Dad Came Late at Night

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I was nineteen and still living at home. I had to delay going to college due to lack of funds. In the meantime I was working a menial job during the day. I love my parents but my Dad was acting strangely. He was giving me these looks. I could see he was looking my body over at times. I didn’t have a boyfriend and it made me feel horny sometimes when Dad would check me out.

It was late one night. I had been asleep but I heard my bedroom door open. It was dark but I could see the outline of my father.


“Shhh!” He said to me.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“I had to see you,” he told me.

Dad said he was thinking about me lately. He pulled the sheet back and I felt his hand touch my chest. I had a t-shirt on but my Dad fingers were probing my nipples.

“Do I excite you Jan?”

I didn’t know what to say.

“I do love you Daddy,” I said.

That must have got my Dad excited. He stood up and removed his shirt and underwear he was wearing. It was dark alright but I could see the outline of my Dad’s cock. It sent a chill through me. It was big from what I could tell. My Dad’s dick was just inches from my face.

“It’s okay,” casino siteleri he said to me.

I knew what he wanted. I was so worked up right then. I knew it was wrong but I sat up to the edge of the bed. Daddy moved forward. I could feel the tip of his cock touching my lips. I opened for him and he slid into my mouth. I hadn’t been with many guys. My Dad’s cock felt so much bigger than those men. He placed a hand on the back of my head and he fed me his shaft.

I have to admit to gagging on his long prick. I probably was able to only get a couple of inches down. My Dad seemed like he was out of it. He kept pumping his cock down my throat. He got hard in just a few minutes time. Thankfully Dad pulled away. I wasn’t expecting the next part. Dad climbed onto my bed. He took hold of my legs and spread them wide apart.

I wanted to tell him to stop but I was too worked up. Dad had me lie on my back. I felt his cock rubbing along my wet slit. He finally slipped into my waiting pussy. I had to stop myself from crying out. His cock felt enormous. Dad pushed in the whole way and then he held his rod in place. My muscles had my Dad’s cock in a tight grip. I couldn’t let on. slot oyna I wanted my Daddy to fuck me hard.

That is what happened. Dad drove his dick into my crazed pussy over and over. I was having one orgasm after another. Dad did lower his face and he found my hard nipples. He chewed on each one. I had to bring a hand to my mouth to stop screaming. I have no idea how long we did it there in the dark. I felt my Dad’s body tense up. He pushed in hard one final time and he sprayed me with his cum.

I nearly did cry out. My Dad wasn’t wearing any protection and I wasn’t on the pill. Daddy shot his hot cum into my belly. I squeezed every drop from my Dad’s stiff prick. It took us some minutes before we both calmed down. Dad did pull out. I felt his cream running out and leaking down my gash. We had a final kiss together. My Dad said he loved me. I didn’t know what to say. I was stunned from being fucked like that.

Dad left and went back to his bedroom. I got up and ran to the bathroom. I pushed out as much of my Dad’s cum as I could. I then went back to my bed and collapsed. When I woke up my parents had already gone to work. I got up and showered and then went to my job. That canlı casino siteleri whole day all I could think of was that my Daddy had given me a load of his baby seed the previous night.

I will admit it. I was horny all day long. At lunchtime I went out to my car. I put my hand down my pants and I fingered my pussy. I had never done anything like that before. I did bring myself off at lunchtime. When I got home it was like nothing had happened between us. My Dad played it very cool. After my Mom went to bed, Dad and I went downstairs to the family room. My Dad took me once more.

We both stripped down. I put my arms around my Dad’s neck. He lifted me up and his cock found my opening. He lowered me onto his shaft. We ended up fucking there on the family room floor. We never talked about fucking unprotected. In fact my Dad said he wanted to impregnate me. He was going to seed my pussy until he made my belly grow big. I guess I got caught up in the fuck lust. I wanted my Daddy’s baby.

We continue to have sex whenever we can. When my Mom is out of the house, Dad will fuck me in my bed. He likes it when I ride his thick cock. He is able to play with my tits when I have mounted him. I can scream when my mother is out of the house. Dad always seems to have a large amount of his cum to give to me. I am anxiously waiting until I miss my period and my Daddy has finally impregnated me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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