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Through the steamy clouds you emerged and stood outside the stall with beads of water dripping from your corpulent frame. Looking at me you gave a barely perceivable nod to your head that beckons me forward.

I walked towards you naked with a large pile of warm thick towels in my hand. I then began to meticulously dry you. Gently patting your hair to get the excess water removed I turn my attention next to your shoulder blades. Each arm also is dried with loving care and efficiency.

I slipped the towel between your full heavy buttocks and get each drop of moisture. My hands quivered as I caressed your full figured body with the towel. After drying your magnificent thighs you moved to the bench by the wall and sat on the warmed towel that I placed there.

You settled on the bench and spread your thighs widely so I could finish the drying process. Gingerly I dried your face as you gazed at me with your sparkling emerald eyes and murmured how well you were enjoying the attention. My heart beat a little faster as I continued drying your breast and watched as each nipple hardened under my gentle handiwork.

Kneeling before your pussy I paused to look. You opened your thighs even further, a playful tease. I wanted to plunge my face directly into your inviting cunt, but controlling myself I returned to the task at hand drying the rounded wonderfulness of your belly. This was done slowly I wanted to savor every moment of this devotion. I felt the roundness under the thick towel and became more enthralled with your erotic charms. Yet the temple of your pussy calls for my attention.

I dried each thigh and worked down each leg stroking each heavy calf in turn. I focused on each toe individually and you rewarded me with a rubbing of my awakening penis. I had to stop, such was the pleasure, as you tickled by balls with your right foot and used your left sole to slowly excite my dick. It was torture because there was so much more to do.

You giggled and ordered me to dry your exposed pussy. Without delay I complied drying your beautiful Mon and dark pubic hair. I smelt your sex and it was having the effect of enslaving me more to my BBW Goddess. I only wished to serve you well and please as best I can.

“I think that’s enough for now.” You announced and this ended the first part of tonight’s session. Rising to your feet you tug on my erect penis and lead me to the next room holding my tight scrotum in your hand.

You lead me down the corridor to our next destination. In contrast illegal bahis to the white tile of the bathroom this room is a hall of mirrors. They line the walls and are on the ceiling. All the lighting is indirect; so despite the reflecting surfaces the glare is at a minimum.

I wait quietly at your side as you take a comb off the table and begin to comb your still wet hair. Finishing that you climb upon the masseuse table positioned in the center of the room and lie on your belly. “You can start now!” you command.

I surveyed your regal form as I pour the unguent into the palm of my hand. Slowly applying the thick heavy scented oil I worked a generous amount in the space between your shoulder blades. At first the motion is slow as the heat of my hands and your skin warms the oil. You bend your neck so I can massage it better and soon your daily tension is released.

Working down your right arm I deeply rub the deltoid enjoying the feel of your heavy flesh. As I continued my tactile worship you gazed at the mirrored wall and can see my cock is rigid and throbbing. Your eyes surveyed my body…thin,..6 foot 2 inches…my uncircumcised erection waving in the air awaits the opportunity to complete the ritual of total worship.

My hands tremble as I continue the work. I also watch. The mirrors afford me a splendid chance to feast my eyes on your wonderfully plump body. You are so delicious. I marvel at your wide hips as I applied more oil to their broad expanse. I do not neglect any part of your skin as I skillfully massage the fat, heavy buttocks.

“Ohhh!” you gasped as I move a well-lubricated finger into your ass and very gently rotate it. The tension continued to melt away and you become even more relaxed. The odor of your cunt begins to invade my nostrils as tiny drops of your pussy’s juices drip down your inner thigh.

“That’s wonderful James” you purred. “Simply wonderful.”

“Anything to please you, my Goddess.” I replied as I work on the other buttock.

I’m not sure when it first happened to me, but I get the greatest sexual kick by the simple task of massaging a BBW’s body.

That part of foreplay is incredibly stimulating to me. And I know it is because I have a real innate talent for this type of thing. Not to mention the feedback I gotten over the years. It is, to me, a real labor of love.

You shifted your body to get more comfortable and spread your legs further apart. While working on your thighs I have an almost unobstructed view of your illegal bahis siteleri labia. You continue to watch me to see how I react to your purposeful move. I linger longer on your thighs and let my hands adore your skin making it glisten as I pour more of the perfumed oil on to your body.

