For His Entertainment

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~Courtesy of Adam Lambert’s “For your Entertainment”
Do you know what you got into
Can you handle what I’m ’bout to do
‘Cause it’s about to get rough for you
I’m here for your entertainment…
I bet you thought that I was soft and sweet
You thought an angel swept you off your feet
But I’m about to turn up the heat
I’m here for your entertainment …
I’m gonna work it ’til your totally blown…

As I slide my hands over my body massaging in the fragrant lotion, I think about the upcoming evening. My nipples are already hard thinking about what is coming. I’ve never done anything like this before and yet I’ve fantasized about it for days. It’s so funny really, as nervous as I am you’d think he was actually going to be here with me, touching me. No, tonight I’m going to be there just for him…for his viewing pleasure.

I take the few moments to secure my hair with pins, just enough so that I can easily run my hands up through it and it will fall. I can just imagine the looks that I will get with my hair teasing the tops of my breasts as I undress for him. I slide my panties up my legs, already imagining his face when I turn my back to him. He loves my ass, and the black thong will really make his mouth water. Turning back to the mirror, I begin hooking my corset. He’s already seen it, I really enjoyed taking pictures of myself to tease him. The deep rose color against my skin, my breasts rising up over the top of the corset. Once again, I’m dressed in my beautiful lingerie just for his viewing pleasure.

I toss my robe on and cinch it closed as I gather the few items that I’m going to need for my “show” tonight. My laptop is already set up on my vanity, my webcam up and waiting. I have my special toy that he’s been curious about ready and waiting. Tonight, I’m going to pleasure myself and imagine it’s his body that I’m using to do it. As I wander around my room, I set my stage with music and candles. As the minutes tick by, I grow anxious waiting to hear the tell tale chime that you’ve joined me in our video chat. While I wait for you, I lay back on the bed leaning against the headboard. With my eyes closed, I can imagine you laying next to me with your fingers stroking my breast just above the corset or your hand running up my leg. My own hands trail up my body to cup my breasts over my robe, feeling the silky texture of my robe. I slip my hand inside my robe so that I can run my fingers over my breast where I imagine your hands would be. My other hand slides down by body, just over my panties. I can already feel the heat. My legs are bent at the knee, and my hand is sliding back and forth over my panties. As my excitement builds, my finger slides just under the band of my panties. My skin is so smooth, and my finger slides just between my pussy lips. I’m already wet, and I as my finger circles my clit I hear the chime as he joins me in chat. “Couldn’t wait for me?” he asks.

I shift in the bed, turning to put my feet on the floor. “You were taking too long to get here” I responded. tuzla escort I walked over and stopped just in front of my laptop, I tugged on the belt of my robe leaving it open just enough for him to see a little bit of what I was wearing.

“You’re not going to show me what I’ve been waiting for? I’ve been thinking about it all day.” he asks.

With a slow smile, I open my robe. “Look familiar? I seem to recall that you enjoyed the pictures.” I slide the robe slowly over my shoulders and down my arms as I turn my back to the camera. I glance over my shoulder as I drop the robe slowly down my back, and as it gets my ass I let it hang for just a moment before letting it drop to the floor. As I glance back I can see his eyes widen as he takes in the full view. I lean over to pick up the robe, making sure to take my time so that he can get the best view.

“So what do you have planned for me tonight” he asked.

“I’ve been imagining you touching me for weeks. I lay in bed and imagine your body pressed against mine, your hands all over my body, your fingers inside of me. I wake up sometimes with my body aching to feel you. I’ve gotten very, VERY good at pleasuring myself. So tonight, I’m going to show you exactly what I do while I think about you.”

I cross back to my vanity so that I can adjust the view for him and walk back over to the bed. Leaning over the bed, I arrange the pillows so that I can lay back on them but watch the screen. I straighten back up and turn to the screen again. “I’m going to lay in this bed and imagine that your hands are all over my body, that its your fingers sliding into my pussy. I’m going to make my self cum thinking about you”.

He is watching me intently as I hook my fingers into the waistband of my panties. With a slow smile, I slide my panties down slowly, leaning forward as I do so that he can see my breasts pushed up in my corset. I toss my panties aside and straighten again, making sure to run my hands over shaved pussy. I slide one finger just between my lips, “I’ve been thinking about this so much I’m already wet. I can’t wait to cum for you.”

I turn to the bed and place a knee on the bed, spreading my legs slightly. I know that this is his favorite view. He loves to think about gripping my hips while he slides slowly into me, or even better lying beneath me while I ride his face. I glance behind me and run my hand up between my legs, sliding my finger into my pussy on a low moan. I bring my other leg up, so that I’m on my hands and knees in front of him. My hand is still between my legs as I continue to stroke my pussy. From behind me I hear his voice. “Lay back against the pillows and spread your legs. I want to see all of you.”

I crawl across the bed and lay back against the pillows as he asked me to do. I keep my legs closed as I make myself comfortable. I can feel how wet I am already as I slide my hands up my body, cupping my breasts. I arch my back against my hands as I squeeze my breasts. They feel so heavy in my hands, and I can picture him in my head, his hands so big pendik escort against my breasts. I can just feel my nipples so hard against the silky material of my corset. My hands travel down my body, to my legs spreading them open slowly. I trail a finger up my thigh slowly, coming close to my pussy but never actually touching. My hands come back up to my breasts unhooking my corset. I spread my corset open so that he can see by breasts. My nipples are so hard, I wish that he could take them into his mouth, his tongue circling them. My finger slides around my nipple, just like I imagine his tongue doing.

