyebrows. Garrett chuckled and shook his head.

“Well she’s got exciting news too. My lady here will be singing with the Kalamazoo symphony in May.” I smile and nudge Keisha. “And this lady will be accompanying me.” Keisha was one of the best pianists in the symphony, and my choir would be singing a classical piece with them.

The rest of the night flies by, and we say goodbye to Keisha and Trevor. Walking back to our car, Garrett takes my hand and whispers in my ear, “I love you.” I stop and step in front of him, walking into his arms. “I love you too. Your are such an amazing and smart person. Now please kiss me.” And he does.

We drive back home, and as soon as we step in the door, Garrett picks me up. I squeal, and he spins me around a few times before gently depositing me onto our bed. I laugh as he removes my high heels, and takes his jacket off. “My, sir, you sure don’t waste any time!” Garrett shakes his head. “Nope. How can I when I have a girl as beautiful as you all to myself?”

I strip down to my bra and underwear and curl up under the covers. “And have me, you do.” I roll over and take a condom off the night table and giggle, trying to be seductive as I hold it in my teeth. “Some time I will make love to you when you are wearing those heels.” Garrett says, keeping his eyes on me as he unbuttons his shirt.

He steps out of his shoes and jeans. I crawl back to the edge of the bed, and pull him down onto it. “You are so mine.” I murmur, and sit on his lap, straddling him. He grins, and tries to put his hands to my cheeks but I take them and put them around behind his back. Giggling, I say, “can’t touch.”

He groans, but doesn’t move his hands. I run my hands up and down his chest, pushing my hips into his lap. I lean in towards his face like I’m going to kiss him, but as he moves his face towards mine, I move back. “You’re terrible.” Garrett says, and I nod. I push him back so he’s lying on the bed, and crawl over him.

Leaning down, I run the ends of my hair along his chest, playing with his nerves. I crawl up a bit more, and rub my pelvis against him, at the same time brushing my breasts against his chin. “I’m gonna go crazy if you keep this up.”

Garrett says, his eyes fixed on my hips. I giggle, and crawl up the bed to sit behind Garrett’s head. Then I bring my lips down and kiss his chest, sucking on his nipples, taksim eve gelen escort his sternum. My breasts brush over his mouth and I can hear his breathing speed up. “Don’t worry love, I’m almost done,” I breathe, and move down to sit on his waist, facing away from him.

Slowly, I pull his boxers down a few inches, and Garrett inhales sharply as I take his now-hard penis in my hand, pulling him out of his boxers. Leaning down, I blow a stream of my breath along him, teasing his very sensitive area. I can feel his muscles tense. Then, taking him in both my hands, I give him a long, gentle stroke.

Garrett sits up behind me and groans in my ear, “C’mon baby.” I look back at him, and see a somewhat pained expression on his face.” I reach behind and find his hands and put them on my breasts, over the lace of my bra. Immediately he starts to massage them. “Ok…” I murmur. “Ravage me.”

I don’t have to tell him twice. He puts his lips to my ear and whispers, “you are so doomed.” I squeal, and he grabs me by the waist and pulls me around, ending on top of me. “I need to make love to you.” He breathes and I put my hands on his butt, pressing his hard-on into my underwear.

“Please.” He reaches over and takes the condom and opens it up. Looking into my eyes, he slides it on. “Give it to me. I’m yours.” I whisper and he positions himself in between my legs and pulls down my underwear. He takes my hands in his, and presses them against the sheets next to my head. I moan in anticipation, and cry out as he pushes himself into me.

Immediately he starts pumping, and I gasp with lust. Every thrust and he’s farther gone, and I’m there with him. We roll over and I ride him, watching his face each time as I push down on him. “God I needed this. I needed you.” He groans and I tip my head back, savoring the feeling of him inside me.

Garrett sits up and wraps his arms around me, pulling our bodies together, and him deeper into me. We grind into each other, feeling each other’s breath on our necks. “You know…” Garret grunts between thrusts. “I saw you blush in the pub today…and it drove me crazy. All I could think about was getting my hands on your body when we got home.”

I bite my lip and smile, running my hands through his hair, feeling him clench in between my legs. “Sometimes I think about having sex with you for the whole day.” I murmur then groan as he slows for a minute, sliding out then in, so slow that it’s causing me to make all kinds of noises. “I think about your lips…” I continue. “And your shoulders….” he groans and pushes my hair from my neck and sucks my skin there.

“And the way you make love to me so hard but every movement is so gentle.” Garret smiles and squeezes my waist. “Is there any other way it should be done?” He slides his thumbs down into my bra and circles my nipples. “God no.” I arch my back, pushing my chest forward, allowing him more access.

When I get this close to Garret, it overwhelms me. Being in the arms of the one you want does that you. I press myself close, against his chest, whimpering with pleasure. I bury my head in his shoulder, and he tightens his grip around me.

We site there, entwined in each other, moving filled with pleasure. My orgasm comes out of nowhere, and I gasp, my fingers clutching Garrett’s chest. My body trembles, and I lean against Garrett, enjoying the feeling as he continues to thrust towards his own release. “Oh god, you look so innocent when you come.” Garrett whispers through gritted teeth, getting closer to coming himself.

I move my hips in a circle, clenching around him, helping him along. “Mmmyeah baby. Keep doing that. Oh god, yes. Just like that.” He groans, pulsing into me faster. I kiss him, loving how one movement of mine can bring him to the edge.

His hands slip down to my butt, cupping it, pushing my hips into his hard. I feel him tensing his muscles, and suddenly he releases. “Uhh!” He closes his eyes, holding me against him hard, and then falls back onto the bed, pulling me down on top of him.

We lay against each other for a long time, and I let out a soft moan as I pull off of Garret, collapsing back onto the bed next to him. “You think we’re addicted to sex?” Garrett jokes softly.

I catch my breathe and say, “no, I think we’re addicted to each other.” Garret turns on his side and kisses me deeply, running his fingers through my tangled hair. We lay there, knowing that we could spend the whole weekend doing this, and the thought elates us. I close my eyes, and move against Garrett’s chest, feeling so lucky to be in love.

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