I’m breathing deeper now as I shifted to the other thigh. Back and forth the pressure is applied. Soon I begin to visit your heavy calves and devote much time to them. I kiss the inside of your right foot on the insole and you giggle musically. This was after all my goal to distract your from the world for a time where your are the queen of your realm and all your needs and desires are met as quickly and as thoroughly as possible.

“Hey lover how’s it going?” you asked. The toes of your feet caress my tight ballsack and I must stop and lean on the able as you continue my reward with your foot play.

“Oohh God! Mona that’s so good…so goood!” I watch in the mirror as you rub my erection with the full length of your foot. I know if you go on I will erupt.

Sensing my imminent orgasm you stop. “I think you need to finish the massage.”

“Surely!” I reply and continue the work at hand.

I kiss your other foot after it’s massage and suck the toes causing a shower of giggles from you. “Why don’t you work on the front now?” You suggested with a sly grin.

Rolling onto your back you spread your legs wide. Pussy juice has leaked on your thigh and the spot shines like a lustful beacon.

The oil is poured into the valley that lies between your breast. Rivulets raced in many directions. I watched fascinated as I tip the vial and more of the perfumed unguent splashes on your body .It oozed over your arms, belly, thighs and pubes. I sprawl on top of you and use myself as an applicator spreading the lotion over and around you till we are shiny and glistening.

Finding my mouth close to yours I licked your pouting lips and probe your mouth with my tongue. The velveteen smoothness of our tongues glided over one another and waltzed in a perfect rhythm. A constant rubbing of our bodies causes our nipples to harden heightening the erotic tension.

You grasp my shoulders and push me down towards your waiting pussy. Lifting your legs you lie them across my shoulders and say, “Eat me now!”

After kissing your inner thighs I nuzzle your oil drenched Mon. Then I insert my tongue between your labia and move until I arrived at your swollen clit. Pushed out of it’s protective canlı bahis siteleri hood the pink pearl of your lust demands oral worship. At once I begin.

You arched your back and moaned as I use all my powers of oral erotic persuasion to drive you to your fulfillment. Breathing becomes more erratic as you soared towards your orgasmic end. “Ughhh….OHHH!” You screamed as the orgasm racked through your psyche. Then just as abruptly you pushed me away from the center of your pleasure unable to take any further stimulation.

I rested my head upon your rounded belly and rubbed my cheek gently in a circular motion. Rotating my body, my erection now lies near your left shoulder. As you relax from the orgasm your fingers play with my pubic hair. First you run them through like a comb pulling gently through my nest. Then you tickled the area between my inner thigh and my scrotum. Finally you press my thigh back indicating that you want me to lie on my back.

Straddling my face you lower your meaty buttocks down onto my nose and mouth. Then you rock you hips brushing my entire face with your oiled pussy and your dripping sex juices. Grasping my erection you squeezed hard and pre cum dribbled out of my reddened glans. With your free hand you pulled my ballsack as you continue to jack me off.

I’m in heaven my BBW Goddess has my manhood firmly in her control while she smothers me with her dripping cunt. I can hardly breathe but I don’t care. I feel my approaching climax.

“Yes! That’s it my pet you can have some pleasure now.” You watch with some fascination as the speed of your hand increased it’s motion and the engorgement of my cock causes the veins to stand out.

The spasm hits my groin as I push my pelvis into the air. You bear down harder on my face smothering my nose and mouth with your oily cum sodden cunt. I licked you as best I can trying to concentrate on your pleasure while writhing with my own.

White sperm globs shoot and land on my abdomen and your inner thighs. I’m ecstatic my deepest fantasy has just cum true. That’s when my ministrations to your cunt-temple cause the second orgasm to rip through you.

You lay gasping after the climax. Your body is still on top of me with your face inches from my erect, but spent dick. I’m able to breathe now since you shifted to this position and I await your next request.

You hold my prick and place it in your mouth. Leisurely licking the glans clean and feeling my cock soften as you suck. “Clean my pussy with your tongue my pet.” You commanded. Then you continued the languid oral play.

I carefully and softly do as you desire. Pleasant moans tell me that you are pleased with my work. This session has come to an end. What will you wish for our next encounter?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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