Flaming Hot

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Jamie heard the sirens way before she saw them. She was driving through the curvy back roads of Pennsylvania, and all of the trees and hills made it hard to see very far at all. Another downfall of these back roads- no shoulders to pull over on. Jamie sighed and when she came upon a rare straight-away she slowed to a crawl and waited for the emergency vehicle to pass. A fire truck soon came flying around the curve and easily went around her since there were no cars coming.

Reaching down and turning her radio back up Jamie hummed along to Taylor Swift as she continued on her way home. It had been a long, dull day. Nothing exciting had happened at her secretarial job and she was just ready to go home and call it a night. Slip on her silk nightie and sprawl out on the couch watching reruns of Jon & Kate Plus 8.

But, as she rounded the last corner to her house, her heart nearly stopped. At least five fire trucks were surrounding her little country style cottage and flames were shooting up out of the second story windows. Jamie felt the blood drain from her face. The sight of her pride and joy going up in flames was enough to make her hyperventilate. Then she realized that this morning she had not put her beloved Pit Bull out back in his kennel today. She had decided to leave Bo inside, out of the heat for the day. Her breath was coming in short quick gasps as she flew up as close as she get to her driveway and barreled out of her car.

Jamie was racing towards her backdoor when a strong arm clad in yellow rubber wrapped around her waist and yanked her back.

“Oh, no ma’am, I’m sorry you can’t go in there. Is this your house?” a deep male voice asked.

Jamie was shaking so bad she could barely speak.

“YES!” she managed to shriek. “And my… my dog is in there!” she said nearly hysterical. Tears were sliding from her eyes and dripping down her face.

She saw the man holding her speak into his radio telling the others fighting the fire that there was a dog within the home that needed to be brought out. After radioing it in and getting together a crew to go in after the pooch he turned back to Jamie.

“I’m Captain Cade McGuiness ma’am,” he said in that same lazy drawl. “Do you know what room your dog might be in?” he asked in a compassionate tone.

I hiccupped softly and then turned to answer him. “He normally sleeps in the living room, but he has free roam of the house,” I said.

I watched as the crew this firefighter had assembled entered the house. It seemed like hours before I saw them trudging back out. And one of them had my baby! I screamed in joy and started sobbing at the same time. Captain Cade McGuiness strode over to the man carrying my precious Bo and then took the load out of the other man’s arms and walked back to me. He then sat Bo down by my feet where he immediately leapt up onto my chest and started licking my face. I wrapped my arms around his thick neck and hugged him to me before pushing him down and staring in disbelief at my house, quickly becoming engulfed in flames.

Kneeling down and holding onto Bo’s collar I faced the Captain again. I was still crying but my sobs were under control now.

“Wh-what happened?” I asked in between soft hiccups. I took the time to take in the man’s features and was surprised. He was very handsome in a rugged sort of way. Soot was streaked across one cheek and he was sweating profusely. I could imagine why, it was at least 85 degrees outside and he had on all of his turnout gear.

He faced me with a somber face. “We’re not really sure yet. Unfortunately the upstairs is more than likely completely destroyed. And I’m pretty sure the house won’t be livable for a while…” he said. His words barely penetrated my fear but I got the gist of it. My house was destroyed. Fresh tears leaked from my eyes and I felt the captain place his big hand on my shoulder and squeeze comfortingly.

“Is there anyone you can stay with for a while?” he asked quietly, looking me in my eye.

I shook my head no. “All of my family lives in Colorado. But I make ok money where I work and I have a lot saved up. I can stay in a hotel until the house is redone.”

The firefighter’s eyebrows knit into a frown but he didn’t say anything. He merely nodded his head. I got the sense that he didn’t approve of my plans.


Cade eyed the beautiful blonde in front of him. She was shaking in either fear or grief, or both. He couldn’t tell. Her cheeks were tear stained and her eyes puffy and red. But she was still a complete knockout. His gaze traveled up her long legs to wear her skirt began. A short, black number with a wide, red leather belt. It was cinched in tight on her waist; a very narrow waist. His eyes traveled over her zebra-striped top. It was filmy and see through but she wore a black camisole-type shirt beneath it so it wasn’t that revealing. Cade could still see that her stomach was flat and her tits perky and well rounded.

