Daddy and Amy

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Ryan was finally returning home to his family after two years stationed overseas. The bus dropped him at the bottom of his street and he was walking along the path home, heading into the house that he and his wife had first moved into after they had married.

His early arrival would be a surprise to Marilyn. He had told her he would only be arriving tomorrow, but he couldn’t resist the thought of seeing the surprise and happiness in her face at his unexpected arrival. He took a deep breath before opening the gate. He hoped no visitors would be home at this time – Marilyn was very outgoing and often had her friends visiting at the house. As he entered the garden he saw a young woman, presumably a friend of his wife, sunning herself in a red bikini by the side of the swimming pool.

The woman was staggeringly beautiful. She could not see him from the direction she was facing, but Ryan could comfortably take in the details of her body from where he stood. Her face was obscured by a sunhat; only a lock of gently curled dark hair tucked out of it and rolled over her shoulder. Her soft smooth golden body was soaking up the early afternoon sun. She had a slender neck above her smooth shoulders and a small bosom straining to escape from her bikini top.

Her flat stomach was evenly tanned and her long smooth legs stretched out to her pedicured feet. She ran her fingertips gently over her skin and her perfectly formed fingers moving delicately and sensuously over her body. Ryan felt a twinge of excitement in his groin as he soaked up the heady vision of the girl before him and wondered how long he had to indulge himself by taking in this sight.

He paused, smiling as he realized that she had not noticed him and that he had a few moments to cast his gaze across her body, almost caressing her with his vision.

“Ryan, my darling!” Marilyn’s voice snapped him out of the building arousal. He struggled to hide the signs of arousal from between his thighs as he walked inside to embrace his wife.


He held Marilyn closely to him. As they embraced she looked up into his face, the first time he had seen her eyes, her smile, in too long. Marilyn twisted out of his arms and called into the yard. Ryan turned and noticed the girl at the swimming pool slowly rising and taking her earphones out. Amy!

He felt his stomach drop as he realized that the girl he had been watching was his own daughter. Now eighteen, he barely recognized her body. As she took off her sunhat, he saw Amy’s familiar face and he held out a loving embrace.

Confused and slightly embarrassed by the guilt of feeling aroused by Amy, he waited to receive her body for their first hug in two years. She had thrown a robe around herself now, though he could still make out the curves of her young body beneath it.

Amy wrapped her slender arms around his waist and put her cheek against his chest as she closed her eyes and squeezed him toward her.

“I missed you Daddy,” Amy said softly as she looked up at him.

Ryan stroked his daughter’s long brown hair and looked down at her face. She had grown so quickly into a beautiful sensual woman. He smoothed her hair back as she looked up, and he put the palm of his hand at the back of the neck, feeling the softness of her skin.

“Well I’m home now, baby, and we’ll have lots of time to catch up on everything. You look so… much older, so beautiful,” was all he trusted himself to say in that moment.

Marilyn sent Amy upstairs to get dressed and as she walked out of the room, Ryan shot one more glance at the back of her toned calves. Ryan turned to his wife, and together they walked into the house to celebrate his return.

After dinner that night, as he lay next to his wife, Ryan remembered his daughter’s slender body stretched out by the swimming pool. He felt his arousal building up and he turned to his wife to try and deflect this desire. He ran his hands over Marilyn’s body as they allowed each other to become familiar again with the curves and tones of their respective bodies.

As he cupped and caressed Marilyn’s cleavage, he couldn’t help but visualize Amy’s small budding breasts. They kept pushing up into his mind, straining against his judgment. As he and Marilyn kissed, he pushed Amy’s image out of his mind. His mouth reached for his wife’s lips as she moved into his embrace. They fell asleep in her arms after they made love — but his experience of returning home was about to take a more erotic turn.


The following day he was able to watch Amy playing tennis, a sport in which she competed at her college. She was playing against a younger girl, blonde and lithe, and as it was only a trial match, there were not too many spectators. Rather than sit on the sidelines, Ryan took up a seat behind the baseline.

