Doctor Visit Ch. 02

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Chapter 2: Doctor’s Cabin

After the surprise in the doctor’s office and the impending hunting trip I wasn’t sure what to think when we walked to the parking lot. It dawned on me that I couldn’t leave my car there. They agreed and told me to drive home where they would pick me up.

I thought of the fact that they would both know where I live. I wasn’t too uncomfortable with that knowledge but I’m sure being doctors’ they would find my modest apartment a dump in comparison to the homes they probably live in. I shrugged my shoulders and pulled into the garage port at the apartment complex.

Surprisingly they parked, got out of their vehicle and followed me. I felt in some sense like the one being hunted since they kept their distance following me to my door. I walked in leaving the door slightly ajar, thankful that I had cleaned the night before. They came in and looked around. It was an odd feeling because this wasn’t a date; they were just there with me.

“What should I bring with me?”

“Whatever you feel you need for a couple days away,” the older doctor said.

I grabbed a small suitcase and put in some clothing then walked to the bathroom. The older doctor followed me while the younger one checked out my music selection at the entertainment center. He came behind me in the bathroom and shoved me forward on the countertop. Lowering his mouth to my neck he whispered, “Don’t forget your hot water bottle so we can remedy your bowel problem dear.”

“Ok,” I murmured a bit embarrassed, “or I can just take care of it here and now.”

“No, WE will have plenty of time at the cabin.”

He released me and watched me quietly without another word. It felt odd having him there without talking, only watching. I truly did feel like the hunted one. I found my hot water bottle, tubing and attachment hidden in the far bottom drawer. I kept it in an out of the way place in case of curious guests that like to peek in people’s cupboards. It has always been something that I enjoy doing but it is also something that many people think of as ‘dirty’ so I always guarded my privacy about it.

He reached for my hand holding the items before I could put them in my duffle bag. Running his fingers over the tubing, he grabbed the attachment and held it close to my face. He continued to look at the attachment while he spoke. Only at the end of his statement did he raise his eyes to me. “Tonight we are going to fill you with nice warm water to clean your bowel good… right before we lick and fuck that delicious ass of yours.” His eyes found mine when he said lick and fuck. I felt the flush on my cheeks and tried to hide it.

“Do not hide from me Sue.”

“Sorry, I was just a little embarrassed Doc.”

“Call me Steve, please.”


“Thank you. I fully intend on cleaning your ass and using it. Have you ever had a cock up your ass?”

“No, only my toys.”

“Good, I can’t wait to pop your anal cherry, both with the enema and fucking it.”

“Your cock is so huge. I don’t know if… if I can take it all.”

“You can and you will. Where are your toys?”

I took him to my bedroom and produced my secretly hidden bag of toys. I dumped them on the bed and reached for a few items. He grabbed my hand and held it firm stopping me.

“I will pick out what you take this weekend.”

“Yes Steve,” I said softly, hoping if nothing else he would grab my favorite vibrator with the clit stimulator. He rifled through the pile of toys pulling out a few different items tossing them into the duffle bag. My toys are my secret stockpile of pleasuring devices I keep to myself. For the first time another person is viewing them but I’m not as embarrassed as I am excited.

He held up the ben-wa balls and a small butt plug. “Put these in before we leave.”

He stood there in the room waiting for me, “Are you going to leave so I can put them in?”

“No, do it now while I watch.”


“No but’s, do it Sue.”

“Yes, Steve.” I felt embarrassed now, not accustomed to using my toys in front of someone. Lowering my jeans to my ankles, I reached for the anal cream called anal-eze that has a numbing agent in it. I put a small trace on my puckered hole letting it work while I slid the ben-wa balls deep into my pussy. Placing the plug on the bed I turned to sit with it poised at my ass. Steve reached his hands to my waist. His massive hands encompassed my waist easily holding me firmly then slowly lowering me onto the plug. I panted softly while it slipped past my tight sphincter muscle. When the thicker base was in my muscles gripped it tightly inside.

He lowered his mouth to mine kissing me lightly, “Good girl.”

