Dirty Couple

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As he lay there he would spy on her. He didn’t think anything like this could happen to him. He was just checking on her cause she left her door open. He called in to see if she would answer him and when she didn’t he wanted to make sure she was okay. Then he saw her in the bath and her breasts were just a little above the water. He could see what she was doing and that made his blood pulse in his veins. He could feel every drop of blood he had. Then she saw him, it looked like she was going to scream. But she hadn’t. Wow she looked so good in the water so inviting to him. The next thing he knew they were hot and heavy in the bath. Why couldn’t this happen to him more often?

He thought back to the day he was having and it was bad. He couldn’t find a job in this big city. He had to look back over at this woman. He has only seen a few times in the apartments.

“Hi there” he said as she turned over to get a better look at him.

“Hi, I want to say I am sorry. I usually don’t do that kind of thing. I don’t know what has come over me.” She said, as she was blushing looking at his face. She was going to have to move out of the apartments cause of what happened here today. She would worry about moving on Sunday.

“Its okay, you left your door open and yelled in and when you didn’t answer I decided to come and make sure you were okay. “

“Thank you. I guess I need to pay more attention to things beşiktaş türbanlı escort like that. I am from a small town in Iowa where everyone knows everyone and leaving your door open is okay.”

“Well since we have already sex how about we go out for dinner. Until I showed up in your apartment I was having a really bad day. We can’t eat at somewhere really nice cause I don’t have all that much money.”

His smiles made her heart skip a beat. “Sure. I can pay for my own. If you don’t mind.” He shook his head and told me he would be back in a couple of hours. She made sure she closed and locked the door this time. How was she going to sit around the table from him and what they just did? When she thinks about what his body looks like with no clothes on. Man she was going has to get a grip on things. It was a big mistake and one she wouldn’t mind doing again. “Stop it,” she told herself. Then she walked to her closet and looked for something. After moving some clothes out and looking at her and finding nothing would look good. She throws on what she wore to work and out the door she went. She could pick up a few things and find a nice sundress to wear.

What was he doing asking her out for dinner. He just had enough money to make it thru the next two weeks. He felt bad when she offered to pay for her own dinner but he would find a way to make it up to her. beşiktaş ucuz escort He was doing things around his apartment and wishing time would move faster. He couldn’t wait to see her again. Tomorrow he could regret what they did. Tonight was his night. Damn he forgot to ask her name. If his mom could see him now she would be really mad. She didn’t raise him like that.

He took a hot shower, sat, and watched a little bit of TV as he counted down the hours. He was just going to put on a pair of short and a nice shirt. It was too hot for pants. So she was from Iowa why had she moved out here to live?

They found themselves on the beach eating chill dogs. She had brought a blanket to sit on. She knew he could afford this. She ate it a lot when she first moved here. As the sun was setting he looked over at her profile she was perfect. All he wanted to do was kiss her again and make love the way they did earlier but with more time and more pleasure. They had told each other their names. They both felt stupid for not asking the first time. He leaned over and kissed her in mid sentence and she opened her mouth to let him in. This sent tremors up her spine. They had lain back on the blanket and he slipped his hand up her skirt. He felt that she was ready. She might have been thinking the same thing he had. He started playing with her clit and she moaned a little bit. He beşiktaş üniversiteli escort looked around to see where they could go cause he didn’t want someone to walk up to them. He had found a cove and suggestion that they go there. She shook her head and got up. Her knees were weak and she almost collapses but he caught her.

He laid the blanket down close to the water so they could feel the water coming up and hit them, as they would make love. They went back to what they were doing. He moved her dress up and started sucking her breast. He wanted the dress off but if someone came here he could just move it down. He felt himself grow hard and the need to be inside his woman. But he wanted to satisfy her so much as possible. So he slid her pants off and laid them on the side. He stuck his hands around her clit and started playing then he stuck one finger into her and she felt good to him. She moaned louder for him. He body was moving up and down with the action of his hand. He was sucking her breast playing with her clit and moving his finger around inside of her. He was throbbing to get inside of her. She was close to orgasm. He moved a little bit faster for her. When it hit her she screamed his name he couldn’t take it anymore! He wanted her so very, very bad. He unzipped his pants and guided himself into her. She shuddered a little bit cause she hadn’t gotten over the orgasm and it made it better to be inside of her. He started out slow and worked up to moving fast. He could feel she was going to have another orgasm. He wished she could wait for him. Just than she started whispering in his ear about how good he felt, how much she enjoyed him and how she wished it would never end. Before he knew it he had filled her up. He looked down and gave her a kiss.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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