Foot Worship Fun in the Summer Sun

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For as long as I can remember, I have had a profound fetish for women’s feet. In years gone by, I spent many holidays abroad stealing glances at women’s feet wrapped in sandals and flip flops. On nights out with friends, I would admire the shapely feet of women wearing sexy heels on the dance floor and at the bar. In my most passionate fantasies I imagine myself massaging, sniffing, licking and kissing women’s feet. They are to me the most erotic and sensual part of a woman. But, whilst fantasy has its place, it pales in comparison to the real thing. This is one of my most intense foot fetish experiences.

It was a bright and warm June day. My friends and I planned to stay for a couple of nights at our friend John’s summer house. It wasn’t my first visit. We had stayed there countless times down the years and had hosted dozens of parties. But, what I could never foresee, was that this would be the first time I would get to explore my fetish there. John and his sister Rachel, who was a few years younger than us, took turns hosting guests at the house and John had told us she and her friends would still be there when we arrived. They had been staying there for a few days to celebrate finishing their first year of university and the start of their summer break.

Our convoy of cars weaved around the narrow country roads. Steep hedges flanked the roads which soon gave way to the gravel track leading to the house. The track led over a rocky causeway to the house itself. It was surrounded on all sides by high, dense bushes and trees. This verdant boundary enclosed large sweeping lawns with the house itself at their centre. The lawns at the far side of the house from the causeway sloped down to a private beach on the shores of a lake. As our cars reached the end of the driveway my attention was instantly drawn to the two bronzed goddesses in the garden. Rachel’s old school friends, Laura and Carey, were sunning themselves in bikinis which flaunted their exceptional bodies. My gaze was still drawn to them as we unpacked the cars and Rachel came out to meet us. She was wearing denim shorts and a knotted shirt for a top. On her feet was a pair of bright silver flip flops.

“Hey guys, you sure got the good weather for your stay!” she chirped.

“Sure looks that way,” John replied, “is there much supplies in the house or will we need to go on a shopping run?”

“The house is pretty empty. The girls and I have been working our way through the drinks cabinet and the fridge for the past couple of days.”

“Looks like we’ll need to go on a supply run then. Who’s up for it?” John queried.

The others volunteered to tag along. I offered to stay and put away the luggage and sort the bedding. We moved the bags into the porch of the house when Rachel turned to her brother.

“John, could you take me into town? I had to leave my car down yesterday when there was a problem starting it and I need it back to drive the girls and I home later,” she said.

“No problem, we’re heading now,” John replied.

John stepped outside leaving me and Rachel in the room. She lifted her phone and keys before looking over at me.

“Sure you won’t get bored here on your own?” she said.

“Oh, I’m sure I’ll find some way to entertain myself,” I said, glancing out at Laura and Carey.

Rachel followed my gaze and then turned back to me smirking

“Ok then, good luck,” she replied.

She stepped out into the sunshine and I followed her out. I watched the car drive down the gravel driveway, onto the causeway and then out of sight. It was then I could give the two goddesses my full attention. They were tanning themselves in a hollow at the corner of the front lawn. It was encircled by some of the most dense and tall shrubs but caught the sun well during the day. As I got closer I took in their impressive features from their toned legs, to their ample, perky breasts. It was only as I arrived beside them I could admire their most important feature, their dainty feet. Laura was lying face down on her sun bed, resting on her elbows whilst she read a magazine. Her feet seemed to be a size 5 or 6, with long silky soles. Her toenails were painted electric blue. Carey had smaller feet, a size 3 or 4. She was lying face up on her sun bed and was wearing white wedge flip flops decorated with diamond studs. Her toenails were painted a shade of bright pink.

“Hey there,” Carey said dryly. It was hard to see through her large sunglasses, but she didn’t seem to be looking at me as she spoke. Laura barely glanced at me over her shoulder.

“Hey, hows things?”

“Not bad I guess, just recovering from a hangover. You’re one of John’s friends aren’t you?” she asked.

“Yeah, thought we’d stay here over the weekend given the weather’s so good,” I replied.

“Not a bad idea. Gave us a chance to top up our tans.”

“Not a bad spot for a party too.”

“Yeah, we had Rachel’s 18th here and it got pretty wild,” Carey replied.

There was a pause in the conversation as casino oyna I continued to admire their glowing bodies in the sun. After a few moments Carey looked at her watch and sighed.

