Developing a Panty Fetish Pt. 02

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I picked up the silk, light green panties which Valerie left on the floor. They still felt moist from her wetness. Just an hour earlier, they felt so good when she grinded her covered, wet vagina against my hard, throbbing penis.

I instinctively brought the panties up to my nose and inhaled the smell of her wetness. Her aroma brought me back to a full erection. The relaxed, relief Valerie brought to me just an hour earlier had now been replaced with surging arousal. I was shocked how the smell of her made me so hard so quick.

The party outside my dorm room was growing louder, and I had to fight the urge to wrap my penis with her panties, and start stroking myself with them. Instead I tucked the panties under my mattress, calmed myself down, and joined the party.

I stepped out of my room and the dorm party was in full swing. The music was pumping and the alcohol was flowing. My buddy Jeff walked up with a beer in hand and a grin on his face. “Hey, I just saw Valerie leave your room! I thought she wasn’t back at school! I bet you had a nice surprise!” He shouted over the music as he hit me on the shoulder. “Good for you man!”

“Yeah.. well… she’s gone now. Going back home for good.” I replied, as Jeff’s face switch from grin to a slight look of concerned. “Time for a beer!” I shouted to Jeff, “Where’s the keg and have you seen Catherine around?”

“Atta-boy! Keg is down the hall and Catherine is actually looking like she’s getting a little smashed. I saw her drinking by the keg!” Jeff pointed towards the other end of the crowded hallway where I started to proceed.

It was snowing outside but hot inside. It seemed like the walls were sweating. Some students dressed in heavy clothing were scrambling to find places to dump there heavy jackets and sweaters. I was feeling comfortable in a t-shirt and jeans.

I saw Catherine sitting on a table beside the flowing keg. She no longer had on her white, cotton, pantyhose and miniskirt she was wearing when she walked in on Valerie and I; instead she was wearing a bulky sweater and jeans.

“Hey you’ve put on a pair a jeans since I saw you last.” I said to her.

“Ha, You also have put on your jeans,” she snapped back. “I’m surprised you noticed what I was wearing!”

“Well… I was a little occupied.”

“Fuck off Mike!” Catherine told me with beer in hand, she slid off the table and walked away.

I shrugged my shoulders and grabbed a beer from the keg. Looking over my shoulder, I saw Jeff laughing as he walked over to me. “Shit, you sure pissed Catherine off, what did you do?”

“She walked into my room while Valerie was riding me!”

“Shit man, you must be the only one who doesn’t know Catherine has a thing for you!”

“Well she probably doesn’t any more,” I told Jeff as I found myself checking out some of the hot students cramming into the dorm.

The night progressed. Lots of beer was drank. I got dancing with a few girls. I loved the heat which led to clothes being discarded. I got dancing with a girl who was wearing just a black and beige checkered miniskirt and tank top. Her glorious breasts jiggled inches from my chest. I had never seen this girl before and she looked super sexy.

Big brown eyes, full lips, brown skin, and large breasts, easily 36DD’s. She had a slender waist and wide hips. She had a killer body.

Eventually I found out her name was Amrita and she was visiting another girl in the dorm for the weekend. She had no problem showing off her cleavage, and shaking her ass towards me as we moved closer to each other while the beat kept pounding. Feeling a little buzzed from the beer, I thought about Catherine, but I figured it was over with her before it even began.

The crowded dance floor just seemed to push Amrita and I together. I actually found myself pinned up against the wall with the sexy girl moving in closer to me. Soon we were bumping and grinding and Amrita was getting my cock hard as she moved her ass against me.

I touched the outside of her bare hips with my fingertips and I ran them along the border of her miniskirt. I then teased her by lightly sliding my fingertips just a little up the sides of her skirt. She seemed to approve of this by grinding her ass harder into my throbbing cock.

I found myself yearning to find what her panties looked and smelled like. The buzz of the beer I drank was now pretty strong and giving me some liquid courage. I grabbed her by the arm and we headed to my room.

We both stumbled down the hallway, bumping into fellow students along the way, and we made it to my room. It seemed like it was all in one motion that I opened the canlı bahis şirketleri door, we stumbled inside, slammed the door shut and we started making out.