This allowed him to watch Amy’s serve more carefully, something she had asked him to do earlier in the day to help her with her technique. casino oyna As her younger opponent leant over to start bouncing one of the service balls before her serve, Ryan couldn’t help but think that his vantage point also gave him a better view of her opponent’s body.

The blonde had a tight white shirt on which showed off her cleavage and petite body. He noticed that she was standing a little too far behind the base line, though he decided he would only coach her on this later as it would be too distracting to mention during the game.

Instead, he settled down on the hard wooden bench and decided to enjoy watching the young girls compete. The blonde girl held her serve confidently, and Ryan watched Amy’s service game. She would toss the ball high and stretch for it, showing good reach and height in her serve. Her body twisted through the arc of the serve and she could hit the ball cleanly and powerfully.

He would applaud occasionally, and then feel slightly embarrassed when he realized he was the only spectator doing so. The other viewers consisted of a middle aged woman – presumably the blonde’s mother, reading a newspaper while she occasionally looked up, and a few teenagers who had come here to get away from someplace else.

Though there were a few long rallies from both girls, Amy could not seem to break her opponents serve. In fact, neither Amy nor the young blonde seemed to have a clear advantage over the other.

The first set was still tied and Amy was now serving from the side of the court nearest Ryan. As she tightened the strings on her racquet, she turned and glanced back over her shoulder. She flashed a great white smile towards her father and he beamed back at her, enjoying the chance to finally be close to his daughter again. There was so much he had missed during his time overseas and he wanted to make the most of the next few weeks before he would start work again.

She leaned over to bounce her service ball — a method she used to focus on the upcoming serve. As she bent forward, Ryan’s eyes slowly moved down from her hips to take in the details of her shapely thighs and calves. As she served, her muscles tensed and he could clearly see the definition of muscle on her legs.

On the next point, her angle of serve showed him a full view of her tight little behind in her white cotton skirt. When she bent over preparing for her next serve, he full a rush of blood through him as he realized she showed a glimpse of her white panties just before and after each shot.

He shot a quick glance across the court at the other stand. The teenagers had left, and the mother seemed even more deeply involved in her book than before.

He focused intently on her following serves, each time taking a secret delight in the little show she was giving to him exclusively. When her skirt blew up in the breeze, her tight panties could be seen hugging her young sweet ass. When she leant over to serve or to prepare to serve, he saw the panties riding up the crease of her behind and occasionally she would reach behind, hooking them with a finger to smooth her panties over her soft curves. Could this be the reason why she had asked him to study her serve?

He felt the now familiar hardness that he realized Amy was able to induce in him with little effort. He allowed himself the pleasure of watching her movements. When she returned to the side of the court closest to him, her panties had slid up her ass a little more, allowing him a partial glimpse of her smooth bare cheek when she served.

He noticed too, a small bead of sweat running down the inside of her thigh. In his mind, he imagined himself kissing her thigh, caressing that droplet and tasting her.

He snapped himself out of it, embarrassed by his secret thoughts, and he tried to keep his gaze above his daughter’s waist for the rest of the match.

Amy fought well, and within the hour had clinched the match winning point. Ryan applauded and stood up, waiting for Amy to collect her things. Once Amy had shaken her opponent’s hand, she ran over to Ryan, reached up and kissed him on the cheek.

He put an arm around her, congratulating her and noticed the wetness of her body from the glimmering sweat. A thought flashed through his mind of his daughter, similarly covered in shiny droplets of sweat after passionate lovemaking.

“Congratulations, that was really great. I thought you played so well, you really showed some spirit hanging in there to win. How about we grab something on the way home to celebrate? Do you still like that old ice-cream place on Main Street?”

“Of course I still do, Dad. But let’s not tell Mom, you know how she gets if we eat ice-cream before dinner. And she hasn’t changed,” Amy replied as she looked up at him.

After getting the ice-cream cones they had about ten or so minutes for the drive home. He enjoyed this moment with Amy, glad there was still something about her that hadn’t yet grown up fully.

She had her vanilla ice-cream close to her mouth and it had started slot oyna melting over the edge of the cone and onto her fingers. The thick milky vanilla trickled over her fingertips. Out of the corner of his eye, he watched her put her fingers in her mouth, kissing and licking the creamy drops from her soft fingers. Once she had licked the last clean, she began to run her tongue along the side of the cone.

