Deep Sea Fishing , More Ch. 02

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During the day when Carole was out with the guys fishing and I was golfing with Marco I couldn’t really keep my mind on my golf and although I am a pretty good club player Marco beat me comprehensively. The only thing that kept my mind off what Carole could be up to was the fact that I had to take photographs and notes on the two courses and clubs for my magazine article.

When we were having lunch Marco brought up the subject again of how lucky I was to have such a fantastically sexy wife as Carole ‘who wasn’t afraid to dress to show off her assets.’ He said that while his wife was much younger ( 34) there is simply no way he could persuade her to go out braless and there was absolutely no way she would go topless on a boat full of young guys like Carole had done yesterday. He had heard from his skipper that she had been such a focus of attention the guys couldn’t keep their mind on their fishing.

He was quite surprised when I told him she was normally much more restrained in both her dress and behaviour. I said that I knew she had been really looking forward to us getting away after our retirement and spending some quality time together but I thought that what had really made her ‘come out of her shell’ was the fact that she realised that young guys such as those on the boat still found her really attractive.

He asked me how I felt about her going out on her own with the guys today and I said she had wanted to go and what happened was up to her. He said it was wonderful that I trusted her enough to let her go and I said that before yesterday I would have thought nothing at all would have happened but that she had changed dramatically over the last few days and I felt she might get involved in a bit of flirting.

He was obviously getting a bit turned on by our conversation because when he said she really has a fabulous figure and appeared to be very sexually confident he followed up by asking ‘was she good in bed?’

I was a little shocked by his question but said that we always had had a good sex life but whatever had happened on this trip she was certainly more sexually confident and demanding. He smiled and said I was a very lucky man. I smiled and said ” but a slightly worn out one!”

When we finished golfing he excused himself from meeting us for dinner that night as he had had an unexpected visitor from the north come to stay but suggested that if Carole felt up to it he would love to take us both out big game fishing the next day.

He said he would call later to see how we felt about it.



I was still a little drunk when I put on my dress to disembark from the boat and the guys were still keen to try to persuade me to go out with them that night or see them the next day. I took Rob’s number and said I would call him after I found out what Bob’s plans were. They all kissed and cuddled me before I left and I heard them discussing what a ‘great piece of ass’ I had been as I waited at the quayside for my taxi.

I had a real mix of emotions about my day. Firstly I was physically quite drained and my body had taken some punishment from me ‘servicing’ four young and very exuberantly energetic studs but it had certainly largely sated my physical desire for cock. Secondly I was quite flattered and turned on by the fact that guys as young as my kids found my 50 year old body attractive enough to repeatedly want to have me again and again until they were virtually exhausted. Thirdly I was slightly ashamed of my rather sluttish behaviour in not only letting these guys do whatever they wanted to my body but being as willing to take their cocks in whatever orifice they wanted as they were to give me them but also to meet their slightly crude comments with my own verbal and physical requests to encourage them to take what they wanted. I remembered rather wantonly groping them and when they were asking me was ‘I enjoying it’ telling them ‘I was loving it’. Fourthly I was worried about what Bob would think. However overall I was pleased to have had such a fantastic sexual adventure and the memory of young guys mounting me again and again with their throbbing cocks was one that would stay with me for a long time.



I was in the bar when Carole came back to the hotel. He dress which had been closed to the neck was opened to her midriff and she was showing a good bit of cleavage. In addition she looked a bit rumpled. When I said ‘Well?’ She said to get her a large G&T and I’ll tell you all about it.

I hadn’t quite known what to expect I had thought she might flirt a bit and allow herself to be groped by a couple of the guys or even may be had full sex with one to satisfy her craving for cock. I was stunned when I heard that she had spent most of the day taking cock from four guys. I was angry, jealous but most of all turned on to think of my wife being groped and mounted repeatedly by four young studs. I couldn’t wait to get her upstairs to hear the full details.