Cade pendik escort felt his groin tighten and shook his head at himself. The poor woman was sitting here losing everything she owned and he was having sexual fantasies about her. Cussing quietly he turned to her and asked her if she knew of somewhere she could stay. A hotel was her answer. Cade imagined her living in a hotel for the months it would take for her house to be redone. Unimaginable. Especially with a large dog; and a Pit Bull at that. It wasn’t any of his business, he reminded himself. He didn’t even know the girl.

But he was definitely attracted to her, and he wanted very much to make it his business. His mind made up, Cade turned back to the petite blonde behind him.

“What’s your name ma’am?” he asked softly. The young woman looked at him with wide green eyes and replied “Jamie”.

By then the fire was under control and Cade’s crew was ready to head back to the station.

“Jamie, I get off at five o’clock this evening. Come to dinner with me. Take your mind off things and then we’ll get you settled into a decent hotel.”

Jamie just stared for a second as if it took that long for her to understand what he was saying. Then she looked shocked.

“Oh, no. No, that’s not necessary. I can handle it on my own, I swear,” she said in a shaky voice.

Cade smiled slowly at her. “I’m sure you can, but I’d love to have dinner with you none-the-less”.

Jamie hesitated before nodding in agreement.

“O-ok. It’ll be nice to get away from reality I guess,” she said in a quiet voice.

Cade smiled again and stepped forward until he was mere inches from her. “Oh, believe me, Jamie, it’ll be real. It’ll just be the good kind,” he said with a wink before gesturing to a man walking towards them.

“This here’s Inspector Smith,” Cade said. “He’ll explain to you what he’s found out.” Cade leaned in close, his lips brushing Jamie’s ear. “And I’ll see you at the fire station at five?” he asked.

He watched as a slow blush crept up her neck and into her cheeks before she nodded. She turned her attention to the inspector and Cade gathered up his crew and hopped back into the truck, pulling out and heading back to the station.


By the time four o’clock rolled around Jamie had gotten over her shock and the organized part of her had taken over. She had gotten into her house and rescued what she could – which was very little. A few photos, a few items of clothes and Bo’s dog bowl. Everything else was ruined by either water, smoke or flames. Jamie was afraid of what would happen next in her life but for the night, she was going to go and have a good time with a hunky firefighter!

Jamie had went shopping and bought a few outfits and shoes, as well as basic cosmetic necessities. She checked into her home away from home at 4:15 pm and had just enough time to shower and dress again before she had to leave to make it to the Anne County Fire Department by five. Jamie wasn’t sure where to go exactly to meet Cade so she walked into the big bay doors where the apparatus were kept. She was immediately met by a cat call from somewhere within the huge room. A blush crept up her cheeks and she gave a shy smile, looking for the owner of the cat call. A tall, lean fireman came striding towards her.

Jamie opened her mouth to ask where she could find Cade, but the man surprised her by taking her hand and twirling her in a circle giving her a once-over.

“Honey, will you marry me?” the fireman asked in a lazy drawl as a sexy smirk crossed his face.

“Cross, back off. I got dibs,” said another as he entered the room. Jamie didn’t know this one either. The attention was very flattering but at the same time embarrassing and she knew she was blushing immensely. She had to admit though; her outfit did show off her body to perfection. The tight, knee-length, denim skirt fit her ass like a second skin. The low, sling back heels made her legs seem longer than they actually were. And the gauzy, green, white and black swirled shirt clung to her breasts and her tight stomach before flaring out at the arms and waist.

The new arrival came up to Jamie and got down on one knee.

“Baby, forget this kid, you deserve a real man. Run away with me,” he said with a sexy grin. Jamie laughed out loud. These firemen sure were charmers.

“How about both of you back off my date before I have to show y’all who’s the real man here,” came the familiar sexy drawl from behind her.

Jamie spun around and came face to face with the sexiest grey-blue eyes she had ever seen. A slight gasp escaped her lips. How could she have not noticed those eyes before?

Cade had shaven and showered. His dark, short hair looked as to have been towel dried and left standing on end. The result was a tousled, just out of bed look that made Jamie’s stomach quiver. Cade no longer smelled of smoke but of his cologne, or aftershave, kartal escort she wasn’t sure which one. It was a woodsy sent that smelled oh so good on him. He was wearing a pair of loose denim jeans and a t-shirt that said “ACFD” across the chest – a chest which was very defined judging by the way the shirt clung to it. Jamie could see the muscle ripple as he moved beneath the thin cotton. His biceps bulged with muscle under his sleeves and his forearm was corded with it as well.

