Educating Charlie Ch. 02

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The sweat was pouring off him and it felt good.

Jake was in the zone and focused as he pounded the treadmill in his gym, passing another mile. His ipod blared out his favourite tunes and he felt his tensions easing out. His breathing was perfect and the woes of the working week dissipated.

Thump, thump, thump on the treadmill.

Then he caught her in the corner of his eye.

Charlie buttocks and legs were working the step machine at the far end of the room and just her presence made Jake feel woozy. He slowed down and got off.

He reached for his towel and took a double-look. It was her all right. Shit.

Jake quickly made a sharp exit across the busy post-work gym in an effort to avoid his friend. He finally found the double door, looked back and breathed in relief that an awkward moment had been avoided.

Luckily the steam room was empty and Jack slumped down after losing his clothes back at the changing room. Draped in a small white towel, he leant backwards trying to find solace in the mist around him. The last few weeks had been a blur and he was a different person. He felt he’d become a liberated soul due to these experiences but also knew that feelings swam with sex. At the time the menage a trois with Liz and Steve felt harmless, but clearly they’d all upset Charlie in their actions.

Jake sweated out his guilt for another ten minutes or so and at last felt ready to face the world again. Just as he was about to get up the door opened and in stepped Charlie with a friend chatting. He waited for the inevitable recognition.

They simply stared at each other with Charlie looking more upset as the seconds drifted by. Suddenly she looked away and sat with her friend, leaving Jake pinned to the bench.

Jake didn’t know what to do or say, trying his best to avoid the occasional glances from the two women.

Minutes passed and Jake waited to make his exit in an effort not to seem rude, when Charlie’s friend left the steam room leaving them alone. Shit. An awkward silence fell, aside from the hiss of new steam entering the room.

“Are you Ok?” Jake finally asked.

“Yeah…I mean, sort of.” Replied Charlie. More silence followed.

He watched her face as she stared at the floor biting her lip. More steam rose, partly hiding her.

Out of the steam, she spoke. “I’m more jealous of you guys than upset. Liz is so open and confident. I wish I could be like that.”

“Liz is… interesting.” Jake replied. “I wouldn’t hold her up as a role model though.”

Charlie pondered this and then went on to explain how painfully shy she truly was and that she at least envied Liz’s attitude.

“I want to be more confident around men.” She said finally.

The hiss of the steam poured in again and he almost lost her.

Charlie used this opportunity and moved next to Jake. As she did he noticed a wondrous curvy figure come towards him out of the mist draped in the same small, tight white towel that barely covered his crotch. God, she had an amazing body, he thought.

Silence fell upon the pair again. Charlie shyly rocked and back off her hands on the bench, whilst he tried to think of something to say to keep the conversation going.

Suddenly she turned and said, “Will you help me?”

Before he could answer she leaned in and kissed him passionately. He decided to kiss her back and their tongues met. Jake started to get turned on as she pushed into him with her body and a mix of shock and delight flowed through his beylikdüzü escort brain. She pulled back and again looked at him shyly. Jake took the whole picture in and remember how beautiful she was. She had a delicate face, with slightly chubby, but rosy cheeks and looked an image of innocence.

There truly was something about her. Her appearance was so simple in many respects, and yet she was so sexy. If only she knew.

He noticed her towel had come undone slightly during the embrace and one of her large, milk-white breasts was on display, along with part of her belly. The sight was beautiful in the magical mist that surrounded them.

They kissed again and his hand involuntarily reached for the soft flesh of her escaped breast and she breathed into him in pleasure. Jake’s hand sunk into her bosom and he thought of how natural it felt. He knew he was sporting an erection and she felt for it tentatively, laying her hand on top through the towel.

They parted again and Charlie’s towel had slipped completely and he took in her naked form.

Both breasts were as magnificent as before and even though her legs were pressed together, he could see the top of her natural brown bush amongst her wide curvy hips. She smiled at him, not knowing what to do.