“Well, if you’re going to be hanging about you could be of some use. It’s time for me to turn over and I need someone to put some lotion on my back.”

She lifted the lotion bottle and handed it to me. I was taken by surprise.

“A-Are you sure?”

“Yeah, don’t be shy. I don’t want to get sunburn.”

She turned over and rested on her elbows. My gaze snapped to her feet as she kicked off her wedge flip flops which fell onto the grass. I took the bottle and gingerly knelt down beside her. I applied some lotion to my hands and slowly started to rub it into Carey’s back.

“Mmm not bad. Just make sure you spread it evenly,” she said.

I continued to spread the lotion from her shoulders down to the small of her back. But my gaze was drawn elsewhere. I started to admire her small, dainty feet hanging off the end of the sunbed and across from them Laura’s equally perfect feet. The two girls seemed to both enjoy flexing their feet and wriggling their toes in the summer breeze. It wasn’t long before admiration turned to fantasy. I soon pictured myself massaging and rubbing their feet. Leaning in and sniffing and kissing them. Placing my face against their soles. A heat began to grow within me and I felt a twitch in my shorts. I was soon snapped out of it as I heard Carey’s voice.

“I’m sorry did you say something?” I said.

Laura glanced over her shoulder at me, smirking. Carey turned her head slightly as she spoke.

“Umm yeah, I said would you mind doing my legs too?”

“Uh, sure, no problem,” I replied.

The two girls returned to their magazines. I applied more lotion to my hands, which were by now beginning to quiver. I moved down the sun bed until I was beside Laura’s supple thighs. I placed my hands on them and began to once again slowly and evenly apply the lotion. Being closer to her feet, I now had an even better view. Her upturned silky pink soles were glowing in the sunlight. My thoughts soon returned to running my face and tongue all over them. The gaps between each of her toes yielding to my tongue. I was taken by surprise when she suddenly bent her knees, raising her feet into the air as I finished applying the lotion to her upper legs. Her soles were now inches away from my face. I was carefully examining each wrinkle in her soles, each curve and groove from her heel to her toes. The heat was now surging through my body. My cock began to twitch even more in my shorts. I wanted to give in to my urges, to lean in and plant my face against her soles and keep myself there all day. Once again, voices disrupted my train of thought. I broke off my gaze to see Laura had turned onto her side and was looking down at me. Carey had turned her head and was doing likewise.

“S-Sorry what was that?” I spluttered.

“I said I think my legs are pretty well covered. You having a daydream down there or something?” she said.

“Umm, no, just thinking about something,” I replied.

“Really?” Carey said sceptically.

“I don’t know Carey. If I didn’t know any better I would say he was staring at your feet,” Laura said.

“What? Are you serious?” Carey said

“No of course not. I was just looking that way-” I tried to explain.

“I don’t think so. I’m serious Carey, his eyes were like, glued to your feet,” Laura said, now turning over and sitting upright on her sun bed.

“Were you eyeing up my feet?” Carey quizzed, now also turning over on her sun bed.

I felt both their eyes glaring into me through their sunglasses.

“What? No, of course not. I just happened to be looking that way and there they were-” I tried to bluff, but it didn’t work.

“Do you think my feet are pretty or something?”

“No, I mean, yes…that is to say…I guess they look nice.”

“Are you one of those foot freaks or something?” Laura queried.

The two continued to glare at me inquisitively. I had been backed into a corner. I decided to come clean.

“OK, I’ll admit it. I have a thing for feet,” I sighed. “When I was applying the lotion I was just admiring them a bit and I guess I got a bit carried away.”

The two girls looked at each other and giggled.

“Wow! Well I wasn’t expecting that! I guess this trip still has some fun left in it. So, what do you find so pretty about my feet?” Carey asked, wriggling her toes.

“Well, umm, your pedicure is really nice. I like the colour. And your toes and soles are just really shapely and look so soft…”

“Thanks,” Carey replied, “I’ve never had a guy compliment my feet before.”

“What about mine?” Laura smiled.

“Yours are really pretty too. Again, nice nail polish, well pedicured. You have nice long smooth soles and arches.”

“Aww, that’s so nice!” she chirped in reply.

My face felt warm. Flushed with embarrassment, as the girls slot oyna sat smirking at each other and wiggling their toes. Now they knew my weakness they were keen to have their fun.