We started to passionately kiss each other as I felt Amrita’s tongue protrude through my lips. With big open mouth kisses, our tongues dueled as I pinned her up against the door. This time I made sure my door was locked. I held both of her hands stretched up above her head as I pressed my body against her, feeling her breasts against my chest and my hard cock grinding against her hips. I couldn’t help but think i was at this same spot a few hours earlier with Valerie.

“Oh Mike.” Amrita groaned, “We just met, I can’t believe I’m doing this.” I couldn’t believe it either, I had never been with two different girls in the same day before.

I gave her open mouth kisses down her neck, and she let out a sigh of pleasure. Then I turned her around, and she dropped faced down on my bed. I lowered myself down on her, and continued to kiss the back of her neck, she raised her hips up inviting me to continue to grind her from behind. From the dance floor to my room, she really liked to turn her ass towards my hard, throbbing cock.

Normally I would have being dying to massage her voluptuous breasts and tease her by pinching her nipples, but today, with the thought of Valerie’s panties stashed under my mattress just below us, I had something else on my mind.

I slid my hands up and along the back of her bare legs, and started to massage her ass under her miniskirt. I felt her bare cheeks as I kneaded her lovely ass. “Ohhhh that feels good,” Amrita moaned, as I started to slightly part and stretch out her ass cheeks. For a moment I thought she wasn’t wearing any panties, until I moved higher up and felt the waistband of her g-string.

“Oh god, we are moving fast,” She said as I began to slide down her g-string. It became visible below her skirt, and I was pleased to see a frilly, red lace, g-string bunched up below her ass cheeks. I could now smell her wetness on the g-string, and between her legs as I moved my face closer to her nectar.

I left her g-string around her hips as I moved my hands back up to her ass cheeks, and spread my hands out, allowing my thumbs to part her labia. I could now hear her wetness start to squish as I rubbed the outside of her. I leaned down and put my face on her g-string to get a good smell of her.

“This is going too fast – we should stop.” Amrita suddenly stated and she began to sit up.

I rolled over, and with a groan I said; “Ok fine, I’ll stop.” I was very turned on and my cock was throbbing, but still in my jeans. Amrita rolled over on her back with her g-string still around her hips, I moved my hand down and placed it on her g-string.

“You seemed so turned on.” I said, “Why stop?”

“I thought I could just come here, where nobody knows me, except my friend Natasha, and just have a good time without any consequences. But I kept thinking about Natasha, and how she’d know this secret and tell everyone I was a slut this weekend.”

“Shit, who cares what she thinks. She probably figures we’re having sex – so let’s enjoy ourselves.” I was beginning to sound desperate as I stared at her red lace, but she began to pull them back up her legs and under her skirt.

“I’m sorry. I think it would be best if we just stopped while we can.”

I rolled away from her as a new found sobriety came over me. “Ok – I don’t want you to do anything your uncomfortable with.” The two of us got up and Anrita straightened herself, we gained our composure and walked back towards the keg.

The party was beginning to break up, but I managed to get two more cups of beer out of the keg. One for me and one for Amrita. “Thanks,” she said. “I should find Natasha before she starts thinking we did something we didn’t do.”

“Maybe if you come back in town we can meet up,” I suggested.

“Sounds like a good idea. Thank you. I’m sure we’ll meet up again soon.” Then Amrita turned, left, and on cue, Catherine stumbled down the hall.

I felt relieved that she didn’t see anything between Amrita and I. I was also concerned at how drunk she was looking. Catherine was not one to drink often. “I’m ready for another beer,” Catherine slurred.

“The keg is empty,” the guy looking after the beer told her.

“That’s ok – I’ll just drink Mike’s beer.”

“No you won’t;” I told her as I proceeded to guzzle my beer.

“That’s twice you let me down tonight.” She said; “I…er.. you.. Valerie…hmph.” She obviously was having trouble putting her words together, and she took me by my arm to steady canlı kaçak iddaa herself. “Why do you like a girl like that?” She was referring to Valerie as we walked down the hall. With the keg empty and the music now off, most off the students had now found somewhere else to have fun.

