Excruciatingly Pleasurable

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He led her to the bedroom, her hand tightly in his, and he prepared to love her exquisitely. She trembled slightly, afraid of what was to come. She was almost positive she would be on that list of things however. Her vision was obscured with a beautiful silk scarf and all she could see was darkness. That’s okay, she had complete trust in her lover and she knew she was in good hands: strong, sensual hands at that knew exactly how to elicit the most intense bliss.

Laying her on the bed gently, he began his sensual assault. There was no need to rush. He had set aside hours to do nothing but pleasure his lady love. The first sensation she felt was so gentle, so imperceptible, she couldn’t make out what it was at first. The feather-light touch was just that, a feather. She cried out, “Stop, that tickles!” but his technique was relentless. Every touch of that feather to her skin made her jump and squirm. He traced the insides of her elbows and the slope of her collar bone, everywhere on her body until it was no longer ticklish; it was like sending erotic stimuli straight to her clit. Under her breasts, her ankles, her very fingertips, no place was off limits. Biting her lip, she silenced her moans of joy. There was no need to however, it was her night and her man was there to cater to her every whim and fantasy. All she had to do was ask and he was there to respond.

Next, came the intense sensation of cold. Cry out she did as he traced ice cubes around her belly button and down to the baby soft hair of her mound. “Please baby, don’t do this to me, please stop,” she whimpered şişli üniversiteli escort but she spread her legs more, communicating to him that the last thing she wanted was for him to stop. She gripped the sheets tightly, using them for leverage, voluntarily restraining herself from moving as he put the ice cube in his mouth and created the sensation of cool kisses on her engorged pussy lips. She was out of her mind with desire, panting, begging, moaning, chanting. He kissed his way all over her body, leaving a trail of cool, wet kisses.

Next, the sensations she felt were indiscernible. While it was apparent that something was being applied to her skin, all over her body, she couldn’t exactly tell what it was. It didn’t seem to be either pleasurable or unpleasant. She waited, anxiously, breathlessly awaiting the pleasure to begin for she knew it was right around the corner. Little did she know it was honey that had been applied to her body until her lover started to sensually lick away every drop of sweetness. Inch by excruciatingly erotic inch, he licked. He licked until his tongue was tired and then licked some more. He was inspired by her cries of passion. With every flick of his tongue on her nipples, thighs, and toes, she would let out a sound that inspired him to keep going. He wasn’t going to stop for anything.

Turning her over, placing her on her stomach, the sensation of warmth was the next thing she felt. Heated massage oil trickled down the small of her back, creating a pool right at the top of her ass. With skill taksim anal yapan escort and intensity, he softly kneaded the oil into her brown skin from her shoulders to her feet and not missing a spot in between. He wasn’t trying to work out tension or heal a sore muscle, he was caressing and pampering with just the right amount of pressure and gentle, tender caresses. Holding her ass in his hands he worked the oil in and caused her to arch her back, stick her ass out as in invitation. He took the invitation and poured the heated oil into the crack of her ass and let it drip between her pussy lips, adding to the moisture and slipperiness she felt there.

At this point in the evening, she was undone. She was ready for sex and didn’t need any more foreplay whatsoever, not another minute, not another second. She wanted to join with her lover, meld with him, to become one. She needed him inside her. “Fuck me, Make love to me, I need you inside me, was all she kept saying.” Pulling the scarf from her eyes, she pleaded with her lover, “Come on baby, you know you want this, come on, I’m so wet for you right now. Make me cum.”

A man on a mission cannot be denied. It was his intent to make her cum and make her cum hard before there was any penetration whatsoever. Taking his middle finger and inserting it slowly, he softly probed for the places that made her squirm. He looked in her eyes for the reaction that told him that she loved what he was doing. Pulling back the hood on her clit, he rubbed softly, in a gentle circular motion. taksim bdsm escort His lady was practically sobbing. Her legs were in the air and she was almost in a state of panic.

Almost at his threshold for patience, he used his fingers to softly push, prod and poke all her sensitive spots, he worked her magic button until she was screaming in the pillow, her body a wave of spasm after spasm, her muscles trembling and weak. It was then that he took careful aim. Lining up the head of his dick with her sweet, hot, tight, wet hole, he waited. She tried her best to maneuver around to get him to penetrate her but he would not. She cursed him, screamed for him to fuck her. He bent over to kiss her, for their mouths to taste one another, and he slipped inside her. In that moment, it was like none other. Instinct took over and he was primal. He wasn’t aggressive like a predator; he was focused like a laser.

Their bodies moved in unison. She enveloped him, providing him with a safe place that felt too good to be true. He loved her and he was going to pour his unconditional love into her. First however, he was going to FUCK the living daylights out of her. Pushing her thighs back to her chest, he stared deep in her eyes. “Does that feel good?” as he drove his dick up inside her.

“God damn you, you know it does, fuck me.”

That wasn’t enough for him. He wanted more. With more intensity, he drove his dick up inside her again over and over again. Her nails dug in his back. Her legs wrapped around his back, pulling him tighter, closer. Their breathing became synchronized. He was lost in her pleasure, she was on the verge of another intense orgasm. He timed it perfectly, and began fucking her like only a man in love can do. She held on and met every thrust. Their bodies were working together in unison. His moans became hers. They could fight it no longer and they came, together, crashing into one another and enveloped by love.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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