On the way güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri up in the lift she kissed me and said it was just a bit of physical fun but she really loved me and as I kissed her back I could smell she was absolutely reeking of sex. When I got her into the room and her dress off I could see she was quite red on her tits and thighs by the manhandling she had taken and I could see that her g string was totally sodden. When I helped her off with it I could smell it was with cum and when I felt her pussy and found it seeping cum I realised that she had had unprotected sex with a least some of them.

I was both worried and angry about this but she said they had started off having protected sex but that it had become so frantic that later on they had just mounted her repeatedly and it was hard to stop them. She sat down on the bed and started to cry. As I pulled her up to comfort her I noticed a dark stain on the bed and realised it was from her ass and that she had been sodomised. I was angry that for over 20 years she had denied me the delights of her ass and now had let one or more young guys have it that afternoon.

I was even angrier but quite turned on when she admitted that all of them had had her anally and some several times. I have to admit I turned her round and parting her big creamy hips I said ” Well, now your husband is going to bugger you.”

Rather than being put off by the mixture of cum and blood oozing out of her anal sphincter I found it a real turn on as I mounted her to reclaim her ass for myself.

Although she had been well opened up by her experiences of the afternoon she was still excitingly tight and after giving her ass a fairly rough ride it was delightful to deposit my ejaculate deep in her bowels. She fell forward on the bed but I gave her ass a slap and told her to get showered and dressed sexy that we were going out as I wanted to ‘show my slut’ off.

As she showered her ‘phone rang and it was Ron asking did we want to join his mates and him for a drink. I told him we had our own plans for that night.



Bob was a bit angry when he heard I had unprotected sex with the guys but really turned on when he found I had let them have ‘rear entry’. He very quickly bum fucked me himself.

When I was in the shower I heard him turn down Ron’s invitation saying we had our own plans.

When he was in the shower we had a call from Marco. He asked had I enjoyed my day and when I said I had he said he had heard from his skipper that I had had an interesting time on the boat. He told me he had invited Rob and I to join him for some fishing the next day but thought perhaps I had had enough fishing for a while. When I said we would like to join him — he murmured “I had hoped you would want to go on another boat trip.”

I was pulling on a long white dress when Bob said ” Why don’t you really wear something to really show your ass and tits off.?” He selected a very short skirt that I normally wear with tights as you can see my bum cheeks in it when I walk if I wear stockings. When I said this he said “well you haven’t been shy about showing your ass off for the last couple of days and I want to see it tonight so do wear stockings. He also chose a completely transparent black top as he wanted to look at my boobs. I was slightly annoyed when he said ‘If you’re going to act like a slut with other guys you might as well dress like one for me to enjoy”.

At the restaurant I noticed a few disapproving looks from some of the female diners but the waiters were very attentive and I turned quite a few male heads when I was leaving.

After my exertions in the afternoon I was all for an early night but Bob was all for taking me to a few bars to show me off but after visiting a couple of rougher bars where my skirt stimulated quite a few crude comments we decided to head back to the hotel.

I wondered why he decided to walk rather than get a taxi but realised why when he pulled me into a dark alley a couple of blocks from the hotel and turning me face to the wall told me to brace myself as he was going ‘to fuck the ass of me’. As he entered his cock in my anus I realised that my ass was going to be the first dish on the menu for Bob some time to come.



After I had sated my lust by buggering her I was still angry at rather having lost control within our marriage and told her to dress real sexy and picked her an outfit that made her look as she had behaved that day, a real slut. This was rather surreal freewheeling stuff as I didn’t quite know what I wanted from her — to punish her, for her to excite me — to arouse myself, to get her fucked more.

The shortness of her skirt showing off her bum cheeks when she walked excited some looks when we went into the restaurant and some quite crude comments when we visited a couple of rougher bars. It was obvious many of the guys there would have liked to have had what the young guys and güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri I had had earlier.

On the way back to the hotel I decided to walk, and to fuck her in a public place as I would a slut I had picked up. The shortness of her skirt excited quite a few glances and comments as we walked back to the hotel but these just really turned me on. I found a suitable alley a block away from the hotel and turning her to the wall bum fucked her in full sight of the street.

