Cucumber Temptations

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This is my very first story! I hope you all enjoy it. Feedback & criticism is well appreciated. Thanks!


I stood in the shower and let the hot water run over my toned, tanned body. As I worked my hands through my long jet black hair, getting out the remnants of my shampoo, my mind began to wander to when last I had time to play with my myself. Slowly my hands moved down to my large D cup breasts and I let out a soft moan. I continued squeezing my large mounds, which never failed to get me horny and wet. Soon my sensitive, erect nipples were begging for my attention, and I gave them exactly what they wanted. While pinching and pulling on my nipples with my left hand, my other hand found it’s way down to my aching clit. As my hand softly caressed my pussy lips, my head involuntarily went back as my moans of lust got louder. Fuck, I was already so wet, and I needed to cum so bad, but I wanted to take my time. With my back leaning against the wall I stroked my pussy lips with long, sweet strokes…eventually my mind began to fantasize about a thick, hard cock pushing into me as I simultaneously massaged my clit. My moans got louder as I thought of my mystery man sucking on my white tits as he pushed hard into me.

“Ding Dong”

My eyes immediately snapped open as I realized that I had completely forgot that I had invited my two best friends Maya and Danny over for a quick little girls lunch. Groaning at the fact that I had to abruptly end my amazing masturbation session, I jumped out of the shower, towel dried my hair and threw on a fitted summer dress and ran downstairs..

“I can’t believe you’re just getting out of the shower, we both called and reminded you to be ready for 1.” Danny said as she set the table and brought plates filled with triangle cut tuna sandwiches.

Danny was mobilbahis güvenilir mi my best friend of 10 years, yet we couldn’t be more different. She was loud, outspoken, and quite frankly, very bold. This summer she was sporting a red pixie cut, that brought even more attention to her already voluptuous body. She continued setting up the table, bending over and showing us all a little too much of a view in her mini leather skirt and white, halter crop top, with quite a lot of side boobage.

“Are you honestly that surprised Danny? When was the last time Valerie has ever been on time for anything. She spends 3 hours getting ready in the washroom, doing only God knows what.” Retorted Maya. With the reference to over spending time in the washroom, I felt my face go red as Maya walked over to playfully slap my bum. Maya was literally a human Barbie. She had strawberry blonde hair that was cut into a bouncy bob that framed her pretty, round face. With her bright blue eyes, and slim, tall build; we often told her she belonged on a runway.

“And Valerie can you hurry it up with the damn salad, I’m starving!” Yelled Danny from across my sunlit, rustic chic decorated kitchen.

“Yeah, hold on a sec let me just cut up some cucumbers to throw into the salad and I’ll be done.” I replied while opening up my fridge to look for one of the many cucumbers I kept stocked up. After finding a small one that would be just enough, I was about to close the fridge when my eyes were drawn to a large, thick, perfectly shaped cucumber that I couldn’t help but be reminded of my previous need for a thick, hard cock pushing into my tight hole.. While biting my lips I quickly closed the fridge door and hurried to wash off the smaller cucumber that was needed for the salad and not my horny pussy.

A few mobilbahis hours after the lunch with Danny and Maya ended, I found myself lying in bed trying to focus on a book, but of course my thought were only drifting southward. Unconsciously my hands found their way to my breasts, and I was soon caressing my boobs through the thin layer of my sun dress. With my eyes closed and my book long thrown to the ground I started fantasising of the large, phallic cucumber playing around at the entrance to my now wet cunt, slowly pushing in, and rubbing around my hungry hole, teasing me deliciously.

Eventually I had had more than enough of the temptation and I stripped out of my sundress, throwing it to the other side of my bed, and ran downstairs stark naked to get the object of my desire. After washing up the large thick cucumber with hot water and just the tiniest bit of soap, I made my way upstairs, enjoying the sensual sensation of my heavy, full tits bouncing along with every step I took. Smiling; I prided myself on knowing that if a man had been behind me, watching my round naked ass, and firm shapely legs as I walked up the stairs, he would’ve been in for a real treat.

As I entered my room, I quickly laid on my bed, legs splayed open and took a good look at my substitute cock. Slowly licking the small head of the green monster, I pushed the small nub of the phallus object into my mouth and closed my eyes, enjoying the feel of it’s bumps and rough skin in my mouth. Then lying it in between my breasts I let one hand wander to fondle my left breast, while the other spread around the juices flowing from my snatch all over my now slightly puffy lips. Soon the rubbing got faster as my cunt ached desperately for something to fill it with. After paying some attention to my opposite breast, I took the green mobilbahis giriş cock and rubbed it up and down the swollen lips of my slick pussy, which made me start moaning really loud. After a few more rubs, my hips were thrusting up, desperate to end the teasing. I then angled the smaller part of the thick green dick to my wet hole and pushed in a little expecting to meet resistance. My cunt swallowed in the thick cock and with my head rolled back, I groaned at the feeling on something entering into me.

With force, I then greedily pushed more of the big cock into my small wet hole. Gasping loudly at the immense pressure, I looked down to see that I now had about half of the 10 inch thick cucumber deep in me and I had never felt so fucking full. Rubbing hard at my clit with one hand I continued pushing in the cock deeper into me inch by inch as I moaned away in ecstasy. Just as I though the thick cock couldn’t get any deeper I managed to shove another 2 inches into my hungry cunt to realize I only had 1 inch end of the cucumber sticking obscenely out of me. I left the cock deep in my like that and rubbed at my clit, savouring the feeling that were building up inside me. Then pushing out a little more of the cucumber I started to fuck myself with it hard.

Plunging it deep into my cunt repeatedly while rubbing at my soaking clit, I soon felt the beginnings of a strong orgasm working its way through my body. With my mouth wide open, gasping and grunting to the beat of my passionate fucking, and my large breasts heaving up and down wildly, as my head tossed from side to side; the best orgasm I ever had hit me hard and fast With a strong tingling sensation working its way like wildfire through my body, my hips bucked upwards trying to get more of the big cock into me as possible. My legs shook and pushed together trying to trap the dildo deep in me. My cunt muscles rapidly squeezed on the thick object hard until I slowly had to draw it out of my sopping, used cunt. Lying there as the sensations washed over me, I ran my hands over my tired body and quickly drifted off to a satisfied slumber.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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