I hear his voice again, “Touch yourself now, I can see how wet you are. I want to see you fingers playing with your clit”.

With one hand still cupping my breast, the other hand slides down between my legs. My fingers slide between my pussy lips, and I can feel the wetness. I’m so slick and my fingers just glide over my clit. My fingers stroke up and down over my clit and I can feel my body tightening up. My fingers are moving faster now and my hips are moving up and down Again I hear his voice, “Spread your legs, I want to see all of your pussy. I want to see you slide your finger in your pussy while you cum”.

I draw my knees up, placing my feet flat on the bed and spread my legs open so he can see all of me. My finger is moving faster and faster over my clit and I can see him now leaning forward closer the his screen watching me. My breath is panting out now, I’m so close to cumming. My finger slides into my pussy stroking in and out. My other hand drops from my breast to circle my clit while my finger is sliding in and out. As I get close to my orgasm I slide another finger in. I can hear him talking to me, encouraging me to let go and cum. Moaning his name I cum, my fingers buried inside of me. I can feel my pussy tightening and squeezing my fingers. On a ragged breath I let my fingers relax and pull them from my body. I look over and I can see him stroking his cock on the screen.

Propping myself up on my elbows, I take a deep breath. He is still stroking his cock, slowly, watching me. “Do you remember the picture that I sent you with my ‘special’ toy? You asked me if I had any pictures with it inside of me. Well I decided that you should see it up close and personal”.

I slid to the edge of the bed and walked over to the vanity. Pulling the bench away from the vanity I slide it back just a few feet. This time, it’s going to be up close and personal. Reaching into the drawer of my vanity, I pull out my ‘special’ toy. It’s a very realistic dildo with a suction cup base. I’ve used it several times in the shower, but this time I’ll use it while it’s on the bench. This is one of my favorite toys and I can’t wait to show him how much I enjoy it. As I suction it to my bench, I drop just a few drops of lubricant on to the head of the dildo. I stroke my hand over the head of the dildo, wishing that it was his cock I was stroking. I move to straddle the bench, my pussy just inches from the head.

“I wish that you were aydınlı escort laying in my bed, and that I was straddling your body.” With one hand I hold the dildo as I lower my body down. The head of the dildo stretches my pussy and I gasp at the sensation. I lean forward slightly and place my hands on the bench so I can lower my whole body down onto the dildo. I can see him on the screen, stroking his cock as the dildo slides all the way into me.

Again I hear his voice, this time much huskier than before and I know that he is so turned on by my performance. “Come up really slowly and let the dildo come out of your pussy before you take it again”.

Raising my body, I slide my pussy up the dildo until I feel the head slide out. I use the head of the dildo against my clit, closing my eyes at the sensation. I come completely off the dildo and see the questioning look on his face, with a quick grin I turn and straddle the bench again only this time my back is to him. I lean all the way over the bench as if I were leaning over the bed waiting for him to grip my hips and slide his cock into me. I lower my body onto the dildo begin to ride it, slowly. In my mind it’s his cock that I’m riding, he’s letting me take control and do what I want. I’m gripping the sides of the bench as I ride. I know that he has to be enjoying the view of my ass bouncing in front of him, taking the dildo deep into my body. I can feel an orgasm building again and I ride in earnest now, my hands gliding up my body , then to run to my hair. My hands scatter the pins holding my hair and it falls down my back. As I ride, my head drops back so the tips of my hair graze my back just above my ass. I’m moaning now as the orgasm builds, my hips are moving faster and faster. As the orgasm rips thru my body I cry out his name, my body shuddering.

He says my name once, and then again. “Turn around and ride. I want to cum with you when you cum again”.

My legs are quivering as I turn to face him. His hand is moving so quickly on his cock now. I want to see him cum, I want to know that I was able to do that to him. I straddle the bench again and lower my pussy down on to the dildo. I can’t close my eyes, I want to see him cum. My breasts are bouncing as I ride the plastic cock hard. I’m almost chanting now, “yes, yes, yes” as I ride. I’m desperate to cum again and now my fingers are dancing across my clit. I can hear him now, his breath racing as he cums with a groan. As I watch him cum, I feel the last rush that I need to cum and grind my pussy down on the dildo. My head drops back and I call out his name again, the waves of pleasure rolling thru me.

With my legs quivering from my ride, I slide slowly off the dildo. I move the bench and walk back to the bed, dropping down on to the pillows again. I watch as he uses a towel to wipe himself off. As I sit up to put my robe back on I hear him again.

“That’s some imagination that you have. I can’t wait to see you so that you don’t have to imagine riding my cock”.

I stand up and tie the belt on my robe, walking back to sit right in front of him again. “Until that happens, I’ll just keep my imagination going. I’m glad you were able to join me tonight, we’ll have to do it again soon. See you soon darlin'”. And I blow a kiss to him as we both sign off.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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