“So we know you like looking at feet, but, do you like to do anything else with them?” Carey said, looking down at her feet and then to me.

“Well, I quite like how they smell, how they taste-“

“How they taste!? As in you like to lick and suck on them?” Carey said.

“Of course, I love doing it.”

The two girls looked at each other, grinning ear to ear. Carey then turned to me.

“That sounds hot. Why don’t you try it on me?” she said

“Oh my god, Carey!” Laura shrieked “Are you sure?”

“Why not? You only live once, right? Might as well live a little. Go on, give it a try, they won’t bite,” Carey smiled.

“If you’re sure,” I said, leaning down to her feet.

“Better hurry up foot-boy, before I change my mind,” she replied.

“I can’t believe this is happening,” Laura said.

I quickly moved to the end of the sun bed. Both girls locked eyes on me. Carey extended her legs and laid her feet before me. I gently grasped them by each ankle and leaned in. The aroma was divine. A heavenly scent. I rubbed my nose and face along the tops of her toes. My stubbly chin making her giggle. The girls looked on intently as I slowly wrapped my lips around Carey’s big toe. She let out a light gasp as I did so. I moved my lips back and forth along her toe. My tongue came into contact with it and the taste blew my mind. The salty flavour heightened my arousal and I felt my cock starting to grow in my shorts. Carey eyed me closely and smiled as I slowly sucked each of her toes.

“So, how do they taste?” she asked.

“Sweet as sugar,” I replied smirking, “How does it feel?”

“Mmm it feels pretty nice,” she cooed.

The two girls looked on in amazement as I explored every part of Carey’s feet with my lips and tongue. I thrust my tongue between each of her toes and sucked each of them intently. I massaged her soles as I did so, preparing them for my tongue. Here I was, lying at the feet of two goddesses in a warm, tranquil garden. Worshipping them. I acted on all of my urges and impulses, feverishly licking every square inch of Carey’s feet. She let out a whimper and her head cocked back as my tongue massaged down her soles. I occasionally paused my licking and sucking to simply place my face against her cool soles, rubbing them against my face. I was in ecstasy.

“Oh my god that feels so good, you really have to try it Laura,” Carey said.

Laura had wrapped her arms around her knees. She looked down at her feet and then back at me.

“I don’t know, my feet are pretty sensitive,” she said.

“Don’t worry, he seems to be pretty good at this,” Carey said reassuringly.

I broke off worshipping Carey’s feet as Laura yielded to curiosity. She extended her legs to the end of the sun bed and beckoned me over. I repeated the process. Gently grasping her ankles and then running my nose over her toes and brushing my stubbly face against them.

“Oh my god that feels so weird!” she cried

“Just wait until he starts sucking on them…” Carey giggled.

I continued carefully, taking in the equally heavenly scent of Laura’s feet before gradually introducing my tongue. She had a sharp intake of breath as my tongue came into contact with her big toe. The taste was just as moreish as Carey’s. I meticulously sucked each toe, sliding them in and out of my lips. Running my tongue between each one and occasionally running my tongue along all of them at once. Laura periodically thumped the sun bed with her hand, clearly suppressing ticklish sensations, but she never asked me to stop. She seemed to enjoy the pleasure more. I soon came to licking up and down her long smooth soles, cleaning them thoroughly. She let out her loudest cries and moans in response to this as her friend Carey looked on, laughing. Before too long Laura’s feet were left glistening with my saliva from toe to heel.

“Oh my god that was so freaky,” she purred as I sat back.

“But you enjoyed it, right?” I said, feeling sweat beading on my forehead.

“Maybe not as much as you enjoyed it,” Carey giggled, glancing down.

I looked down and saw the source of her amusement. My erection was bulging through my shorts.

“Oh wow! It looks like he is really getting a kick out of this!” Laura giggled.

“Maybe we should take this inside, foot-boy,” Carey smirked.

Before I could respond the two girls had stood up and slipped on their flip flops. They grasped me by each arm and led me towards the house. We stumbled through the front door, down the hall and into the downstairs main bedroom. It contained a four poster king-size bed made of dark wood. It was decorated with teal sheets. The girls threw themselves onto the bed and kicked off their shoes before turning to me.

“Well then foot-boy, how about you slip out of those shorts and tell us canlı casino siteleri what else you’d like to do with our feet?” Carey purred.

I complied without delay. The girls gasped and giggled as my shorts and boxers fell to the floor.

