Fun with Faceless Strangers

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I was 21, and my girlfriend had just decided to break up with me. It happened suddenly: One day out of nowhere she told me that she had met up with a boy she played some online network game with and that they went out for drinks and got a little tipsy and fucked. She went on to describe how amazing she felt.. that he made her feel “full” and that he is the most gorgeous beautiful man she ever met.

I was shocked. I felt deceived, abandoned, unloved, and totally lonely. Dealing with all these feelings the next day I got up, downed a shot of Bacardi and decided that I will get back to her by fucking a guy myself!

I’ve always dated women and I never considered myself gay but I have had some gay fantasies in the past. Looking back, I was just having a moment and was craving love and attention. I wanted to have some fun with something new, and some mental payback. I thought this was the push I needed to finally try out some man on man fun. I always wanted to feel what it was like to get head from another guy.

I drove to the only place I could think of where I thought I could get my dick sucked right away… the adult bookstore. I went there a couple of times before. Once to buy a dildo for my ex girlfriend, and once to buy some porn when I was living with another ex GF and couldn’t jerk off at home.

As I drove into the lot of the adult bookstore, I made a pact with myself… I will get my dick sucked by the end of the day! My hands were shaking… I was nervous… I had never planned anything like that before… it was risky and crazy but incredibly arousing as well. my dick was pressing casino oyna hard through my pants as I was walking into the place and i was shaking and nervous… the woman at the tall counter just looked at me and said hi with a smile. I went right through into the back room with the booths.

The minute I walked through that door, the smell of cum hit me… it literally smelled like a dozen guys had just shot cum all over the floors and walls. I noticed a few older guys standing around in the dark looking me up and down as I walked into the dark room… it made me even more nervous so i went right for the first open booth i could find and closed the door behind me. these booths had lockable doors but they also had gaps.. maybe 1/2″ so people walking in the hallway could see inside if they looked close enough. the lower half of the dividing walls between the booths were cut off below the waste and it felt a little bit open but i put a whole $20 into the slot and gave it a try anyway.

The sound of guys around me touching themselves… jerking and moaning loudly made me feel incredibly horny. The thought of other men having jerked and cum all over the booth i was in drove me crazy with desire. My dick got rock hard as i struggled to lower my pants just a little bit to pull it out. I started jerking to straight porn slowly when suddenly, the guy in the stall next to me stuck his dick through the opening into my booth. I didn’t know what to do… I was so horny and buzzed that i started touching it. i had never touched another persons cock before but it felt interesting.. soft and hard slot oyna at the same time. it was a little bit smaller than mine. he moaned when i started to touch it and i liked to hear that so i started to lick it. I sucked on it and he moaned and moaned some more… then he stopped moaning so i kept sucking hard and fast until i felt something fill my mouth… he had cum all inside my mouth… i spit it out into my hand and felt it.. it was warm. I wiped it on my own dick and used it as lube… wow this was the first blowjob i ever gave… and it was quick.

I heard him zip up and leave, leaving me hard, horny, and feeling used with cum dripping down from my chin onto the floor. I loved the humiliating feeling but I wanted something else.. I wanted to cum in a guys mouth. So I got back up and pulled my pants down some more. I turned sideways to show off my hard dick to the guys walking down the hallway hoping someone would see it and come into the booth next to me and suck my dick.. feeling hopelessly horny i even switched the porn on the screen to gay porn, the video playing was some guy fucking another guy doggy style.. that’s when i suddenly felt a hand feeling up my ass cheeks. The guy in the booth on my left probably got the wrong idea and started to pull me closer to the stall wall and licked me all over my asshole and spit/tongued/fingered my asshole for what seemed to be a half hour.

His hands were older looking (guessing he was in his 50’s) and it grossed me out but it also felt so good i couldn’t stop it. He gradually went up to two fingers and it hurt a little but he eased them canlı casino siteleri in after a while. I was really enjoying it and close to cumming just from that when I suddenly felt a SHARP pain stretching my asshole open. I thought it was 3 fingers until I realized he had put the head of his dick in my asshole and he was going deeper and deeper. I jerked forwards to get off of him and told him STOP it HURTSS! He pulled me back towards him and said ‘wait.. wait.. i’m almost done’ and kept holding me back and fucking into my asshole with light quick jerks until he shot all his cum into my ass… he pulled out quickly, zipped up, and left. I was bent over… on my knees and head against the floor.. my ass burning… cum dripping down my legs.. I felt humiliated and hurting but I LOVED it.

A couple minutes later I got back up, trying to clutch my asscheeks back together, licking some of the come off my fingers, I realized i was still hard as a rock. I put another $5 into the machine and decided to attempt to accomplish my original goal… I started beating off to a ebony girl sucking off a guy standing in front of him… thats when someone in the booth on my right stuck their hand through the booth and started feeling my balls. I started getting even h harder as he started jerking me off. I pulled over to the booth wall and stuck my dick through.. he took it all the way into his mouth and deep throat me. I fucked his mouth for about 30 seconds while watching that porno and came THE HARDEST i’ve ever came in my entire life… i unloaded all that cum into his mouth and i could hear him gag and spit it all out on the floor.

I said thanks and I zipped up and I left… limping away to my car. I decided to sleep off the booze a few hours and drove off home alone… with my ass hurting and the taste of a stranger’s cum in my mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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