There was a red light ahead which allowed him to stop and watch Amy slowly sink her lips into the ice-cream. Her little pink tongue caressed the outside of the cone, gently flicking the edge, coaxing the white frosting into her warm pink mouth.

She slid her tongue along the outside of the ice-cream smoothing it down with her tongue. She turned the cone, now pushing the other side with her sweet young mouth, grinding it, molding it, using her tongue the way a potter molds soft wet clay.

Ryan was deep in his fantasy when he realized that the light was green and he had to pull his gaze away from his daughter, from the exquisite torment of watching her devour the soft serve ice cream.

“Daddy, thanks for today. It’s so good to have you home. You know, I was kinda nervous about having you home again, wondering if you would still be the same old Dad. But ever since you’ve been back, it’s been… I don’t know, it’s been…. great.”

The way she paused before that last word, created a space for Ryan to wonder about her true thoughts.


The entire first week home passed as a blur – dinners and meetings with old friends and spending time with Amy and Marilyn in the house. Within a few days however, Amy’s beauty would again be seducing him. Marilyn was preparing a dinner upstairs, while the two of them were in the den on the sofa watching the end of an old movie.

Amy stretched her long slender legs across the couch. Even her makeshift pajamas, an old t-shirt and tight pair of shorts, could not disguise the curves and sensuality of her shape.

The white t-shirt she was wearing allowed him to gauge the sense of her breasts and her shorts allowed him to almost see as much of her thighs as he wanted. She crossed her legs to be more comfortable and Ryan felt an urge to reach out and touch her soft feet and calves. He wanted to massage them, as foreplay the way he did with his wife.

He pushed himself back into the sofa, starting to feel nervous of his own desire. Amy seemed not to notice her dad’s shyness. In fact, to him, she seemed even encouraged by it as she arched her left leg and extended it in a gymnast’s pose in front of him.

Ryan could only suck in his breath slowly as he studied the flawless beauty of his daughter’s legs. Smooth, tanned, young, they were perfect in every way and again he felt that familiar twinge between his thighs.

She dropped her foot down onto the leg of the chair and seeming not to notice the effect her subtle movement was having on him. She traced her foot back, bending her leg, ever so slowly. The tips of her toes and the arch of her foot unhurriedly caressed the top of his thigh.

He tried hard to not appear to be looking at her toes and her cute red nail polish. Amy’s foot continued to slide across the top of his thigh. He panicked as he realized her foot was about to bump against the thickness of his erection. Amy’s slender perfect foot continued its agonizing dance across his lap. He saw she was still looking intently at the movie. Was it possible she didn’t know what her foot was about to touch there?

Then the question was irrelevant. She bumped up against him.

He paused his breath pretending not to notice, hoping she wouldn’t either. But she did. Amy stopped her foot against his erect shaft as it pushed and strained against his pants, desperate for her touch, and she waited, seeming to make sure she was really touching it, holding it there agonizingly. Her foot felt up and down his shaft with her arch, pushing it down on his cock, pushing it into place.

He could not hold himself back any longer; he pushed his lap up just a little into her, into the softness of her slender arch. She did not move away, her foot was firmly but gently responding. Then she continued to move away. She raised both her feet up to him, within kissing distance and then turned onto her side towards him.

“Come on daddy, time for dinner,” she said softly, a thin smile broadening on her young face.

She was up, off the couch and slowly walking upstairs as she called to her mom that they were coming up for dinner.

Ryan leant back into the couch again and slowly adjusted his pants, pushing his erection between his thighs as he watched his daughter’s pert little ass. She walked up the staircase pausing, allowing him to get a good look at her perfect little body.

He wondered to himself, how much of what he had experienced was his own imagination and how much was due to his daughter’s actual intentions. He wouldn’t need to wait long for the answer.


The following morning, once Marilyn had left canlı casino siteleri for work, Amy and Ryan had breakfast together.

He had fixed some pancakes for the two of them, something he used to do before, and a habit he wanted them to start again. Amy had smothered hers in maple syrup and was devouring it hungrily between drinks of orange juice. He watched her and felt his warm affection for her.