“Wow our feet have got him really excited!” Laura laughed.

I cast off my shirt and once fully naked threw myself at the foot of the bed. I leaned in close to the girls four feet. They were interlocking their feet and rubbing them over each other. I continued to kiss and lick each of them furiously as I started stroking my cock. I panted further suggestions between licking and sucking their toes.

“Well…there is another thing…we could try…you could try…a foot-job.”

“I think we can guess what that involves,” Carey giggled “but you better come here so we can make sure.”

The girls beckoned me onto the bed between them. I clambered up onto the bed and once there, Carey took a firm grasp of my erection. Laura giggled.

“I think you mean that we use our pretty little feet to jerk this hard cock of yours.”

“G-Got it in one,” I panted in reply.

“Well, I think you have to earn that foot-boy. I think you need to give our feet a bit more of a tongue bath,” Carey smirked.

She released her grip on my cock and reached into the drawer of the bedside table, removing a small bottle of lotion. She then slid down the bed, turning to push her feet towards my face. Laura did likewise on my other side. The girls rested a hand each on my legs and pushed their feet over and around my face. The four feet pushing, prodding and massaging all over my face forced me into overdrive. I frantically licked and sucked each of their toes again and again, cleaning their soles from toe to heel, smothering my face with their four feet. The girls batted away my hand as I attempted to jerk off, forcing me to focus my attention solely on their feet. I buried my face in the writhing, wrinkled, salty mass of their four soles and twenty toes.

“OK, I think I might give this foot-job thing a try. You think you have him under control Laura?” Carey purred.

“Oh, I think I can handle him,” Laura giggled.

Carey removed her feet from my face and turned her body, bringing her small, dainty feet to rest at my groin. She squirted some lotion onto my raging erection and then softly wrapped her arches around it. I continued to worship every inch of Laura’s large smooth soles and heavenly heels as Carey began to jerk my cock, stroking slowly but surely. She ran her feet up and down my shaft in long, smooth motions. From my balls to the tip of my cock. She worked the lotion all over before starting to increase the pace. I could feel my ecstasy rising, the intensity of the moment almost overwhelming as Carey coaxed me towards climax whilst her friend pressed her feet into my face. Laura had cast off her original reservations and smiled broadly as she thrust her feet against my face, slapping my face with her long soles and toes.

“Mmm that’s it foot-boy! You like that!? Make my feet nice and clean if you want to cum!” she said.

“Ha! Laura,” Carey laughed “That’s right, make him work for it!”

My face was buried in Laura’s soles as the two girls laughed, unable to hear my muffled moans. My tongue and lips probed every groove and wrinkle of Laura’s feet. Across her soles, between each toe, along her arches and circling her heels. All the while, Carey’s movements had become more rhythmic, with a faster pace. Drops of pre-cum had begun to dribble from my cock as she stroked her feet with faster and longer movements. Soon, Laura’s feet were completely covered in my saliva.

“Oh mmph my god…” I desperately panted from under Laura’s soles.

“OK Laura, you better bring your feet down here, I think he’s about to explode!” Carey giggled.

Laura lifted her feet off my face and slid them down to Carey’s. The two girls positioned their feet around my pulsing erection, Laura’s feet wrapped around the base, occasionally massaging my balls whilst Carey continued to skilfully stroke me closer and closer to orgasm.

“You want to cum all over our pretty feet, foot-boy? Huh!? I bet that’s what you’ve wanted to do all along. You dirty boy! You going to give us a nice big load all over our pretty feet!” Carey purred.

With Laura now helping and occasionally offering her own encouragement, it wasn’t long before I felt myself about to climax.

“Oh holy shiiiit!” I groaned, grasping the headboard behind me. My cock erupted, spurting all over the girl’s dainty feet. They let our cries of delight as my warm jizz sprayed over their feet, ran down between their toes and dribbled down their soles. I took long deep breaths on the bed, writhing as the surging of the orgasm faded away.

“Oh my god! I don’t think I have ever seen a guy cum that much before!” Laura giggled.

“Me neither! I guess it’s safe to say you enjoyed yourself foot-boy,” Carey said smiling.

“Oh yeah,” I panted, “The most fun I’ve ever had in an afternoon. Did you girls have a good time?”

“I guess so, it was certainly more fun than tanning ourselves. But I think we better get cleaned up and back outside before the others come back.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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