Releasing me I pulled my jeans back on, put away the rest of my toys and quickly dropped my favorite vibrator into the duffle bag when he wasn’t looking. We walked out to the other room to find the younger doctor sitting on the couch waiting. Steve spoke, “Come on Dave we’re ready now.” Dave followed us to the door and we left for the weekend at the hunting cabin. anadolu yakası escort I felt the constant reminder of what was to come with the ben-wa balls and the butt plug pressing into my body. We climbed into the SUV and headed out. Steve and Dave spoke to one another while I sat in the seat behind them. They pulled into a dimly lit parking lot. I saw a neon sign advertising adult videos and toys on an ill kept storefront.

“I need to get a few items. I’m sure you and Dave can amuse yourselves while I’m gone.”

He walked in the store leaving the two of us in the SUV. Dave was more quiet and reserved than Steve but I knew he was very aware of his sexuality. Being older than Dave I thought perhaps he wanted me to take on the older seductress role. Or perhaps the fact that I was older wasn’t a turn-on to him, so I asked.

“Does it bother you that I’m older than you David?”

“Funny you should call me that, all my friends call me Dave.”

“Should I call you Dave?”

“No, please call me David. It is the same name one of my Mothers friends used when I was younger and she showed me the merits of an older woman.”

“Oh, so you have been with an older woman before?”

“Yes I have and to be honest with you I have been hard pressed to find a woman my own age that is able to satisfy me in quite the same way.”

“Now old were you?”

“19 and legal. She told me she had her eye on me for a very long time just waiting till I was old enough to pluck.”

“So you enjoyed the encounter I presume.”

“Very much so. I love an older woman that knows who she is, what she wants and isn’t afraid to express it.”

“Mmmm, mind if I move into the front seat with you?”

“Please do.”

I crawled between the bucket seats and took the seat Steve had occupied. I unfastened my jeans before I sat, pulling them down to my ankles. I looked over toward David while I ran my fingers up and down my wet slit. “Do you know that Steve made me put in ben-wa balls and a butt plug before we left?”

“No I didn’t know.”

“Would you like to pull the ben-wa balls out and taste me?”

“Yes Ma’am.”

Pivoting my ass on the seat, raising my legs I hooked my jeans over the top of his head where they rested at my ankles. He turned and buried his face in my snatch, lapping and nipping at my soaked pussy. He sucked at my juices while he licked, quite the talented pussy eater. He caught the string to the ben-wa balls in his teeth and tugged. I squeezed my muscles trying to hold them in place. He tugged harder then released. I felt them slip and grip deep into my pussy again. He toyed with me for quite a while. I could hear his heated breath and knew how aroused he was. I squeezed my legs around his head holding him firmly in place while using my hand to hold his mouth tight against my clit. He seemed to get more excited when I took charge. Letting go of his head I raised my legs up, over and off his head.

“Put your seat back and lower your pants David.” He did as instructed, sitting in the drivers seat with a very erect young 30 year old cock just begging to be sucked and fucked. I leaned and lowered my mouth to his cock barely grazing the sides when I covered it with my mouth. Engulfing it deep in my mouth my lips locked around it and sucked hard while I pulled upward. He let out a loud moan while I smiled to myself and continued. Repositioning myself I had my ass up in the air with my mouth working on his cock when Steve returned.

“Well well, now isn’t this a beautiful sight.” I continued to suck David’s cock while Steve slid into the seat holding my body in his lap. He used his fingers to play with my pussy. He tugged at the butt plug until it slid out slowly, stretching my ass with the bulbous base. He reached into the bag from the adult toy store but I couldn’t see what he had. I felt lube on my ass then a tiny round ball slide into my ass clamping shut behind it. I kept sucking David’s cock while I also tried to focus on what Steve was doing to me.

I felt another ball pressing against my ass, then another and another, each progressively growing larger. I wondered how long the string of anal beads was. The last ball felt the largest. He pressed and pulled the string of balls already inside me priming me for its passage. Finally he held it firmly at my ass. I willed myself to relax taking a deep breath. He felt the moment I relaxed and pushed it in. I let out a yelp at the same time David let lose his hot cum into my throat. I gulped his hot seed down my throat, slurping and licking him clean.

Steve swatted my ass and told me to get in the back seat and pull my pants back up. I crawled in the seat but didn’t pull my pants up right away. I lay down on the bench seat and grabbed my vibrator out of my duffle bag instead. Sliding the head of it in my pussy the clit stimulator found its mark. As excited as I was it didn’t take long for me to reach climax.

Steve watched from the passenger seat, “Do it again.”

