From Sticky Period to Fulfilment

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Tuesday morning at about 9.30 was usually the time unless they changed it. When that happened I often got no warning; so they would turn up take me into a room and just take my pants down. I had to undergo this official inspection every week. Sometimes they would come and do a spot check which could be a bit embarrassing.

I had just turned 21 and it was a couple of years since that encounter with Fernandez the boxer and this was back home so at least no one knew about that. And I was trying to get back to gymnastics because things had got a bit complicated. You know after my failed attempts to take secret pics of those trannies in the shower; well it was Mandy to be exact. She got really angry at first then took advantage of me and that’s how I got sort of compromised. I mean I couldn’t stop them really because they outnumbered me. And I just don’t have that sort of physique when it comes to defending myself physically.

But I can do gymnastics because I’m quite light and that’s the trouble, those sort of sex hormones made me put on weight a bit. It was things like …well.. I have more than men normally do, sort of where their teats are but I’ll come to that later.

Anyway the club wanted me off drugs, whatever they were, if was going to compete. I mean there was no hiding what had happened to me as my state of affairs was quite obvious. Actually I didn’t mind all that much. It certainly attracted a lot of attention from the guys and strangely from some of the girls too. I just wanted to get fit and try to loose some weight but it was difficult because, as guys kept telling me, it was not fat that was making me heavier, it was a sort of change to my whole body.

The authorities were starting to get strict about gender after some female athletes were accused of being men. And now some feminists were saying it wasn’t fare just to test them. What about ‘effeminate guys’ and all that.

I didn’t mind it all too much personally but it was a bit difficult to explain things to the other guys. I think it was the girls who spilt the beans in the end.

“So what do they do to you in there?” Jason had asked. He was one of a bunch of weight lifters who seemed to take a lot of interest in me.

“It’s sort of routine really you know, they insist on once a week so you know it’s some thing I just have to do and …”

Jason cut me off “Hey! what actually happens, I mean well..” he looked round and grinned at several others who were crowding round. “I mean do they do some sort of inspection or something or er.. ‘examination’ that’s the word I was looking for”.

“Do they make you take your pants down?” Grant is such a huge powerful guy he sort of overpowers me.

“Must be fucking interesting! Yea what do you reckon? especially with him getting periods and all that sort of thing!”

“Hey shut up Jack that’s just a rumour, we don’t know if it’s true, give him a chance man!” Jason had sprung to my defence.

To be honest I actually liked these occasions although some of them could be quite intimidating but the conversation had never gone this far before. Perhaps it was stupid of casino siteleri me to take them up about my periods but I felt I had to set the record straight or the rumours would get even wilder!

“I mean I don’t really know what some people have been saying but well … you know” I hesitated as I had talked myself into trouble. “Yea well it wouldn’t be possible for me would it? I mean…”

“You mean what?” interrupted Grant. He had his arms folded in a way that emphasised the power of his pectorals and naturally he was stripped to the waist but the bulge in his sports short was fearsomely obvious. Grant was excited about me and I suddenly felt myself wanting him. I just couldn’t help it!

“Look I don’t get this! You let them come and do all this to you; why the hell do you let them do it?” Jason exclaimed. He was trying to assert himself over Grant then this woman’s voice piped up from behind them.

“They have to check out his willy don’t they as well as his boobs” she said turning away and shading her eyes but then her friend added “It’s his bum they’re interested in. They’ve got to look up him and do some tests you see” This one called Shirley, a pole vaulter, was very feminist, she just stood there flicked her hare and maintained a sort defiant and confident look. Then she put came forward and put a hand on my arm saying “No offence darling!”

“So what do you think they’ll find up his bum unless they’re worried about his getting fucked and I don’t know what that has to do with this bunch of busy bodies.” Jason insisted.

“It’s not that! It’s those feminizers; are you blind? Don’t tell me you hadn’t noticed his swollen boobs! He hasn’t been injecting anything. They put it up his ass silly! And it doesn’t show up in ordinary drug tests, does it?!” Shirley was enjoying trying to embarrass the guys but I guessed it only made them more excited.

Then the girls suddenly looked away as Grant pushed forward very aggressively. He had a huge bulge in his shorts. He came closer to me now and in front of the others grabbed my bare arm and looked me very firmly into my eyes.

“Look here we need to get to the bottom on this period business once and for all!” Everyone started laughing at the unintended pun. “OK! OK! If you don’t have a cunt then what have you got in front? Or is it all round the back?” the laughing continued. Suddenly I felt I didn’t care, perhaps I could call their bluff.

“OK I’ll take my pants down right here if you like and you can all have a good look” I offered putting my thumbs under the elastic.

It did take some by surprise and Jason suggested I should be left alone but I could see they were all excited now including Jason himself.

I had never done it quite like this before. I got a huge thrill out of seeing their eyes going down to my genitals as I very deliberately lowered my pants down to my knees so they could see everything. Then they all sort of tried to push in alongside me. And Oh Wow! At that point it all started happening; one guy was groping my balls another squeezing my cock. It was all so sudden! And I gave me a hell of a trill. Oh slot oyna man! Then there was a hand on my buttocks; that was so exciting. I knew something was about to happen and hey! didn’t it!

