Forbidden Passions Pt. 02

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I spent the whole weekend thinking about that kiss, how much I hated myself for doing it and how much I hated myself for enjoying it so much, I didn’t speak or text her that whole weekend but she was all I thought about. As Sunday evening drew to a close she sent me a message asking if I was alright because she hadn’t heard from me at all since our meet, I said I was fine and that I was just a little taken aback by the way events were unfolding, she told me that she understood as she was feeling the same way and also that the kiss had overshadowed her thoughts all weekend too. I was relieved to hear this and I really wanted to see her again but I couldn’t see how I could make that happen, I waited for her to suggest it but no suggestions came. We finished our conversation and just went in to Monday as normal, both of us were at work and we never spoke during the day, but today would be entirely different. Around mid morning she contacted me saying she was having a rough day, her boss was giving her hell as she had made a few mistakes, she jokingly blamed me for these due to the fact that the kiss was the main culprit of the distraction, I told her that I too was struggling to focus today as she was all I was thinking about, she asked if I would be giving her another story tonight so I replied saying I’d think about it, I liked the idea off teasing her for a bit first.

I left work earlier than usual that day and instead of heading home I went straight to the park and to I took a picture of our bench from my car, I sent this to her with a tease of “can you guess where I am?” She replied instantly and told me she was on her way. About 10 minutes later she pulled up, she got out of her car and leant against the door staring at me, she looked slightly apprehensive, my hands were shaking, my face broke out into a nervous smile, I tried to compose myself as best I could before getting out of my own car and heading towards her, I’m still not 100% sure I managed that but I got up and walked over to her. She shook her head saying that she thought this was a bad idea, I agreed but went straight in for the kiss.

My knees were shaking but I didn’t care, her lips felt so soft pressed against my own as our tongues entwined, my hands ran up her back and through her hair as we continued to breath heavier and heavier as we were being swept up in the moment. She pulled at my shirt, half trying to push me away and half trying to pull me closer, I moved my hands under her blouse to dig my nails into her back and as i did this she thrust her crotch towards me and began to grind against my leg, my cock was getting harder by the second and soon I didn’t care that we were in a public area, I wanted this woman! I slid my hand down and began to rub her pussy through her work trousers, her knees buckled slightly at my touch and she grabbed my shoulders to steady herself, she gasped as I began to stimulate her and looked at me with the same intensity as she did that first night, she moved her hand behind my head and pulled me into another deep passionate kiss.

We decided that we should move this somewhere safer, she told me to follow her back to her place as it wasn’t that far away, I was soon racing through the streets behind her with thoughts of how this was going to go and then the seeds of doubt started to creep in, should I really continue with this? would we get caught in the act? what would happen if my friend found out? We reached our destination and as i got to her door she was waiting to open it, we didn’t speak, she led me upstairs to her apartment and unlocked the door, I walked in and proceeded to sit myself down on her sofa. It was a nice place, very well decorated and it matched her personality perfectly, this was clearly her home and her comfort zone. anadolu yakası escort She stood by the doorway as I complimented her decor before turning back to staring at me, she repeated that this was a bad idea but at that point I didn’t care, I nervously stood up and crossed the room to her, I was staring into her eyes deeply as I moved towards her, she once again opened her arms to me and we kissed.

It was a hungry lustful kiss, I threw her jacket off her shoulders as she pulled at my shirt again, without stopping for anything she began to drag me down her hall towards her bedroom, I threw my own coat on the floor as we continued to kiss while we stumbled through her apartment. Once we reached the bedroom we lowered ourselves into her bed, our hands were just running wild over each others body, we clearly both wanted this and we wanted it bad. She began to remove my shirt and started to unbuckle my jeans, as soon as they were off she grabbed my throbbing cock and gave it a squeeze, it felt like it hadn’t been touched in so long, it felt really fucking good.

