Don’t Stop Now

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As the sun rose over the cityscape, casting light across the buildings and the pavements below, rays of light began to stream through the gaps in the curtains. A warm glow spread across the room, bouncing off the walls, casting light across the shadows around the room. We were curled up in bed, my back pressed against your front, one arm under the pillow under my head and the other draped over my hip. I woke up but couldn’t go back to sleep, so I got up. I stopped in the doorway, looking back at you, a smile forming at my lips. You’d rolled ever so slightly and curled your arm around my pillow. Laughing softly and shaking my head at such a sweet sight, I turn and tiptoe quietly out of the room. I head towards the bathroom, needing to do the morning inspection of my surgical incision sites, then head to the kitchen and make myself a coffee before slipping out onto the balcony. It wasn’t long before you came looking for me, stepping out onto the balcony and wrapping your arms around me from behind, nuzzling into my neck

You let me finish my coffee, your lips at my neck the whole time, feathering kisses along my skin. Putting my mug down, I raise an arm to loop it around your neck, holding you against me, while my other hand is gripping the railing. After a minute or so, you took my hand and pulled me along with you down onto the daybed that was on the balcony. You lay back and pull me along with you, holding me against your still warm body. I lay up high enough to kiss you, soft and slow, a feather light touch of lips, tease of tongue, sighs breathing between us. Your hands rub their way up and down my back, pausing every so often to squeeze my hip or my shoulder. Your hand wandered upwards, sliding up along my neck. In a split second, you’d grabbed a handful of hair and tugged, bringing a gasp from my mouth. You instantly let go, breaking the kiss, and pulled back, apologising and trying to move me. I didn’t say a word, just took your hands in mine, moving one back to my neck, the other to my thigh. You tried to pull away, but I moved to straddle you, locking my knees at your hips. I leaned down, put my mouth to your ear and asked if you trusted me.

You looked me in the eye and whisper soft words against my lips, telling me that you trust me completely. You tried to keep talking, trying to tell me that you don’t want to hurt me and that its ok if I want to or need to stop. In a second, I simultaneously kiss you deeply and shift my body down to rub myself against the hand I placed on my thigh. bursa escort You feel how wet I am, instantly turned on when you grabbed my hair, and you groan into my mouth. You try to move your hand, try to touch me, but I shift. I move myself lower, pressing my wet pussy against your cock, moving ever so slightly. You shudder underneath me, I quiver on top of you, gasping into your mouth as you deepen the kiss. The hand in my hair tightens its hold as you slide your tongue against mine. I grind my pussy along the rock-hard length of you, pleasuring myself while pleasuring you. You break the kiss, leaning back to look at me. Your eyes are full of desire, that look you get when you’re torn between wanting to tease me and wanting to fuck me.

I know that part of you is wanting to stop, for no other reason than you don’t want to push me. Because of my recent surgery, we needed to be careful, but Im almost fully healed, and I want you. I want this. I want us. NOW. You start to speak, and I know you’re going to ask if I’m ok, if I’m really ready. So, I answer you. I answer you by reaching down and wrapping my hand around your cock, using my wetness to slide my hand up and down. Your eyes flutter, you can’t speak even though you want to, and that’s exactly how I want you. I squeeze, loving the reaction I get from you, head laid back, eyes still fluttering then closing as you hiss a breath between your teeth. I quicken my pace, slow my pace, quicken my pace, run my fingertip over the head of your cock. You raise your head and open your eyes, watching me as I pleasure you, your hips lifting ever so slightly, bringing both your cock and my hand in contact with my now dripping wet pussy.

You look down, watching my hand play with your cock, then raise your eyes to look at me again. I know you still want to ask me and get an answer. I move my hand to your cheek, lean in close and whisper against your lips, sweet words you love to hear … please Sir, don’t stop … You groan and kiss me again, lips and tongue, lust and desire mingled together with love. Without giving you a chance to overthink, I lift myself up and use my hand to slide your cock inside my pussy… It. Feels. Amazing … You mutter something under your breath, before moving your hands to my hips. I slide slowly down the length of you, stopping when your cock is buried as deep as it can go. My head falls back, and I quiver from head to toe, every inch of my skin breaking out in goose bumps. I hold you there, letting my body adjust to you. You finally bursa escort bayan find enough voice to ask if I’m alright. I look you in the eye, smile and start to move. Just the slightest tilt of my hips and the sensations that burn through us both are incredible. I move my hips back and forth, grinding my clit against you, and it sets off a wave of orgasm. I shudder against you, spasm around you, moan above you. I know what my sounds do to you, and I know you are going to have to fight with yourself to not take over and regain control.

