First Visit to a Gloryhole

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As you pull into the parking lot of the adult store, you look in the mirror and compose yourself, working up your courage. You have been planning this for weeks, but now that you are going through with it, you start to have second thoughts as the butterflies grow. You take a deep breath, close your eyes and imagine the fantasy you have been having for the longest time. The thought of it alone sends chills over your body and a tingling sensation between your legs as you feel the wetness growing.

Your hand moves across your breasts, the light fabric of the t-shirt flowing over your skin and without wearing a bra it grazes across your hardened nipples. You let out a soft moan, and instinctively slide your hand down your stomach, and between your legs as they part on the car seat. The tight yoga pants outline your pussy lips perfectly without any panties. As your hand rubs over your pussy you can feel how wet you have become as your fingers wedge the smooth fabric between your lips.

You take another deep breath almost losing yourself in the moment forgetting where you are, but the sound of a car door shutting brings you back to reality. Opening your eyes, you look around hoping you did not get caught. As your worries are put to rest, you look at the front door, the hunger to get fucked is too overwhelming to back out now. Taking one last deep breath and in a swift motion open the car door and step out. The feeling of taking that leap heightens your senses and the thrill grows as each step towards the door.

You have been observing the place weeks and know exactly where you are going. As you open the door, you are greeted by the woman at the counter, quickly scope the area and put your head down and walk towards the middle booth in the back.

As you enter the booth and close the door, you exhale and smile. The quick glance around the store confirmed that the cars in the lot meant some men where inside. The realization that you are truly going through with this heightens your alertness as you stare at the plastic cover over the holes on each wall. You unlatch each cover and remove them. It seems like an eternity as you hope the men in the store knew what you were looking for and make their own way into the adjacent booths. Just as your nerves start to return, you hear a door close. It’s not long until a cock slides through casino siteleri one of the holes. You stare at it for a moment, almost too timid to touch it but so horny that you reach out and wrap your hand around it.

The feel of this total strangers cock in your hand growing in your grip has erased any fears you had. You stroke it lightly and kneel down admiring the sight in front of you. Opening your mouth and leaning in you wrap your lips tightly around the head and swirl your tongue over the stranger’s skin. Your hand pumps his shaft as you slide your lips down further taking more in your mouth.

Taking the cock deep in your mouth, your saliva drools down the shaft making it slick for your hand to slide up and down, jerking it as you suck. As you release the cock from your mouth to catch your breath, you hear another door close. Fixating on the cock in front of you, you continue the oral assault as you suck and jerk the cock like you were a professional. Taking another quick breath, you turn and see another strangers cock poke through the hole behind you.

Still stroking the first cock you pivot your body and take the new cock in your other hand. As you admire it, you notice it is not as long as the first but is much thicker. You lean your open mouth towards it and as u engulf the head, your lips are stretched wide to wrap around it. Sliding your eager mouth down the shaft you take almost all of it in your mouth as your mouth feels filled to its breaking point. Your drool somehow escapes from your tight grip your lips have. You release both cocks from your hands and mouth to take off your shirt.

The stale air of the booth is felt on your hardened nipples. You quickly return, pumping both cocks in each hand, alternating between sucking each cock in your mouth. As your saliva builds from sucking, each time you pull away a string of saliva drips down over your breasts. You lean in and slide the slick shaft over your sensitive wet nipples. The feeling sends electricity through your body and you now lap the hard cock against your hard nipple.

Your pussy has been aching to be touched the whole time. It feels like an itch that is torture to ignore anymore. Looking down you can clearly see the wetness from within has soaked through your yoga pants. Not able to take it anymore you stand up and slide your yoga pants slot oyna down. Backing up slowly to the first cock, the contact from skin on skin pushes the cock upward between your ass checks. Eager, you reach your hand between your legs and guide the cock down to your hungry pussy. Pushing your hips to his cock, the slickness from you saliva and pussy juices causes the cock to slide the shaft between your legs, wedged between your lips and running over your clit. The skin of your ass checks hits the cool wall. Determined to be fucked you move forward and guide the cock back to your hole.

Finally it slides effortlessly inside you. You extend your arms against the walls to keep you balance as the feeling of pleasure hits you. He slides in and out fucking you through the hole. His pace builds as you push back to meet his thrusts. Your moans and the sound of your ass hitting the wall fill the room. Opening your eyes, you notice the other cock close to your face.

You brace a hand against the wall to hold yourself up, the other grips the cock and jerks it in tugging motion. The juices from your pussy start running down your thighs from the furious fuck you have been receiving. Leaning down you angle the cock up and barely take his cock mouth, but you clench your lips tight around it and pump your hand over the shaft. Moaning load over his cock, you feel your orgasm build. Turning your head around and bracing against the wall you encourage the stranger to fuck you hard. He complies but within moments buries his cock deep inside you and remains there. You feel a hat liquid inside you as he sprays load after load deep inside.

You stand up, leaning against the wall to keep him deep inside to hopefully push you over the edge. You rub your clit, but suddenly he pulls out and disappears. Reaching between your legs you capture the liquids oozing from your pussy. Wanting a taste, you bring your cum filled hand to your lips and taste the strangers cum. The orgasm that was about to hit is slowly fading and you feel uncomfortably empty inside.

Seeing the other cock, you quickly turn around and guide the waiting cock to your deprived eager pussy. Your now well lubed pussy easily engulfs and slides over this stranger’s thick cock. The thick cock fills you more than you have ever felt, but you easily slide up and down. Your hand returns to your canlı casino siteleri clit, rubbing it hard and fast as u bounce up and down. Your orgasm builds quickly this time and your legs start to shake, your moans become squeals of pleasure and your pussy contracts around the thick cock inside. As you cum, your tightening pussy feels even fuller. Just as your orgasm subsides you both pick up the pace as another one hits. Juices now flow down your thighs even more. You brace yourself as your orgasm is more intense than the first. Your body trembles, draining your energy and your pussy contracts around his cock. The mixture of juices and cum allows the impatient stranger to keep fucking you slowly through your orgasm. His pace quickens and being too weak from cumming you have no choice but to allow yourself to be fucked.

The continuous fucking seems to drag out your orgasm for what feels like minutes. Your own moans cover the stranger’s moans. You don’t hear him so you don’t realize he is about to cum. Just as you start to regain your breath and energy, you can feel every twitch from the thick cock inside you as shot after shot sprays against the walls of your pussy and quickly spread all around from the cock buried deep inside. The feeling of the warm cum inside you and the surprisingly still full feeling from the deflating cock make you rub your clit again. It’s not long until another orgasm hits. This one is not as strong but your contracting pussy pushes the softened cock out of from your drenched pussy. Cum drips down your legs and inside your yoga pants. You turn around, seeing the cock still poking through the hole, you drop to your knees and take the limp cock in your mouth. Swirling your tongue around it, you clean it off tasting the mix of cum and your own pussy.

As the cock slides back through the hole, you sit on the floor relishing that your fantasy is finally fulfilled. Your fingers run over your pussy lips and plunge inside, gathering up as much cum as you can and cleaning your fingers. Kneeling in silence and alone, you look around the tiny booth thinking of how you can’t wait to do this again. You pull your yoga pants up, capturing any remaining cum from escaping and put your shirt back on. Looking yourself over, you realize the mess of stains and wet spots on your clothes. Knowing you might be seen in public like this, you smile and realize you no longer care. You make a note to bring a towel next time as you open the door. Smiling as you walk past the woman at the counter you step outside as the dirty slut you have been waiting to unleash.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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