“Well, I’m here with you now.” I told Catherine.

“Oh, you are.” She said; “Come with me.” She led me upstairs, and into her room. That’s when she looked up at me with her big, green eyes and kissed me. I must admit I let her lead me to this spot, but she was far too drunk.

“I think you should lie down.” I told Catherine as I pulled away from her kiss.

“Why don’t you want me?” She whined as she fell on her bed.

“You should get some sleep. Your pretty drunk, and I’m not that sober myself.”

“Just stay in my room for a while,” she slurred. To my surprise she pulled down her jeans, and then fought with her sweater to get that off. I actually found her actions a little humorous as I sat at her desk. Watching her undress and I started to chuckle.

“It’s not funny,” she said as she fell on her bed in just a t-shirt and panties… white, cotton panties.

I stayed in Catherine’s room for a short time until she passed out. I couldn’t help but stare at her white, cotton panties. A small bush was visible under them. These were the third set of panties I found myself admiring today.

I was getting hard just sitting there looking at them, and I fought the urge, to lie down and start to smell her. Of course I did not do this, but as I got up to leave her room, the thought of looking in Catherine’s dresser drawer came to me.

I was still feeling the effects of beer which probably led to a slight nervousness. I quickly opened the top drawer of her dresser and saw a collection of neatly folded panties. Mostly white cotton with a few that had light colours. I didn’t notice any “fancy” panties, but I didn’t look very long. In my nervousness I closed shut her drawer, almost too fast, and I quickly looked over my shoulder to see that Catherine was still passed out.

My heart was pumping, and I started to leave, but I saw a laundry basket in the open closet beside her door. Right on top, were her white, cotton pantyhose. I reached down, picked them up, and took a big sniff of her virgin aroma. Under the pantyhose, was another pair of white panties. I couldn’t help myself; I picked them up, quickly stuffing them in my pocket, and darted out of her room.

It must of been effect of the beer, and the adrenaline rush of stealing the panties, but I nearly burst out laughing on my way down the stairs to my room. Before that day, I never had the urge to steal anyone’s panties, and now, I couldn’t help but feel a rush of excitement from it. But my day wasn’t over.

When I opened the door to my room I heard; “You should probably lock your door.” To my surprise, Amrita was lying in my bed. “I got back to Natasha’s room and she wasn’t there so I thought I’d come back to see you. I hope you don’t mind, I hopped right into your bed.”

“Why would I mind?” was all I could muster. Amrita pulled off the bed sheet inviting me into my bed. She was fully naked except for her red g-string. Wow, she was sexy.

I quickly ripped off my clothes, and fully naked, I jumped under the bed sheet. Her tongue slipped over her full lips as I stared deep into her dark brown eyes, my now throbbing cock pressed against her red g-string.

“I’m glad you got back when you did. I nearly left, but I was already naked waiting for you.” Amrita said as she pulled me close, her largest breasts pressing against my bare chest. “I wanted to get to Natasha’s room before she gets back, but it doesn’t seem to matter right now.”

Her open mouth met mine, as our tongues met each other’s mouths. Deep, wet kisses led to me rolling on top of her. Her legs now wrapped around my hips, as my body melted into hers. The only thing separating us was her thin, red g-string.

I shifted myself as I gave her big, open mouth kisses down her neck, eventually finding myself between her volumptuous breasts. I now teased her with light kisses around the circumference of her hard nipples; following this up by lightly teasing them with my tongue. Eventually I took one into my mouth as I gently pinch her other nipple and massaged her breasts. Holding her hard nipple with my lips I continued to lick it with my tongue.

“Ohhhh,,,” Amrtia groaned as I felt her hips moving into my solid cock. Her g-sting felt smooth as we grinded together. I slowly moved further down her body, kissing over her flat tummy, and then around her inner thighs. I lightly massage canlı kaçak bahis under the waistband of her g-string, and then pulled it aside as I moved my mouth to her wetness.