I continued to play, riding ataşehir escort the wave to orgasm again. “Do it again, keep going until I tell you to stop.”

“I’m getting tired.”

“Do as you’re told. I will say when you’re too tired.” I kept playing, moaning and reaching climax over and over until it took everything in me to reach it the next time. He heard my struggle, “Ok, you may stop now.”

I slid the vibrator out and licked it clean before dropping it back in my bag. I was so tired I didn’t even pull my jeans up I just laid there and quivered. I felt him hand reach back to stroke my hair while I drifted off to sleep. Later he rousted me when we arrived at the cabin. I had hoped to see where we were going but I fell asleep and ruined that plan. Now I was in the wilderness with 2 doctors and had no idea where I was. Steve and Dave got out and took their gear into the cabin while I pulled on my jeans and grabbed my duffle bag to follow them.

The cabin was actually quite nice, nicer than my apartment. I had envisioned a shack but this was far from a shack. The log cabin entrance was heavily illuminated with lights on each side of the front door. A broad porch across the front made it feel homey. We entered to find a massive fireplace with leather furniture. It was decorated in a modern masculine tone. The interior was very open with high ceilings. A staircase railing led to an upstairs loft. It was a beautiful home, but to them it was simply a cabin.

I found the restroom to freshen up. When I came out they offered me a cold meat sandwich to eat. David filled the fridge with the rest of the cooler items so we could eat for a couple days. Steve offered me a glass of wine. We sat and ate together without a lot of conversation. Dave and Steve discussed a few things from work but concluded the conversation with the thought of forgetting about work for the weekend.

“There is one more patient I want to discuss with you Dave.”

“Oh really, who is that?”


“Ah and what seems to be Sue’s problem?”

“It appears she needs a warm water enema.”

I felt the heat flood to my cheeks. Steve walked to my duffle bag and pulled out the hot water bottle. Dave sat there and watched as he adjusted the water temperature in the sink to fill it.

“We will have to make due with what we have here Dave. Please prepare the table for our procedure.” Dave cleared the table quietly then covered it with a fleece blanket. He walked to me and extended his hand for me to stand. Carefully, almost tenderly he began to undress me where I stood. His fingers lingered over parts of my body throughout the process. Finally he assisted me to lay across the table with my feet still touching the floor. He ran his fingers down my spine softly then went lower to tug at the ben-wa ball string. Pulling them out slowly they clanked together when they left me. Next he massaged my ass cheeks then reached for the string on the anal beads. He tugged slowly, “This may hurt just for a moment.” He pulled the largest bead from my ass while I let out a small scream. He rubbed my ass again and pulled the second, third, fourth and final bead out.

“Here Dave, you can do the honors.” Steve handed the nozzle to him while he splashed some KY on my waiting ass. He couldn’t resist the urge to slip his finger in my ass before Dave started the procedure. Steve held the bag while Dave slipped the nozzle in my ass. I felt the warmth start to flood me slowly, just the way I like it. He adjusted the flow so it wasn’t too rapid, allowing my body to take more over time. After a few minutes I felt my stomach start to cramp slightly so I put my knees up on the table to increase the downward slant of my body so I could hold more.

When he had emptied ½ of the bottle into my waiting ass I felt like I couldn’t take anymore and told him. He locked the clip to stem the flow of water. Steve slipped a butt plug in my ass that had a harness attached to wrap around my body. He propped a pillow under my upper body for comfort and told me I had to hold it for at least 10 minutes to work properly. My stomach ached and cramped while they walked to the couch and flipped on the television.

There was an irony in watching them carry on casually while I was naked, leaning forward on the kitchen table with my ass in the air and a butt plug holding the contents inside. I had to pant and breath shallow through some of the cramps but aside from a brief glance now and then they watched television while my 10 minutes continued on.

“Time is up Sue. You may go to the bathroom now,” Steve said nonchalantly.

I crawled down from the table and felt gravity start to work almost instantly. I was thankful the plug was in my ass so I would not embarrass myself. I had chills and goose bumps on my skin wanting to release the warm contents from my bowel but I also enjoyed that feeling of seeing how long I could hold it. I walked slowly to the bathroom fighting against my body’s urge to release. When I couldn’t take it any more I released the ümraniye escort harness to the butt plug while hovered over the stool. Before long the cleansing flood began.

