David , Laura

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David couldn’t believe this was really happening. He was fucking Laura Crawford. Him. David Myzinski. Below average looking, below average student, below average athlete, eighteen year-old virgin, zero personality David was sliding his stiff cock into the hot, wet pussy of the hottest girl in the Senior class.

It had all happened so quickly. Starting with the note Sandi Gordon passed him that morning in English saying that Laura liked him. He didn’t believe it. It must be some kind of joke. No way was he falling for it. But as he walked out of school, there she was, waiting for him. She asked him if he would be at the Homecoming dance that night. He casually remarked that he was thinking about it, and maybe they could hook up. She said she would like that.

At the dance he saw her watching him from across the room. Staring at him. Smiling at him. Enticing him. Finally he strolled over and asked her to dance. He wasn’t much of a dancer, but he could handle the slow ones. She beamed at him as she wrapped her arms around his neck, laid her head on his shoulder and pressed her tits against his chest. She must have felt his cock growing, straining at his jeans. He was sure she must have wanted it. He felt her warm breath as she whispered, “ I wish we could go somewhere to be alone.”

What unbelievable luck! He told her that his parents and sister had gone to Peoria for a wedding and wouldn’t be home until Sunday morning. They could be alone casino siteleri at his house. She hooked her arm through his and led him out of the school.

The next thing he knew they were in his bed. He was naked. Laura’s long fingers were wrapped around his stiff cock, stroking it slowly. David leaned over and pressed his lips against hers. Her mouth opened, her tongue flicked out and explored his mouth. He lifted her sweater up over her wavy blond hair and unhooked her bra releasing her full, firm breasts. Her pink nipples grew hard and erect from his touch. David began licking them, sucking, gently biting, causing Laura to softly moan, “Oh yeah David.”

David worked his way down Laura’s body devouring her creamy skin. He peeled off her jeans, licking, kissing and sucking his way down her right leg, then up her left. He noticed a small mole on her left inner thigh just before it hit him. The scent. The alluring scent of Laura’s hot wet sex. He slid his tongue under her red bikini panties teasing her pussy and causing her to squirm. He hooked his thumbs under her panties slowly pulling them off. When his tongue hit her clit, she released a guttural, “uuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhh.”

Laura reached down with both hands and pulled David up on top of her.

“Now David. I want you in me now.”

David raised his hips and reached down. He took his cock in his hand and ran the head up and down her slit producing more soft low moans. Laura reached slot oyna her hands down to his ass cheeks and raised her hips to meet his cock.

“In me David. Fill me up. Fill me up with your huge cock David.”

David stared into Laura’s deep blue eyes and saw the lust and desire in them. He slowly lowered his hips, feeling every inch of his cock entering her. With her hot, tight pussy surrounding his stiff cock, he began to slowly pump her. Slow. Deep.

Laura wrapped her legs around David’s, her arms around his back. She pulled him down onto her, his chest pressing against her tits. David began to pump a little faster and Laura started to rotate her hips in time with his strokes.

“You’re the best David.”

David felt that he and Laura were one now. Pumping in unison. Experiencing the overwhelming pleasure in unison. He felt that he was completely engulfed in Laura’s sweet pussy.

“Make me cum, David. Make me cum hard.”

He felt his own explosion building, but he held it off, wanting to feel Laura’s orgasm first. He was pumping her faster now. Harder. Deep into her. Laura’s body responded to every stroke. She let out a deep, low moan every time the full length of his cock penetrated her. “Humph…humph…humph…humph…humph.”

The pleasure waved through his body, beginning in his stiff cock and radiating throughout. He felt he was beyond control. He would have to release his load. It was almost unbearable now. Then he canlı casino siteleri felt Laura’s body respond. Her pussy began to tighten around his cock and her body tensed.

“I’m…gonna….cum…..David,” she gasped.

Her back arched slightly and her eyes rolled back. She grabbed his shoulders with both hands and squeezed in a vice grip. Her whole body tensed, then shuddered as the first wave of her orgasm overtook her.


David released his explosion as Laura squirmed and shuddered in orgasmic delight. She squealed with pleasure as he shot his hot cum deep into her.

Buzzing. Where was that buzzing coming from?

“DAVID! You better get going or you’ll miss the bus again and I’m not driving you to school.”


His left hand searched the other side of the bed. No Laura Crawford. When he reached over to slap the alarm into silence, his stiff cock felt the warm wetness of his semen in his under pants. His head collapsed onto the pillow and he lay in motionless frustration until a sly grin began to creep over his face. What would Laura Crawford think if she knew? Maybe he should tell her! HAH! That would be a laugh. One thing was certain, though. David would look at Laura much differently from now on. Were her tits really that full and firm? Were her nipples that pink? Did she really have a small mole on her left inner thigh? David felt certain that the answers must be yes.

He groggily crawled out of bed and the grin on his face broadened as he remembered one of his Dad’s favorite sayings.

“You have to have dreams, Son. You have to have dreams.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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