First Love

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The first time I ever made love was on my eighteenth birthday. She was twenty-two, a friend of my cousins that I had known for about two years and we had become good friends. On my birthday, she invited me over to her apartment. I am a white Irish-American and she is a black Cuban American. Spanish is her first language even though she had been born in the States.

When I entered her apartment, there were very few preliminaries as she must have already decided to give me herself as a birthday present. Elena stands up from the sofa comes over and takes my hand and we walk hand-in-hand into her bedroom. Elena throws off the black bedspread exposing the silk white sheets beneath. She pushes me down, moves her hands over to my belt buckle, loosens my belt, and moves her hands to my hips, she takes hold of the top of my Levi’s, she pulls my pants off with my white boxer shorts in one continuous movement.

If a heart were capable of bursting out of a chest this would have happened to mine. The quickness of her pulling off my pants and shorts, of my own exposure, catches me by surprise. Nevertheless, this moment is exhilarating to say the least. I am having difficulty in getting an erection. I am thinking to myself, what a wimp, I should be as hard as a rock, but for some unexplainable reason, I am having difficulty in becoming more substantially hard. Elena is looking down at my limpness. My imagination never imagined something like this happening.

Elena bends down unties my shoes, takes my shoes, and socks off. She comes back up leans over and starts kissing my inner thighs. Her breath so unbearably close, her hair brushing against my groin. She suddenly sucks in my limp cock, I feel her soft full lips envelope me, her wet tongue caressing me, I almost faint or swoon or melt or whatever … I just can’t describe this exquisite moment.

I can feel her breath, see and smell her hair, feel the touch of her hands on me as her hands glide slowly up . . . my legs to my thighs . . . I don’t time the movement of her hands exactly – somewhere between 10 seconds and eternity as she finds her intended targets and she grasps my balls in one hand and my butt with her other. She starts gently stroking my balls and … how do I describe this … well, she puts one of her fingers up my ass … “whoa.”

I have never felt so powerless. So powerful. Her mouth over my cock, one hand stroking my balls and the other probing my ass meet the challenge of getting me erect as I start, uncontrollably, to move with the movement of her sucking me deeper within her mouth and penetrating deeper up my ass with her finger.

She, pauses, takes her mouth off me, she says, “I want to feel you inside me. Would you like that?”

I don’t want her to stop what she is doing but, I have never been inside a woman and I respond with a simple, “Please . . . Elena.” My desire to be deep inside of her … was causing me to pant.

She comes up from my crotch and kisses me. I feel her lips pressing against mine as her hands are caressing me, in perfect timing with my heartbeat. I ask her to stop, not wanting her to stop.

“Elena, please, I want to be inside you, I need to be inside of you.” I am begging her, pleading with her to stop before I ejaculate.

I touch her breasts, lean forward and kiss them, then lick her breasts, suck on her nipples; gradually ascending to her neck and lips. I taste her lips, her lipstick , she smells of beer, and I am feeling tasting the sensitive almost indescribable sweetness of her being in the plush fullness of her lips. She is flicking her tongue inside my mouth kocaeli escort and I am so hot, my body is aching from my toes to the top of my head and everywhere else in between.

This sharing of Elena, sharing herself with me is beyond what my imagination had dreamed possible. An intimate, sharing moment. I am in a state of reverie that is physically causing me a pain, a pain I want to endure forever and relieve, urgently, in an instant.

I lightly grab hold of her and push her on her back, reach down grab her red panties and pull them off in a fierce urgency. The vision of her lying beneath me nude except for her short-skirt is incredible. I unbuckle the belt of her skirt and swiftly pull it off – my desire overcoming me.

I am urgently stroking her legs, hugging her legs in a tight embrace, pressing my face and my lips against her legs, kissing her knees, kissing her inner thighs. Elena’s very being permeates my senses as my eyes see her beautiful powerful black darkness with what I think may be an illusion, a flash of pink. I feel with my hands, my arms, my lips, my body the soft-firmness of her black perspiring skin.