” Dad, you still make the best pancakes you know,” she offered as a conversation starter to ease the slight awkwardness from last night.

“So Amy, um… I was … um… wondering… if you have a boyfriend at the moment”, he nervously started.

“Oh Dad, you don’t need to worry. Justin and I broke up ages ago. I’m not seeing anyone, and in fact I like it that way. Besides, I need to concentrate on my tennis.”

He could not help but let out a small sigh of relief, glad he didn’t need to start any further awkward conversations about boys and the pitfalls of dating.

But she wasn’t done with him quite yet, as she looked at up from her meal and slowly said, “you could even say I’m all daddy’s girl right now.”

He could scarcely contain his excitement as he watched his own daughter flirt with him. Oh the exquisite pleasure of being the center of her affection….

They hugged before she left for school, but this time she looked up at him and paused. Ryan expected to kiss her on the cheek and was surprised when she pulled him even closer towards her.

“I love you Dad, I really do.”

He beamed as he held her closely toward him — his pride in her and his desire for her swelling up inside of him like a river that was overflowing its banks. She pressed herself against him, tightly. He felt his hardness surging, but the desire was too strong for him to pull away from her.

He was aroused by her, enflamed, engorged and there could be no turning back. She put her head against his chest and let out a little sigh, almost a purr.

She nuzzled herself inside his stance, pushing her waist into her father’s groin. He held her there, enjoying the sensation, and let his arms run down to her small narrow waist. She was delicate, small, and sensual. He could cradle her in his embrace, he could lift her up and envelope her. Just as Marilyn had been at that age. Just as Marilyn had been when he first made love to her.

His resistance had now totally crumbled to his daughter. He rubbed himself up against her body, her soft firm legs. She let out another sigh as she pushed back into him. He knew the attraction was mutual, it had to be – there was no other explanation.

“Amy, you’re so beautiful. So perfect. You remind me so much of your mom at this age.”

She grinned.

“Really? Hmmmm… dad. I want to be beautiful for you.”

“You are Amy, you are. You make me so proud, so happy.”

She looked up at him with a wry smile, stepped up onto his feet and strained her neck to reach his mouth. His lips trembled with desire for his daughter.

“Kiss me Daddy, go ahead. It’s ok.” He gently lowered his mouth onto hers. She took him and pushed her mouth up against him and she ran her hand through his hair and slid her soft young tongue into his mouth. He did not pull away. He allowed her to explore his tongue, before he flicked back with his own, entering her mouth and caressing her wetness for the first time.

As she pulled away, she drew her lip under her teeth and smiled, “Mmm…. Daddy, you tasted as good as I imagined.”

“Amy… I don’t think… I don’t know…” He stammered, but she was fully in control now. He was hard, aroused, and infatuated with little Amy. She slid her hand down to his crotch, squeezing his erection through his pants.

He closed his eyes, concentrating, not allowing himself to cum, though he felt the pulses of an involuntary orgasm building.

“See you tonight Daddy. Think of me today,” she said to him in a voice that made his knees weak.


It was impossible to think of anything but Amy the entire day.

When she finally did come home from school that day, Ryan sat waiting in the den, hoping his presence there would coax her down.

When she walked down the stairs to join him, she had a wry small on her face and came directly toward him. In this light, Amy was sexual and innocent all at once, and her outfit played it all up deliciously. Red and white, curvy and revealing it was chosen to arouse him.

It accented her sensual looks, her cute face, the sexy mop of hair unraveling over her shoulder, her smoldering blue eyes. The little tight red top barely could cover her body as she stretched and her white skirt failed to conceal much at all.

She took her place next to him on the couch. After the first TV show ended, she stood up and suggested one of the old DVDs on shelf. She leant forward and got onto her knees and elbows as she struggled to load a disk into the player.

Ryan could see up her skirt and glimpsed her sweet cotton white panties between her soft thighs. She wiggled her little ass, encouraging him, and he concentrated on the details of his daughter’s soft curved body. There was a glimpse of moisture on her panties, perhaps from the time she had spent earlier today thinking of him.

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