When we got back to the hotel I made her suck me off and went to sleep with all sorts of contradictory erotic thoughts in my mind. I didn’t quite know whether her behaviour appalled me or excited me. Whether I wanted to stop it or encourage it.

The next morning she woke before me and brought me tea in bed. When we discussed what had happened the previous day we both agreed the whole thing had been a real turn on and I said I didn’t mind her having the odd lover but in more controlled circumstances. She asked if I would like to be present when it happened and when I thought about it the thought really did excite me. I told her that Marco was definitely interested in her and suggested that we should take him up on his fishing trip and see what developed.

Interestingly enough because it was a ‘joint project’ my anger and jealousy subsided completely to be replaced by almost boyish excitement at the thought of letting Marco take my wife and perhaps me joining in with him in taking her.



I was delighted that Bob’s angry jealousy was replaced by excitement when we agreed to go on the boat trip with Marco with no limits on it whatsoever. Although I was slightly sore and nearly sated by my experiences from the day before I couldn’t help feeling excited by the thought of making love to Marco and Bob.

Bob had asked me to dress cool sexy and to let him or Marco make the running in case he had misread Marco’s interest in me and in which case it could be embarrassing.

It was fun choosing a ‘seduction’ outfit together and we settled on quite a simple tight white tee shirt, a very skimpy g string bikini bottom which was little more than a scrap of material that almost disappeared between my pussy lips and had the slightly uncomfortable but very classy string of pearls at the back which were almost totally hidden as they disappeared into the crack of my rear.

Over this Bob suggested I wear a pair of tight white lycra leggings which were absolutely sculpted to my thighs , rear and pussy and were so tight that you could actually see the definition of my pussy mound and lips.



Marco was waiting for us at the pier and I could see as he ran his eyes appreciatively over Carole and kissed her in greeting that he liked what he saw. I heard him tell her that she looked fantastically sexy. And she did — her ripe mature body was totally on display with her heavy breasts straining against the thin material of the tee shirt which defined both the ripeness of them and their thick dark nipples. The leggings in some ways emphasised her assets even more as they highlighted the size and ripeness of her pussy mound and her prominent pussy lips — possible even more swollen by her exertions the day before. But what was even more exciting was the tightness of the stretch material round the big jutting cheeks of her ass and I noticed Marco’s eyes never left her bouncing buttocks as he followed them across the gang plank into the boat.

As the skipper got the engines fired up and took us out of the harbour Marcos invited us into cabin to have a glass of champagne. I saw Carole blush a little when he proposed a toast to ‘as successful a day as the guys and Carole had yesterday!” We had consumed a couple of bottles and had a brief tour of the inside of the boat including the cabin where Carole had put out the previous day before the engines stopped and the skipper invited us on deck to start fishing.

I don’t know whether Carole was a little bit disappointed when Marco suggested he and I get in an hour’s fishing before we move somewhere else for lunch. But taking a half bottle of champagne with her went forward to sunbathe.

I saw Marco watching the sway of her big hips move forward and when he realised I had seen him — he said ” That really is a fantastic sight — you are a very lucky man.” I said ” Well, let’s catch some fish and see how lucky you can be.”

As we fished he kept bringing the conversation back to Carole and told me that the skipper had told him that Carole had spent most of her time aboard the previous day with the young guys in the forward cabin. He asked me what I felt about it. I said it had surprised me that she had become so sexually aggressive but didn’t mind as there were benefits for me. I wasn’t surprised when he came straight out and said that he really fancied her and how would I feel about him trying it on with her. I said ‘to feel free’ after we had caught some fish.

I güvenilir bahis şirketleri had just gone into the cabin to get a beer when I heard Carole moving forward and going up to Marco who was still strapped in his seat. She hadn’t bothered to put on her top or bottoms and was standing next to him in just the miniscule g string bottoms which in some ways were even more sexy than if she had been totally nude. Needless to say the fishing rod was swiftly abandoned and he unstrapped himself to stand beside him. As I was emerging from the cabin I heard him say ‘You really have a fantastically sexy body I really envy Bob and the young guys who had you yesterday”.