I walked to the kitchen and lay on the table again, this time on my back. I used the rest of the water to fill myself one more time to rinse anything remaining. Steve and Dave looked to see what I was doing but did not move from their place. I went to the bathroom one last time to release.

When I came out they were not on the couch. I walked around to find them but saw no signs of their whereabouts. I walked up the stairs and entered one of the rooms there. It was dark and I couldn’t find a light switch so I left the door open. A hand came around my head and covered my mouth, stemming my scream. Another set of hands blindfolded me. My hands were tied together and I was led to a bed.

I could tell which of them took me on each occurrence. David’s cock was longer and pounded my womb making me scream. Steve’s thick cock spread my pussy so wide I thought it would rip me apart. They took turns fucking me over and over while I laid on all fours in the dark. Steve finally sprayed his cum all over my ass. David rolled me over and crawled between my legs. His tempo slowed but remained rhythmic taking me to the brink. He relished in taking me to that place. After I climaxed he slid his cock out of my pussy and pushed against my ass. It appeared as though Steve would not be the one to take my virgin ass after all. David lowered to my ear to whisper, “It’s my first time too. He doesn’t know it but I wanted us to share this together with you.” The head of his cock soaked with my pussy juices, pressed against my clean ass. The head popped in and we both let out a gasp. He slid it in slowly, pushing my limits a few times, to which I begged him to stop for a moment. He finally had it in and began to slide back out. The pain was soon replaced with pleasure and we began humping like teenagers. My body met his thrusts and begged for more. “Your ass is so fucking tight, shit I can’t hold it much longer.”

“Come David, fill my virgin ass with your sweet hot cum.” At my command he exploded flooding me with warmth. Steve, who had been recuperating reappeared, I heard them talking briefly.

“I told you I was going to pop her anal cherry but you defied me.”

“I’m sorry Steve I couldn’t help myself.”

“Well, at least I know my cock will stretch her ass wider so that will be close enough.”

David left the bed and Steve climbed between my legs. He took my bound wrists and pulled them above my head attaching the rope to something so I couldn’t move them. He propped pillows under my back to raise me then wrapped something around each ankle and spread my legs to restrain them. I assumed the bed had posts or a canopy that he tied them to because my legs were in the air. He pushed a few more pillows under my ass before he was satisfied with my positioning. I was rendered completely immobile.

Until now I thought David was the more emotionally sensual of the two while Steve was more business minded and casual about the entire affair, more concerned with pleasing himself. My mind changed when I felt a familiar friend, my favorite vibrator sliding into my pussy. Steve apparently watched me in the SUV and knew how I used it to climax. Even though it took him a while to find the right spots he finally did. I came repeatedly until I was to the point of exhaustion and begging for a break.

He leaned toward my ear, kissing it softly before he spoke, “I want you exhausted and tired. Your ass will be more relaxed to take my thick cock.” I knew what he said was true; it only seemed logical. He slid a finger in my ass to limber it up, then a second from his other hand. He pulled from each side opening me, cooing for me to relax.

His cock having depleted itself earlier was hard again but not as hard as it was before, for which I was thankful. Poised at my ass he removed his fingers slowly but quickly laid his cock at my entrance. I felt lubricant drip down my crack and he smeared it around his cock. “There is really no easy way to do this Sue. My cock is thick, you will have to take the initial stab of my head then adapt to the rest of it. I will let you have a small amount of control here. When you feel you are ready I want you to say the word “now”.”

I breathed deeply, letting it out slowly feeling his cock at the ready. “Now,” I said softly.

With a quick upward thrust of his pelvis the head of his cock slammed past my sphincter muscle making me scream out loud. Tears filled my eyes while I adjusted, “Oh shit!” He leaned down and kissed my nipple, up to my throat, finding my mouth to nibble on my lower lip, “Good girl Sue. Now we will work on the rest of it slowly. You have done well so far.” His mouth found mine and began to kiss me passionately and softly without moving his cock yet. My body started to arch toward him and he knew I was ready for more. He pressed against me spreading my ass with his cock. I withered under him as much as I could in my restrained position. He seemed to know when to push and when to let up. He used the flat of his hand to tap on my clit a few times then slid his large thumb in my pussy stroking my spot. Eventually his entire cock was buried to the hilt in my ‘not so virgin’ ass. Holding it there he moved his hips pressing against me but not withdrawing.

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