“Well you seem pretty confident around me.” Said Jake.

“I have been practicing what I was going to say…and do, ever since Sunday.” Replied Charlie.

“What, here!?”

“No…but somewhere. When I next saw you.” She smiled.

She leaned in again and they kissed again. This time she fumbled around his towel, and after a bit of effort, exposed him. The steam hit his hard penis first, but a fraction later Charlie’s hand was wrapped around it. Jake broke from the embrace and kissed down her neck. Charlie groaned in appreciation and then they heard the door open.

Charlie flew up in a shot and somehow left the room with her towel around her whilst Jake was left alone with his arousal on display. The middle-aged couple looked shocked at both him and the departing Charlie. Jake covered himself and tried to leave in complete embarrassment. As he was leaving the husband gave him a little knowing smile.

When outside he looked for Charlie but couldn’t find her. After a quick scan he decided to get changed quickly in case anyone complained.

As he left the gym he kept an eye out for Charlie, but there wasn’t any sign, nor had she contacted him via his mobile. Jake felt like he was back to square one with her.

Jake had little choice but to go home. He sat around and pondered the events in the steam room. Had he manipulated it? Had he taken it too far? No she wanted this.

He rang her. No answer. He tried again. Nothing.

The evening dragged on and Jake had that slight twinge in his stomach that suggested he’d done something wrong, but wasn’t quite sure what. His phone bleeped.

Open your door, the text message read.

He followed the instructions and out in the hallway he found Charlie waiting. She had obviously been crying from her puffy eyes under her glasses, so he invited her in quickly.

“What is it? Tell me.” He asked. She simply leaned in and kissed him gently whilst still sniffling. She then hugged him.

“Tell me I’m beautiful.” She requested.

“You’re the most beautiful girl i’ve ever seen.” She smiled weakly.

She pulled away and started to undress without looking at him. She slowly undid her fitted blouse and Jake simply beyoğlu escort watched, not knowing what to do. Clearly she was upset, and he thought he should stop her. Then he thought how desperately he wanted to continue what started earlier.

He returned to the image before him as Charlie pulled off her blouse and her large breasts came into view, contained in a frilly bra. She took off her shoes and then started to undo her skirt.

“You don’t need to do this Charlie.” He said, as his conscience got the best of him.

“Look, have a glass of wine, relax. Please.” He pleaded.

She ignored him and carried on undressing. Her skirt fell and she stood in her underwear. She was wearing a matching set of expensive material that comprised of a bra, frilly sheer pants, exposing her natural front region, a garter belt, suspenders and tights. She continued to undo the suspenders and the tights fell one by one down her curvy legs. Next she lost the suspender belt. All the time though there was no passion and it was almost robotic.

Finally she glanced at him in just her bra and pants. She reached around and undid the bra. It fell. Jake glanced down at her magnificent breasts which sat proudly on her chest. He wanted to feel the large area of soft flesh and to lick her pink nipples. Charlie simply continued and finally just pulled down her panties without spectacle. She stared at him again.

In her naked glory Jake didn’t know what to do, everything felt wrong. She looked stunning standing in the middle of his living room, but he felt like he was taking advantage to do any more than look. Finally she spoke.

“Am I beautiful now?”

“More than ever, Charlie. You have an amazing body…”

Before he could finish she turned and her curvy body walked naked to his room. He followed to find out what was going on. When he looked into the room she had got into his bed and under the covers. She checked he had followed and then took off her thin glasses.

“Are you joining me?” She asked.

He sat on the end of bed and decided to play this conservatively.

“Please join me Jake. Get under the covers.” She said quietly.

He moved and got under, still wearing his work clothes. Charlie giggled at last.

“No, silly. Naked.” Suddenly it felt right.

He struggled but got undressed under the covers and threw all the clothes out of the bed. They both lay there naked nervously like two virgins without a clue. Charlie pulled him in for a kiss and also pulled his hand to her breast.

“That felt so good earlier.” She added.