You hold me steady, letting the orgasm wash over me, letting me ride it out. When it stops, I lift myself up and sink back down over your hard flesh again. Your whole body jumps, and I know you won’t last long. I don’t care at all. I just want this. I want us, together. I move slowly, painfully so, but you fight the urge to take over and let me stay in control. I look into your eyes, watching you while I ride you for the first time in so long. I want to go faster, ride you hard, but I am soooo loving the look on your face right now. That look of sheer desire, coupled with the edge of dominance, but also a flash of submission. I keep my pace steady, keep it slow, teasing you while fucking you. You swell inside me, which sets off another spasm. Your hands tighten on my hips, your own hips lifting beneath me. You are definitely fighting yourself now. I love that I can do this to you, that we can do this to each other. This is something beyond anything I ever fantasised about.

I whisper your name, but you don’t seem to hear me. Trying not to lose momentum, I lay my hand on your cheek, forcing you to look at me. You manage to find enough composure to tell me that you love me. I smile down at you, lean in to kiss you softly, and tell you that you mean the world to me, that I’m yours. While my lips are pressed against yours, I keep sliding myself up and back down, not going faster, but not slowing down either, the moisture of my earlier orgasm making my movements so smooth and slick. I lean to the side, moving my mouth from your lips and nipping my way along your jawline, moving along your neck before moving up to bite your ear. You groan, moving your hands up my back to hold me close against you, pressing us so tight together. With my teeth at your ear, your rock hard cock buried in my pussy, my swollen and sensitive clit grinding against your body, I whisper one simple sentence in your ear …

At my whispered words you take a deep breath, let out a small moan escort bursa and move one hand from my back to my face, cupping my cheek. The other hand moves from my back to my hip, gripping quite tight, a sure sign that you’re fighting your body for control. You look me in the eye, silent for a second before asking me to repeat myself. I smile, knowing you just want to hear the words again. I lean down to kiss you softly, your hand still cupping my cheek. I deepen the kiss, putting all my desire, love and lust into it, but I hold my body still. I place my hand against your cheek, mimicking your touch. When the kiss gets hotter, as it quite often does with us, I pull back, leaning my forehead against yours while we catch our breath. Pressed together as close as we are, as close as two people can physically be, as bonded and connected as we are, I know what those words mean to you. I also know how worried you’ve been, and despite having your cock buried deep inside me, you need the reassurance from me anyway. So, I lean to the side, put my lips to your ear again and repeat myself, just to be clear …

“I’m yours Sir, please don’t stop now” …

Your entire body shudders beneath me, and you give up trying to fight. You lift your hips, begging me to keep going, to not stop, to make you cum. So … I lift myself up and sink back down onto you. But I don’t speed up, I keep my slow torturous pace, driving us both crazy. Your hands tighten on my hip, and you move to bury your face into my neck as I move over you. It doesn’t take much longer at all, but neither of us gives a damn right now. I tell you that I’m yours, to bury your cock deep, beg you not to stop. At that moment, you lose the fight, exploding inside me with an intensity I hadn’t imagined, the orgasm rendering us both unable to speak. The only thing we can manage are the moans of pure uninhibited pleasure.

I collapse against you, snuggling into your chest, your arms wrapping around me to hold me tight. When the wave subsides, and we can breathe again, you lift my face to look at you. You tell me how damn incredible we are, how damn good we are together and that you’ll never stop loving me, no matter what. I start to tear up, feeling beyond lucky and beyond loved. You brush the tear away and pull me in tighter. You put my hand over your heart and tell me that I’m the reason its beating so fast, that you feel that way when all we do is goof around. You move me, so that you can kiss me, so soft and sweet. When our legs work again, you walk us to the shower, taking it just as slow as I took the sex, making sure to clean us both up. You dry off, dry me off, then pull me back into bed. I curl into you, the biggest smile on my face as I drift off to sleep in your arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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