I release her legs and she spreads them apart. I slide in between her legs, feel her wet vagina opening with my pressing tongue. I slip my tongue inside of her, feel her wetness, the soft damp black hair of her pussy on my face, smell her aroma, a smell ever musky sweet.

I hold her legs and thighs push them forcefully apart with my hands. I partially lift her off the bed, my mouth-lips-tongue tasting her sweet saltiness, a taste of her moistness, the smell of her muskiness excites me as I hear her moans, each groan moving me to reach further into the deepest recesses within her within her being with my ardor.

Elena gasps, in similarity of my words, demands that I stop. “Stop, wait I want, you, I want you deep inside of me, I need you to be inside of me, I need you to make love to me.”

I press my body on top of her. Elena has to direct me. She spreads her legs even further apart apart and lifts them up; I see her open up before my eyes.

I am surprised to see a hot pinkness of color, not an illusion, as she opens up as if budding flower before my eyes. I pull myself slightly back, she takes my cock, now completely throbbing, places the tip of my hardness between the lips of her anticipating pussy and I glide smoothly into her tightening grasp. I enter her while I am looking into her eyes. I grasp both her hands with my hands and I slowly lower myself as she takes me within her, completely, deeply, within her moist warmth.

I have longed for this moment since … first memory … forever. I feel every part of her touching, the walls of her pussy closing, pulsating, absorbing my desire, as I move smoothly down deeply into her womanhood, settling down on her gently, my torso, hips, and pelvis weight compressing down against her soft black silkiness as I compress her body against the silkiness of the white sheets.

The feeling of my body merging within hers is the singular most exquisite of moment of my life. Being deeply within her, feeling the subtle friction of Elena’s warm moistness is a dream of my imagination fulfilled as it becomes a reality at last.

She shifts her body below, slightly moving, while looking up into my eyes. Looking into Elena’s eyes while I am deeply inside of her is another exquisite moment in a series of exquisite moments, adding up to a lifetime of desire and memories.

Seeing the expression on her face, the moment of intense desire and fulfillment makes my cock so utterly hard and throbbing kocaeli escort bayan within her I almost ejaculate. I feel the movement within her, a small motion, a heartbeat, a gentle contraction of her vagina barely noticeable, agonizing noticeable, as I am now so fully, hotly, erect within her that I am afraid if I move it will be all over in a moment, a moment I want to last forever. There is only one first time and I want it to be special for her as well as myself.

She asks me “How does that feel, honey? How does that feel? Elena smiles. I tightly hug her. I answer with my breathing . . . heavily breathing in an attempt to catch my breath I can only breath her name, “Elena” and quite frankly I am trying not to ejaculate.

I am whimpering from ecstasy, my eyes, looking at the vision below me with desire unquenchable.

Elena’s lovingly says, “Honey, you really feel good inside me … I can feel you … you are so big … oh,” she starts to tremble. Being inside her, inside a woman, is a sensation not known until this moment, these last few moments, not only fulfilling my hopes of a lifetime of want, but exceeding any of my previous imaginings.

I am in complete painful agony, in a complete unimaginable ecstasy … trying to stop as my balls are aching and I feel the sperm start to travel up my shaft.

She presses into me and says, “Try to wait, sweetie.” Elena rises up to fully envelop me within her causing a want … to empty myself completely within her welcoming embrace and all I can do is beg for her mercy …Please, please, please, Elena …”

I start rising and lowering myself, as she rises, I push down straining to keep our connection to its fullest, gasping for breath. I hold onto her upper thighs as she glides back and forth underneath me. I reach down and find her hips, grasping-pulling her back up forcefully as she pulls back. A complete full-ecstasy, not wanting it to end as she undulates underneath me.

Seeing the whiteness of my body merge with the darkness of her black skin, I lean down lick her nipple, one than the other, I take my tongue and slide it under her breast, one then the other. I place my mouth and try to devour her whole breast, filling my mouth with her soft supple breast, feeling her hard nipple against the back of my tongue. The swelling hardness of her nipple, tasting her breast with my lips, her nipple with my tongue, feeling her wetness, her soft pulsating touch with my swollen cock enveloped within the depths of her pussy, hearing her gasps, smelling her essence, … almost brings me to orgasm once more. I am in a reverie as my whole body seems to merge with Elena’s body and we become one.