Jason has pulled his pants down too forced my head forward towards his huge rigid cock. I felt the heat of it on my check just before I took him in my mouth and starting working my tongue around his knob. Jason was groaning now but that wasn’t even half the story! Things were happening behind. I felt my buttock being pulled apart. For me it is the ultimate excitement when guys start taking an interest in my bottom. The inspections were done mostly by women with men looking on but, oh yea! I felt this finger exploring my hole. This was it!

“So he’s got a cock after all” remarked Jack who was by now feeling me all around my genitals. “I think he’s got balls too but they’re very small.”

“So is his dick! Look at it, you couldn’t fuck a chic with that!” remarked Doug who had his hands suggestively on his elastic as if he was about to strip down.

“Nothing wrong with his ass though wow! Look at his cherry it’s all sticky. It’s like he’s been putting cream in his hole” Grant was fingering me as he said it. “So this is what your periods are all about is it? It certainly makes it easier for us eh lads?” When Grant ripped his pants off I had to catch my breath. I had never seen such a huge and powerful cock in my life.

“He wants it! He needs it!! And he’s going to fucking get it!!! Let’s get to work!” Jason tried to restrain him but Grant had already grabbed me. I could do nothing. I just felt this sharp pain as re rammed his cock into my boy-cunt. Everyone gasped as they watched him sink his massive ramrod deep into my bottom. He felt so fucking huge!! It was like a great big piston pumping me. He was right up my rectum now.

And it was all so public right in the middle of the gymnastics area. I could hear the girls giggling but all I could think of was Grant’s massive meat inside me. He was fucking me so hard now, really ramming my ass and stuffing me harder and harder. I was made to bend over and support myself on a vaulting horse. But he had taken complete control of me in every way. He stabbed his knob into my internal gland. Oh Wow! Grant had such a supremely hard dick! It felt so hard and firm like his bulging muscles.

Shirley’s friend had a video camera and was zooming in on my bottom to get close ups when a bunch of stewards arrived and tried to order us all off the premises.

There was a lot of shouting and arguing but not before Grant shot a great flood of fuck fluid right up my rectum. I got this fabulous feeling as he spurted his spunk deep into my bowels. One of these stewards just stood there with his mouth open aghast as Grant completed his fertilisation of my bottom. I noticed he too had a hard on by the end of it.

When Grant eventually withdrew his dick it was like a long fat hose pipe, all pink and slimy from servicing my boy-cunt. We all went to the changing rooms on the orders of the those stewards as Jason insisted we had to be given time to change.

Doug was next, canlı casino siteleri he literally swept me off my feet and lay me down on a low table of spaced boards meant to keep shoes off the floor..

“Get some clothes to put under him!” Jason shouted while two others Eric and Sam fetched them over but Doug was already up me. Oh fuck! where do I get more superlatives?!! His cock was long and curved and thick enough to let me know there was another real man inside me.

There was no time to get the clothes under me. It was uncomfortable but when you have someone like Doug up your ass you don’t think of that! I was on my back and he was looking deep into my eyes. His manliness showed in his strength of character as well as his physique. All was quiet and you could hear a sort of sticky sound as he shafted my ass hole with his super streamlined dick. He was on target with my gland every time. I sensed these thrilling surges going through me somewhere deep inside my rectum.

After he whispered something in my ear about getting some manliness into me then he powered up like hell. I could see all his muscles tense up and his biceps were bulging as he suddenly let go. It felt like a tidal surge as he pumped his spunk into me. Oh how I loved him at that moment. This huge powerful man was shooting his virility straight up my bottom!

Jason was next; he was on top of me in no time. I had wanted to suck his cock but as soon as Doug pulled out Jason drove his fuck pole deep into my bum hole. He was screwing me round and round inside and I felt his pubic hairs against my buttocks. Jason had another way of fucking altogether. Eric and Sam were both presenting their cocks and I was trying to take both in my mouth but Jason’s fucking was driving me crazy. I don’t know what he was doing to me; I really don’t! But something happened. It was like I got this massive spasm. It had gripped me somewhere deep inside my rectum.

I can’t quite recall what happened next as I almost chocked on cum which Eric and Sam delivered into my mouth while Jason seemed to be douching me inside like a power hose. There was spunk everywhere! I had the greatest fuck of my life!

Oh yea and the steward, I think he was called Andy, he did me straight after. I remember he just took his pants down and didn’t remove his shirt. Perhaps he was afraid his physique would not compare with the others. But I can tell you there was nothing wrong with his virility! What a fuck he gave me too!!

After that we all agreed to keep things more discrete in future and it seemed like the end of the day’s session. But not so! Shirley stepped forward sporting this huge strap-on and ordered the guys to hold me down while she “did a proper job of me”.

I’ve got to say it was embarrassing in front of all the guys. It really is humiliating even for a sissy boy like me. Actually the guys just stood around discussing football. But they stayed on to see I was OK while Shirley was unrelenting and pounded my ass for a full quarter of an hour while telling me what a wimp I was between puffing to catch her breath. Eventually she stopped when Andy started getting insistent.

As for me? Oh boy! I just felt utterly fucked up! But you could say ‘fulfilled’ quite literally I guess!

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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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