First Trip To A Sex Club

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I’d never visited a sex club before but my current lover, Lee wanted to take me to introduce me to a whole new world. I was a little nervous about what I would feel once I was there. Did I want to watch others having sex or more importantly, did I want to people to watch me?

Lee and I had been fucking each other for 6 months and during that time, he had given me more body shaking orgasms than my husband ever could. At only 23, I certainly was in my prime and couldn’t understand why my husband had gone off the ball in the bedroom. I put it down to his stressful working life and began pleasuring myself daily as a way of getting my fix. Meeting Lee was a complete breath of fresh of air and I was loving having such an illicit and sordid affair.

Lee and I approached the club together, he looked into my eyes and that naughty little glint that I loved shone across his face. He asked me once last time if I was ready and I was, I really was. I was excited, nervous and horny all at once-a mood I’d never encountered before.

As we entered, we were met by a tall, smiling couple on reception who took down our details as we joined as members. The tall man took my coat and my belongings were put into a locker to which I was assigned a key.

“Shall we just get a drink at the bar first, loosen up a little?” Lee joked. I nodded enthusiastically and we made our way to the bar and both had a vodka and lime to get rid of any inhibitions I may be harbouring. A quick glance to my left would be met with an image of a couple in their thirties furiously fucking. I instantly felt a twinge in my pussy as I watched him drive his cock into her willing cunt. Clearly knowing I was getting a little hot under the collar, I felt Lee’s hand slip between my legs and find its way under my dress. He began to tickle my inner thigh as he knows best and he leaned in so we can share the most passionate of kisses. As istanbul escort his hand reaches higher, my lust takes over.

“Mm fuck. Lee, I need you now”, I moaned into his ear. Not needing to be told twice, he took my by the hand and we walked over to a little alcove further into the club where there lay a large flat surface covered in sumptuous silk and cushions. Lee took charge and lay me down as we carried on kissing intently, his hands exploring my body all the same.

Wearing a flimsy dress, Lee pushed up the fabric and spread my legs. His intentions were clear and I wasn’t about to stop him. Not being watched but knowing the club was full of people made my pussy twinge and ache.

Rubbing his hands up my thighs and forcing them upwards, Lee removed my panties and immediately put his mouth to my cunt. I’d ached for this all evening and it felt so damn good having him there using his tongue along my pussy lips before parting them and exposing my clit to his mouth. He knew exactly how to please me with his mouth and we had spent many an afternoon doing just that.

I moaned in delight as he began to eat my pussy and enter two fingers inside me. It was at this point that I noticed a very small gathering of people stood around the booth we were in. I had gotten so lost in the moment that I failed to see a couple sat watching us along with two other men. At first I felt incredibly exposed but as my eyes dropped lower, I could see just how excited some of our ‘viewers’ were and I knew I didn’t want them to leave. I wanted to be watched whilst my lover took me there and then.

Feeling incredibly filthy, I knew I wanted to give these people something to watch. I removed my dress and let my incredibly large chest free from my bra. Lee followed suit and removed his jeans and boxers and lay back as I instructed. avcılar escort Letting him do this was partly because I needed to feel his cock deep inside me and partly to allow the people around us to see me as I rode him.

As he lay back, I knelt over him and rubbed my slit along his length a few times before letting him feel my tight cunt take his cock. I slid onto him slowly, ensuring everyone could see. A man in front of us gestured to me whilst reaching inside his boxers shorts, as if for permission. I nodded and his cock sprung from his boxers. It was clear that they wanted a show and I sure as hell was going to give them one.

Knowing Lee likes me to fuck him nice and deep, I leaned slightly back and began to pick up pace, playing with my large nipples at the same time. Being blessed with great tits enabled I could actually suck my own nipples and I knew this would go down well with our spectators.

“Oh yes, fucking ride him like that darlin'” a man grunted.

I was only happy to oblige and really showed off my cock-riding skills as I rode my athletic bodied lover. Lee’s face was evident he was close to orgasm so I decided to switch position and have him really let go. Both me and Lee and are huge anal lovers and I knew this would be the perfect finish for him.

Sliding myself off of him, I got on all fours and spread my legs nice and wide. Lee took no time in bending down and running his tongue across my asshole. Feeling myself tighten with desire, I gasped as he pushed in a finger and began to work me. I desperately loved having my tight little ass played with and Lee knew exactly what this did to me. I felt my asshole stretch as he slowly entered me, centimetres at a time.

“Fuck my ass Lee, oh god, yes, yes!!!” I panted.

“You fucking love it, you little slut”

As he was almost completely inside me, he slammed şirinevler escort his cock right into my ass and I screamed. I screamed with every thrust until my asshole got used to feeling full with him again. I varied between pinching my nipples and rubbing my clit furiously as I knew both sent shiver through me.

“Uhhh I’m gonna cum” I heard him moan. “Where do you want it, slut?”

“Mmm cum in my ass baby”.

As I was bent over, I couldn’t see our spectators any longer but the grunts, the moans and the familiar sound of skin on skin meant I knew they were enjoying every second.

“Oh my fuck, yes I’m coming Lee, cum inside me! Please!”

He fucked me harder and deeper than before, the possible audience driving him further, willing him to cum inside me. The familiar deep grunting sound emanating from his lips allowed me to know he was about to shoot. I arched my ass up nice and high, almost smothering my face in the cushions below as he reached his climax.

“FUCKKKKK!” he screamed as he shot his thick, creamy load inside me whilst I had just brought myself over the edge, screaming with him.

He pulled out of me and collapsed onto his back, panting with a huge grin across his face. I turned to see who was there and was greeted by two young men masturbating at the very sight and the couple who were now riding each other in a booth a few yards away.

I gestured a come hither motion to the two attractive men that stood over us and they both took a seat on the edge of the makeshift ‘bed’.

“I think Lee fancies a creampie, what do you think?” I giggled.

The two men nodded without saying a word. I stood over Lee’s face and sat down so I was positioned over his face. Spreading my legs as wide as I could, I felt his cum dribbling out of my asshole and down my inner thigh. I took my fingers and ran them through the cum, covering them as much as I could before shoving them into Lee’s mouth for him to suck dry. The two men obviously needed that final image to for them to cum hard as that’s exactly what they did.

As we got up and shared a passionate kiss, Lee whispered “Why don’t we go for round two? I’m pretty sure these guys would like to see your cock-sucking skills……”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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