Jake felt it his duty to express how much he loved her body. He rose to his knees and bent in to kiss her right breast. It tasted sweet and pure when his mouth engulfed her nipple. He let go and gently blew on the moist skin he had left, seeing the beauty in her hardening. The other breast was given the same delicate treatment before he kissed down her belly. Jake took his time; he knew this time they wouldn’t be disturbed.

He finally reached between Charlie’s legs and pushed away all the covers to see her properly for the first time. Jake saw a wonderful full bush before him which revealed her excitement in the glistening drops of moisture displayed everywhere. He then noticed her large puffy lips. Jake started to kiss the inside of her thighs and worked his way slowly down. Finally he reached her and gently kissed her to her clit whilst she groaned in anticipation.

After a few minutes of sucking bomonti escort on Charlie’s sweet tasting body, she was breathing heavier and on the verge of cumming. Jake decided to move back up her body and slid next to her. He reached for her face and knowing she would be able to taste herself on him. Jake wanted to show that he had loved doing it and how normal it was. Charlie shyly tasted his lips as they kissed and Jake’s hand this time reached for her pussy. She started to groan again and they kissed passionately. Charlie came hard as Jake slid his fingers through her wet lips.

Moments passed and Charlie lay there with closed eyes as her body’s shaking subsided. Jake jumped out of the bed and walked to the kitchen. He returned a few moments later with that glass of wine for Charlie and took in her curvy naked form laid out on the bed.

Charlie rolled over onto her front and took the wine off him, taking a sip. She looked up and smiled.

“That was amazing,” she said.

Their eyes firmly met and both smiled before she gazed at his waist. His penis was half-erect. Charlie subtly scooted slightly forward and kissed the tip from the edge of the bed. She then took a large gulp of wine, followed by an inch or two of his quickly hardening cock. Her lips let go of him and she looked up with lust in her eyes. Jake knew then that he was helping unleash something inside her.

They put their wine down and Jake slid back into bed. Charlie’s fingers were soon around his cock and he was hard in a matter of seconds. “I want you inside me,” she whispered in his ear.

Jake parted her legs for a second time and moved in between. He positioned himself above her. “Sure?” She nodded urgently in reply.

He felt the head of his penis slide along her moist lips and she hummed approval. He looked down and Charlie had her eyes closed and was biting her lip waiting. He pressed slightly and gently, feeling his head move inside her. He pulled out again and saw a bead of liquid still connect them. He approached again and his whole cockhead went in, feeling small devine electric shocks of pleasure move to his brain.

A few moments later Charlie felt ready to accept him as he worked back and forth slowly. Jake’s penis was now glistening with her wonderful juices and finally he slid fully inside her. Charlie purred and Jake simply paused feeling how tight she was around him. He looked down and she gave him a gentle and encouraging smile. He pulled out again and slid back in. Her eyes shut and she half-moaned. Jake took his time and made love to this wonderful body rather than fucking her.

Soon Charlie was groaning loudly as Jake perched himself on his arms and slowly slid back and forth. He felt himself almost going deeper on every stroke and his balls gently grazing across her. Suddenly without much warning she came. She opened her eyes looking disappointed as it subsided.

“Fancy going on top?” Asked Jake.

“What? I’ve never…tried,” replied a hesitant Charlie.

He quickly rolled her on top of him and he guided his cock back inside. Charlie looked shocked and moved slightly, feeling his penis inside her. Jake reached up and took both heaving breasts in his hands and pushed hard into her with his bum. “It’s all part of your education Charlie,” he said smiling.

Soon they were fucking like animals and Charlie found the delight in the position as she bounced up and down. Charlie was suddenly screaming and Jake was in heaven. Finally Charlie came again and Jake could feel himself getting close.

Jake explained the situation and asked her is she fancied trying one final position. She asked what he meant and he simply pulled out of her, pushed her off and was suddenly behind her. He placed her on all fours and penetrated her from behind. “This…” He finally answered.

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