I seem to always be on the brink of ejaculating, but Elena’s brief pauses stop me just short of the moment.

She is like a master conductor as she orchestrates my five senses to a rhythm just short of a exploding crescendo. I am painfully trying not to ejaculate as I raise and lower my body in a sensuous rhythm, as we dance to the beat of an imaginary a song.

The ceaseless, never seeming to end, perfect rhythmic motion of her body, her form, her presence under me keeping beat with my heart, taking my breath away. She knows what she is doing to me with her body and with her words.

She is teasing me, but suddenly, she is no longer smiling, she is in now in a passion. With each thrust, she is starting to moan, short painful sounds are escaping from her lips. Her sounds of ecstasy, her sounds of joy, and the sound of her short gasp are sounds that are driving me wild.

She is moving her hips and pelvis, undulating izmit escort on beneath. I am in an aching pain that is close to being unbearable … an aching pain I never want to end.

Elena swings over me and pulls herself on top of me, a move that surprises me as she bends forward resting her body on mine, takes my hands in hers once more.

She whispers in my ear. She tells me she wants me to cum when she is ready to climax. We are thinking the same thoughts, feeling the same emotions.

She whispers, “Please cum inside of me. Don’t pull out, honey … I want to feel your sperm deep inside of me.”

She sits back up, leans slightly back and says, “Honey, when you feel my hands clench yours, I want you to you to look directly into my eyes and cum inside of me.”

I am on the brink, ready to explode from just her words.

Elena quickly jerks her hips upward, I feel her forcefully pull me up within her, then slowly she lowers herself down on me once more, over and over a quick upward movement followed by a slow downward one. An agony, almost unbearable, is bringing me to euphoria as our pelvises press together, my white shaft plunges into her darkness, my blondish-brown pubic hair pressing-meshing tangling-untangling with her deeply black pubic hair as we push together and separate.

Her slow pressing down causes me to thrust deeply within her … all seven inches penetrate to a depth not possible. She groans, actually cries out as if in agony, and pulls back up quickly, in such a rapid of quick upward movement, I feel my sperm traveling up, no longer being able to contain myself.

She hesitates, then slowly glides back down on me and she is sharing her wetness with me as I am now pulsating uncontrollably and Elena is clenching her hands within mine, urgently saying, “Look into my eyes “Honey … Now! … Now! … Now!

I feel her wetness splurge forth as I explode. I burst forth inside of her, releasing my sperm deeply within her in one short burst after another as I cry out … “Elena!”

Elena’s short high whimpers excite me further as each deep thrust takes her breath away, makes her cry out as we climax together. Her cries, her need of me, excites me to thrust ever deeper and eject more semen than I thought possible. We look into each others eyes and never before did I see love in an exquisite sweet harmony as her love explodes back into my heart. I am emptying myself inside of Elena with each thrust, with each clench of our hands … sex, lust, and love mix as we become one.

She continues pushing down and pulling back up with each contraction tightening around me in a perfect togetherness. Our spasms are together, in a perfect wet hot moistness, that I really can’t begin to describe. I have never experienced the pleasure of such a first moment, an unforgettable moment, this lovingly intense explosion throughout my body.

Elena lies on top of me. I am still inside of her, feeling the pulsating of her heart against my chest in synchronistic rhythm with the small contractions of her pussy, the stirring of her breathe in my hair, the vague smell of orchids in the air, maybe her perfume, the duel wet mingled perspiration, sliding, dripping off of our bodies.

I taste her lipstick and her perspiration on my lips. I hear and feel her deep breathing. I see the outline of her dark black-Cuban body against my lightly tanned skin.

I feel the lightness, the heaviness, of her body laying on me, in complete unison. A quietude of emotion after the storm of our desire wanes, another feeling of warmth and intimacy spreads over me as my breath escapes me and I attempt to draw in air’s nourishment. I feel her warm body on top of mine, her hands still clutching mine in a grasp that makes me want to hold her hands forever.

Quite the birthday present.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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