I pulled her top off and removed her bra with the usual clumsiness of men before throwing her back down on the bed, I kissed my way down her neck and teased her nipples with my tongue, her breasts were perfect, not too big, not too small and they had such pert stiff nipples too. I kissed my way down her midriff and then began to remove her trousers, she was breathing heavily and running her hands through her hair in anticipation of my expert tongue, I slowly peeled off her sexy white lace panties to expose her already soaking wet pussy, I couldn’t wait to taste her, I pulled her lips apart and ran my tongue over her clit, she immediately began to buck her hips wildly, she tasted so sweet and every so often I would poke my tongue inside her pussy to truly send her over the edge.

Just as she began to climax I slid two fingers inside her and immediately started to massage her g-spot, this made her orgasm much more intense and she was soon moaning loudly in pleasure, she pulled my head up to face her and she kissed me hard on the lips, fuck me she exclaimed! I didn’t need a second invite, I thrust my cock deep inside her and groaned at how good it felt, the fact that was wrong made it feel so much better, I couldn’t get over how hot this woman was, she was gagging for me to fuck her and I was more than happy to facilitate. We stayed in the missionary position until she came again and I decided I wanted to enjoy show her perfect ass a bit more appreciation, so I flipped her around into the doggie position so I could fuck her hard from behind.

The first thing I did was slap that magnificent ass cheeks, she squealed in delight at this so I gave her a few more to which she looked back at me over her shoulder and bit her lip, this look was absolutely insatiable, I couldn’t control myself when she looked at me in that way, so I roughly pulled her ass cheeks apart and hammered my cock hard inside her, the sensation of me fucking her this way was having the desired effect, her breathing became heavier and more erratic, her body was trembling all over and she was moaning so loudly that the neighbours would be complaining soon. This felt so good and it wasn’t long before I would finish so I pushed her shoulders down on the bed and just slammed myself into her as hard as I could for about 10 more thrusts before I pulled my cock out and covered her ass and back in my cum.

We both remained in that position, panting heavily for a few minutes, we both clearly enjoyed it as much as each other but I’m pretty certain we were both thinking the same thing, my cock was still pressing against her ass so I slid it back and forth a few times ataşehir escort to drain the last of my gum over her and then deliberately teased it past her pussy to give her one final jolt of excitement, she laughed and sat up with a cheeky grin on her face. We stayed silent for a short while just looking at one another before she broke the silence by asking me if I was ok? I replied that I was fine but I think she knew my mind was in all kinds of turmoil. I had just betrayed my best friend by sleeping with his girl, it was bad enough I was messaging her and meeting up with her in secret but this was a whole different level, at the same time I was staring at her and thinking how beautiful she was and that the sex we just had felt incredible, at this thought I couldn’t help myself and I leant in to kiss her again, to my relief she kissed back.

I slowly got up and started to get dressed as she began removing her bed sheets, I jokingly apologised for making a mess and we both laughed. As I was about to leave I kept turning to face her and pull her in an embrace, I literally couldn’t jeep my hands off her and I also didn’t want this to be a one off but I tested the water anyway by saying that this probably shouldn’t have happened and that it got a little out of control, she agreed but there was something in her eyes that told me this would happen again. I kissed her sweet lips one last time before making my way back to my car. My drive home was a series of flashbacks of what had just occurred as well as the look on her face when we talked, I don’t even recall pulling into my driveway let alone how I navigated through town. I sent her a message one last time that night stating that it was great but we should probably just go cold turkey and stop texting each other so that we didn’t do it again. Once again she agreed but at the end of her text she added “we’ll see who caves first”.

The following day began with me still thinking about the night before, it was going to be a long day if I was going to manage to not speak to her, I think I secretly knew I was going to fail miserably at this cold turkey thing and fail I did. I got as far as lunchtime before I messaged her telling her that I was thinking about her constantly and that I wanted to improve on my previous performance as I felt nerves spoiled it a bit, she told me that she was nervous too and that she enjoyed it bit was curious to know how much better it could be. I always went to the gym with work colleagues on this day and to not invite any questions or assumptions I still went along, as soon as I got out I told her I was coming over, her reply was simply “I can’t wait x.”

