Cum Addicted Husband Ch. 04

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David and Karen didn’t spend the night with us Saturday. They accepted an invitation from a friend to go to her beach house for the night. Karen never missed a chance for a little Bi action with another female! Even though it was only my wife and me, she still wouldn’t let me sleep with her in our bed. She preferred to sleep alone than with a ‘pencil dick wimp’, as she put it. So off to the guest room I went. I was so tired from day three of my trial week, I fell fast asleep. I had four more days to go to pass her test, then I’d get to eat cum directly from her cunt forever!

I woke Sunday morning with a start, the sun was bright – I had overslept! I raced downstairs wondering where my dominating wife was and why she had allowed me this luxury of sleeping late. I found a note on the kitchen counter. The outside of the envelope was labeled “Day “.

I tore open the envelope – the note was short and to the point. It read “I’ve taken the kids to brunch with Mother, I’ll be home later, and she will watch the kids for the remainder of the day. Follow these directions exactly: 1) Go to the address listed below and pick up my friend Darren and have him at our house by 1:00 p.m. 2) Show him my lingerie and let him pick out some things for me to wear. 3) Have him hard for me when I walk through the door at 1:00 p.m.” There was also a postscript, it read “Don’t screw this up worm, I’m horny today!”

I looked at the clock, it was already 11:00 a.m., I only had two hours! I ran and got dressed, raced out to my car and headed off toward the address she had given me. I wasn’t familiar with this part of town, but I finally found the house at 11:45. I parked the car at the curb and walked up to two young black guys sitting on the front porch drinking beer. When I asked for Darren, they looked at one another and grinned.

The older one shouted through an open window into the house. “Yo Darren,” he yelled, “there’s another wimpy white boy out here come to pick you up!”

He then turned to me and said, “What’s the matter white boy, can’t fuck your wife proper? Need big ‘ol Darren to do it for ya?” He and his partner had a good laugh over this.

Then the other one said, “Your wife a slut boy? You just can’t satisfy her with your little dick, is that it? Better tell your slut of a wife to take it slow with ‘ol Darren, they call him Z.C. ya know. His dick is so big it’s got its own zip code!”

As they hooted and hollered at their humor, a huge black man came out onto the porch. He was easily 6’5″ and had to weigh close to 275 pounds! He was dressed very casually in a tank top, a pair of gym shorts and sandals. Even though his shorts were baggy, the outline of his enormous tool was clearly visible.

Darren looked at me and simply said, “Let’s go wimp, I’ve got some fuckin’ to do.”

We rode in silence back to our house. I was dying to ask Darren how he knew my wife but decided I probably didn’t really want to know. She had picked up so many men in the last few months I had lost count. We got to our house at about 12:15, so casino siteleri I had 45 minutes to show him my wife’s lingerie and get him hard by 1:00 p.m. I realized then how outrageous this whole thing was and how low I had sunk just to get a taste of cum. I had driven to a strange part of town and picked up an extremely large black man so he could fuck my wife. Now I was going to help him select the lingerie she would wear while he fucked her! Unbelievable, but I had to do it. I dismissed the thought and got back to the matter at hand.

Darren followed me into the house, I got the strange feeling he had been here before. I brought him to the master bedroom and told him how my wife wanted him to select some lingerie for her to wear.

He merely nodded and said, “Let’s see it.”

I began going through my wife’s dresser, showing Darren teddies, camisoles, bras, panties, corsets, etc. I kept checking my watch and his crotch. I was running out of time and was hoping the lingerie show would make him hard, God knows it works for me! It was 12:40 and Darren hadn’t selected a thing for her to wear, I started to get nervous.

Finally, Darren said, “Let’s see her stockings, I like nylons.”

A man after my own heart I thought! The third item I showed him from her stocking collection was a taupe colored sheer body stocking. His eyes lit up, pay dirt!

“That’ll do” he said, “I can rip a hole in the crotch.”

I then pulled a pair of 5″ black patent leather spikes from the closet and held them up – Darren nodded approvingly.

It was now 12:50, ten minutes to get him hard! I turned to Darren and said, “This is kind of awkward, but my wife wanted you hard when she gets her at 1:00.” I reached for the waistband of his shorts and said, “Do you mind?”

He just said, “Do whatever your slut wife told you to do wimp boy.”

As he stood by the side of the bed, I slipped his gym shorts off and freed his monster cock. He was wearing sheer black silk boxer shorts; I could see his huge dick through the sheer material. He sat on the edge of our bed and I knelt between his legs. I reached in through the silt in his boxer shorts and pulled out his horse sized piece of meat. I put my mouth over the head and started my task of making him hard. Ever so slowly his cock became engorged and swelled to a size I could no longer fit in my mouth. Because I could no longer suck him into my mouth, I resorted to licking his huge shaft up and down both sides. I became very engrossed in licking his dick and didn’t hear my wife come in the front door.

She burst into our bedroom and squealed with excitement, “Hi Lover!”

I turned my head thinking momentarily she was talking to me.

My wife looked at me and said, “I’m not talking to you cocksucker, I’m talking to Darren.”

With that she straddled Darren’s lap, sat down, and began to deeply french kiss him. I was still on my knees licking his cock, so her ass was right in my face.

After a few minutes, my wife got up off his lap, pushed me aside, and said, “I’ll take slot oyna over from here dipshit. Go get the camcorder and set it up on the tripod, this can be a training film for you!”