The pair of jeans Cade was wearing were tight in his thighs, which once again, showed how in shape he was. Jamie felt ashamed for not working out recently when in the company of this oh so sexy man.

She watched as a slow, easy grin slid across Cade’s gorgeous face.

“Hi darlin’, ready to go eat?” he asked in a voice that sounded like it would be perfect for a bedroom scene.

Jamie nodded and turned, waving at the other men who were now winking at her and blowing kisses. She laughed and followed Cade out of the building.

“Are they always that forward?” she asked as she rounded the corner, only the question was run short as she collided with a brick wall. That brick wall was Cade’s chest.

“I hope you laugh often,” he said softly. “It’s gorgeous, almost as gorgeous as you are,’ he said before pressing her against the wall of the building and kissing her with such passion it took her breath away.


Cade couldn’t help himself; Jamie made him turn into some primal animal. She was so sexy that he couldn’t keep his hands off of her. Cade traced her hips beneath the denim and slowly slid his hands up underneath of the flimsy top. Her stomach was hot to the touch and taut with feminine muscles. Cade suppressed a groan. He crushed his mouth to hers and traced his tongue over her lips begging her to open up to him. And she did. Her lips parted and her tongue tangled with his in a timeless dance.

Cade felt Jamie’s hands slide under the hem of his t-shirt and up his back before she slid them between them and traced the lines of his six pack with a finger. Her nails tickled his stomach and his muscles tightened. Jamie made a soft whimpering sound as Cade’s fingers found the swell of her breast. Just then they heard cat calls and laughter from behind them.

Jamie shoved away from him and started walking quickly in the direction of the vehicles. Cade cussed himself for letting it go that far before jogging to catch up with her.

“Jamie, wait up,” he said, breathless from their encounter. “I’m sorry; I shouldn’t have done that, not there. Not yet,” he said as he placed a hand on her shoulder, once again surprised at the spark he felt from the contact.


Jamie was mortified at being caught in such an awkward position. Cade was trying to be a gentleman about it and told her he was sorry. But the thing was she didn’t want him to be sorry. She had loved how he touched her and wanted more of it. She was just sorry that they had gotten caught.

“It’s ok Cade,” she said softly. “Whose vehicle are we taking?”

Cade flashed that devastating grin again and pointed to a jacked up black Chevy Z-71. Jamie smiled to herself. She should have expected a big macho vehicle for this man. She glanced back and saw Cade throw her a wink as he walked by her to open her door and help her in.

Instead of offering his hand, Cade once again surprised Jamie by cupping her ass in his large hands and lifting her up that way. Awareness coursed through her body. She wanted this man. And she wanted him bad.

Jamie’s nipples tingled beneath the fabric of her shirt. Her underwear, she could feel them growing damp. A small groan escaped her lips and she leaned her head back against the seat.

As Cade got into the truck Jamie was amused to see a rather large tent in his jeans. “So, where are we going Cade?” she asked casually as he put the truck in reverse.

“I was thinking about hitting up Pittsburg. Are you up for a night on the town?”

Jamie smiled widely. “Sure, it’s been forever since I’ve been out for the night”.

Cade replied lazily, “Well then I’m sure as hell glad you’re with me”.

They drove in companionable silence for half the distance before Jamie broke the silence. “I’m kind of cold Cade,” she said. Cade turned and glanced at her.

“Well I’m kind of hot, so why don’t we compromise. Slide on over here in the middle and I’ll give you some of my heat,” he said with a lazy grin and a wink.

Jamie smiled back and did exactly as he’d asked. She slid over until her ass was nestled up next to his. One of his strong arms snaked around her shoulders, tugging her to him. Jamie’s small hand rested on his thigh, very high up, where she could feel the length of him pressing against her. She rubbed her knuckles over the bulge and Cade groaned aloud.

“Baby, you’re playing with fire,” he said under his breath. His thigh flexed maltepe escort beneath Jamie’s hand as she palmed the denim tent.