I eagerly packed up my gear and drove at speed to her place, as soon as she opened the door I grabbed her waist, pushed her back against her wall and kissed her, she gave a sharp intake of breath at this due to the surprise and at the intensity of my hunger for her. I pushed her door closed with my foot as I continued to kiss her deeply, I ran my hands down the length of her arms until I got to her wrists, I gently grabbed them and pulled them up above her head pinning them there, I noticed her coat hooks were just next to us and that there was a scarf hanging from it, I pulled my lips away from hers and stared deep into her eyes, I gave her a few more teasing kisses to her lips before reaching over and taking the scarf, with a sly smirk on my face I proceeded to tie her hands in the same position they were in and attach the scarf ends to the coat hook so she was bound in that position, she was now at my complete control.

I removed her clothes to reveal a stunning white lace underwear set that she looked amazing in and she watched me breathlessly as I begin to run my hands all over ümraniye escort her body, I took in every detail of her figure and traced every curve with my fingers, she twitched excitedly as I stroked her pussy through her underwear. I started to kiss her neck as she bucked towards me desperate to feel more but I enjoying the tease too much, I knew she would love this after her reaction to my fantasy story. I kissed my way down her body, making sure that i tantalised every one of her erogenous zones, I removed her bra and caressed her perfect breasts before licking and biting her nipples to make them erect, they hardened almost instantly as my tongue flicked over them, she began to moan and I sensed that she was getting wetter and wetter. I slide my hand down to her underwear again and felt the heat coming from her pussy, I got down on my knees and slid her panties off leaving her fully naked and exposed at my mercy.

I slowly began to tease her pussy with my tongue, she arched her back as i explored every part of her and flicked my tongue over her clit. I could never get tired of going down on this amazing pussy, she tasted so good and the noises she made kept spurring me on to satisfy her more and more. I slide a finger inside her and her knees almost buckled as she came just from this alone, I added another one and began to massage her g-spot, she enjoyed this technique last time and she was certainly loving it again now as she was screaming to be fucked and biting her lip so hard I thought she might draw blood. She exclaimed how much she loved the sensation of me fingering her and how I have made her cum so many times already just with this and then when I added my tongue to the mix she nearly passed out from the intense climatic explosion. I felt like she had waited long enough for me now as she was delirious with lust and begging me to satisfy her desire so I pull out my cock and gently rubbed it against her dripping pussy, she leant towards me trying to force it in but this is not what I wanted. I unhooked her bound hands and then turned her to face the wall, she knew what was coming and she bent over expectantly sticking her curvy delicious ass out towards me, it was so inviting that I wasted no time and slid my cock inside her. With only a few strokes she came again. I pushed my cock in upto the hilt and pressed my body firm against herss, she leant her head back to face me and I kissed her passionately.

I decide to take this up a notch so I pulled out of her and ran my hand up her back pressing her away from me and bending her over a little more, I slapped her ass hard, she screamed as I did this, she really was enjoying the feeling of being dominated and being under my complete control, I slapped her ass again and she bucked backwards towards me so I grabbed hold of your waist firmly and begin to roughly fuck her harder from behind, she gave up trying to control her pleasure and she began to moan, groan and scream as loud as she could, “fuck me, fuck me, this feels so fucking good” she yelled. The fact that she was enjoying this so much buildt up my own orgasm, with a few more heavy thrusts i felt her pussy walls tighten around my cock as she bagan to cum again and just as she did I pulled my cock out and shoot my hot cum all over her ass again. We stood like this for a few moments, both our legs were shaking, our breathing was laboured but relaxed, i put my arms up and undid her bonds, she nearly collapsed to the ground as her legs gave way as she was utterly spent in orgasmic pleasure, I carried her through to her bedroom and lay her down on the bed, I then lay next to her and took her cheek in my hand and kissed her gently.

I left her place that night without a care in the world, I had just had the best sex of my life and I really hoped she felt the same way, there was no talking, it was pure carnal lust and animal passion from the moment I stepped through her door she was my forbidden goddess and I was wanting more already. I came to realise then that the rabbit hole we had both fallen down wasn’t showing signs of coming to an end anytime soon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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