I lightly ran my tongue up her slit, inhaling her aromas, and exciting her with anticipation. Holding her g-string to the side, I flicked her clit with my tongue. I continued to tease her clit with my tongue as her wetness flowed through her vagina. My tongue went down further, now fully tasting her nectar as I heard her breathing growing stronger.

I moved back up to her clit, gently flicking it as I stretched open her labia. I began to apply more pressure on her with my tongue as her breathing became moaning, and she opened herself, excepting two off my fingers inside her. “Oh yeesssss.” She exhaled as continued to lick and feel her.

My face was becoming covered with her juices as she moaned louder and louder. Her wetness dripping down my hand as I felt inside her. I could feel her g-string against my hand and face, as she became more and more excited. She began to hump her hips up to my mouth grinding against me, I applied more pressure against her clit with my full tongue. Her moaning became louder and louder. “Ah Ahh ahhh ahhhhh!” She clenched her hips against my head like a vice, and she froze for a second. I pressed her clit a couple more times with my tongue, and curled my fingers slightly insider her and suddenly she let out a giant “YEESSSSSSSSS!” as she convulsed, shaking my head between her thighs. My face was soaked with her nectar as she let my head slide out of her grip.

I quickly put on a condom, and while she was still shaking I slowly entered her chamber. Inch by inch she felt my long, thick, cock move deeper and deeper. Slowly I filled her up, stretching out her wet vagina. I could feel her g-string that was bunch up to the side of her vagina, soaking wet, and rubbing against my cock as I moved into her.

“Ohhh Yesss,” Amrita moaned. I grinded my hips deeper in her and then slowly pulled back. I allowed the large head of my cock to rest a moment at the entrance of her tunnel. “Fill me again, fill me again,” Amrita pleaded. But I took my cock right out and ran its head along her g-string, and then started to move in her, filling her up again. “Oh yes. Oh yes!” She called out as I continued to grind and move in her.

With me on top, she was groaning and groaning while I slowly filled her up over, and over. Grinding inside her, I remembered her constantly moving her ass towards me.

“Flip over!” I panted.

“Oh Yes!” She tuned over eagerly; “That’s how I like it best!” With her face pushed into my pillow, and lying flat on the bed with her legs spread, I entered her from behind. Her tunnel felt so good and tight as I moved in her, still feeling her g-string against my shaft. As I moved I couldn’t believe how wet she was, but also how tight the gripping of her tunnel was around my cock. I could barley hold it in while grinding deeper in her and she let out a muffled; “YYYESSSSSSSSSS!” into my pillow. I then came hard, shooting in her, while feeling her tunnel contracting, and pumping every last drop out of me.

“Aaarrgghhh!” I groaned as I collapsed on her back. “Wow – you felt so good.” I didn’t know what else to say.

We rested in my bed for a little and chatted. “Well I have to get up and go back to Natasha’s room, but this will not be the last you see of me. I hope you don’t mind me visiting Natasha more regularly – but it will really be to see you,” she said as she got out of my bed. “Look what you did to my panties! I can’t wear them now!” She laughed while pulling off the drenched g-string.

“I think your own excitement had something to do with that,” I retorted. “If you want you can always leave them here.”

“Ha ha,” she laughed. “Seriously?!?” She shook her head smiling as she pulled up her miniskirt and pulled on her tank top. “I have to get going.” She leaned down gave me a kiss and started out the door. Then, she stopped in the doorway, turned, and with a smile, she tossed her g-string at me. It landed right on my face as I heard the door shut and the sound of her laughter on the other side.

This was a crazy day. Some how I went from having no urge to do anything with a pair of panties to having three pairs, from three different girls. One from a former fuck-buddy; one from a never-been-fuck-buddy, and one from hopefully a future fuck-buddy. I layed in my bed basking in the glow of a glorious day.

This panty urge was weird to me, and I passed it off as just too much beer and too my sex.

I removed the g-string that was now resting on my chest, and rolled to the edge of my bed. I reached into the pocket of my jeans, that were bunched up on the floor, and pulled out Catherine’s white, cotton panties. As I rolled back over, I brought them to my nose and deeply inhaled. I fell asleep with them resting on my face.

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