They both looked startled when I said ” Beer or champagne anyone?”

But Marco recovered well to say ” The fishing is poor let’s have some more champagne”. As he poured the champagne the sexual tension was really building up and I thought I had better release it by moving things along.

Putting my arm round Carole’s waist I took the weight of one of her heavy breasts in my hand and said ” I think Marco’s too much of a gentleman to make a move but I think he would certainly like to at least fondle your tits and ass. Are you OK with that?”

When she smiled and nodded her assent I pushed her forward towards him and said

” You’ve enjoyed looking at her now she’s all yours.”

It was a real turn on to see her melt into his arms and respond very willingly to him kissing her. It was even more of a turn on to see her take the initiative and start to grope his crotch. This encouraged him to be more adventurous and he was soon groping her tits, ass and crotch. I was stunned at how responsive she was and how quickly she got his cock out of his shorts.

I think she would have let him fuck her there and then but I suggested we take it through to the cabin. All three of us quickly lost our clothes and as I took mine off Carole dropped straight to her knees and was straight on to his cock with her mouth.

As he face fucked her I pulled her up into a bent over position and she thrust her rear up to met me probably thinking I was going to take her pussy but I wanted to be first in her ass. She moaned a bit as I pushed the head of my cock into her ass sphincter but her moans were muffled by the thrusting of Marco’s cock into her throat. She took a hard roasting at either end but he being younger and fresher than me came off while I really enjoyed thrusting my cock deep into her bowels while my balls slapped the cool orbs of her ass.

I was surprised at her forwardness when she said ” Bob hold on and let me have a bit of Marco’s cock.” I realised that she wanted to be double penetrated and to be frank the thought excited me. I disengaged briefly to let him push Marco on the bed and lower herself on to his cock before turning round and inviting me to remount her ass.

Her pussy was so full of Marco’s cock that rear entry was more difficult but oh so tightly exciting. She screamed a bit as I thrust home but Marco and I were soon thrusting in unison with the exciting feeling of each feeling the other’s cock through the thin wall of her perineum. The sight of her big creamy ass bobbing up and down in time to take Marco’s thrusts plus he tightness of her ass was such a real turn on that I soon came off and watched as Marcos turned her over and thrusting hard into a very responsive Carole rode both of them to a noisy climax.

Although both Marcos and I were slightly sated Carole obviously wasn’t and the sight of my mature wife lying with her legs apart, oozing cum and wanting more soon had me mounting her. I rode her more slowly as I wanted her to climax for me before adding my spunk to his.

Over the next couple of hours we both had her several times in all of her orifices. We were both amazed at her stamina and how much she wanted cock. In fact after I had thought we were both done and she had showered and gone back to her sunbathing and I was having the most mundane of things a cup of tea and a sandwich. I heard her calling down was there anything to eat. When I went up she was lying totally naked with her big pussy mound and lips totally exposed — she smiled when I asked her what she would like to eat she said — the skipper!

I said I would ask Marco — he said he would deal with it and within a few minutes I heard her moan and went up on deck to see Marco firmly embedded once again between her thighs.



I was a bit miffed when the guys decided to fish rather than play and after sunbathing for a while I thought I would go back down to see if I could start something. I had just approached Marco and saw the obvious interest in my nude breasts and fairly well displayed pussy, when Tom came out of the cabin.

That laid to more champagne and once Bob broke the ice by fondling me the three of us ended up in the cabin in bed. Marco’s cock was similar size to Bob’s but as a younger man’s was firmer and he had a brilliantly hard suntanned body. It was fun to let my husband see another guy have me and even more fun for him to join in.

They gave me a reasonable time but called time when I wanted more but I was delighted when Marco caught me sunbathing in the nude and I rather thrust my big pussy up to him he gave me a tremendous fuck.

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