As I was setting up the video camera, Darren was busy literally tearing the clothes off my wife. He tore her blouse open with both hands, buttons were flying everywhere! He then yanked her bra down off her tits and shoulders, so it now rested around her waist. He roughly sucked and bit her nipples while she was fondling his dick. This was beginning to look like a rape scene from a movie I once saw. My wife seemed to be getting off on being treated so roughly, however.

Darren pulled back from his tit sucking and said, “Get out of those clothes bitch and put that body stocking on.”

By now I had the camera set up and was starting to record. I zoomed in on my wife’s lovely feet and legs as she pulled her body stocking on. With the spaghetti straps in place over her shoulders, the sheer taupe nylon looked great pressed against her tits. She stepped into her kicky pumps and turned to face Darren.

He gruffly said to her, “Get on your knees bitch and beg for my cock.” She didn’t hesitate a second and dropped down before him. Darren stood in front of her, arms folded, cock erect, and looked down at her. God he was big! His gold chain around his neck and gold earring made him look even more menacing.

My wife then looked up at him with pleading eyes and said, “Please Baby, let me have it.”

Darren started walking backwards ever so slowly. My wife was now on her hands and knees crawling slowly after him.

She said again, “Darren please, I need your cock.”

He responded as he continued moving away from her, “Not good enough slut, beg some more!”

Soon Darren had backed out of our bedroom and moved into the next room. My slut wife in her body stocking and pumps was crawling after him continuing to beg for his cock. I took the camera off the tripod and followed behind them, filming the action.

My wife then said, “I’ll do anything Darren, just please fuck me!”

“Now that’s what I wanna hear bitch. I want a favor from you.”

“Anything Lover, just name it,” she said.

“I want to fuck your wimp husband up the ass,” Darren said.

I almost dropped the camera when I heard that but managed to keep filming!

My wife turned to me with a wicked smile and said, “Let’s trade places sweetie, he wants you first.”

She stood and took the camera from me. Darren said he wanted to fuck me while I wore pantyhose, so I went to my dresser and got a pair. I slipped on the black shiny light support pantyhose as my wife continued filming. I stood and Darren lead me to the kitchen where he bent me face down over the table. He took a pair of scissors from the drawer and cut a hole in the back of my pantyhose. He next went to the pantry and got a bottle of cooking oil and smeared it all over my asshole; he also rubbed it all over his monster cock.

He looked over at my wife and said, “I’ve always wanted to fuck canlı casino siteleri a wimpy white boy’s ass. As soon as I’m done with him slut, you’re next.”

My wife was still filming as Darren entered my ass. I winced and screamed as his cock violated my tight butt. I gripped the edges of the table and held on as Darren pushed his hot meat into me all the way. He was rubbing his huge hands over my nylon covered ass and legs. I felt so helpless and yet so horny and sexy, all at the same time! My erect little pecker was straining against my nylon pantyhose. Darren was grunting like a wild animal as he fucked me. I was being raped, pure and simple, and I loved it!

My wife was urging him on, saying, “Fuck him hard Darren, he loves it that way.”

After what seemed like an eternity, he shot his load up my ass. I could feel the warmth of his cum inside me. As he came, my own little pecker began spewing cum, staining the front of my pantyhose. Darren continued to stroke in and out, his cum acted as a lubricant and actually made his thrusts hurt less. He finally pulled out and I collapsed on the floor. His cum was leaking out of my ass and running down my legs. For a minute I thought about reaching back with my hand and scooping some up to eat, but I was too sore and too exhausted! I looked up and my wife was standing over me laughing and filming me lying on the floor.

As I lay there on the floor in a mixture of pain and ecstasy, Darren grabbed the scissors again and cut the crotch out of my wife’s body stocking. She set the video camera on the table and stood with her back to the kitchen counter. Darren rubbed some more cooking oil on his massive cock and quickly impaled my wife. She squealed and gasped for breath. I watched at their feet on the floor as Darren violently fucked my wife. Each of his thrusts slightly lifted her pretty pumps off the floor. It wasn’t long before she was screaming with a long, continuous orgasm. I watched her knees buckle as she came. Darren held her up so he could continue fucking her.

“I’m cumming bitch!” he shouted. “Take it all you whore!” he snarled. He grunted and came inside her.

My wife had her arms around his neck to hold herself up. Darren was sliding his hands all over her nylon-clad body, obviously enjoying the feel of the material.

He eventually pulled his cock out of her stretched out pussy. As he did, a huge glob of cum fell from her cunt onto the kitchen floor. I stared at it and began licking my lips. With no hesitation, I crawled over on my stomach and licked Darren’s cum from the floor where it had fallen between her sexy feet. As I lay there licking it up, more cum oozed out of her and landed on the back of my head. I rolled over on my back and opened my mouth. My wife pulled the lips of her cunt apart and dropped more of his cum onto my face and into my mouth. I was in heaven!

As Darren finished dressing to leave, he said to my wife, “Hey Baby, I could use some cash.”

My wife looked at me and said, “Pay the man whatever he wants wimp, he’s just made me very happy!”

I got Darren $80, thanked him for fucking us, and drove him home. I admitted to myself that day four was indeed tougher than the first three, thank God I’d be back at work for most of day five!

To be continued…

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