“Good thing I’m with a firefighter then,” Jamie said with a flirtatious grin. Her finger’s shook as she undid the button at his waist and lowered his zipper. His erection was hidden beneath a pair of cotton boxer briefs and Jamie quickly slipped his cock out of the top of it. The swollen head bobbed slightly as it popped up and Jamie licked her lips in anticipation. She slowly stroked her fist up and down the length of him, flicking her thumb over the head of it as she did.

A loud groan escaped Cade’s lips and his fists tightened on the steering wheel. “Jamie, oh god…” he wheezed.

Jamie winked at him before lowering her head and kissing the tip of him. His hips bucked at the contact and Jamie giggled softly. She flicked her tongue out and licked the length of him fro head to base. Then, ever slowly, she slid him into her mouth until the head pressed against the back of her throat.


Cade was writhing in the seat and fighting to keep his attention on the road by now. “Jamie, god that feels amazing,” he said. He saw Jamie glance up and smile, with his cock still embedded in her mouth. He humped his hips a few times and smiled when Jamie returned her attention to his cock.

Her hot, wet mouth was sliding up and down his length, her tongue wreaking havoc on his senses as she twirled it around him. Cade let one hand leave the steering wheel and lightly tangled it in her long wheat colored hair, moving it with her head as she bobbed up and down. A low groan erupted in his throat as Jamie’s hands went down to play with the heavy sac between his legs. She lightly cupped his aching balls and ran her fingers over them while at the same time sucking like no other.

The combination of her hand on his nuts and her mouth on his cock were incredible. Cade had a feeling he couldn’t last much longer and quickly signaled he was turning. He headed off the highway and onto a deserted back road where he promptly pulled off and shut the truck off

Jamie lifted her head long enough to look him in the eyes before he pulled her to him and kissed her deeply, their tongues mating together. Cade immediately undid her skirt and pushed it off of her hips. He slid his fingers beneath the silk of her thong and dipped them into her slick heat. She was so wet already that he knew she probably wouldn’t take long to cum either. He began sliding his two fingers in and out of her in rhythm, making her squirm and whimper in pleasure.

Slowly, and reluctantly Cade removed his fingers from her and then pulled her down so that she lay across the bench seat, her legs toward the driver’s side. Cade stretched out on top of her and kissed her again, his fingers tangling in her hair which was fanned out above her. One of Jamie’s legs curled around his thigh, which was nestled against her throbbing pussy. Cade rubbed his thigh against her and she moaned into his mouth.

“Jamie, I can’t wait much longer. I wanted us to be special the first time, in a nice bed. But you are too much,” he said huskily.

“Don’t wait,” was her only reply. Cade wasn’t quite ready to give in though. He dipped his head down and latched his mouth onto one of her straining nipples through the flimsy top. Jamie cried out in pleasure and her hips arched up, grinding against his. Cade pulled her shirt off, and his as well and began to pull and tease her hard, aching nipples.

“PLEASE Cade. Please do me,” Jamie whimpered from beneath him. That was all Cade needed. He shucked his jeans and then retrieved his wallet, grabbing a foil packet out of it and tearing it open. Quickly he sheathed himself and then pressed the head of his throbbing hard-on against her moist heat. Jamie wiggled in anticipation and moaned aloud. Cade rubbed himself all along her slit, teasing her before he actually pressed into her.

The first inch was so tight Cade didn’t know if he’d fit, but slowly she adjusted to his size and was able to slide all the way home. Cade held himself in this position for a few precious moments before he began a slow and steady rhythm. Jamie was meeting him thrust for thrust and he could feel her inner muscles begin to the clench around him, a sure sign that she was close.


Jamie couldn’t stop herself. Cade had a way of throwing her over the edge, and that’s just what happened. She felt herself cascading over the edge of a cliff and into the oblivion. A pleasure so immense it temporarily made her blind whipped through her body as she arched up and cried out. No sooner had the first waves of her orgasm subsided then she felt Cade’s muscles tighten and felt him thrust three more times quickly and then slow down until he eventually stopped.

They were both out of breath and sweating, clinging to each other. Jamie smiled contentedly as she rubbed the back of Cade’s head and neck. Cade nuzzled his nose into the crook of her neck and breathed in the scent of her.

“Mmm baby, you’re amazing,” he whispered as he sat up a bit and kissed her tenderly. Jamie said the same thing back to him.

“You know, this is only the beginning Jamie,” he said softly. Jamie nodded unable to speak.

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